KHB123 requested an epilogue for "Change Your Destiny" so I posted it here instead of "Bullets and Thorns".

NOTE: There will probably be grammar mistakes which I will fix later.

Warning: Dark themes in this chapter.

Leonardo watched as his younger counterpart passed out from all the blood loss. He reflected on Leo's words, about Mikey never wanting his brother to kill anyone even if it was to protect him. At that moment, he wondered what his own Mikey would think of him if he were still alive. Was his bright-eyed guardian angel crying right now? Because of him, his leader and hero?

Suddenly he felt no more pain in his bleeding shoulder; he just felt completely numb. The only pain he felt was in his still beating heart. But not for long.

A cold hand caressed his cheek from behind. He didn't need to turn around to know who it was.

Are you finally ready? a soft feminine voice spoke to him.

He smiled sadly to himself and slowly nodded. "Yes," he said with finality. He reached up to grab the handle of the katana that was embedded deep into his shoulder. With a hiss and groan, he quickly pulled it out.

But first things first...

He painfully and slowly crawled over to where Leo lay and flipped him onto his shell. The younger Turtle moaned softly as he was being moved, but he never awoke. With weak shaky hands, Leonardo raised the bloody sword over his head and prepared to plunge it through Leo's body.

This would be his final kill. Both Serpents were to die tonight for the sake of their brothers' future.

Just as he brought the sword down with full force, a small voice in his head stopped him just before the tip could penetrate the younger Turtle's neck.

Wait. There is still hope. After all, he has heard your story. He is determined to change his destiny.

Sighing softly, he lowered the weapon and scooted away from the unconscious Turtle. He then positioned himself in kneeling position and held the katana out in front of him with the tip of the blade pointing at his chest.

There was no turning back now. This would finally end the pain not only for himself but for everyone else. He knew what awaited him after death, but he wasn't afraid. He was only sad that he couldn't be where Mikey was.

He took one last glance over at the passed out Leo and smiled bitterly. "Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe you'll change your destiny. Let's hope for Mikey's sake that you do."

He took a deep breath and closed his eyes, tightening his grip on the handle.

Goodbye, my brothers.


"I see something!" Donnie yelled as he and his brothers arrived at the docks. The first thing they saw was the headless body of one of the amateur robbers, and lying on the ground a couple of feet away from it were two more bodies.

The Turtles' faces paled as they stared at the gruesome crime scene. Never had they seen anything so horrible in their young lives.

"What happened here...?" Mikey whispered in horror.

Raph's fists clenched in anger. "I have a pretty good idea of who did all this," he growled. "I knew we shouldn't have trusted that guy."

"Wait," Mikey looked over at Raph. "You don't really believe that older Leo did all this, do you?"

"We'll worry about that later," Donnie snapped. "Right now, we need to find our..." His eyes nearly popped right out of his sockets when he saw two familiar figures lying in pools of blood. "Oh, god...LEO!"

Their brother was lying on his shell, his shoulder having a deep laceration that was bleeding heavily. His future counterpart knelt next to him with his head bowed and a sword in his chest, the tip of the blade sticking right through of his shell. Either Leo stabbed him or he...

"I'll check our Leo!" Donnie screamed as he ran to his brother. "You two check on the other one!"

"Who cares about him?!" Raph yelled angrily, kneeling over the young Leo. The hotheaded Turtle was more concerned about his brother than that murderer from the future. Besides, it was pointless to check on him since it was obvious that he was already dead; the guy freaking stabbed himself.

Only Mikey checked on Leonardo, kneeling in front of him and looking for any sign that he was still alive. The older Turtle's eyes were still open and they looked so lifeless that Mikey thought for sure that he was already dead.

But then the dull blue orbs suddenly lifted and they stared straight into Mikey's, startling the younger Turtle. Seeing his beloved baby brother in front of him made the corners of his bleeding mouth lift into a weak smile.

Mikey thought about telling his brothers that Leonardo was still alive, but they were too busy frantically checking Leo over. Thankfully, their leader and Sensei was still breathing and there was still a chance for him.

He wished that he could say the same for Leonardo, who was quickly fading away before him.

Leonardo wished that he had enough strength left to caress those freckled cheeks and whisper his final words of love and comfort to him. But all he could do was kneel there and look into those bright blue eyes that held were filled with wonder and boundless love. It took everything within him to even smile slightly, and he regretted that he could not give Mikey more.

Mikey lifted his hands to embrace Leonardo but paused, as he was afraid that the dying Turtle was so frail that even the slightest touch would kill him. So he could only stare with tears welling up in his eyes.

Seeing those tears broke Leonardo's slowing heart. Don't cry, Mikey, he silently begged his little brother. Not for me. Don't ever cry again. Smile. Smile and be happy. Always.

He felt her presence behind him and her cold yet gentle lips kissed the dome of his head.

Then darkness took him, the light in Mikey's eyes being the last thing he ever saw.