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Bella POV

It had been 4 days since I left Isle Esme.

This morning wasn't a regular one. Charlie was coming back home and I was frantically putting the house back together.

The past three days went by as a blur. I had gotten out more often, went grocery shopping, met Angela at a coffee shop and even went out of my way to visit the library.

I kept my mind occupied and it was working. I thought about them less often.

However the one unread notification would stare at me through the screen. But temptations would have to wait.

I shoved all the dishes in their respective places and tidied up the house. Charlie was coming in a few minutes and had already told me we'd go out to eat.

The idea of having some father daughter time felt good.

I heard a taxi pull up to the driveway and I walked out the door.

Charlie had his suitcase out and paid the driver as I went over to him.

"Bells!" He said and I felt the need to hug him

And so I did.

He held me and kissed my hair.

"I missed you too kiddo" he said chuckling.

Charlie and I weren't exactly this close. But I was determined to change that.

I smiled at him and got hold of his duffel bag as he rolled his heavy suitcase up the driveway.

"How was Seattle?" I asked as we entered the house.

"We cracked the case, sad one. I'll tell you about it when we go to eat" Charlie said as he took the bag from my hand.

"Do you want some coffee before we leave?" I asked and he nodded.

I walked to the kitchen and got coffee ready while Charlie started to unpack.

He took a small bag out and handed it to me. I looked at him confused.

"I brought you back a little something" He said shyly.

I smiled like a little girl on christmas.

I opened the bag to reveal a wrapped gift box. I did hate gifts and receiving them but this one was something that was so thoughtful of Charlie. And I wouldn't ever oppose it.

I pulled out the box and opened it.

It held a beautiful little charm necklace with a tiny green tree on it. I played with the dainty silver in my hand and I heard Charlie clear his throat.

"Do you like it?" He asked hesitantly

I smiled at him "I love it dad, thankyou" I replied.

He smiled in satisfaction. I handed him his coffee and we both sat at the island.

"So tell me how was your week at Angela's"

I momentarily forgot I had told him that.

"It was good, great actually. We had a nice time" I hated lying to Charlie.

But the truth would make it worse.

He asked me a couple of questions and our morning went by talking about his case, Angela's parents and Forks headlines.

We headed to a breakfast joint down the road and Charlie and I ate enough to pass as brunch.

Once we got back home, he hit the sack and I settled in my room.

I was reading Wuthering Heights again.

I turned a page and a small piece of paper fell out.

I prayed it wasnt part of the book I had preserved so well over the years, and it wasn't.

It was a fresh white piece of paper folded into the perfect half.

I opened it to reveal his elegant handwriting .

Heathcliff is overrated.

I smiled at the text. Even though his writing was simplistic in form, I imagined his forehead creasing as he convinced me to stop reading.

I missed him, terribly.

I turned to look at my phone resting on the pillow next to me.

The unread message could have been from a telecom guy for all I know.

And here I was thinking it's from him.

So I set aside my fears and reached for the phone. I unlocked it and my heart thumped against my chest.

And so..the lion fell in love with the lamb

I re read the line over and over again. There was no way...

I stared at the screen and let the words wash over me. The message was a day after I had left.

The wave of guilt hit me like a high tide. I had to reply to him.

And so I risked it.

What a stupid lamb

I pressed sent and dropped my phone away. I returned back to the book, but before I could even finish reading a sentence, my phone buzzed.

One new message.

What a sick masochistic lion.

I froze. All my senses drained cold. I bit my lip and tugged at the ends of my hair.

This wasn't happening. I couldn't bring myself to believe it was happening.

I wasn't prepared for this.

I kept my phone away and let the message sit on read.

I didn't have a reply so I used silence instead.

I returned back to the book ignoring the sudden urge to call the number and hear his voice.

It was wrong.

It was wrong to want that right now, his memories coming back must have finally made him realise why I did what I did.

And he's probably happy I did it.

Wish I could have been happy too. I sighed and lay my head on the pillow.

The open book fell lightly on my torso and I stared at the ceiling.

My thoughts wandered to his eyes, his face, his arms and the way they held me.

How was I ever going to get over this?.

I had to think of solutions, keeping myself occupied wasn't working. I needed to do something that'll make me forget him. And I hated to admit I knew exactly what I needed.

Another distraction.

But the thought of it disgusted me. I couldn't imagine having someone else touch or kiss me. If his lips weren't cold and hard, they would feel wrong.

I shuddered at the idea of it.

But if I had to get over Edward Cullen, it had to be this way.

I heard my phone buzz again and I leaned over to get it.

It was a blank message from the same number Edward had sent from.

I frowned and passed it as a mistake he may have made.

I returned to Wuthering Heights and replaced Heathcliff with Edward in every sentence.

It was half past 8 now and I had made dinner for Charlie and myself. The house was much more alive with the baseball game on tv and Charlie's phone ringing every few minutes.

I held up the rice and chicken to Charlie but he was attending a call from work. He motioned for me to start eating and I waited instead.

The call was from the sherrif in Seattle. According to him, Charlie had to schedule another trip next week. A couple of paperwork needed his signature and we had a light argument about leaving me alone for a few days.

I obviously lost that one.

So Seattle in a week could be the distraction I needed.

After dinner, Charlie headed to the station for night duty and I headed up to my room.

I took a quick shower and got ready for bed. I pulled out some old sweats and a loose tshirt to wear.

I went by the bed and my phone stayed in its same place since the afternoon.

I reached for it and the screen blinded me. There were no more messages from Edward.

Just 20 missed calls.

I scrolled through the list and they were all from the same number.

I hesitated while I hit the call button.

I slowly moved the phone to my ear and heard the awful ringing of the line.

I cut the call on two rings.

Nope, not doing it. I thought and chucked the phone onto the side table.

I locked my window when the phone started ringing again.

Fuck redial.

I watched the screen constantly glow as it rung.

I walked over to peek at the screen.

Same number.

I sighed and decided to get it over with.

"Hello?" I said picking up the call.

There was no reply.

"Hello? Edward ?" I asked

Still no reply.

I sighed.

"Why bother calling if you aren't going to say anything." I said in a frustrated tone.

And then I heard it.

The distinct start of a piano.

Edwards fingers flirting with the keys as the tune of claire de lune filled my ears.

My breath hitched.

He was playing for me.

I sat by the edge of my bed and listened to him.

He only played a part of the chorus and then the phone went silent.

I cleared my throat.

"You've always had a good taste in music" I heard his velvet voice say from the line.

"Clearly not anywhere close to yours" I whispered.

I sighed internally when I heard his low chuckle.

"I would say mine may be outdated now"

"Classics are never outdated" I said.

I swear I could hear him smiling.

There was an awkward few moments of silence. I steadied my heartbeat and all I heard was the sound of wind from the other line.

"Hi" He finally said

"Hi" I breathed.

A few more silent seconds.

"How are you?"

"Alright. You?" I replied biting on my thumb nail.


I heard Charlie's footsteps outside my door and I held the phone down for a moment.

The room door swung open halfway and Charlie said he got the night off and was heading to bed.

I wished him goodnight and waited till the sound of his footsteps dissapeared.

I placed the phone back to my ear.

"I hear Chief Swan is back from his trip" Edward said.

"Yeah he got in this morning"

"I know" he replied.


"Which one of you are silently babysitting me for tonight?" I asked mockingly.

No response.

I waited a few seconds.

"Hello?" I asked to the dead phone.

"Would it bother you if I said it was me?"

I held the phone down to my chest and closed my eyes.



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