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it has been a year since i started this story, so I wanted to surprise you with this little chapter, but also wanted to get more people into the story so that more people could appreciated it, is a little of what happened after. Well I hope you enjoy it.

My name is Michael, I'm the owner of a very successful business that create marvelous inventions that are for everyday uses, as at right now, I'm probably the riches and most important person in all kararagi.

People everywhere know me, everyone wants to work with me or for me, either way I always get praise a lot for the inventions that I sell, but if only people knew that the inventions are not mine that I'm just the guy who makes then or tell other people how to make them in my company.

I have a son, he is almost five, I'm marry to a beautiful girl that loves me and support me in everything, she is always telling me how proud she is of me and how she wants our son to be just like me. I keep telling her that this success is all thank to my friend, that one who actually came up with all these ideas, she some times gets mad at me because of how I keep giving all the credit to a guy she barely met and that is not even here helping me with the company that is supposed to be guided it by the two of us.

I keep telling her that he promised me that he was going to be back, that we just have to be patient even thought it's been 5 years since we last saw him.

I have an infinite amount of gratitude towards my friend. before I met him, I was just a simple craft man, repairing chairs, or sharpening swords for knights and such, but the day that he suddenly appeared into my shop was the day everything changed.

When I first saw him, I didn't thought much of him, he didn't looked like he had much, but the beautiful blue haired maid that was with him made me think otherwise. Apparently, he was just moving into Kararagi and wanted to my business with me. I didn't know what to think of him, he was odd, didn't talk like most people. I must admit that whole thing looked and sounded suspicious, but there was something in the way he was talking to me, there was confidence in his voice, I could even feel how was already trusting me like I was his best friend already. Probably that was why I accepted his business proposal without a second thought.

Accepting his proposal was probably the best decision I had ever made in my life. I had made more money in a month with him that I had ever did in 5 years. We became close friends very quietly and he even honor me by giving me the chance of forging the engaging that he wanted to give to his maid, he didn't want her as his made anymore.

Little after that he told me that he was going to the capital to visit some friend, I told him that it was okay that I could that care of business while he was out.

A couple of months passed, and our shop had become huge company, I had so much money that I didn't know what to do with it, so I started looking for a new bigger house for myself. When I was going through the neighborhood, I met a lovely girl that I had no idea I was going to love with all my heart. We soon started living together before we move to the new house I bought.

Short after, my friend came back, he was surprised that I was living with a girl, almost like he really didn't expect that to happen or something. I gave him a bank account where I had been putting his half of the money, his fiancée got so surprise with the amount that she practically forced him to buy that huge house that she always wanted.

Just when everything looked like it was back to normal, my friend told me that he was going away for a while, he didn't say how long but he was very clear in the 'FOR A WHILE' part, I said goodbye for my friend and I haven't see him ever since.

It's been 5 years since I saw my friend, I got married and even have a son.

I have a little shop in my house where I work in my personal projects. My son is always with me, he got a passion for working with crafting tools, I like to think that he got that from me.

One day I was cleaning up the shop and my son was helping clean. While I was organizing some paper suddenly my son called me

"daddy, daddy, what is this?" said my son showing me something in his hands

"wow….. I haven't see that in a long time" I said taking it from his hand "this was the sign I had in my old shop before it became a company"

"what does it say?" asked my son

"here, why don't you try to read it" I said passing the sign to my son

"Suuu…Suubaru and Miichael…Mar…..Marvolusus…INVENTIONS!" said my son at the end aloud because it was the one word that he actually knew

"hehehe that is 'Subaru and Michael's Marvelous Inventions" I said petting my son

"daddy, who is Subaru?" asked my son

"….. wow, I can believe I never told you. well, Subaru is pretty much your uncle"

"I HAVE AN UNCLE!?" said my son sounding excited

"hehehe yes" I said talking the sign from his hands

"well, where is he?" he asked

"well….. I don't know, one day he said he was leaving and promised me he was coming back"

"he never told you where he was going? Maybe you could go and get him" said my son

"no…" I said turning my back and putting the sign away "that bastard just left and never told me when he was exactly coming back"


My son just stayed quiet, he never liked it when I cursed aloud like that, but then in the middle of the silence I heard something

"ohh so I'm a bastard now"

I turned around and looked at the entranced of the shop and there he was.

"….. you son of a bitch" I said as a wide smile started appearing on my face. "Subaru"

My friend Subaru was by the entrance of my shop, there was a little boy around my son's age hugging his leg that looked just like him with the exception that he had blue hair. Right next to him was the girl that used to be his maid, her hair was long which made her look more beautiful than ever and in her arms was the pretties little baby girl which had that same hair color as Subaru.

"hehehe that's all you have to say to me?" said Subaru while petting the boy's head

"hahaha …." I laughed a little before feeling how my son was trying to hide behind me

"dad, who's that?" asked the boy that was hugging Subaru

"that's your uncle Michael, I already told you about him Rigel" said Subaru

The boy then looked at my son "and who's that?"

"well…..that's…." said Subaru confused while scratching his head

"he's your cousin Rigel" I said while trying to push my son to come out from behind me "his name is Robert"

Rigel smiled "I have a cousin!?" he said really excited making me and his parents smile

"why don't you say hi to your cousin" said Subaru petting his son

Rigel looked at Subaru and nodded with a wide smile before he started walking towards me and Robert

I gave Robert a little push so that he approaches Rigel as well "go say hi too"

The two boys stood in front of each other and Rigel soon extended his hand "hi, my name is Rigel" he said with a big smile

"hi….I'm Robert" said my son a little nervous

Rigel smiled "hey do you want to play ball?"

Robert smiled and nodded "sure, I have a few in that box over there"

"awesome!" said Rigel

They looked for a ball and then ran out of the shop

"Rigel wait" said Subaru's wife

"what is it mom?"

"why don't you take your sister to play too"

Rigel looked at his little sister "do you wanna play with us Spica?"

Spica smiled started nodding really fast.

Subaru's wife put Spica down " Rigel, Robert, you two gotta take good care of her, Okay?"

"sure thing mom" said Rigel with a big smile

"no problem ….eehh.." said Robert confused

Subaru's wife giggled "you can call me auntie Rem"

Robert blushed a little and nodded "don't worry auntie Rem, I'll take care of Spica"

Rem smiled and rubbed his head a little "well said, now go and have some fun"

Spica smiled and took both Rigel's and Robert's hand before she started Running.

Subaru, Rem and I watch how our children ran to the yard and started throwing the ball at each other.

I put a hand on Subaru's should "so, are you two going to tell where had you been for the past five years?"

Subaru smiled and turned to me "why don't you get a couple of chairs and a big bottle because there's a lot that we have to talk about"

I smiled and just like he said I looked for a couple of chairs, we sat down and started drinking as they started filling me up with everything that happened since they left to the capital all those years ago.

We talk and drank for hours, even after it was late at night and we put the kids to sleep we just kept talking, and no matter how horrible that things he told were, I was just happy that he was back, I was just happy to know that he and Rem were save and more happy that ever with their beautiful family, happy to have them back into my life.







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