Authors note: this story takes place during series one, after Star-Crossed, but before It Makes A Lovely Light.

Out of love for you. (Part 14)

Dylan nodded, "Very well. It is the finding of this caught-marshal that you where temporarily incapacitated due to grief, and as such where not responsible for your actions." Harper and Trance shouted with joy, while Tyr muttered something under his breath. Dylan called for silence, "However, Andromeda, in placing an un-necessary burden on your ship-mate, resulting in said incapacitate, you are found guilty of negligence. You owe Rommie an apology."

Andromeda nodded, and turned to her Avatar, "I'm sorry for making you deal with my grief and guilt as well as your own. I won't do that again." Rommie nodded, tears welling up in her eyes, "It's ok, I understand." Dylan could tell from the tone of her voice that Rommie was still hurting. He turned to the rest of the crew, "Dismissed."

Dylan gently held Rommie hand when she went to leave. He turned to Andromeda's hologram, "Can you give us a minuet alone?" Andromeda nodded, and the hologram blinked out. As soon as the door closed, Rommie collapsed into Dylan's arms, sobbing uncontrollably. Dylan held her closely against his body, "It's ok Rommie. I'm sorry that I didn't see how much you where hurting. I failed you as a friend."

Rommie shook her head, "I failed you. We both know that there was only one course of action laid down by the Highguard code of conduct. Why didn't you do it?" Dylan held her head against his shoulder, "If I re-booted your hard- drive, I would have killed you. The new AI would have had all your memories, but you, your soul, would have been lost. I couldn't stand to loose another friend." Rommie pulled away slightly, and Dylan found himself lost in her deep eyes. He gently kissed her on the forehead, and pulled her back tight against his body.

His eyes may have been looking at the distant stars, but his mind was elsewhere.

The End.