Authors note: this story takes place during series one, after Star-Crossed, but before It Makes A Lovely Light.

Out of love for you. (Part 1)

Dylan walked along the corridor and into command, "Andromeda, where's Rommie?" The ship's holographic image appeared before him, "I do not know. Our link was damage during the fight with the Balance of Judgment and Harper is still fixing it. Hold. A Slipfighter was just lunched from hanger two. Sensors show my Avatar is piloting. She is heading for the drift." Dylan was shocked, "Hail her." The hologram blinked, "She dose not respond." Dylan ran to the coms-station, "Rommie, this is Dylan, respond." The radio remained silent. Again he called to the Slipfighter, "Rommie, this is your Captain speaking, respond!" on the screen, he could see the fighter dock with the drift. Dylan punched the coms-panel, "Beka, Try, Trance, meet me on the Maru. Rommie's AWOL."

Dylan reached hanger, and was knocked-over by Harper, "What's happened to Rommie?" Picking himself up, Dylan looked at his engineer, "I don't know, nether dose Andromeda. I want you to fix the link between the two of them so we can find out, fast." Harper shook his head, "No-way! I'm going with you." Dylan rested his hand on Harpers shoulder, "I know how much Rommie means to you, but you can help her best by fixing the link so Andromeda can talk to her, ok?" Harper nodded sadly, "Ok, I'm on it." He turned and sprinted off down the corridor, almost knocking Trance over as he had Dylan.

Trance walked up to Dylan, "What's wrong with Rommie?" Dylan shock his head, "I don't know, Andromeda doesn't know, Harper doesn't know. We'll ask her when you find her." Beka and Tyr came running along the corridor, their mouths open, ready to ask the same question. Dylan raised his hand, "I don't know, Andromeda doesn't know, Harper doesn't know, Trance doesn't know. Let's find her and then we will all know, ok." Shrugging, Try and Beka followed Trance and Dylan onto the Maru.