He touched my hair and that was all that I can remember. I really wished I knew more. It's been three years since the incident and all I could remember was his touch. I'm Cara Azusa and I'm a well-known daughter of a federal agent. Though, I am not really sure if I am his daughter, he never treated me like one. He's always busy with work. Moving on, I'm studying in a prep school, full of princes and princesses from all over the world. Well they consider me a princess since my father is a hero.

"Earth to Cara. You back?" Divine snapped.

"Oh. Is there something wrong?"

"Oh no just don't space out like that all of a sudden." I just gave her a smile and stared at the light orange sky.

Divine Malcolm is a daughter of the Great King Vince of Austin, she is the princess that any guy would fall for in our campus but she loves me too much to leave me in exchange for a boy. And ironically, she wants me to have a boyfriend for myself. Even if she already knows that there is someone I'm already looking for.


We're having a ball at 8:00 pm which I planned of not attending but Divine already made me wear a green and white ball gown so I really had no choice right now. We arrived in the school's main building with the Malcolm family's golden carriage. Well as always Divine ties her hair up and pair it with a simple white long gown and she still looks astonishing.

"I didn't expect you'd come?" Leon greeted.

Leon Roveris is another prince friend of mine from Russia.

"Dream on you can't have her as your date at the dance she came here with me." Divine insulted.

"Actually I have something to tell you." I interrupted.

"I'm actually having my last day here."

"WHAT!" They both shouted.

"You understand that this is my choice I have to leave the school now that I have the chance. I mean what's the harm? My father wouldn't notice if I left." They just looked down as I said my statement.

"Is that a way to react in my last day. Come on let's go enjoy the ball."

I pulled them to the dance floor and we enjoyed our time with each other. Twelve midnight, I jumped off the window avoiding the guards on patrol. I walked through the garden maze and made my way to the training grounds which had the only safest exit to the forest. I was miles away from Walterton Academy when I took a glance. I was full of guilt I didn't want to do this but if it was the only thing that would lead me away from my father then there's no other way.