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Chapter 19: Spider Love

Inside of the Xavier Institute, Charles along with Logan, Scott, and Emma made a call to the Justice League Watchtower. The screen lit up with an image of Clark's face on it and greeted the X-Men. "Professor it's good to speak with you again", Clark said.

"Likewise Mr. Kent. I called to inform you that we recently located and retrieved the Space Stone", Charles said. "We find it being used by the Purifiers led by William Striker and took it from them. We currently have it stowed away in the devices Sue Storm created".

"That's good to hear. Batman and Catwoman found the Reality Stone and took it from Bane", Clark said. "In addition, Doctor Strange has the Time Stone with him and protecting it. Just two more stones to go and we have them all".

"Indeed but I fear that maybe this could be something that Thanos wants. I think he's setting this all up himself", Charles said.

"Honestly I believe that too. Thanos is a smart being so it would make sense for that to happen", Clark said.

"So what do we do he gets here?" Scott asked.

"We do what we can to keep the stones from him", Clark said.

"Easier said than done", Emma chimed in.

"True but we've managed to beat powerful foes before. We just need to be prepared and hope for the best", Clark said.

Charles nodded with a small smile. "Thank you Clark. We'll call you again if anything comes up", Charles said.

"Alright then, good luck", Clark said before his image faded away.

"Four stones all secure but that won't be enough. We'll need to get everyone in order to stop Thanos from getting these stones", Logan said.

"Agreed", Scott said. Soon enough the building started shaking a bit and the four went to go check out what was happening. "Great, I hope he's not here right now".

The X-Men arrived outside to see what was happening and saw the Milano descend near the Xavier Institute . Once the Milano landed, the bay doors opened and the Guardians of the Galaxy walked down with Starfire walking with them.

"Quill, what's going on?" Logan asked.

"Trouble is what's going on and we are all in trouble and we need help", Quill said.

Gotham City

"Married to two women, you work fast Bruce Wayne", came the voice of journalist and confidant of Bruce's named Vicki Vale. The gorgeous redhead sat back in her chair and smirked at Bruce as his wives Selina and Talia were with in the kitchen with Dick and Damian. "I know that a recent law allowed for marriages to multiple people involved but I didn't think you would marry this fast".

"I know but I've had a long history with Talia and Selina and, I don't say this often but, they mean the world to me... just like Dick and Damian", Bruce said as he looked at the four. Vicki saw something that she thought that she would ever see from Bruce. This sight actually made her gasp.

Bruce had a content smile on his face.

Vicki saw smile if it was to make a dramatic entrance or to prove a point. Whenever he smiled it was a face that Bruce Wayne had on to show to others. This time he seemed at peace with those around him.

"I'd be lying if I said wasn't jealous Bruce but I'm not going that cloud my judgement. Besides, I'm happy for you", Vicki said. "All I want is for you to be happy".

Bruce turned to look at Vicki was a smile. "Vicki I think it's time we both get the happiness we deserve", Bruce said as he got on one knee and pulled out a ring. "Vicki, you are a great friend and one of the may people that I do truly love. Will you marry me?"

Vicki was left speechless as she had tears fall from her eyes. Vicki smiled before she reached her hand out. "Of course Bruce Wayne", Vicki said softly as she had the ring placed on her ring finger. A wave of pink energy washed over her body before dissipating. Bruce began to stand up as Vicki hugged and kissed him.

Selina, Talia, Dick, and Damian watched as this happened and all smiled. "Well father, looks like you have three wives now", Damian said. Bruce and Vicki broke the kiss before turning to see the others.

"To be fair, this has been a long time coming", Dick said.

"Well Ms. Vale welcome to the family", Selina said.

Baxter Building

It had been a week since the fight with the Inheritors and in that time, Jess moved into the Baxter Building with Peter and Carol helping her move in. Diana and Carol notified the other heroes about what happened with the Inheritors while Sue had the damages to the Baxter Building repaired. Peter did everything he could to find out where Adriana was but had no luck in finding her with Jess telling him that they will find her one day.

Currently, Carol and Diana left to join their respective teams on field missions. Dinah was called to help out in a mission with the Birds of Prey and Pam went with her just to make sure she was alright. So at the moment, it was only Peter, Jess, Sue, Franklin, and Valeria at the Baxter Building.

Peter was outside helping out Franklin with controlling his powers. Franklin was learning to fly as he stood on top of a large high platform with Peter standing at the bottom. "Alright, just like we practiced. You can do this", Peter said to encourage him.

Franklin attempted to jump but hesitated and stopped. "I'm sorry but I can't. I'm too scared", Franklin said.

Peter sighed at this. "Franklin just relax yourself.

"What if I can't do it and fall? What if I fail?" Franklin asked.

"Franklin if you fail then just try again", Peter said. "It's okay to feel scared and it's okay to fail as long as you learn from that to be better. I promise you if you fall, I'll be right here to catch you"

"How do you know I can do it?" Franklin asked.

"Because I have faith in Franklin", Peter said with a smile.

"O-Okay, I'll give it a try", Franklin said. Franklin took a deep breathe before he took off the platform. He began falling at first but his fall slowed down and he started to move upwards in the air. Franklin's fear went away and was replaced by joy at the fact that he can fly. "I'm flying! I'm actually flying!"

"See I told you you could fly", Peter said with a big smile. Franklin began flying downward towards Peter and flew into Peter's arms as Peter caught him.

"You did great Franklin", Peter said. Franklin smiled as he hugged Peter as Sue and Valeria watched it all happen. Franklin smiled as he got up and Sue hugged him.

"I told you you could do it kiddo", Peter said as he ruffled Franklin's hair causing the kid to laugh a bit. "So where are you guys goin?"

"We are going to the Park, I was wondering if Franklin is available", Sue said.

"Wait what about me?" Peter asked.

"Well Jess is currently having trouble in her room and needs some manly help. I'm pretty sure you are the only one who can help her out with that", Sue said with a smile before she kissed Peter on the lips.

"Eww!" Franklin and Valeria laughed out.

"Oh be quiet you two", Sue said with a smirk. "Good luck Peter". Sue, Franklin, and Valeria left for the park while Peter walked upstairs. Peter made his way upstairs and opened the door to the bedroom to see Jess on her bed wearing nothing but her panties and her bra reading a book.

Jess turned to look at Peter with a smirk. "Well you took your time getting here", Jess said as she put the book down beside her.

"Well I was helping out Franklin with something important. Speaking of helping, Sue said that you needed my help with something", Peter said.

"Well yes, I do need your help", Jess said as she began to reach behind her and unclasp her bra and removed it revealing her bare breasts. "I need you to take a look at my tits and see if there is anything wrong with them".

"I believe I can help with that", Peter said as he made his way towards Jess and began fondling her tits. Peter began messaging her tits gently causing Jess to moan in delight. He continued messaging her tits and began rubbing her nipples with his fingers.

"You're such a tease Peter", Jess joked.

"I know I am", Peter said as he reached down, dug into her panties, and began rubbing Jess' wet womanhood.

"Ah fuck!" Jess groaned as Peter continued playing with her. Jess decided to get back at Peter by removing his pants and revealing his massive cock and began stroking him. "Thought I'd pay you back".

Jess laid Peter back on the bed before laying on him facing his cock. Jess grabbed his cock and managed to slide his entire length into her mouth. Peter groaned as she began sucking him hard. Peter got back at her as he started eating out her exposed womanhood.

While doing this Peter kept spanking her ass and getting her to squeal in delight. Jess started twerking on Peter's face just to entice him while she continued sucking him off. Soon enough, Jess stopped and got off the bed. "Peter, I think we've played around enough. Come here and fuck me", Jess said.

"How can I refuse an offer like that?" Peter quipped as he got up. Jess bent over forward as Peter inserted himself into her from behind. Peter began thrusting into her as he began spanking her again.

Jess moaned and screamed as she felt every inch of Peter inside of her. "Yes! Keep going Peter! Give it to me!"

Peter moved her to face the bed as he continued sexing Jess and making thrusting harder. Peter wrapped his arms around her as he continued thrusting with Jess moving his hands to her tits before looking back and kissing Peter.

Peter stopped and placed her on the bed and turning her around to face him. Peter entered Jess once again and continued thrusting into her and making her scream and laugh at the same time. Jess wrapped her arms around Peter's neck and wrapped her legs around his waist as he continued and kissed him as Peter started to reach his limit.

"Jess I'm-" Peter was cut off as she kissed and held him tighter to make sure he didn't pull out.

Peter relented and continued on until he climaxed and came inside of her. Jess kissed Peter hard as she enjoyed the feeling Peter's thick juices flow through her. The two stopped kissing and fell to the their side breathing heavily.

"Thank you Peter, that was fun", Jess said.

"Any time", Peter said as he and Jess kissed once more.


Peter and Jess enjoyed their time alone and had another rut before getting cleaned up. By the time they were done, everyone else had returned all with concerned looks. "What's going on?" Jess asked.

"We've all been summoned to the Hall of Justice", Diana said. "Apparently there is an issue that requires everyone's attention". This got Peter and Jess to look at each other and look back at the others.

"Give us a minute to change", Peter said. The others all nodded as Peter and Jess took off their clothes to reveal their Spider-Man and Spider-Woman suits on. "Alright, let's go".

Hall of Justice

An emergency call was sent out to every superhero on Earth to meet at the still active Hall of Justice. As it turns out every hero arrived as it was important matter. Everyone in the Avengers, Justice League, Titans, X-Men, Teen Titans, and the Champions appeared and ready to hear what was going on. In front were the Guardians of the Galaxy, Starfire, Cyclops, and his brother Havok who went to the front to speak.

"Everyone, thank you all you for arriving. We normally wouldn't do this but this is very distressing news", Scott began. "We've learned that my brother Vulcan has obtained the Phoenix Force and is going to use it to attack the planet Hala to subjugate the Kree empire and the Inhumans. After that he will set his sights on Earth with intentions to conquer".

Audible gasps were heard as they realize how serious this was for everyone. "This is exactly why we called you all. We need help to stop Vulcan and fast", Quill said.


Oa, the home planet of the Green Lantern Corp. Sitting on top of a building was none other than Kyle Rayner. Sitting with Kyle was his girlfriend Carol Ferris, a member of the Star Sapphires... although calling her girlfriend would be difficult for is happening now. "You're breaking up with me?" Carol asked.

"I'm sorry Carol but yes", Kyle said.

"Why Kyle? Why?" Carol asked as she got up with slight anger.

"Because Carol, you still love Hal", Kyle said. Carol's eyes widened at this and she looked away from him.

"I don't want to Kyle", Carol said. Kyle grabbed her hands.

"Carol, I understand. Sometimes the heart wants what the heart wants", Kyle said. "Carol I want you to be happy too. You should go to him". Carol had tears flow down her cheeks as she hugged Kyle. She let go and began to fly into deep space. Kyle sighed "Will I be able to find happiness?" Unbeknownst to Kyle someone smiled and a had bag for him.

Next time forces gather for war against Vulcan and the Shi'ar.