Before I could enter the manor a bright light went straight to me. I thought it hit me but I was drifting in the sky, the light carried me we passed through a thick layer of clouds. I was in Olympus and was in another attire. The light landed me near a fountain where I saw a guy lying on the ground. I ran towards him he was drunk I filled my palm with water and threw it to his face making him stand up.

" Calm down. " I said then he stared at me.

His face as hard and sexy it just made me aroused. Water trailed his jaw line to his collarbone. I shook my head. He walked off and made his way to the palace fixing his posture.

" Father. " he greeted as we came across Zeus.

Zeus just nodded his head then walked passed through us. I bowed my head so he wouldn't notice me. I followed the guy but he stopped after taking a glance.

" What are you doing here? " he asked surprised.

" I was following you. " I answered.

" What? Did my father see you? "

" Stop worrying even if he did I can take care of it. "

" You are not allowed here. " he whispered as maids passed through the hall.

" You gods and your policies. " I said after rolling my eyes and making my way to the window.

" A simple gratitude would do. " I mumbled then prepared myself to jump.

" What are you doing? " he asked grabbing my arm.

" Leaving. "

" Are you crazy? You're going to fall straight to the ground. Olympus is a floating palace in the sky those clouds wouldn't carry you like a damsel in distress. "

I pulled my arm and jumped out of the window. Well, I'd rather fall than to spend another minute with that retarded guy. I passed through the thick layer of cloud and saw the sea and land. I shifted searching for Wyoming but I stopped from flying. The guy had a string of light tied to my waist he pulled me close him.

" Leave me alone. " I said then struggled breaking free from his hands.

" Okay, wait let's land. " after we landed I went to the road following it heading north.

" Hey! I just saved your life. " the guy said.

I ignored him and continued walking. He grabbed my hand making me face him.

" Would you let go of me. " I demanded.

" How can you be so rude after I saved your life? " he asked with his voice sounding slightly angry.

" First, of all I was the one who saved you. What were you doing lying drunk under a fountain? And second, you didn't save me you just brought me miles away from where I was supposed to be. Ughh! This couldn't have happened if I wasn't brought to Olympus, crazy stupid light. " I ranted then pulled my hand.

" I'm sorry if Basty brought you to help me, he was just worried and wanted to help me. I was being careless. " he mumbled the last sentence.

I handed him a leaf painted with Cynthia sucrose.

" Here, chew this it'll help ease your hangover. " I said.

He chewed the leaf. After realizing where we were I flew and saw the manor. The guy stared at me like he just saw a ghost.

" You can fly! "

" Of course I can. Why would I jump out of that window if I had no idea to fly. I would be falling to my death. " I said.

" Who are you? "

" I'm Cara Egyptian Moon Goddess. "

" Just like my sister. " he mumbled. I raised my eyebrow.

" Artemis, my twin sister the Goddess of the Moon. Well in our place. " he said and let out a small laugh.

" My place is just nearby you're welcome to come. "

" No, I shouldn't stay. I still have matters to attend to. Well, I'll see you then Miss Cara. " he said before slowly taking off.

" I'll see soon, Apollo. " I waved goodbye.

I went back to the manor and the guys still had trouble with Onyx. Yuri explained everything and they just sat there waiting for him to open the door.

" Let me. " I said stopping Keith who almost knocked at the door.

I knocked then leaned my head to the door to hear his response.

" It's me Onyx can I come in? " I asked then I heard a small whimper.

I entered the room, it was dark you can barely see where you're walking. Onyx was at the corner with his huge teddy bear. He held the stuff toy tight and covered his face as I walked closer. I brushed his hair telling him everything was fine.

" I'm afraid I might get punished. " he said.

" Why would you be punished? "

" Because I failed. " I caressed his head and gave a comforting smile.

" You didn't fail. You actually succeeded, you came here and you're safe. " he hugged me then cried.

" The lady snake is mean. She made me punish people for her pleasure. She had no heart. " he cried.

" Everything's all right, Ophiuchus can't harm you here. We should go outside everyone's worried of you. "

He took his teddy bear and came out of the room. All of the guys were relieved to see us, they all smiled and greeted Onyx.

" She can't harm you anymore as long as we're here and we'll always be here. We are your new family now. " he smiled.

" Now that we got that covered shall we go get Libra. " Nicholas said.

" You know where he is? " I asked.

" Well, he actually showed up in the news last week. "

" What?! Is he a criminal or something? "

" What are you talking about? Jeez, calm down. He's gonna have a concert in New York this coming weekend. "

" Are you sure it's him? "

" Well, it feels like it was him. It just gave me goosebumps when I saw him in the tele. "

" Well, it's our only lead. It won't hurt to give it a try. "

I went to New York and managed to get a ticket for the concert. I was about to receive the ticket from the sellers hand when the wind blew it away. I reached out for the paper as it swiftly flew in the air. I stopped when it passed through the street, the lights where green so I stopped. After three minutes the lights turned red I went over a block where I saw the ticket but it got ripped by a dog. I fell to my knees. I guess I should buy another ticket but it took me three hours to get one.

" Hey Miss are you okay? " a guy with an Australian accent asked.

" No, it's just my ticket. " I said and showed the torn paper in my hand.

" Hey, here. " he helped me up. He had black hair and also had a strong jaw line that made him look sexy.

" Exodus Time's concert, huh? " he said after reading a piece of the torn paper.

" I can sneak you in. " he continued then looked at me. He smiled which made him look a lot more attractive. I felt my cheeks getting hot.

" Really? That would be very nice, shall we then. " I said avoiding his stare.

He cleared his throat and shook his head.

" Sure. " his voice sounded nervous that made it sound very hot and sexy.

We entered an employee's only door. The guy held my hand as we walked inside some people greeted him. I couldn't just stop I looked at his hand as he firmly holds mine. We stopped at the edge of the stage. Nicholas was right it was Libra he held an aura that was the same as the others.

" That's the guy you came to watch. " the guy said pointing at Libra.

" Exodus Time? " I asked.

" Yeah. Is he your idol? "

" Ohh uh no I just came to talk to him. "

" Your boyfriend? "

" No. "

" Really? That's great. " he said relieved. I looked at him confused.

" I mean great that you're not dating anyone. " he said gesturing like I had a wrong idea.

" How is it great that I'm not dating anyone? " I asked raising my eyebrow and smiling waiting for him to answer.

" It's means you're single. "

" Well you can put it that way. He's courting me. " I said and his eyes grew wide.

" I'm just kidding. "

" Well if he isn't can I then? "

My heart skipped a beat from his statement. I wasn't expecting him to ask me. It felt like everything stopped. I just stood there staring at his eyes.

" Hey. " Libra wrapped his arms around my shoulder. He smiled at me and looked at the guy.

" Hey, James thanks for escorting her here. " he continued.

The guy just grimaced and left after the coordinator called for him. I pulled Libra's arms away from me and glared at him. He snapped his fingers and waved goodbye. I opened my eyes I was in my room I went out and met Yashiro tying the curtains like he did yesterday. I greeted him and made my way to the kitchen. Nicholas, Yuri, and Alex were drinking coffee as they talked about the incoming storm which they were also talking about yesterday. As I pass through the living room I accidentally bumped into Keith making him break the same vase he broke yesterday after I bumped into him.

" Milady, are you going to New York to meet up with Libra? I'm sure you'll need my assistance. " Zero uttered.

Same statement he gave me before I went to New York. I went to New York and bought a ticket and it got blew by the wind and ripped by a dog. I stood from the ground I was in my room. I went out and met Yashiro tying the curtain then the kitchen where Nicholas, Yuri, and Alex were talking about the storm I bumped into Keith again only this time I managed to catch the vase before it fell off Keith's hands.

" Thanks. " Keith said before placing the vase in the table.

I just nodded and went to the hallway. Zero talked to me again before I went to New York. The ticket got blew and ripped by a dog. I woke up from my bed again, the same thing kept on happening.

" So you're saying we're trapped in some kind of time space? " Pollux asked.

" Libra's playing us. " Nicholas said and stood up.

" If it really is Libra then we're inside his mind, his very own paradox. " Leon uttered and searched the wall.

" What is it? " Jiyu asked.

" Libra hasn't entered the house yet so everything's just a simple vision of his to how the manor would look like. He's manipulating our mind. " Leon said.

" Found it. " he continued.

He pressed on a canvass. The canvass tilted then disappeared it was pitch black. Jiyu placed his hand inside and lit up. There was a room with a wrecked chair and mattress it also gave an unpleasant scent.

" Looks like some kid's creepy room. " Jiyu said before turning off his flames.

Something made me want to enter. I peeked inside the dark hollow space. Someone pulled me inside I expected to land on the room's floor but I fell to what seemed like a pit. I heard the guys called out but my body was frozen. I felt cold hard ground, my body was still paralyzed. I can only move my head I lifted my head and saw a coffin that is sealed with chains. I forced myself up, the coffin moved like something wanted to escape.

" Milady. " Zero uttered and pulled me from behind.

" No, wait. "

We were back in the living room.

" I need to go back. " I ran back to the wall.

" What are you doing? " Alex stopped me.

" Someone's in there I need to help whoever is in there. "

They didn't believe me but made me enter again. I walked to the coffin and touched the chains which suddenly disappeared. The coffin flew open and a bright light rose.

" Thank you, Moon Goddess. " the light glowed and disappeared.

" Are you okay? " Nolan pulled me from behind.