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The common room was silent after that particular revelation, and who could blame them when they realized what this meant to be shocked into silence. Jaune was Oath-bound to Weiss in their marriage vows, with clear proof in video and audio format. The group just looked at Jaune as he held his head to the table, then to Weiss who got up silently and calmly walked away to the halls of the first year dorm building, no doubt to either leave or go to their dorm room. The silence was only broken by ren, who came around and placed a hand on Jaune's shoulder.

"It'll be alright Jaune, things will work out, you just have to figure out how, and we'll be there to help you do that, won't we?" He spoke, asking that of his team, getting words of encouragement from Nora.

"Of course! If our Fearless Leader can take on a Death Stalker single-handedly then there's nothing that he can't do!" She proclaimed, obviously exaggeration their fight with said Grim during the initiation.

"y-Yes of course, We'll be here to help you, Jaune," Pyrrha spoke, a stutter in her voice that was ignored given to shock over the situation.

Jaune lifted his head, looking to each of his teammates and smiled a bit. "Thanks, guys." He stated. Looking to the rest of Team RWBY, they offered smiles of encouragement as well. "Might want to go find Weiss, she'll need you as much as I need them." He stated and getting nods from the girls.

"Alright Jaune, just remember you can come talk to us if you need to." Ruby voiced out.

"She's right Tiger, we're here for you both obviously," Yang said, setting her puns aside for the moment to be serious.

"And I'm kinda, partly to blame I guess, so I've got a responsibility in this now," Blake spoke.

The Remainder of team RWBY ran off to find Weiss to talk to her while JNPR stayed with their leader to help him through this. It didn't take RWBY long to find Weiss, as she was using one of the training rooms to tear through drones, while she was ranting. "I'm Stuck with that knuckle headed brain dead clueless dunce! Me! Why do I have to be Stuck with him!" She went on, along with a wide variety of choice words mixed in there not befitting a lady. When RBY found Weiss, they watched and listened to her, each looking to one another wondering what they should do. But once the training program ended, she seemed calmer, so that's when they approached.

"Geez Ice Queen, tore through them didn't you?" Yang commented as she looked at the destruction she laid to waste in the area on the drones.

"What do you want?" Weiss snarked, not at all up for prattle right now.

"Weiss...we just want to help you." spoke the little reaper.

"Well how about finding a way to help me Divorce that blonde sh-"

"Weiss," Blake interjects before she can finish that statement. Weiss's eye twitch's dangerously, but she drops in and huffs. It was easy to see that this wasn't a side of Weiss they'd seen before. "Did you give any thought that he might be in this just as bad as you are? He told you, all of us, of his family's oath and how it hasn't been broken. Technically you can divorce him legally...but Jaune, if going by his oath will be by your side right into his death, and he doesn't have a choice in the matter now." Blake spoke up being the voice of reason. Weiss perked up a bit at this, but hearing Blake reason it out and Jaune's side, she grimaced. That was right, wasn't it? Even if she got what she wanted, Jaune was still stuck.

"Is it really that bad, that Oath? I mean he made it while he was drunk, so shouldn't that you know, not count!" Ruby spoke out.

"If how he acted is anything to go by, I'd say it still counts." Yang offered, remembering his reaction to the video. "But still, 19 generations, not a single Oath Broken that's what, how many years?" She thought, trying to figure how long that was.

"Half a Millenium, 500 years at least including Jaune's age," Weiss spoke, Sheathing Myrtenaster to her side.

"Wow, that's a long time." Yang voiced, amazed that a family could keep that for so long.

"It is..." Blake spoke up, before thinking of something. "It'd be a shame if Jaune were to be the first in 500 years to break his family's oath. Who know's what would happen if his family learned he did that." Weiss shot Blake a Withering glare for the insinuation, still mad at her for the part she played in all of this. But thinking of it now more from Jaune's side, what they were saying is true. Jaune was stuck far deeper into this than she was, though he didn't have the big reputation as a Schnee to worry about though. Sighing, she took a seat on the benches near by and just breathed.

"But just, I didn't want this, I wanted my life to be in my control, not taken away from me by others or a bottle of Liquor." She sat there wondering just what she could do.

"No one does Weiss. But sometimes, we just don't have a choice in the matter, and so have to deal with what we are given or as they say, play with the hand we are dealt." Blake spoke, all too familiar with this concept as a Faunus, having to do a great deal with less than what she wants. This, however, was something the privileged Weiss was having trouble accepting. "What's done is done, now you have to figure out what to do from here on." She finished, making her point clear.

Weiss considered her words before she started thinking over all of this, just trying to process everything.

"Well, maybe for right now there's not much that can be done, so maybe just go on like we always do and just...talk, to Jaune?" Ruby suggested, trying to come up with something for the moment.

"Ruby's right, this might not be a completely bad thing. I mean you two were talking quite a while last night, laughing and going on, and you both seem to have things n common, like that Old Family Stuff and what not. So it's not as if you're totally screwed. Which by the way, did y'all do screw?" Yang asked with a teasing grin while Weiss sputtered and glared at her with a Hard blush.

"YANG!" Ruby shouted at her sister, embarrassed herself over the bluntness of her sister.

"Oh hush Ruby, if it happened to me I'd make sure I'd have done it and gotten my money's worth every day following." She declared proudly.

"Knowing you you'd probably end up pregnant doing that." Blake quipped, missing Weiss's small flinch. However, she missed it because Yang sneezed right at that moment.

"Huh, that was weird...why do I have this feeling someone cut my hair?" She spoke, pulling her hair around quickly to inspect it, before sighing in relief.

"Ya know you would have been screwed if that last bet at the bar had your hair as the stakes," Blake spoke up, and Yang paled at that thought. She would have lost her hair for sure if she'd done that.

"Anyway, Let's just get back to Jaune and the others, to try and start talking things out, alright?" Ruby asked, before getting a nod and everyone stood up leaving behind the destroyed training room for someone else to clean up.

Team RWBY returned to the common room to find JNPR still at the same heavy wood round table. They all took a seat, JNPR going silent for a moment before Weiss decided to speak up. "So...this is where we're at right now." She started, trying to gain some momentum to keep going, but failing. However before she could try again, Jaune spoke up.

"Weiss... there might be something I can do to solve this." Weiss perked up, listening Intently. "I could be the one to nullify the vows, while still not breaking my oath." He stated, and JNPR were looking at each other apprehensively.

"Well, what is it?" Weiss went on, waiting for an answer.

"I made the Vow as an Arc...so if I gave up the Arc name, the oath would no longer hold weight." He spoke, and Weiss's eyes widened, While Pyrrha, Nora, and Ren were looking down at the table. "If I did that, the marriage can be dissolved like you want and-"

"NO! You are not doing that!" Surprising it was Weiss who said that, shocking everyone there.

"Weiss, calm down, what's he talking about?" Ruby asked, not at all understanding what was being said.

Weiss just sighed, pinching the bridge of her nose. "Ruby what he was suggesting was discarding the Arc name but it's not as simple as just a Name change. In the old Family's to give up the name, or lose it for any reason, it's to essentially be exiled from the family. You can't return home, you can't associate with your family, regardless of blood, can't use any resources your family has, nothing. You're a stranger, a nobody..." She stated, looking to Jaune who was staring at her wide eyed. "It's not something to do on a whim, not as a solution to a problem we haven't even tried to figure out on our own yet." She spoke, making Jaune blink owlishly, as he sat back into his chair.

"Weiss, I..."

"Jaune, we'll figure this out. For now, things are still a confusing, jumbled mess and there's a lot to go through. But we'll, talk, first and then decide where to go from here. I appreciate the sentiment of what you were trying to offer, but this isn't worth that." She spoke, thinking of Winter and Klein, even her mother who wasn't around that often thanks to her father. She couldn't bear the thought of truly being separated from them.

"I-...ok." He spoke, trying to wrap his head around this, but right now, he looked at her and just nodded. "So, what are we going to do now?" He asked.

"For now, we talk and go on like we have been before all of this, trying to figure this out on our time. But if we're going to be married in any sense of the word, some things have to change Arc." he finished, old Weiss coming back with a vengeance now. "First off, your dueling skills are atrocious for someone wielding a sword and shield from a warrior family of prestige, your sense of fashion needs work, your demeanor and manners need to be fixed, furthermore-"

"Whoa, settle down there Weiss Cream, I sure we can get to all that later, for now, take things slow. Like, say, a proper Introduction first?" Yang started. Weiss huffed, but looking back to Jaune, she sighed.

"Fine...Hello. My name is Weiss Schnee Arc." She started.

"ah, yeah. Hi, My name's Jaune Miles Hiro Luna Schnee Arc."

"There we go was that so bad?" Yang asked, totally missing Pyrrha's forced smile at the situation, as were the others. "Blake, what are you doing?" Yang asked, looking to Blake who was on her scroll.

"We didn't finish watching that Video, and I'm checking to see if there was anything else I might have recorded." She spoke up, searching through the files on her scroll.

"Hey, maybe you two recorded something," Yang spoke up, which caused Weiss and Jaune to pull out their scrolls, looking down the recordings, before both looked at what was recorded with a hard blush on their faces. "Oh and just what did you two record~?" She asked with a sultry voice, taking Weiss's scroll before she could put it away.

"Yang, don't you dare!" Weiss shouted, jumping up to try and take her scroll back, but too late.

"Jaune~ Hurry up with the scrolls and get back here." Weiss's voiced moaned out from the scroll. Everyone stopped dead, RBY was crowded with each other anyway, so they had perfect line of sight to the scroll. JNPR, on the other hand, heard it all clearly and were wide eyed, even Jaune as he realized why their scrolls had been set up like they were when they got up. RBY watched the scroll as sounds of moaning and groaning came from it, hell even Yang was too shocked to censor this for Ruby.

Finally, Weiss got her scroll back, closed it and crossed her arms. "Yang! You will not go looking at my scroll ever again!" She shouted, now visibly angry with the brawler.

"Fine...I'll just watch it on Jaune's!" She exclaimed as she rushed by Jaune, taking his scroll.

"What? No yang don-!" He hollered before cut short with a sharp intake of breath as he rushed to stand up, only for the table to suddenly lift up with him and an intense expression of pain on his face as he immediately fell face first into the table, his hands reaching down past the edge of the table. Everyone stood there shocked at what just happened, especially those that had been leaning on the table to be pulled up with it a bit, and it didn't take a genius to figure out why. Ren stood up and came around, rubbing a hand on Jaune's back, shaking his head in pity for the blond.

"Damn..." Yang commented. "if that and the video is any idea, at least your marriage will be satisfying." Immediately making Weiss Blush all that much harder, sitting down not sure what to do. A thud sounded and they looked to see Ruby passed out on the floor, Blake had a nose bleed, and Yang was obviously Yang, who was now by Ruby's side when she realized that she had seen all of that. Ren was trying to comfort Jaune who was still in intense pain from the Wood Lift, Nora was lifting her end of the table to test its weight and just wide eyed to know Jaune lifted it that way, while Pyrrha was...also passed out. Not to mention that this happened to Jaune because of a certain reaction to the Video.

This was awkward...