Chapter 2: Mysterious Things

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Mysterious Thing by Icehouse

It's a mysterious thing
Well it's something I can't explain
Mysterious thing
Got me under the spell again
It's a mysterious thing
Don't believe what my eyes can see
Mysterious thing
Strangest feeling is holding me

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Neville ran. It was what he'd been doing his whole life. Running from his grandmother running from bullies, running from problems, running from everything.

Except this time was different. This time he was running to something. For something, if you needed a better perspective.

They say that bad times can bring out the best or the worst in people. Neville was certainly shining his brightest. But he didn't feel like enough. Helping his school wasn't enough. He wanted to defend. To fight. Just like his parents.

Too bad they weren't in any condition to help him.

But he couldn't worry about that. Right now, his friends needed him. Neville glanced besides him. There, he saw his two best friends, Ginny Weasley and Luna Lovegood, running besides him. Their hair blazed behind them, and both had a similar expression on their face. Nervous but determined. He admired them. Ginny had always been the one that kept them together, the shining hope in the face of darkness. She was kind of like his role model. Luna was something else.

The first time he saw her, Neville didn't think much of her. She was just a normal girl, if normal was multicolored owl glasses, upside down Quibblers, and dangling radish earrings. But Luna had a sense of positivity. Sure, it wasn't like "normal" positivity, but it was there. She knew how to make them laugh, especially when they needed it. And boy, did they need it a lot.

He turned back to focus on the route that Professor McGonagall had told them to follow. But something was wrong. There was no statue of Urg the Ugly, and in the distance, there were no deserted classrooms like there should've been. Instead, there was just pitch-black darkness, and some sort of weird howling coming from within.

Ginny and Luna realized this too, because they slowed their pace and frowned.

"This isn't…what?" Neville frowned as well. He had never been to this part of Hogwarts, let alone even known it existed. Ginny started scanning their surroundings, but Luna stared into the darkness with interest.

"The whole area is buzzing with Nargles," she said, and started towards it, but Neville grabbed her arm.

"Luna, I'm pretty sure this is Dark Magic," he said. He tried to pull her back, but Luna had gone rigid. He tried tugging her robes again, but Luna simply stared into the darkness and refused to move. Not being able to see her face, Neville slowly moved in front of her, and tried pushing her back.

Then he fell.

But it wasn't tripping over his robes and crashing onto the floor fell, but into the darkness behind him, like falling into an endless hole and not realizing it until hitting the ground. The only thing he noticed was the instant darkness that enveloped him, and being surrounded by dark silence.

He fell for what seemed like an eternity, and then lurched forward suddenly. He started to panic, flailing his arms out to hit something, anything to slow him down, slow the fierce winds that were hurtling him into the arms of Death…

With a sickening crash, he landed on his bum on a cold, hard surface. Slowly, he opened his eyes and stared into the swimming face of Luna Lovegood, who was shaking him slightly.

"Neville? Neville? Wake up. Neville. C'mon."

He saw a red blob behind Luna, and realized what it was.

Or rather, who it was.

Ginny gently pushed Luna aside, for she had noticed Neville stirring, and tried to pull him to his feet. Luna helped too. Halfway through the entire process, he decided to help them out by pulling himself up and standing to face both of them. He rubbed his head. What just happened?

"What happened?" he asked.

They looked nervously at each other. Ginny spoke up.

"Well, there was this dark, er, hole, if you will, and Luna started to explore it, but you pushed her back. She moved, but you kept telling her to go back. Then, you let go of her and fell on the ground and just…writhed. We didn't know why, but you yelled something about Death and arms and…." She trailed off.

Neville gaped at her in confusion. What was the darkness he had fallen prey to?

Luna looked between both of them and said to him, "Listen, just don't black out on us again, OK? Nargles can be a bit overwhelming, but you may have gone too far."

Ginny dropped all concern and rolled her eyes at Luna.

Neville gathered himself together. "Hey, I'm fine, I might've just passed out for a bit." He checked his watch. "We have to go." With that, they all ran back in the opposite direction, trying to find the classroom that was meant to be saved.

Neville rested his head against the door, struggling to listen. Ginny and Luna watched him tensely, waiting for any reaction. Realizing that their time was running out, he pushed an Extendable Ear further into his ear and listened.

He heard chattering teeth and loud clacking footsteps. One student near the door whispered to another, and Neville winced as he heard a sudden yell and a thud as the footsteps stopped. Then they resumed.

"So. You all decided that today was the day to be late? Today you would be spared? Today was perfectly fine to be sitting in the Common Room while your bells rang? I think the little blood traitors have had an influence on you, haven't they?"

Neville gritted his teeth. He glanced back at Ginny and held out an arm to stop her as she made towards the door, a furious expression on her face. She stepped back, her face as red as her flaming hair.

The voice with the footsteps spoke again. "This'll teach ya better, ain't it?" The footsteps halted and the voice started to mutter what sounded like a spell. Complete silence, then…..

Neville winced and Ginny and Luna froze in shock as they heard an ear-piercing, teeth rattling scream. Neville couldn't take it anymore. He stepped away from the door, and took his wand out at the ready. "Three," he whispered.

"Two," said Ginny.


BAM. The door caved in, and Neville caught a glimpse of Amycus Carrow's bewildered face before the debris fell on top of him, crushing him and sending his wand flying. Ginny stared around wildly, perhaps looking for his sister, then giving and hauling out students one by one. Neville made sure Amycus was unconscious before helping Luna pick up the injured.

Then he froze. Lying before him was a blood-stained second year, writhing and screaming, as if the Cruciatus curse was still upon her. Neville tried to calm her, but to no avail. When he crushed Amycus, shouldn't the spell have stopped? Unless…

He turned, and behind him stood a leering Alecto Carrow, smiling from ear to ear, before grabbing the front of his robes with surprising strength and throwing him to the ground. Neville hit the stone floor and felt his arm beneath him land with a sickening crunch. Alecto advanced, but Luna leapt out of nowhere wrestled her to the ground, while Ginny picked up the girl on the floor and carried her away. Neville struggled to get up, but the moment he put pressure on his arm, he let out a howl of pain and fell back down again. His wand was somewhere the thundering students, but if he tried to reach it, he would surely be trampled.

"Accio wand!" he screamed, but it didn't work. Not that he had expected it to. Suddenly, a dark figure rose above him, and hauled him to his feet. Michael Corner had burst in out of nowhere, bringing the rest of the DA behind him, Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Parvati and Padma Patil ushering everyone out of the detention classroom, while Cho Chang, Seamus Finnigan, Dean Thomas, Fred and George Weasley, and Luna dueling two very angry Carrow siblings.

Before he could say a word, Corner rushed him out of the detention classroom, before Neville wriggled out of his grip and glared at him.

"I didn't need your help!"

"The hell you didn't!"

"I was perfectly fine on my own!"

"Lying on the ground with a broken arm and a lost wand? Yeah, sure looked like you had things under control," he responded with a snort.

Neville glared at him some more before asking, "Where's my wand?"

"Luna's in the hospital wing. I saw her with it and Madam Pomfrey."

Neville started, but Michael grabbed his arm and said, "She's fine, Longbottom, but for heaven's sake, get that arm of yours fixed."

Neville looked down at his arm and groaned. Now that he wasn't distracted, all the pain came rushing back and he winced again.

Neville sat in a bed in the hospital wing, while Madam Pomfrey fussed over his arm. After a slightly smoking potion and some impressive wand work, he was as good as new again.

He hurried off to find Ginny and Luna, but after an hour of looking, he couldn't find them. He finally did in the Room of Requirement, but stared in horror at the sight that awaited him. The entire DA was inside the Room, tending to students who had gotten hurt in their rescue mission. He started forward, but a small, pale hand pulled him back and turned him around. He was facing Luna, a solemn look on her face.

"What happened?"

Luna continued to stay in a slightly downcast trance before answering.

"Neville…", she started.

Neville looked into her eyes and asked her again, this time a little more forcefully.

"What happened, Luna?"

She returned his strong gaze and replied, "They knew. All this time we thought we were secret, but they knew. They always did."

Neville opened his mouth to reply, but was interrupted by a loud yell and a fast patter of footsteps. Fred Weasley stopped in front of them, trying to speak, but failing to do so. Finally, he pointed towards the sound they had heard, and they ran into the main area of the Room. George was leaning over a small figure in the middle of the crowd.

Luna immediately ran in to help, but Neville turned towards Fred and asked yet again, a question that signified his long absence.

"What happened?"

Fred gulped before turning to him. Neville had never seen him look so lost.

"It's Ginny. She's–".

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