Hello! I'm finally back after nearly two months of writer's block!

This has not been an easy summer for me, I'm sad to say. Less than 48 hours after I completed, "The Bloodthirsty Flyer," my grandmother died of cancer, and my family hasn't fully recovered from our loss. Aside from that, other things have also been wiping story ideas out of my head. That was until I thought of this ...

In my childhood years, whenever I watched the Land Before Time films, I noticed that Ducky and Petrie had a very close bond, and after seeing that many people like to picture them being together, I decided that I would make my own take on how they could possibly start a romantic bond.

So, without further ado, here's the start of what will become a happy story of dinosaur love. I hope you find this enjoyable!

Secret Love


Are We Really Meant to Be?

"Are we really meant to be?"

Those were the only words she could picture herself saying as she stared down at the river on a starry night in the Great Valley.

Whenever a certain subject came into her mind, all her usual feelings of playfulness would be replaced by those of desire towards someone very special to her.

For about a year now, ever since this young green Swimmer, who went by the name of Ducky, arrived in the Great Valley with her four longtime friends, Littlefoot, Cera, Petrie and her adopted brother Spike, after their famous encounter with the Great Sharptooth, she had wondered if a certain lifelong dream would ever come true. She had a great home, a wonderful family and six great friends that she could play with every day. The moment she thought about her friends, one friend in particular, would take over her thoughts …

Ducky stared down at her moonlit reflection in the river as she allowed all her thoughts to be consumed on her best friend. To her, however, this "best friend" felt more than just a "best friend." From the moment they first met, she thought he was an adorable sight, even for a Swimmer like her …


Littlefoot and Ducky had only just met each other and were just about to start their journey to the Great Valley, but they had barely even walked a few steps before there came the sounds of their stomachs growling, indicating that they were hungry.

"My stomach is talking," giggled Ducky.

"Mine, too," replied Littlefoot as he looked up at a tree, "I wonder what this tastes like."

However, as Littlefoot began to pull on the tree with his mouth, they heard what sounded like yelling coming from within the tree.

Ducky gasped as she heard the yelling, "The tree is talking."

Littlefoot took no notice and continued to pull on the tree, hoping to get a snack out of it.

"You should not eat talking trees. Nope, nope, nope," said Ducky.

Littlefoot ignored her again, but a second later, a small creature came sliding down the tree the Longneck was pulling on, screaming as it slid towards the two hatchlings. The tiny creature then landed right on Littlefoot's nose, and the Longneck looked in shock and screamed in horror. As he released the tree from his mouth, the plant swung around and tossed the creature into the sky, screaming. Ducky took cover underneath Littlefoot just as the small creature came crashing right through the ground.

Ducky quickly recomposed herself and approached the hole that had been left on the ground by the small creature's fall. When she looked inside, she was very surprised to see that the creature was a Flyer hatchling.

"Who are you?" she asked the Flyer.

"M-m-my name Petrie," the Flyer stuttered.

Ducky couldn't help but giggle as she brought her head back up and allowed Petrie to crawl his way up.

"Petrie, huh?" chuckled Ducky, "Funny name."

"I-I-I flied?" said Petrie.

"No. You falled," answered Ducky.

"I falled?" whimpered Petrie in frustration as he threw himself onto the ground, feeling so depressed that he could not fly.

"You cannot fly?" asked a confused Ducky.

An odd thought struck Ducky at that moment. If Petrie couldn't fly, then how could he have managed to make his way up a tree.

"But how did you get way up there?" she asked him.

"I climb," answered Petrie, jumping and putting on a midair pose that Ducky thought was rather adorable.

"Hmm" was all the Swimmer could say.

"But you are a Flyer, not a faller," said Littlefoot.

"Hard thing to fly," said Petrie, and he made another attempt at flying by flapping his wings, but he remained in the air for only about a second before he came right back down with a thud.

"I guess it is," agreed Littlefoot, "We can't do it."

"Nope," added Ducky, "We cannot do that alright."


Ducky sniffled as she thought about that warm memory when she first met that young Flyer. It was hardly any time at all after their first meeting that she began to think of Petrie as an adorable Flyer. There were many things about Petrie that Ducky thought was adorable; his smile, his cute-sounding voice, and his somewhat nervous personality.

Ever since then, Ducky had secretly been developing feelings for Petrie, but she was too afraid to mention it to him. She especially didn't want to tell anybody else in the Great Valley, because she feared that she and Petrie would become outcasts if they got involved in an interspecies relationship. She wasn't entirely sure how their families would react, although Cera's father would definitely forbid such a relationship from happening, so he was the last one she wanted to approach.

Over the last year since they came to the Great Valley, the Swimmer and Flyer had developed a very strong bond with each other. In fact, Ducky often spent more time with Petrie than anyone else, even her brother, Spike. Only time would tell if she and Petrie were meant to be together in a certain sense …

"Ducky!" she heard a familiar voice calling her name, "Time to come back to the nest and get some sleep!"

Quickly snapping out of her trance, the Swimmer came back to reality and stood up before heading in the direction of her mother's echo.

"Coming, Mama!" she replied as she found her mother next to a large rock, waiting for her.

"Are we really meant to be?" she thought to herself one more time before she joined her mother, and they started their walk back to their nest.

"We really meant to be?"

In a mountain cave not far from the river, a small brown Flyer named Petrie was murmuring those same words as he sat on the small space in front of the cave that we would today consider to be like a porch to the Flyer family's home (only without a rooftop). He stared down towards the beautiful view of the Great Valley that was dimly lit by the Night Circle. Every once in a while, throughout the last year, he would find himself clouded with strange thoughts. They weren't about how happy his life was in the Great Valley, nor were they about his family (not even his uncle, Pterano), or his friends, … unless, of course, if he counted one friend in particular.

Ducky was the only one whom Petrie could think about from time to time. Sure, they may have been best friends, and she would always be there whenever he was feeling down, but there was something about Ducky that Petrie felt was extra special.

Unlike Littlefoot, Cera, … or any of their other friends, for that matter, Ducky seemed to give Petrie a more warming presence whenever they were together, and it often made him wonder if she had special feelings for him. He also thought of her as extremely beautiful, and he loved it whenever he got to see her eyes glistening and sparkling. Of course, Ducky's famous catchphrase, "Yep, yep, yep!" would always put a smile on the little Flyer's face whenever they were playing together or just being happy.

Suddenly, it dawned on him. He was developing certain feelings for Ducky. It wasn't just because they were best friends. He didn't know how to explain these feelings, and he kept it all to himself because he was wary of how everyone would react to an interspecies relationship.

Was it right for them to be together? Was it wrong just for one to have special feelings towards his or her special friend, regardless of species?

One thing was for certain, though; time would tell if they were meant for each other, and if that was the case, how would they be able to keep it a secret?

Petrie began to reflect on some of the past adventures he had with his friends, and how on some occasions he and Ducky would get close to each other for warmth and comfort. He could vividly remember when his uncle Pterano was causing havoc in the Great Valley over a Stone of Cold Fire, and after Ducky had managed to escape from Pterano and his evil minions, Rinkus and Sierra, Petrie broke down in tears as he embraced her in a tight hug. He thought that he had been so foolish to have acted so pro-Pterano towards everybody else, but Ducky gently reassured him that his uncle had some good inside of him, and he found her words very heartwarming.

"Petrie?" a voice called right behind him, snapping him out of his flashbacks.

"Aah!" Petrie shouted as he jolted and looked back, only to find his mother motioning for him to come inside the cave, "Mama, why you always startle me when me think about things at night?"

"I'm sorry, dear," Mama Flyer apologized, "But it's time to come into the nest and get some shuteye."

Petrie sighed in disappointment. He couldn't possibly feel like sleeping right now when so much was on his mind, but, being a hatchling, he would have to get plenty of sleep hours every night.

"Okay, Mama," the little Flyer gave in.

"I understand you like to come out here and think about many things every now and then, but you've got to get lots of sleep each and every night," said Mama Flyer as her son slowly walked into the cave.

"Me know, Mama," sighed Petrie, "Sometimes, me wish me could stay up longer."

"I know, dear," sympathized Mama Flyer, "Once you've reached the Time of Great Growing, you'll be able to stay up a little later."

Petrie sighed in defeat, and he soared into the nest. He quickly grabbed his snuggling stick so that he could sleep comfortably. His mother lied down next to him and gently patted him a few times to provide enough warmth for him to close his eyes.

"I love you, dear," Mama Flyer said gently to her son.

"Me love you, too, Mama," replied Petrie just as he closed his eyes.

"Goodnight, Petrie."

"Goodnight, Mama."

As soon as he was sure his mother was fast asleep, Petrie opened his eyes for a few seconds as an image of Ducky appeared in his head. All he could think to himself as he settled down to sleep that night was …

"We really meant to be?"

That will be all for now, but don't worry. I'll be updating gradually over the coming weeks.

So, it seems that Ducky and Petrie have developed special feelings for each other, but what they don't know is how they will be able to explain their feelings to each other.

Anyways, I'll see you later this week (hopefully) with chapter one of "Secret Love!" Until then, happy reading!