Chapter 1

The Lore

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Brushing her platinum blonde and black strands out of her face with one hand as she looks up at the ceiling. The sun glaring through the blinds as she sits up and shields her eyes with one hand. Turning her hand over, she gazes at the long flowing black tattoos trailing along her left hand.

'They cause nothing but trouble. Seven years and we still cannot seem to find a place to call home without being banished'

With this thought Emma starts to chew on her bottom lip with her fangs in thought. At the age of 17 she would think she'd outgrow this feeling of dread. Starting over and starting a new life in a new school. Humans and immortals alike she figured they were all the same, always out for anything different.

Pushing the covers to the side, she swings her legs over the side of the bed. Just as she was about to step down the bedroom door swings open, startled she loses balance and face plants against the carpet.

"Uh..Why are you on the floor Em?" The intruder asks in an amused tone. Shuffling closer and bending down to look at the blonde demon.

Grunting in acknowledgement Emma rolls on her back and looks up at her foster sister Ruby, Red for short. "Oh, I don't know Red, maybe because you tried to destroy my bedroom door at 6am in the morning." Em said annoyed and quietly.

Red tilts her head amused, her mouth lifting in a small grin. "Get up, Get Ready you are the one driving today regardless. Unlike you I don't want to be late." With that said the lanky brunette heads out of the room.

Shifting her body Emma gets to her feet, rubbing the side of her face. Her long but feminine demon horns curving from her temple to her pointed ears on each side of her head. After heading to the bathroom and quickly showering the demon dresses in lose but fitting black jeans and a black plain T-Shirt with worn black chucks. Nodding to herself in approval she heads down the large spiral staircase towards the 10 car garage.

Emma and Ruby were recently adopted by a Rich family within the last month after being sent back to the orphanage for Immortals. They house all kinds from Vampires, Valkyries, Werewolves, Rage demons, Sorceri, Furiae, Beserkers and Hybrids. She and Ruby were the latter which was always least wanted. No one wanted a mixed species who was already thrown away by someone else.

Shaking her head to rid of her thoughts the goth turned her head to call for Ruby as she headed out the door. Making a beeline to her favorite car that her new foster Mom and Dad bought for her.

"Dorothy, You are the only one for me." She said as she dramatically draped herself along the 2017 black and lime green Camaro ZL1.

"Yea this is why I worry about you constantly." The other girl snorted after locking the garage door to the house and heading to the passenger seat, sliding into the car gracefully.

Dressed in a red corset with black frilly thing she assumed was a skirt. Red highlights gleaming in the sun that now shines in the light as she tosses the glossy strands over her shoulder. Ruby slid her red shades onto her face as her wolf shaped ears perk in delight, obviously ready to start fresh at a new school for immortals.

Rolling her eyes Emma straightens up and presses the push to start button after throwing her Hurley backpack in the trunk. Starting the engine and waiting for the garage door to lift, once done she speeds down the road and waves once to the guard at the booth as they exit the long drive way and head to the school.

Arriving at the school, Emma slowly parks the car and turns off the engine as if on auto pilot as she stares at the school.

"This is a fucking College Campus!" She exclaimed as she stepped out of the car along with Ruby.

Looking at the sign to double check, surely enough the school is named StoryBrooke Highschool. The large double U-shaped building surrounded with red brick and large clear glass windows, the courtyard full of deep Evergreen trees with a white cement walkway and teens of different species running around or playing with magic and having a good time. In the middle of the courtyard was a large flag pole with the immortals symbol swaying in the wind, a silk black flag with two red swords crossing in a circle. Slowly closing her car door Emma glances over at Ruby who in turn in doing the same. Both grinning they conclude in their head this might not be so bad after all.

Making their way to the front door they hear a voice yell "Heads Up." Quickly turning back to see what was coming, Emma felt a sharp pain as a football collided with the family jewels. Feeling all of the breath leave her body she gasps with pain, falling to her hands and knees as she tries her best not to cup in between her legs.

Emma closes her eyes and breathes heavily, trying to get her anger under control and repeatedly vowing in her head it was just a accident. Already feeling her horns flare straight back in aggression she refuses to look up at hearing the approaching footsteps.

"Whoa dude, sorry about the nut shot." The obvious leader of the group stated in an amused tone.

Another voice in the group spoke up as well. "Didn't know we would have hybrids join us this year." The second voice sneered and the group of what Emma assumed to be jocks chuckled and walked away with their ball.

"Hey wait a-" Ruby gets cut off by Emmas hand grasping her own she looks down, seeing her sister shake her head. Sighing softly she helps the black haired blonde to her feet.

"Don't worry, when the time is right my foot will be up their asses." Emma says breathlessly, still in slight pain as she leans down and grabs her book bag again, heading inside.

Both hands behind her head Ruby chuckles, tail wagging behind her. "We could have torn them limb from limb, they were only Beserkers."

"But where is the fun in that on the first day?" Mouth curving in a slight grin Emma enters the office and then raises a pierced eyebrow at the sight. 'Seriously, is this place a school or business?' She thought to herself.

The office had two desks with women who seem to be a ironed steamed button down shirts, currently on phones and typing away on a computer. Along the wall had shelves of golden trophies and pictures of achievements that the school won in glass mahogany cases. Chairs also aligned against the wall in the big squared room and there was only two other connecting rooms. One above stated Principle and the other stated the News Room.

Glancing at the lone clock she quickly requests their new schedule since they are only 3 days behind and their junior year just started. Emma for the first class Math so her and Ruby parted ways in the middle of the hall way. As she entered her new classroom deep forest green eyes glanced around. Seeing no one else inside the class room she decided out of the five rows of 12 seats she would take the one to the far right by the huge glass windows. Seemed to look like your standard classroom with the teachers' desk up front along with the podium, also posters along the wall about fractions and algebra along with other equations of advanced math. This class specifically was AP Calculus.

Staring out at the courtyard, one of her pointed ears perks up slightly at the sounds of classmates entering the room. Already hearing people start to gossip about the new student they see at the corner of the room as the bell rings.

Tuning out the teacher, Emma gazes outside the window at the vast forest beyond the school. Not being aware of her surroundings the goth did not hear the newly entered student. Her eyes glazing over as the new scent washes over her senses, closing her eyes she slowly turns her head to the right and follows her nose.

A throat clears. "Can I help you?" The strangers husky, but smooth voice makes her shudder.

Full blown blush staining her cheek Emma leans back too quickly, jumping and causing her leg to hit the table. Cringing slightly when she hears the other students laugh, she nibbles on her bottom lip with her fangs.

Still out of sorts she opens her eyes to gaze at her new classmate. Forest green eyes clouding over to black and then reverting back as Emma tries to control herself. 'Jesus Christ, I've never met a more beautiful immortal in my life.'

Licking her lips she lets her eyes travel down to stop at full breast that swell against a deep purple sweater, pausing there and running a hand over her mouth when she feelings her fangs grown longer. Cursing to herself as her dick decides to make an appearance and press against her jeans. Feeling electricity tease her skin she quickly looks up into the death stare of the most beautiful brown eyes she ever seen. Unable to help herself her eyes once again travel downwards and stop at full lush lips covered in light lip gloss, a small scar along the upper one.

Nervously Emma mutters a quick "Sorry." before turning back in her seat and looking outside. Wondering what the fuck caused such a strong reaction. Taking deep breaths and willing her body to calm down before she stiffens and pauses. Feeling the piercing gaze still on her, Emma starts to twirl her pen nervously, not daring to look at the enchanting female.

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"… and those sentient creatures that are not human shall be united in one stratum, coexisting with, yet secret from, man's."


"When a maiden warrior screams for courage as she dies in battle, Wóden and Freya heed her call. The two gods give up lightning to strike her, rescuing her to their hall, and preserving her courage forever in the form of the maiden's immortal Valkyrie daughter."

Take sustenance from the electrical energy of the earth, sharing it in one collective power, and give it back with their emotions in the form of lightning.

Possess preternatural strength and speed.

Without training, they can be mesmerized by shining objects and jewels.


"A proud, strapping warrior of the Keltoi People (or Hidden People, later known as Celts) was taken in his prime by a maddened wolf. The warrior rose from the dead, now an immortal, with the spirit of the beast latent within him. He displayed the wolf's traits: the need for touch, an intense loyalty to its kind, an animal craving for the delights of the flesh. Sometimes the beast rises …"

Also called werewolves, war-wolds.

Enemies of the Horde.


Two warring factions, the Vampire Horde and the Forbearer Army.

Each vampire seeks his Bride, his eternal wife, and walks as the living dead until he finds her.

A Bride will render his body fully alive, giving him breath and making his heart beat, a process known as blooding.

Tracing is teleporting, the vampire's means of travel. A vampire can only trace to destinations he's previously been.

The Fallen are vampires who have killed by drinking a victim to death. Distinguished by their red eyes.


In the first chaos of the Lore, a brotherhood of vampires dominated, by relying on their cold nature, worship of logic, and absence of mercy. They sprang from the harsh steppes of Dacia and migrated to Russia, though some say a secret enclave, the Daci, live in Dacia still."

Their ranks are comprised of the Fallen.

Enemies of most factions in the Lore.


" … his crown stolen, Kristoff, the rightful Horde king, stalked the battlefields of antiquity seeking the strongest, most valiant human warriors as they died, earning him the name of Gravewalker. He offered eternal life in exchange for eternal fealty to him and his growing army."

An army of vampires consisting of turned humans, who do not drink blood directly from the flesh.

Kristoff was raised as a human and then lived among them. He and his army know little of the Lore.

Enemies of the Horde.


"The demons are as varied as the bands of man …"

A collection of demon dynasties.

Most demon breeds can trace like vampires. Some breeds are bound to obey summons.

Those that can emit poison from their fangs, horns, or claws are more vulnerable to others' poison.

Many demon breeds must have intercourse with a potential mate to ascertain if she's truly his—a process known as attempting.


"… immortal possessors of magickal talents, practitioners of good and evil."

Mystical mercenaries who sell their spells.

Strictly forbidden to create personal wealth or grant immortality.

Separated into five castes: warrior, healer, enchantress, conjurer, and seeress.

The only witch known to possess the powers of all five castes is Mariketa the Awaited.


"The Sept forever seek and covet others' powers, challenging and dueling to seize more—or more darkly, stealing another's sorcery…"

A breed-line broken from the enchantment caste of the House of Witches.

Born with one innate power, their root power. If they lose it, they become slaves to their own kind called Inferi. They can trade and steal secondary powers.

One of the physically weaker species in the Lore, they used elaborate armors to protect their bodies. Eventually they held metals—and especially gold—sacred.

The Sorceri were led by Morgana who ruled as their regent. Interestingly her Queen power was to control other Sorceri. So she was literally the Queen of Sorceri, in both meanings of the word.


"If you do evil, beg for punishment—before they come… "

Ruthless she-warriors bent on delivering justice to evil men when they escape it elsewhere.

Led by Alecta the Unyielding One.


"A berserker's lonely life is filled with naught but battle rage and bloodlust… "

A cadre of human warriors, known for their merciless brutality, who swear allegiance to Wóden.

Stronger and faster than mere mortals, they carry within them the spirit of the bear and can channel its ferocity into a berserkrage, temporarily becoming as powerful as an immortal.

When a berserker wins his two hundredth battle in Wóden's name, the god will grant him ohalla—immortality with untold strength.


"The immortal takers. Once captured by the Order, immortals do not return. . . ."

A multinational mortal operation created to study—and exterminate—nonhumans.

Thought to be an urban legend.


"Near the sea's edge, beware the siren's song…"

A female species of immortals, they can permanently mesmerize and enslave males who hear their singing.

Derive power from the sea and can't be away from it for more than one cycle of the moon.


"Noble overlords ruling a class of demons."

Were Féodals, an ancient term for Feudals.

Masters in the art of poisons.

Many different subsets, including fire, ice, and forest fey.


"Corpse-eaters insatiable for flesh, ravenous for blood. They feed and feed, but can never be sated."

Found in the boreal forests of cold and northern lands.

Distinguishable by their long, knifelike claws, and bodies that are forever emaciated.

Will dig up graves for flesh.


"… their origin unknown, their presence chilling."

Spectral, howling beings. Undefeatable and, for the most part, uncontrollable.

Also called the Ancient Scourge


"To be chosen is to be doomed …"

At the cusp of each Accession, a chosen female will beget a child who will become a warrior of either ultimate evil or of ultimate good—depending upon the father.

Of the last seven Vessels, six have spawned evil.

Some factions seek to assassinate the Vessel to prevent any birth. Others battle to possess her and control her offspring.


"The dead robbed of eternal rest, forced to serve a dark master . . ."

A corpse raised from the grave and reanimated, most often by a sorcerer or necromancer, who controls it.

Can't be slain until the one who commands it is killed.


"When eyes are on them, winsome they seem. Eyes away, and you can't imagine what they become."

Gnomelike creatures that dwell in mines. The name of the capricious and dangerous mined element cobalt is derived from this species.


"Even immortals beware its bite …"

Humans turned savage monsters, with glowing green skin, yellow eyes, and contagious bites and scratches.

Their imperative is to increase their number by contagion.

They're said to travel in troops.


"Abominations, created rather than born, with unnatural powers—and hungers. . . ."

Demons poisoned with vampire blood who retain the traits of both species.

Previously thought to be truly mythical; considered abominations by most in the Lore.

Strongest of any sentient immortal being.

Colloquially known as vemons.


"Only through death can one become an 'other.'"

Some beings can turn a human or even other Lore creatures into their kind through differing means, but the catalyst for change is always death, and success is not guaranteed.


"A treacherous and grueling scavenger hunt for magickal talismans, amulets, and other mystical riches over the entire world."

Held every two hundred fifty years.

Hosted by Riora, the goddess of impossibility.

Won the last five times by the Valkyrie Kaderin the Cold Hearted.


"And a time shall come to pass when all immortal beings in the Lore, from the Valkyrie, vampire, Lykae, and demon factions, to the witches, shifters, fey, and sirens … must fight and destroy each other."

A kind of mystical checks-and-balances system for an ever-growing population of immortals.

Occurs every five hundred years. Or right now …