This does not actually happen in my Akari series. This is merely a "what if" scenario in which Akari!Leo meets the present Turtles. I was inspired by a TMNT comic that I read on deviantart. Takes place after the events of the episode "Owari" and before "Scroll of the Demodragon".

NOTE: There will probably be grammar mistakes which I will fix later.

"See you dudes in a bit!"

Mikey grabbed his skateboard as he walked out of the living room. Leo glanced away from the T.V and called after his little brother. "Mikey! Be back by 11:00!"

Mikey rolled his eyes. "Yes, Sensei." The tunnels echoed with the rolling of the skateboard's wheels as Mikey disappeared.

Leo wasn't used to being called "Sensei" by his brothers, and he knew that they felt the same way. In their eyes, he would always be their eldest brother and leader, but never their Sensei. Leo, himself, didn't feel worthy enough to take Splinter's place, not that he ever could, anyway. A hole had been drilled in their hearts by the sudden death of their adoptive father several weeks ago, and they all tried to cope with it and move on, but it was so hard. Up until this point, they never actually lost a family member, and they believed that they would stay together forever, even though Splinter told them that nothing lasts forever, not even family.

Leo felt a lump forming in his throat. He really missed Father. They all did.

Trying to get his mind off the grim subject, Leo went back to the T.V and continued to watch his favorite show, Space Heroes.


Donnie yawned as he stepped out of his lab, and was surprised to find Leo still glued to the T.V, even though three hours had already passed. "Leo, you know that's not good for your eyes." He stepped down into the T.V area and stood next to his brother, only to find that he was actually asleep, his head bowed and his eyes closed. Donnie knelt down and gently shook Leo. "Leo? Hey, wake up."

Leo's eyes shot open and his whipped his head up. "Huh? Wha-? Oh." He stretched himself and yawned. "Must've dozed off. What time is it?"

"It's 11:58," Donnie told him.

"11:58?" Leo looked up at Donnie in surprise. "It's been three hours? Geez." He then remembered something very important. "Is Mikey back yet?"

The gap-toothed genius shook his head. "No."

Immediately the leader began to worry. "No? He was supposed to be back fifty minutes ago." He stood up and reached for the T-phone in his belt. "I'm calling him. Something's wrong."

"Leo, calm down," Donnie placed a hand on his shoulder. "Mikey probably went to get pizza or something. You know he always stays out beyond curfew time."

Leo didn't listen and dialed the number for Mikey's phone. He brought it up to his ear and waited for his little brother to answer. But then they heard what sounded like Mikey's ring tone in the tunnels. Leo and Donnie looked at each other in confusion before heading to the exit, not even bothering to get flashlights.

"Mikey?!" Leo called for him as they ran through the darkness. "Mikey, are you in here?!"

"GUYS!" Mikey's voice called out in the distance. He sounded scared. "I'M OVER HERE!"

They picked up the pace and followed his voice until they at last found their little brother supporting someone on his shoulder. It was too dark for them to see the stranger's face, but they were shocked to see that it was another larger turtle.

Leo approached the two, studying the person's face as much as he could in the dark. That snout looked awfully familiar. "Mikey," he whispered, "who is this?"

"Dude, I have no idea," Mikey softly said. "I found him lying on the street a couple of blocks from here. He's still breathing, but he looks badly hurt."

Donnie leaned in and looked him over. "Yeah, I think I see a head wound. We'd better get him to the lab pronto." He lended Mikey a hand in carrying the Turtle to the lair while Leo followed them, keeping his eye on the stranger. Something felt familiar about him.

Once they reached the lab and placed the Turtle on the table, they got a better look at him in the light. He wore a black ninja mask, black sleeves, and black leg wrappings. Right across his right eye and beak were two nasty scars. But what stood out the most about him was the black snake tattoo on his plastron.

Leo studied his face and his eyes widened in shock and realization.

No couldn't be...!

"Guys..." he whispered, "this Turtle...he's me...!"

Both Mikey and Donnie looked up at him. "What?" they said in unison.

Leo nodded, his eyes still locked on the Turtle's face. "I'm certain of it. It's me."

Mikey leaned over the Turtle, curiously poking at his cheek. "Huh. You know, he really does look a lot like Leo, only a little bit older and and scarier."

Leo turned to his genius brother. "But how can this be?"

Donnie rubbed his chin in thought. "Well, it could be either one of two things: a clone or a Leonardo from an another dimension. And considering our luck, I'm leaning toward the dimension theory."

"Dude," Mikey said in awe, "check out his wicked snake tattoo." He slowly traced his finger over the black snake on his plastron.

"Mikey, don't touch him," Leo warned.

"I think you mean, 'Don't touch me'?" Mikey smirked playfully as he hovered his finger over the other Leo's face. "I'm not touching you," he said in singsong tone. "I'm not touching you."

"Mikey, stop it," Leo snapped, slapping Mikey's finger away. The younger Turtle pouted and stuck his tongue out.

"Hey, what's going on?" Raph walked into the lab with Chompy on his shoulder, but he froze when he saw the stranger on the table. "Who the heck is this?"

"We found another Leo, yo!" Mikey pointed at the unconscious Turtle.

Raph raised an eye ridge and set Chompy down. "Another-?" He walked over to the table to see for himself. His emerald eyes widened as he began to realize that Mikey was telling the truth. "What the-? Donnie, what is this?"

"Cloning, alternate dimension," Donnie shrugged. "We don't know yet."

"Well, wake him up and ask him!"

"Raph, he's suffered a major head wound! He needs time to recover. It could be hours before he wakes up."

"Um, dudes?" Mikey said, catching their attention. "He's already awake."

They all turned to see older Leo stirring and quickly gathered around the table. His eyelids fluttered open and midnight blue orbs looked directly into Leo's. The younger Turtle felt like he was staring at his own reflection. It was the strangest sensation.

"Um, hello?" Leo chuckled nervously. Man, this was awkward.

Older Leonardo stared up at him for a moment before he looked at his surroundings and rubbed his eyes. "What...? Oh, my head." He clamped a hand over the head wound and started to sit up.

Donnie tried to gently ease him back on the table. "Easy. You have a head injury."

Leonardo looked at Donnie's right hand on his shoulder and gently touched it. It was flesh instead of metal. "Donnie?" he whispered as he lifted his head at the genius. "'re not...?"

"I'm not what?" Donnie asked, a little bit weirded out.

"Okay, who are you?" Raph demanded, slapping his hand on the table and surprising the older Turtle. "Are you who we think you are?"

Leonardo was surprised to see his hotheaded brother still having his left eye in its socket. "Raph?" He reached over to touch Raph's face, but the younger Turtle flinched away.

"Hey, back off, bud!" he warned. "You're creeping me out!"

"I'm-I'm sorry," Leonardo softly said, pulling his hand back. "It's're not missing your..."

"Missing my what?!" Raph shouted, losing his patience with this stranger. "You'd better start making sense or-!"

"Raph!" Mikey stepped in between the two and lightly pushed Raph back. "Chill, will ya?"

"Chill?! Mikey, we don't even know what he is!" Raph argued, pointing over Mikey's shoulder at Leonardo. "He could be a shape-shifting Kraang thing or-or something!"

"Dude, if he was Kraang monster, I'd know," Mikey smugly said. "I was right about the Mom-thing, wasn't I?"

Raph rolled his eyes and muttered under his breath.

"I'm sorry," Mikey teased, gesturing for Raph to speak up. "I didn't hear you."

The hothead groaned and shook his head. "I said, yeah, you were right," he quickly mumbled.

"Finally!" Mikey raised his hands in the air. "You admit it! Took you long-Eep!"

Leonardo suddenly wrapped his arms around Mikey and pulled him close, burying his face in the back of Mikey's shell.

"HEY!" Raph's protective instincts kicked in and he pulled out his twin sai. "Let him go!"

Leo stepped in and grabbed Raph's wrist. "Raph, wait! It's okay."

Raph was about to retort and pointed at the larger Turtle that was holding his little brother captive. "But he's-!"

"Raph," Leo gently but sternly said, "it's okay." He glanced over at the two Turtles and nodded at them. "See?"

Raph turned back to them and watched as Leonardo affectionately nuzzled Mikey's shell with his beak. The hothead was stunned to see tears spilling out of his eyes.

Mikey looked over at Raph and shrugged with a crooked grin. He was just as confused as his brother was, but he didn't feel like he was in any danger. In fact, it was kinda touching. But a little bit too touchy feely. He peeked over his shoulder at Leonardo, who rested his cheek on his carapace. "Um...?"

Leonardo sniffled and dried his eyes with the back of his hand, smiling sadly at Mikey. "I'm sorry, Mikey. It's's just so good to see you again."

"Again?" Mikey titled his head as he turned around to fully face him. "Where did I go?"

The older Turtle only looked at him with wet, loving eyes and affectionately rubbed his hand up and down Mikey's arm. He savored this moment and didn't want to let go of his little brother in fear of losing him all over again. The last time he ever touched Mikey was during the funeral thirty years ago, and his skin felt so cold.

But this Mikey was still alive, and he felt so warm that it melted his heart and he felt like crying all over. It had been so long...too long...!

"So you're supposed to be me?" Younger Leo's voice snapped him out of his thoughts.

He let go of Mikey and cleared his throat. "Ahem, yes," he said. "About thirty years from now."

The younger Turtles all gasped at the shocking revelation.

"So you're from the future?!" Mikey asked excitedly, his eyes enlarged and sparkling. "That's AWESOME! It all makes sense now! The wrinkles, the deep voice, the snake symbol! You're a superhero, aren't you?!"

Leonardo chuckled softly and patted the dome of Mikey's head. "No, I'm not a hero, Little Brother." There was a bit of sadness in his eyes for a moment as he lowered them to the floor. "Far from it."

"Then what's with the tattoo?" Raph asked, still skeptical about all this. "And the black clothing? Are you Karai's sidekick or something?"

"No, I'm a loner. I do fight crime but...I'm not really a ninja anymore. Everyone calls me the Serpent."

"Serpent?" Donnie raised an eye ridge at him. "Well, that's not exactly what I call original, but it does have a nice ring to it."

"Yeah, it's a cool name!" Mikey made a scary face and a hissing sound, wiggling his fingers in a spookily manner. "Leonardo the SSSSSSerpent!"

"Okay, 'Serpent'," Raph crossed his arms and took a step forward, "if you're from the future, then how'd you end up in this time?"

Leonardo sighed and shook his head. "I'm...not sure. My memory's a bit hazy." He winced as he touched the head wound. "The last thing I remember is fighting the Shredder."

Leo's eyes widened in shock and fear. "The Shredder? You mean he's still alive?"

"Did...did someone turn him into a zombie or something?" Mikey shuddered.

Donnie rolled his eyes. "Mikey, we've been through this before: zombies don't exist."

"It could happen!" the freckled Turtle insisted. "Comic books don't lie, man!"

"It's not Oroku Saki," Leonardo explained. "He died years before this new Shredder appeared. I was the one who finished him after he-" He paused and closed his eyes painfully, unable to finish his sentence.

"After he killed Splinter, right?" Leo finished for him.

Leonardo looked at him a bit surprised. "Splinter? No, mean that Master Splinter is dead?"

The younger Turtles remained silent but bowed their heads in sorrow. Mikey sniffled and wiped his eyes with the back of his hand.

But Donnie quickly snapped out of his grief. "Hold on, you mean Splinter is still alive in your timeline?"

Leonardo shook his head. "No, he died of a heart attack a couple of months ago."

Leo couldn't help but notice how casually the future Turtle said that, with little to no emotion in his voice. It was as if he wasn't at all saddened by his father's death, which struck Leo as very weird and very disturbing. "But the Shredder didn't kill him?" he asked, to which the older version responded by shaking his head.

"So you're actually from an alternate timeline," Donnie concluded. "Not from our future."

"I guess so," Leonardo mumbled as he laid back down on the table, shielding his eyes from the ceiling light with his arm. "I'm tired." A loud grumbling noise erupted from his stomach and he blushed from embarrassment. "Heh, and a bit hungry."

"No problem, big bro!" Mikey chirped. "I can whip you up something! Michelangelo style!"

Later in the kitchen, Mikey made jellybean and chocolate chip pizza for Older Leonardo, and to Raph, Leo, and Donnie's surprise, he practically devoured it within three minutes. He acted as though he hadn't eaten in days, which greatly concerned the young cook. He held back a burp and cleaned his mouth with a napkin before looking at Mikey with a fond smile.

"Thanks, Mikey," he said. "I really missed your cooking."

Mikey frowned. "If I don't cook for you, then who does?"

"No one," Leonardo said as he reached over to pat Mikey's shoulder. "I cook for myself. But it's nowhere near as good as yours."

"You know," Mikey scooted closer to him, "you never said what happened to me." He looked up at him with pleading eyes and rested his chin on the older Turtle's arm. "Was it something bad?"

Leonardo looked straight into those eyes and then turned his head away, biting his lower lip. He couldn't tell Mikey. It would not only be a shock to him, but it would also devastate him to know that he was sliced to death by Shredder and that his family separated after his funeral, not even speaking to each other for thirty years. Sucking in a deep breath, he looked back down at Mikey and forced a smile, tenderly stroking his little brother's head. "No, Mikey," he lied. "Nothing bad happened to you. It's just...we each went our separate ways, and we've haven't seen each other in years."

"Oh," Mikey softly said, looking a little bit disheartened. "That's too bad. We were supposed to stay together no matter what."

"Hey," Leonardo gently lifted Mikey's chin, "that happened in my timeline, not yours. So there's still a chance that you'll have a much happier future."

This seemed to have cheered Mikey up and he smiled at his older brother. God, how he missed that beautiful, bright smile. Like a light in this dark, hopeless world, and when Mikey died, he took that light with him, leaving his brothers in complete darkness. To see that smile again warmed Leonardo's heart and he couldn't refrain himself from hugging Mikey again.

Wow, he's quite the hugger, Mikey thought as he wrapped his arms around Leonardo and hugged him back.

While the scene was touching, it was also a little too weird for Leo and his two younger brothers. And something told the leader that his future self lied about Mikey's fate.

This will be a three-parter! Next chapter Leonardo will practice with his younger bros and younger self in the dojo (and kick their butts, LOL). And Leonardo will take Leo on his first "hunt"...and you know what that implies...