Broken Bonds

Chapter 1: Sasuke

I had finally done it….I killed Naruto….

It was a long, hard-fought battle but after I tapped deeper into my curse seal and Naruto used that bizarre red chakra, we collided with our most powerful jutsu, where I was able to get the upper hand on Naruto and ram my Chidori through his chest and puncturing his heart, killing him.

I was victorious over Naruto but something didn't feel right….As if the cloudy skies and gloominess of the atmosphere wasn't enough to help compliment the current setting of the situation.

Unfortunately, the side effects of that damn curse seal kicked in, knocking me from my train of thought and I fell to the ground coughing up blood, conveniently right next to Naruto where my blood mixed in with the blood protruding from his chest at an alarming rate.

I felt a deep pang of regret as I stared at his dead face….As I kept my gaze in his eyes I couldn't stop remembering his words to me not even thirty minutes ago.

"Why Naruto? Why would you go so far for me?"

"For me….It's one of the first bonds I've ever had…so that's why I have to stop you!"

I felt tears come to my eyes before I let them fall on Naruto's headband. He wanted to stop me….and I repaid him with killing him.

But it was necessary…I needed the power to kill Itachi and avenge my dead clan.

The pitter patter from rain above brought me out of my thoughts although I still felt numb…..

Why? Why did I feel that way? I killed my best friend so logically I shouldn't feel anything, right?

After the wooziness from the curse seal effect wore off I walked through the forest leading to Orochimaru's hideout as memories of my whole life flashed through my mind.

My entire childhood with my parents and Itachi, me first joining the Academy, Itachi killing the entire clan thus leading me into my current mindset of an avenger, me feeling the depths of loneliness and despair in my mind until I met Naruto, Sakura and Kakashi, our bell test where none of us could get a bell, our mission to the Land of Waves, the tribulations of the Chunin Exams, my encounter with Itachi after five years, Sakura, Naruto and I wanting to see under Kakashi's mask along with our mission to the Land of Snow and finally my defection from the Leaf Village leading to my fight and defeat of Naruto.

I couldn't help but stop dead in my tracks as I thought of the dead last.


I remember when I first noticed him as a kid. I thought he was just some worthless good for nothing but little by little…you could say I felt his weakness rub off on me and then I'd see my family in him…back when Itachi and I were happy…and then I'd feel warm and fuzzy…..

But that's nothing but a weakness so I threw myself into my own training in order for my vengeance to happen but before I knew it, I ended up on the same team as Naruto and as we went on missions, we slowly bonded and then the shadow of my family existed in Sakura, Kakashi and Naruto. I even wanted to fight him which was a desire rewarded to me today.

But Naruto was different than them….unlike Sakura and Kakashi he understood my pain…..

And he didn't know it but everytime I saw him in pain…I hurt inside…..It was only then when I started accepted him not as some worthless loser but as a worthy comrade…

But to see him get so much stronger infuriated me….which is why I did what I did…

I killed him….I killed the person who understood my pain more than anyone ever did…I killed the person who was the first person to accept me when the village shunned us….

I don't want to admit it but…I guess he's right…..I still do care about him….

Why am I crying!? I was one step closer to achieving my goal! Even though he died…he still died with a smile on his face…He was a Shinobi worthy indeed of respect and he was the most likely person in our graduating class to become Hokage.

As I was lost in my grief, I felt my eyes throb before a certain feeling radiated through them and it was right then and there I realized what happened….

Yes….it was no mistake. I had done it.

I had finally awoken my Mangekyou Sharingan. As I realized the potential powers of my new ability, Itachi's last words to me stuck in my mind.

"Like me you have the potential to awaken the Mangekyou Sharingan but there is a catch. Take the life of your best friend. You must kill him!"

I hated him for killing his friends but I killed my best friend. I guess I'm no different than him.

Kakashi said that ninjas who'd abandon even one of their friends are worse than trash. Heh, so I guess I'm really lower than trash seeing what I did to Naruto.

Before I knew it, I ended up in the Sound Village. Now to go see that Snake Bastard.

Soon after, I ended up in that horrible snake's lair but I couldn't help but wrinkle my nose as I entered the hideout. It had a horrible smell of decay and dead bodies.

The status of Orochimaru's captured prisoners didn't help as well. When I get out of here, I'll have them freed and that dirty snake will fall by my hands. I'll definitely see to that.

That Kabuto guy was there along with a person whose faces were covered in bandages. From what I've heard of Orochimaru's body hopping, it was no doubt Orochimaru.

A smirk adorned my face as this piece of shit would help me get the power to kill Itachi.

"So you've come, Sasuke…" Orochimaru began as I stared dead at him.

"I want your power!" I said as he chuckled while that Kabuto guy narrowed his eyes at me.

"Hey! You should treat Lord Orochimaru with respect!" Kabuto scolded me as I ignored at him while he chuckled again.

"Of course. Follow me." Orochimaru said as he got up while gesturing me to follow him along with Kabuto.

I would no doubt be going down a path I can't return from after today. I'm one hundred percent sure I'm definitely a rogue ninja with no chance of redemption in the eyes of the leaf village. But none of that mattered….As far as I'm concerned, Naruto's now nothing more than the past.

Itachi….no matter how far in darkness I fall, I will kill you, even if I get myself killed in the process. Count on it!

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