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Forever Changed

Ch 1 An Uneasy Feeling

It was a normal day in the sewers and four mutant turtles were practicing their ninjitsu skills while a mutant rat watched. These turtles were Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello and Michelangelo and their father and Sensei, Splinter was watching his sons as they "fought" each other. At the current moment Leo and Mikey were facing off as were Raph and Donnie. "Leo prepare to taste the floor bro," Michelangelo said in a mocking tone of voice.

"Mikey in all the times we've faced off the only one that's tasted the floor is you little brother," Leonardo said as he and his orange masked brother circled around each other. Neither brother had their weapons drawn as this was strictly a hand to hand battle. Leo looked over and saw his two directly younger brothers also circling around each other, waiting for Splinter's command to start.

"Prepare to be humiliated Donnie," Raphael mocked as he got into a fighting stance.

"I wouldn't be so cocky if I were you Raph," Donatello shot back. "I've been practicing a lot lately."

Just then Splinter called out, "Hajimeru! (Begin)" and the battles were on. Leonardo, however, still had his eyes on Donnie and Raph and didn't notice Mikey lunging towards him and was tackled to the ground hard.

"Ha! Got ya big bro," Michelangelo said with a grin.

"Ah cheap shot Mikey!" Leo shouted, shoving his youngest brother off of him.

"Ha gotta pay attention there Leo," Raph mocked. However when he was saying this Donnie took the opportunity to slide underneath his directly older brother and take him to the ground. Raphael let out a growl as he got to his feet and lunged at his purple masked brother. But Donatello was ready and dodged the attack and grabbed Raph by his wrists and flipped him to the ground.

"Heh looks like you should take your own advice Raph," Mikey said with a laugh as he flipped Leonardo over his head and onto the ground. "To slow bro," the youngest turtle mocked. Leo let out a growl of frustration and charged towards his brother. Michelangelo smiled and held his hands out in front of him. The two brothers connected and were engaged in a battle of strength. But Leonardo was over thinking and Mikey used this to his advantage and once again kicked his oldest brother's feet out from under him.

"Yame!" Splinter called out. "That is enough for now my sons." The four brothers stopped and went to stand before their master and father. "You have done well my sons," Splinter complimented. "I am especially impressed with Donatello's and Michelangelo's progress. I am very proud of you all."

"Arigatō, chichi (Thank you Father)," the four brothers said together as they bowed. With that Splinter dismissed his sons and they went into the living room.

"I admit Mikey you were pretty good tonight," Leo said, smiling at his youngest brother.

"Bro my skills are getting better and better," Michelangelo bragged. "But seriously Leo I'm still not as good as you."

"Keep up the practice and you will be," Leonardo declared. Mikey gave his blue masked brother a grateful smile.

"Raph do you have anything to say?" Leo asked, looking over at his directly younger brother.

"Nope," Raphael said gruffly.

"Oh c'mon Raph don't be mad," Donnie said, putting his hand on his red masked brother's shoulder. But Raph angrily pushed Donatello's hand off of him and crossed his arms.

"Let him brood Donnie," Leonardo said, rolling his eyes. "Cause we all know how Raph gets if something doesn't go his way."

"Yeah we all know Raph's a sore loser," Michelangelo said with a grin.

"Shut up Mikey!" Raphael said, smacking his youngest brother upside the head.

"Raph don't take it out on Mikey just because you got bested," Donnie said with a gap toothed smile.

"I didn't get best Donnie!" Raph declared, crossing his arms in front of him and giving the genius turtle a glare. "You got lucky."

"Oh c'mon Raph admit it," Leo said. "You got beat by Donnie." But Raphael said nothing. He merely growled and glared at his oldest brother, who let out a groan. "Ugh why is it so hard for you to admit defeat?" Leonardo asked, rolling his blue eyes. "I mean I got beat by Mikey and you don't hear me bitching about it."

"Yeah c'mon Raph just admit you got your ass handed to you," Mikey said with a laugh. Raph growled at his orange masked brother and went to smack him. But Michelangelo dodged his red masked brother's hit, letting out a mocking laugh in the process.

"You're just off you game today Raph," Donatello said, trying to make his directly older brother feel better. "It happens even to Sensei."

"Donnie don't do that," Leo said, firmly. "Don't downplay this just to appease him. You and Mikey have been doing better and better everyday. Maybe if Raph did the same then he'd be better too. Same goes for me. Don't you agree Raph?" The oldest turtle looked at his directly younger brother when he said this part.

Raphael growled at his blue masked brother and was about to respond. But just then the lair door opened and Splinter's daughter, Miwa came in along with her good friend Shinigami.

"Hey guys hope its ok if Shini hangs with us for a while," Miwa said as she went to join her brothers and father.

"You and your dad fighting again?" Leo asked his dark headed friend. Shinigami's father was an old school type man who, like Splinter, had immigrated from Japan with his infant daughter when his wife had been killed. But unlike Splinter fortune had smiled on him and he wasn't forced to live in the sewers and he and his daughter had a relatively normal life.

"Nah for once Father isn't in his 'you disappoint me Shinigami' moods," Shinigami said as she sat beside Michelangelo on the couch. "I just need some fresh air."

"Yeah and the sewer air is so fresh," Raph said, rolling his green eyes.

"Yo dudes we should like go topside and patrol or something," Mikey suggested.

"Sounds like a good idea Mikey," Leonardo said with a nod. Then he turned to Miwa and Shinigami and said: "You guys in?"

"You bet we are," Shinigami declared as she stood. No one seamed to notice Splinter, who was standing there with a very worried look on his face. The wise old rat had a bad feeling that something horrible was going to happen.

"Be careful my children," Splinter called out as his sons and daughter began to leave. Splinter decided it was best not to say anything at the current moment in case his feeling was wrong. And after all they weren't going into battle. This was merely patrol.

"We will Master," Leo promised as he and his siblings left.


Meanwhile the turtles were doing there patrolling when their T-coms began to beep. "Casey what's up?" Leonardo said into his T-com.

"Leo you guys have to get down to the docks," came the voice of the turtles' good friend, Casey Jones. "Shredder's goons are here and it looks like some serious stuff is about to happen. I called April and she's comin'."

"We're on our way Casey," Leo said, snapping his T-com shut. "Trouble at the docks guys. Casey needs out help."

"Then lets go bros!" Michelangelo cried out, thrusting his fist in the air.

"Just do me a favor Donnie," Raphael said. "Don't be showin' off by tryin' to out do me."

"Huh?" Donnie said, confused at Raph's accusation. "Raph what are you talking about?"

"Ya got lucky one," Raphael declared, glaring at his purple masked brother. "Don't expect to get lucky again." Donatello said nothing. He just stared at his directly older brother with confusion.

"Oh for God's sake Raph give it a rest," Leonardo said, rolling his blue eyes. Shinigami and Miwa exchanged confused looks, which Donnie picked up on.

"I beat Raph earlier today in training," the genius turtle explained to his sister and her friend.

"Yeah and Raph's been in like a super pissy mood since then," Mikey said, rolling his blue eyes.

"Can we just go?" Raph snarled. "I mean we've got more important shit to deal with now."

"I agree for once," Leo said. "Lets go." With that the group headed for the docks, none of them knowing one of them wouldn't be going home alive.

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