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Chapter 22: Naruto

The air was thick and nearly uncomfortable as I stared at the bastard ahead of me.

I can't believe the son of a bitch was willing to leave all of us to go be with some slithery bastard. He said it's for power? Well if it's power he wants, I'll give it to him with a fist to the face.

As I glared at him, I recounted all of our memories together…

When we first met by the riverside when we couldn't express our true feelings for each other, the bell test, the fight at the Land of Waves, our battles in the Chunin Exams, his fight against Itachi to now.

No! No matter what he says, I won't lose him!

"It's time to we put an end to this! To this fight! And all the battles we've had until now!" Sasuke yelled as he powered up a Chidori but to my slight surprise, the move turned gray. I guess because of the curse mark on him?

Either way, I had no real time to ponder as I decided to counter with my own jutsu, the Rasengan….

We gazed at each other for what seemed to be an eternity before we launched at each other, intent on overpowering the other person.

"NARUTO!" Sasuke yelled.

"SASUKE!" I yelled back as our jutsus clashed at each other, both intent on overpowering the other.

As we tried overpowering one another, I put everyone I had as I seemed to be pushing Sasuke back before…..he suddenly formed another Chidori with his free hand.

Before I had the chance to react, he slammed the jutsu deep into my chest…..This time piercing my heart…

I was stunned with pain for several seconds until I realized what he did…..

Unlike earlier…the nine tails couldn't heal this….

No! It can't be!

I can't just die here! I have to get stronger, bring Sasuke home and become the Hokage….

No! As I stopped looking at the wound I received I looked to see Sasuke who grinned as he realized what he did.

"Finally….it's done…." Sasuke triumphantly said before the world as I knew it was turning dark.

As I felt the light leaving my eyes I couldn't help but feel the need to apologize to everyone precious to me….

…For leaving them…

"I'm sorry looks like you have to bury another person precious to you…In some ways….you were like a father to me….thank you for teaching me about the way of a ninja…"

"I'm sorry Sakura ….You lost Sasuke and now you lost me…..I'm going to miss all of our good times together…You may have hit me but despite all that you still cared about me…..I only wish I could've told you how much I loved you…..even though you loved Sasuke…You're a strong woman…You'll become a ninja as strong as Granny Tsunade…Become the strongest kunoichi ever!"

"I'm sorry Hinata for dying here….you were always so nice to me….especially when everyone else wasn't….You'll become a ninja even stronger a Neji…I'm sure of it!"

"I'm sorry that we never got to have our rematch Kiba…you too Akamaru….Especially after I used that dirty move on you back in the Chunin Exams…we used to have so much fun in the academy along with Shikamaru, Kiba and Choji…"

"I'm sorry I keep on forgetting you Shino….even if we weren't as close I still consider you a damn good friend…you care a lot about Kiba and Hinata…..Heh…I'll never forget that mission where you couldn't stop laughing…."

"I'm sorry Kurenai Sensei….I'll never forget how you made sure I ate my veggies during that whole crystal competition a while ago…Hopefully you have a good future with Asuma-Sensei"

"I'm sorry we can't ever play Shogi together again Shikamaru….when I think about it, you're one of the ones in Konoha I could put a lot of trust in….even if you're a lazy ass you're a damn good Shinobi…."

"You know, even if you're annoying, I'll still miss you Ino….You've come a long way from the Sasuke obsessed fangirl you were in the academy…Be sure to be good to Sakura…."

"I'm sorry we can't eat together anymore Choji… were always so nice to everyone…..Be sure to keep on being strong and being sure to keep on carrying yourself."

"I'm sorry we could never speak more Asuma-Sensei….although from what I've seen you're a pretty badass Shinobi….no wonder you're Old Man Hokage's son…."

"Neji…'ve come a long way from the arrogant jerkass you were in the Chunin Exams….you've become a great Shinobi and I hope you continue to protect Hinata and your teammates…."

"I'm sorry we can never settle the score Bushy Brows….I may have thought you were kinda weird when we first met but when I heard how you protected Sakura I knew right then and there you were a good person….Please continue to protect everyone…Even if you can't use Ninjutsu, you're one of the strongest people I know…."

"Even though we never spoke that much…I'll still miss you Tenten….I'll never forget that one mission we took to the Konoha Ninja Tool Research Facility: Detached Office place after Granny Tsunade became Hokage…you were an amazing leader…I'm sure you'll become a kickass kunoichi one day…."

"Bushier Brows Sensei….you gave me that green jumpsuit and have encouraged me many times…..thanks for always being a greenlight in the leaf village…you and bushier brows sensei…heh…maybe you can beat Kakashi-Sensei one day….maybe you have some jutsu in the night that's an ultimate dynamic entry…."

"Konohamaru…Moegi…Udon….I'm sorry that it's ending right here for me….You all have come a long way from the kids you were that idolized me a year ago ago…..Konohamaru… …..your grandpa would be proud of you and maybe one day you'll surpass even me….Udon….wipe your nose up….but I'm sure you'll be alright little guy….Moegi…I'm sure you'll be a ninja as talented as Sakura…."

"Inari…Old Man Tazuna….Tsunami….I'm sorry we never got to meet again….I hope the land of waves has gotten better after it's been freed from that sack of shit Gato…Tsunami…thanks for always being nice and making yummy food…..Old Man Tazuna….you're not a complete grouch anymore…and Inari….I'm sorry again for being rude and calling you a coward….you're not a coward….you're strong….stronger than most people I know…I hope you have a great life in the land of waves…heh…hopefully you find a girlfriend…."

"Gaara….It feels like only yesterday when we were enemies fighting to the death in the Chunin Exams but I'm glad we went on that mission together….you showed me you really changed…if only we coud've been closer….."

"Granny Tsunade….I'll never forget when I first met you I wanted to punch you in your face…..But then Shizune told me how misunderstood you were and then I won our bet…a bet that nearly killed me but unlike that time, I won't make it…I'm sorry…..even though I said I wouldn't die until I became Hokage…..You're one of the people who believed in me the most….I'm sure your brother and that Dan guy would be proud of who you've become….Thank you for being…..a mother to me…."

"Old Man Hokage….Looks like I'll be seeing you sooner than I thought…Heh…I remember as a kid I used to yell how I'd become hokage and you'd egg me on…looks like that's one promise I'm breaking…."

"Old Man Teuchi….you gave me that bowl of ramen when I was walking around in the rain hungry that one day and were one of the few kind to me as a kid…..You're one of the people I'll miss the most….Thank you for all the love and kindness you've given me…."

"Big Sis Ayame….like Old Man Teuchi….you've fed and comforted me when no one else would…..Thank you for being a big sister to me…..I wish we could have ramen together one more time…"

"Sasuke….you're my best friend….and it hurts that we can't go back to the way we once were….you say I meant nothing to you….but even now…..I don't know if I can agree with you…I hope you pay that bastard Itachi back tenfold for what he did to your clan and hopefully you do….come back to the leaf village one day…"

"Iruka-Sensei…you were the first ninja to ever accept me…..I used to intentionally try to piss you off but honestly I did it because….you were like a big brother to me….you always looked out for me against people like that Mizuki bastard…you always bought me dinner and wanted me to become hokage and I guess this was as far as I could go….Thank you for everything and I hope you go on to even become the principal of the academy! You deserve it…."

As I said my goodbyes to everyone I knew and loved, there was one more person I needed to apologize and say my final words to:

I suddenly appeared in front of a cage with the kanji for "seal" on it. Behind it, stood a nine tailed demon fox who growled with nothing but hatred for me.

Heh, even when we're about to die, he still has that nasty attitude.

"Yo! Same spooky glare as always." I greeted in an attempt to be nonchalant as the Nine Tails grit his teeth at me.

"You stupid fool! Now that you've gotten yourself killed, I'm dead too!" The Nine Tailed Fox yelled at me before I suddenly found myself smiling. The reason would be ridiculous to some people.

"What's so funny?" The demon fox demanded as I sighed at the fox's attitude. What I was about to say was insane to other people but I knew it was the right thing to do.

"You know Nine Tails? Despite what everyone says about you, I don't think you're as bad as you're made out to be." I began as the Nine Tailed Fox found his eyes raising in surprise.

"W-what are you saying?" The Nine Tails asked as I grinned at him.

Seriously! He doesn't even seem evil just….angry…

And hell, if I could befriend and change people like Zabuza and Gaara, what's stopping me from befriending this fluffy fox?

"Maybe….if things were different, we could've been friends! And we could've done something with that hatred of yours!" I declared with my trademark smile as the nine tailed fox stared at me with the most shocked expression I ever saw from him before he growled in anger.

"You fool! Are you completely stupid!? I am the Nine Tailed Demon Fox! I haven't fallen so low that I need the sympathy of some dwarf! I am hatred incarnate!" The Nine Tailed Fox yelled as my grin widened. Somehow….

I knew my words reached him.

"Heh, it would've been a challenge helping you and you know how much I love challenges!" I declared without any doubt in my voice before turning around and walking away as I felt a tear leave my eye as I realized this would be the last time we'd ever speak of one another and we'd be leaving on a terrible note.

"Well…goodbye….forever…" I said with a broken voice before ending the transmission as the as I thought of my relationship with the nine tails and the possibilities we could've had.

Maybe…in another universe the Nine Tailed Fox could've been changed and we could've joked around like friends? Who knows?

Either way, as I brought myself back to the real world, knowing he said his goodbyes, he felt somewhat happy knowing he received some closure and finally surrendered himself to the realms of the afterlife…letting the arms of eternal slumber finally take ahold of him.

Soon after, I opened my eyes to find myself in a light colored void.

Curiously, I walked around in confusion.

"What the? Where am I? Wasn't I at the final valley with Sasuke?" I asked before the situation of what happened to me dawned on me as I walked around numbly.

"So…I guess I'm really dead huh?" Naruto said but before I could grieve in my sorrows, I was suddenly approached by two figures. One of them was the fourth hokage while the other was a red haired female by his side.

"…The fourth Hokage?" I asked in surprise as my attention was darted to the smiling female at his side. Who was the lady? She was kinda cute…..

"And who's this?" I asked as the woman giggled, making me raise an eyebrow.

What was so funny?

"I assumed you'd figure it out by now, Naruto." The fourth hokage amusingly said making my eyebrow raise even higher. How did the Fourth Hokage know my name?

"Naruto? My name? How?" I asked as the Fourth smiled even more.

"How? I'm the one who named you. You're our son." The fourth explained as I felt my breath leaving me….despite being dead. Then again….

Did the dead need air? Anyways who honestly cares right now!? My father is the goddamned fourth hokage!

"Y-your son?" I managed to stammer as the red head nodded her head.

Finally! It made so much sense! Why would the Fourth Hokage seal the Nine Tails in some random person?

"Yep! You're our son! I have to say you've become as hand-"Mom tried to say before she and dad were suddenly glomped by me.


I've…always wanted to meet them!

But whenever I'd ask Old Man Hokage….he'd give me some vague answer…..

And I thought they abandoned me…but now that doesn't seem to be the case!

"Mom….Dad….." I muttered as I cried on them before they held me tight, crying along with me. I've never been so happy before in my life! Even when I finally managed to graduate the ninja academy…I was never this happy….

"I'm….a failure…." I sadly managed to mutter as mom and dad looked at me in shock.

"What!?" Mom yelled, obviously in outrage that I seemed to have given up for the first time ever.

"I couldn't become hokage….I'm a crap excuse of a ninja…" I began as he was suddenly approached by an old friend….

"Haku!" I yelled as he gave me a soft smile before turning his gaze into a serious one.

"So you're really giving up? You've lost your way?" Haku asked as Old Man Hokage later arrived and decided to add his two cents in.

"Nonsense, boy. Victory and defeat are a part of life." Old Man Hokage tried to reason with me as I who glared at him.

How can they expect me to be happy!? They got to die the way they wanted to!

I died at the hands of my best friend!

"You're damn right I am! I died! I'm weak and-"I was about to retort as a really familiar gruff voice cut me off. Oh I knew that one…

"Shut up, you fool. You're letting something like this get you down!? Where's the brat we all know in love!?" Zabuza yelled harshly at me as I scoffed.

"Dead, what does it look like? The Leaf Village won't be the same and will go straight to fucking hell!" I replied with an equally harsh tone before I suddenly found myself on the ground with Zabuza's blade at my neck.

…Yep…looks like being dead hasn't made Zabuza any softer….

"If you keep on blabbering all that soft shit, I'll kill you again myself! Wake up! You're dead but you died as a true ninja! You died respectfully! Yes you're dead but your friends will no doubt protect your village and even the world from threats that will harm it! Quit reflecting on what you've lost! Reflect on the positives!" Zabuza yelled at me as I suddenly gasp as his eyes regained the light they had lost.

He was right…I suppose I shouldn't let something like this get me down…

My other friends would no doubt be safe….and the Leaf would be protected under the Pervy Sage, Granny Tsunade, Kakashi Sensei, Sakura and the others…..

I got up before smiling at Zabuza…Death did change him.

"Yeah….you're right….thanks….Zabuza…." I thanked the former rogue ninja as Zabuza grunted behind his mask.

"I guess you've become softer with death…" I grinned as Zabuza groaned in irritation.

"I see death hasn't made you any less annoying!" Zabuza snapped before walking away with Haku who shot me a thankful smile. I returned the smile before turning to my parents.

"Now Naruto….why don't you tell us about your life?" Dad suggested with a smile as he put his hand on my shoulder as mom grabbed my hand tightly.

"Yes, we'd love to know everything!" Kushina exclaimed happily as I felt tears come to my eyes. As a kid I always wanted to know who his parents were and I was finally able to spend some quality time with them….

"Haha, sure! Okay so it was like…." I began as I began telling all of my ninja tales to Ma and Pa before they soon told me about their love story. Throughout the whole time, I really felt happy at the feelings I had while finally being able to meet with my parents.

After all, I have an eternity to spend with them…

And then some.

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