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Peter was super worried. The northern entrance of the mall was going to collapse but he wouldn't have the time to web the debris like he did for the southern entrance. He had asked the commuters to go through the exit when he webbed the ceilings a few minutes ago. The commuters at the northern tunnel wouldn't be so lucky unless there was a miracle…

Speaking of a miracle, that entrance should have collapsed three seconds ago but it hadn't. Peter then noticed there was a golden shield made of shimmering lights holding the ceilings. He traced the lights source and found out that they came from the hands of a man wearing a billowing red cape and a blue robe levitating a few feet above ground near the tunnel. It was quite an impressive costume. He was bored with all the spandex costumes most heroes or villains wear nowadays so something like a monk's robe looked pretty cool.

He was surprised that he didn't see the man enter this place. It was either he materialized out of thin air or his spider sense was failing. He wasn't sure which explanation made him more uncomfortable.

He tried to rack his brain to find out which superhero or supervillain (you never knew, that man could just create a disaster then helped to save the day to appear as a hero) that could levitate and emit that kind of energy but he came out empty. Well, the heroes or villains who could levitate usually use some kinds of machines but the man didn't have any machine on him. The way the man dressed looked like he hadn't seen the 21st century or even the 20th century. Besides, only Thor or Vision are the only male superheroes that could levitate without using any machine. They also have some sorts of capes but Peter has met them.

The man was holding the tunnel until all the pedestrians had gone. He then made some intricate hand movements and the falling debris moved back to the original place as if the explosion never happened.

The man nodded at Peter's direction before he did the same to the debris at the southern tunnel so Peter didn't need to worry whether the debris would cause further damage.

After he finished the task, the man then landed on the pavement and immediately found the nearest wall to lean in. The man looked exhausted. The red cape unclasped itself from the man's shoulders, the top corners started to massage the man's temple while the bottom corners did some movement to soothe the man's back. Peter thought he must have inhaled some hallucinogen from the explosion. Perhaps that man's cape had some sort of AI. He could ask Mr. Stark to install a suit that could give massages. It beat the Instant Kill function anytime.

Suddenly Peter's spider sense was tingling. There was a danger behind him. He moved to the side but then realized the danger was directed at the man who was still resting and didn't realize about the danger. Peter jumped and tackled the man to the side before he was impaled by a spear with flaring flames which was embedded a few inches into the wall. He rolled his eyes. Some villains really have such a flair for the dramatic.

He then realized that his face was only a few inches from the man he just saved. It was the first time he saw the man up close. The man's hair was mostly dark but there was some gray at his temples. He also had a goatee. The most noticeable features of the man were the steely gray eyes and very prominent cheekbones. There was no way a guy with this look was a supervillain.

"Thank you for not thinking of me as a supervillain," said the man in a rich baritone voice. Peter's cheeks turned to beetroot as he didn't realize he blurted out his last thought out loud. He was thankful he was in costume so the man couldn't see how embarrassed he was. The man continued, "Also thank you for saving my life. Could we get up now? The floor is rather uncomfortable for a first meeting."

"Sure. Sorry about that." Peter jumped up and pulled the man's right hand to help him getting up. He couldn't help to notice that the man's hands were shaking and full of scars. He looked away so he wouldn't be caught staring. One faux pas was enough within the first five minutes of a first meeting even for the Parker's standard.

The man's cloak tried to wipe the dust from the man's face as they rose up. He could hear the man asking the cloak to stop.

"Isn't that a lovely reunion for people who are about to die horribly for ruining my plans?"

Peter turned to see a man dressed in a tight gold costume from head to toe holding ten flaming spears. The new man even had his own golden not-billowing cape. Peter was relieved it was not billowing. If it were, it would look even worse with the golden tights.

"I won't take a threat from someone who gets his clothes from Villains R Us?" He webbed the man's mouth because there was only so much cliché a person could take in one day.

Meanwhile, Peter's new friend did another set of hand movements and red ribbons made of energy coming out from his hands and wrapped the body of the tacky villain. He made another gesture and a big bow of red ribbons appeared on the man's chest to make him look like a Christmas present. Peter liked his new friend more and more. He also didn't miss the man's wince after he completed the task.

"The Crimson Bands of Cyttorak should hold."

"The what of what?"

The man smiled. Peter noticed his whole face lit up when he smiled. "Never mind. I've told Mordo these names just rolled off the tongue. I've never made a citizen arrest before. What's the procedure?"

"You never made an arrest?! What kind of superhero are you?"

"I'm not a superhero."

"I think your cape disagrees."

"It's the Cloak of Levitation! Not a cape." Peter could actually feel which words were capitalized when the man spoke.

"That doesn't exactly help your denial."

The man put his right thumb and index finger under his chin. Wow, this man even had a pose to think. Apparently, it was not only the tacky villain that had a flair for dramatic. He guessed all successful superheroes have their own quirks. "You do have a point although I still disagree with you. My question remains. How do you usually hand him to the police?"

"I just leave a note next to the villains I arrest."

The man smiled again. "That's actually a great idea. Do you mind replacing my Crimson Bands with your webbing? I really don't want the police to find a new mystery to solve about what bound this guy. Before that, I need to do something." He made another set of gesture and the villain fell on the floor, sound asleep.

"What did you just do?"

"I put him to sleep and remove the memory of me ever being here."

Peter felt a bit comfortable with that. Other superheroes usually made their presence clear but this guy seemed to like to work in the shadow. But he was the good guy so that was OK. Right? Right?

"Don't you dare to remove my memory! I'm sure my spider sense or something would realize if a chunk of my memory is missing."

"I didn't exactly erase the man's memory, just replaced it so he would only remember you."

"Lucky me."

"You're well known as the Friendly Neighborhood Spider-man. Whereas hardly anybody knows about me and I prefer it to be that way as I don't usually deal with the threat from this realm. I just happened to be in the neighborhood when I sensed you needing my help. Don't worry. I won't remove your memory. I respect you too much for that."

It was Peter's turn to grin. "You have heard of me and you respected me. Whoever you are. Can I call you Mr. Cheekbones? That's all I need to hear. Did you get that Mr. Jonah Jameson? You can remove the Crimson Bands of Cyber-arch." Peter saw the man wincing at his mispronunciation. "I'll just web him then."

The man looked amused as he watched Peter do his webbing. "Amazing. Is it organic?"

"Yes, it's. Mr Stark helped me to make it last."

"Ah, you know Tony Stark. Why am I not surprised?"

"Everybody knows Tony Stark. Did he ever recruit you to join the Avengers?"

The man didn't answer his question. Instead he made a circular motion using his right hand and a golden circle appeared out of thin air. He stepped one foot into it and turned back at Peter. "Coming?"

"Where are we going?"

"To my place of residence. I believe you have many questions you want to ask."

"Wow, you have a lair." Peter quickly covered his mouth even though he was still wearing a mask. Force of habit. "OK, not a lair since you're not a villain. Or you could be one but you pretend to be nice."

The man raised his left eyebrow. "Coming? I can't hold his portal forever. Well, I can, but I've better things to do."

Peter shrugged. He thought "We only live once!" He followed the man stepping into the portal. When he walked out of the circle, he was in a library. Peter knew that from the books in the self and the posh furniture.

"Where are we?"

"In my Sanctum, in Greenwich Village in case you were wondering whether you've stepped out of the country or the realm."

Peter nearly choked when he heard the word realm. It wasn't the first time the man mentioned it. He quickly covered it up. "Cool. It's much more efficient way of traveling than my swinging from one building to the next."

The man smiled again. "Please take a seat in any chair you like but please don't touch anything else without my permission. Some of the items could be dangerous."

Peter scooted closer to the man and found the chair nearest to the man. He raised his hand and asked the first question that came to his mind. "Does you cloak have an AI?"


-In the comics and also in the upcoming Infinity War, Peter Parker and Stephen Strange are good friends so I would like to explore it rather than finishing all my WIPs (sob).
-I know that their first meeting in the comic didn't go this way (the first meeting was in the Amazing Spider-man Annual #2 in case you want to check it out). Dr. Strange had helped Peter many times including saving Aunt May's life. He also helped Peter to make everyone including himself forget Peter's real identity after Peter revealed his identity during Civil War to support Registration and as the result his aunt, MJ and her family, got targeted by his enemies (Amazing Spider-man #640 and #641). Peter and Stephen also saved each other a few times in the New Avengers and in each other's series.
-in D23 Tom Holland said he liked Strange's costume best out of all superheroes so that's where the compliment came in.
-It's the first time I write Peter Parker so I hope he is in character. Stephen admires Spider-man so he was more polite and responsive to him compared to his previous interactions with others in my series.
-I already know the main outline of their interaction but if you have any more suggestion, please feel free to let me know.