Prompt 5 from carpemermaid: For your prompt celebration! 3 - Draco keeps stealing Harry's jumpers, and he wants to be narked off about it, only they look all loose and stretched out on Draco. He looks soft in them, with the neckline riding down to reveal more of his skin.
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Rated: T

Harry slammed his trunk's lid down in irritation and stood up.

Where the fuck was Malfoy?

Harry knew it was him. It was always fucking him who stole the one jumper he bloody well knew was Harry's favourite.

The chill in the dorms during winter, when the heating charms faded, was awful and Malfoy had at least six very expensive and very thick cloaks that he could use instead, but he persisted in stealing the one thing of Harry's that he knew would piss Harry off. Harry had woken up shivering just before, and now he didn't even have a damn jumper to put on.

It didn't even fit Malfoy, for Merlin's sake! It was oversized on Harry; when Malfoy wore it, it positively swam on him, completely hanging off one shoulder. It made it incredibly hard for Harry to stay focused on his annoyance when he couldn't tear his eyes away from the exposed curve of Malfoy's slender neck.

Wrenching the bedroom door open, Harry stormed down the corridor to the Eighth Years' common room. Draco often stayed up late since coming back to school; Harry found him most nights sitting by the fire, staring into the flames, unable to fall asleep. Harry knew he was only going to whine at Draco, take his jumper back and then drag him to bed, followed by senseless snogging until they both fell asleep, but it made him feel better to pretend he would really tell Malfoy off this time.

He stopped in the doorway when he spotted Malfoy. He was right where Harry expected him to be, but he was fast asleep, curled up in the corner of the couch in front of the fireplace, the flames making shadows dance across his pale skin.

Harry moved forward slowly. His eyes were glued to Malfoy's face. He stopped in front of him, his irritation fading as he looked down at Malfoy's soft expression. His mouth was hanging open slightly, the collar of Harry's jumper pulled up close to his face, like he'd been breathing it in before he drifted off, and that's when Harry realised that all the nights his jumper had gone missing were the only nights Malfoy had managed to fall asleep on his own, the only nights he hadn't woken up from nightmares.

Harry reached down and gently brushed Malfoy's hair back off his forehead, and then he climbed onto the couch, curling himself around Malfoy's body. He buried his face against Malfoy's neck and let out a soft exhale.

Suddenly, Malfoy stealing his jumper didn't bother him quite so much.