Heart & Soul

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Backstory: Edward left Bella in the forest and never returned and she has not seen or heard from any of The Cullen's. Bella does not know anything about The Volturi and they do not know that as a human she is aware of the existence of vampires. Jake and Bella's friendship faded out once she found out about Jakes abilities to change into a wolf as well as his strong hold with his pack. Bella has graduated high school and is now off to college at University of Washington in Seattle.


"Charlie, I am almost ready!" Bella called downstairs while she was taking a moment to say goodbye to her old life here in Forks, Washington. She whispers to herself "Time to move on" as she closes the bedroom door to her old life and starts the next chapter in her life.

Chapter One

(Bella's POV)

The move to Seattle was one that I was ready for in so many ways. I wasn't sure if I wanted to go to college right after high school but after a lot of thought I decided why not. Life is short, right? Well for the most of us at least. I decided to live on campus and I had been communicating with my new roommate Ashleigh (Ash for short) for the past two months so much so that we were pretty much best friends by the time we met up the week prior to starting the fall semester. The week leading up to the first day of class went by so fast it pretty much gave me whiplash.

Ashleigh and I didn't have many classes together but the one that we did have was our language course which was Italian. It was the first day of class and I didn't know it yet but it would set the course to change my life forever.

"Bella! I hope our professor is hot. I mean he would have to be with a name like Leonardo and he is Italian." Ash squealed as we made our way into the classroom.

I just shrugged my shoulders and found us a spot in the back of the class. "Well you do know what they say about Italian men right?" she continued on.

"No, I don't know. Please enlighten me." I said as we both sat down in our seats.

"That they are very good in…."

"HELLO CLASS AND WELCOME TO ITALIAN FOR BEGINNERS!" The professor said while he entered the classroom and the last remaining students shuffled around to find the last remaining seats.

"My name is Leonardo and it gives me great honor to announce that we will be doing things a bit different this semester. I was just notified that we have received funding to study for one week in Italy all expenses paid for. This is a test pilot and we are the first class to get this opportunity. Now you will have to have a passport to join this offer and for the students that decide not to take advantage of this offer or just cannot go for any other reason you will have no class for the week the rest of the class will be in Italy. Now I am sure you all have questions so I will pass out a flyer I have created that will hopefully answer the majority of the questions. If you have any other questions that are not on this flyer feel free to meet with me after class."

Ash and I both looked at each other at the same time and in unison said "Please tell me you have your passport."

Before I knew it, I was in Italy for the first time in my life and it was breathtaking.

Shortly after we arrived we met our tour guide who welcomed us to Tuscany, Italy and informed us that she would be with us during our stay for the week and that her name was Giovanna. She was an average looking woman about mid 30s and petite with no accent. Which was surprising but it did not stop her from trying to slip in a fake Italian accent every now and then.

Words could not express how much I had fallen in love with this country and I haven't even been here for 24 hours yet. I felt this pull to this place within my soul like I was meant to be here and for the first time in my life I felt at home. I knew it would be very hard for me to leave this place at the end of the week but for now I was just going to soak it all in while I could.

"I am so excited for today! We get to go see a real castle today. How amazing is that." Ash was saying as we were finishing up our breakfast on our first full day here in Italy.

"Pretty amazing especially since you finally get to be claimed as Queen once we get there." I joked and she just nodded in serious agreement.

It wasn't long before our bus was pulling up to the castle and a castle it defiantly was. The architecture was to die for and the landscape was like an art form all in its own right. So much land surrounded the castle it looked like it could stretch out and fill the whole world if it wanted to. Our group made its way out of the bus and walked up right outside the entrance and waited to be guided in by our tour guide who was speaking to our professor to go over some guidelines that apparently, he needed to be aware of before we all walked in.

"Alright everyone please listen up." Leonardo announced to the group. "We will be taking a tour through the castle. Now it is a fully functioning castle so you will see a lot of staff and they do have their rules that we need to follow. So please no touching anything or wandering off from the group and please listen to your guide Giovanna." He finished off the list of rules and afterwards a few of the group started to randomly clap after his mini speech.

Everyone in the group was getting excited and I would be lying if I wasn't excited myself. I did have this odd feeling and wasn't sure why but I pushed it to the side and followed the group in as we entered into the main entrance. I gasped as soon as we walked in because you could instantly feel the culture, wealth, and power that radiated throughout. There was a lot of groups on tour today and it seemed like a popular time to be here. I instantly could tell the difference between the staff and guests because all the staff was wearing black and red capes that seemed very traditional.

As we all got together inside the castles main area we were all given name tags. I was staring down at mine that read 'Isabella' thinking how I wished it said 'Bella' instead since I hate my full name. I was brought out of my thought when our guide decided to address the group.

"Welcome to The Volturi Castle!" said Giovanna with a great smile and her hands stretched out. "We will be taking a tour of the grounds and will end the tour in the throne room" she exclaimed.

Ash apparently had other ideas on how the tour should go. "Why can't we just start with the throne room?" she asked and then leaned over to me and said "… so we can be crowned already." I laughed. I swear this girl really thinks she is about to become a princess or queen right now.

"Unfortunately, the tour always ends in the throne room. Trust me we are saving the best for last." As she started to lead us down a hallway starting with the famous library. The library was more up my alley in the sense that I soon learned that it had every copy of every book ever published since the beginning of time. And when they said every book they meant every book! I could have literally spent the rest of my trip in this library which was pretty much a whole wing of the castle and with so much detail and history but sooner rather than later we were moving on to another part of the castle to view.

I enjoyed every second of the tour and was surprised at how fast it was going since we were now heading to our last destination.

"Last but not least we are going to the throne room." Giovanna said as we followed her up to the biggest doors I have ever seen in my life. "I do have a special treat that I was holding up until now. The leaders of the castle have decided to meet with you with their official guard! Which I must say is a huge honor."

Ash and I just looked at each other.

"Now do keep in mind that the leaders are traditional in the sense that when we walk in we will go to the center of the room in front of the thrones and right away you will bow down until told to rise. Do not make eye contact until you have risen." She went on to say.

The doors opened a few seconds later like it was magic and we all walked in and stopped in the middle of this huge room and immediately everyone bowed down and I followed but I couldn't help myself I looked up and made eye contact with the most handsome man I have ever seen in my life. I felt a pull and could not look away even if I wanted to and he stared back at me with so much intensity that it took my breath away.

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