{I'm back fools! Seriously though I gotta thank all of you for standing by me and enjoying my first real story. Now I shall try my hand at the gamer, prepare yourself for massive powers and future spoilers for Highschool Dxd. I will try and stay cannon but don't be alarmed if a few things are a bit diffrent in later chapters. Ready? Let's go! PS: any and all ideas for skills will be listened too and reviewed, not to mention events.}

The Reaper Of DXD

Chapter 1. Welcome to the game that makes dark souls easy!

? pov first person.

You know, when I imagined my death I thought that I would go down in a blaze of glory. In a sense I did do that, except instead of fighting terrorists to the bitter end it was a school shooting. Let me explain since I have an idea of what's going on, since I'm floating in a void and all that jazz.

My name is Spencer A Hott: I lived a normal life with my family who I would easily kill for and they would do the same for me. I'm nearly six and half feet tall and nearing my eighteenth birthday, I'm slightly tanned from being puerto rican in heritage and had shaggy black hair that wouldn't stay down without water. My eyes are nothing to special, just the average brown with a hint of blue around the cornea. I was embraced into the wonders of gaming at the ripe old age of five, seeing my older cousin fight a giant robot as everyone's favorite hedgehog and somehow I knew what to do without playing the game. She died and let me try the game and I saw through the bosses patterns easily, exploiting its weaknesses and nearly killing it on my first try. But I seem to have lost track of my original thought.

I had just finished presenting the senior project to several key staff and was told I would definitely pass. I was so happy then that I nearly kissed one of the judges, because of the length of the presentation I had missed my math and drama class, but both could be made up easily. I grabbed my backpack and rushed to my fifth hour; art, pottery to be exact. I was skipping to my class because I was so happy, I entered the room and went straight to my project for art. A mask that easily covered my face and neck, it was modeled after the dragon priest masks of skyrim but I customized it to my preference. Unlike its predecessors it had spiraled horns protruding from the base of the forehead, the horns were colored a mix of onyx and amber gold, giving it a rather beautiful contrast in my most humble of opinions.

The mouth, normally closed and set in a straight line, was open with several razor sharp teeth sticking out, the teeth themselves were drenched in the brightest red I could find, nearly scaring a fellow student into pissing their pants. The face was a vibrant black with crimson and amber highlights by the eyes and lips. My art teacher said it reminded her of an oni mask a old student made long ago.

Now I was smoothing out the edges of the mask with some sandpaper and a exacto knife, to help with those pesky crumbs that get stuck in the cracks of my mask. That's when I heard something I didn't think I'd ever hear in my lifetime. "Attention staff and faculty, a lockdown has occurred and the police have been phoned. This is not a drill, repeat this is not a dril-" A gunshot echoed off the loudspeakers and everyone was silent. For some reason I couldn't help but hum the chorus of pumped up kicks. It calmed me down in a morbid sense but several more gunshots that sounded nearby fixed that immediately. Miss Mayes, my art teacher, ordered everyone up onto the terrace of her art room. All the students ran up the steps like their lives depended on it, and at that moment they did. The only ones that didn't go up were the 'special' kids, who didn't know what was happening, and their caretakers. I hide my mask in my locker before I clamored up the steps along with miss Mayes. I noticed I hadn't dropped the exacto knife and I quickly hid it in my pocket.

We were all crammed into the corner as far as we could go, some of the seniors, me included, acted like a makeshift vanguard for the younger students. I hoped it would bring some level of comfort and calm to the others, but everyone was scared in one form or another. A stocky senior to my left, who was twice my size, was shaking like a defective maraka and some students were crying their eyes out, and tried to call their parents or the police, but for whatever reason their phones wouldn't connect. I did my best with trying to calm down my fellow students, I told them "we'd be ok" and "we'll get out of here without fail." That was when the door was kicked down.

The bastards themselves walked through the door. They looked almost exactly how I pictured the KKK without their sheets. 'Spineless cowards without empathy, I wish I could rip them in half and watch them bleed out!' I screamed inside my own skull; frustrated by my inability to do anything. the cowards were both white with some grizzle on their chins. I would've payed more attention to their faces if it wasn't for the semi auto handguns they had out. Their heads looked towards the 'special' students and their babysitters. They looked between themselves and took out their guns and aimed for what I hoped to be their heads so their deaths would be swift.

They didn't, they aimed for the stomach, the arms and neck of their victims. They smiled as the poor fools cried out in pain, the caretakers tried to reason with the monsters but were filled with so much lead they could classify as a cyborg. The screaming lasted for a mere five minutes but it was hours for us. The younger students were crying silently from the trauma that may haunt their lives forever after today, one of the younger students hiccupped and my heart stopped at the small noise.

"Hmm. Did you hear something?" Dick one asked from underneath the floor we were hiding on. "I think it came from above us." That answer nearly caused me to hyperventilate but I smacked myself out of it. The younger student was horror stricken at what she caused, she kept mouthing 'I'm sorry' repeatedly to everyone who would look. I gave her a calming smile but inside I was a mess of emotions and reasonings. 'I only have one other option and I can't leave them here, I'm many things, but a coward is not one of them.' Which left the final option, I looked to my fellow seniors and it didn't take a genius to know we were thinking the same thing. Almost as one we stood up and began walking towards the stairs downwards, I decided to commit the faces of my fellow seniors to memory.

There were only four others beside myself. One of them was a black haired beauty with a figure to match, her face was a interesting mix of vietnamese and islamic heritage. Her eyes were a piercing hazel that showed how nervous she was, walking into death's jaws. The two others were siamese twins. I wanna say they where a man but half of them looked particularly feminine so it's tough to tell the gender but it doesn't matter. The right head looked at me with a gaze that said volumes for the amount of respect he(?) had for me. The left head was a bundle of nerves, swerving around between us all and was extremely scared. The final senior, the stocky one, was African American with bright blonde hair. He was still shaking but slightly less than before. He also had the will of fire burning brightly within his verdant green eyes.

We walked down the stairs right into the two ass's who smiled sadistically at us. "We're the only ones here that are alive you pieces of shit." I said with a neutral tone, the idiots didn't believe us for a moment but the girl managed to stop them by saying. "We're part of the art club, we were getting supplies from the top floor, and we're gonna meet with the rest of the club at the museum. So if you excuse us." I held back my laughter at their dumbfounded faces, for a moment it looked like they were gonna let us go, but.

"Now, now little lady. How about you, me and my friend take this outside." He grabbed her shoulder and threatened to go lower. I very rarely snap but when I do someone gets hurt, and in that moment I snapped hard! I wrenched his hand off of her and with more swiftness than I knew I had, my hidden blade found its way into bastard numero uno's eye. He thrashed about similarly to a wounded animal, I held my ground and managed to dig the knife deeper into his skull. The stocky senior tried to help and made to tackle the wounded man, but two gunshots intervened in our grand escape. One of the bullets bore through my knee, making me kneel: when I looked back to see where the other bullet went I was greeted with the sight of grievous chest wound. The senior that tried to help clutched at his wound and gave me a haunted look before he fell down dead.

The twins screamed out and rushed the murderer, but another loud crack of the gun had them dead before they even touched the ground. The lady screamed as loud as possible but stopped when bastard number two held a gun to her head and screamed at her to shut it. The other one yanked the blade out of his eye and looked at me with pure rage: I simply smiled at my accomplishment. He saw my smile and socked me in the gut, I heaved out a breath but other than that I didn't so much as groan in pain, this shithead would need to do better than that. And thus the game of beat Spencer to a bloody pulp began, first to cry loses. At the end I had a broken nose, several missing teeth and a torn ear; but I had not let loose a single cry of pain and kept my shit-eating smile the entire time.

The douche huffed and puffed but when our eyes met he found the strength to lift his gun and point the barrel between my eyes.

"Any last words kid?" To that I laughed, not a small pitiful laugh, I mean a laugh so loud it bounced off the walls and blood mixed with spittle flyed outward in all directions.

It must've looked like a scene from a horror movie as the shit head had paled slightly, I calmed down enough to speak and said. "Really? Did you practice that in front of a mirror to get that down. I mean congratu-fucking-lations! You just killed a bunch of highschool students in a state where everyone has a bloody gun! This is a state, no a country, of trigger happy rednecks looking for a reason to kill something. And guess what?! You just won the golden target award, enjoy hell on earth for the rest of your measly lives and when it's time. I'LL DRAG YOU DOWN TO THE BEST TORTURE PITS IN HELL-"

My speech was cut off abruptly as the door was breached by several swat members with huge ass guns, I nearly cried tears of joy. We're gonna live.

The echo of a gunshot ended that small hope before it sprouted. At first I didn't even register it, not until the warm, sticky liquid known as my blood cascaded over my left eye. I heard sound but couldn't discern the meaning of the words. My sight began to fade as I slumped to the wooden floor, eyes heavy. At that point darkness flooded my vision and all sound became meaningless, thus I arrived here. Looking at a small orange screen that said I died.

Well looks like you died. Worry not, if you wish to keep on living press yes and enjoy life as a gamer. Yes/no?

I pressed the yes button and suddenly I saw another screen, this time with a figure in front of me. The figure was male and looked to be a near identical clone of myself. The only main difference was his complexion, it was a pasty white.

Now because your original body is completely toast we at Columns of Chaos have given you a gently used body for you to use. Just touch the cadaver and your mind will be assimilated into your new body

I had no idea what the heck was going on but I listened to the instructions and touched the body. Next thing I know I'm inside my pale counterpart. Once again a orange screen appeared but this one had my stats on it.

Name:Spencer A Hott

Alias: Mores M Operandi

Alignment: Chaotic good

Title: The gamer

Level: 1

HP: 50
Regen: .5 Hp per minute

MP: 1125

Regen: 450 Mp per minute.

Vit:10 (-8)



Int:40 (+5)

Wis:40 (+5)

Luc:25 (+5)

Stat points: 0

Money: 0 yen

Skill points: 0

My mouth had dropped at my ridiculous stats. On one hand I was seriously overpowered for a level one, the other hand….The hell's with that low vitality! If this is a gamer story why in God's name do I have less life than a old politician! "You must be wondering why you have such low Hp. The reason is simple, your body had a type of cancer that severely weakened your physical health, in both senses of the word."

My head snapped upward to the voices origin and I was floored at what I saw. A man wearing a cloak of crimson with onyx highlights by the neck. What can only be described by as a mop of amethyst hair rested on his side and blocked out my view of his left eye. The one that wasn't covered shifted colors at an impressive rate, it twinkled with amusement I knew better than anyone. His name is Ragnorak of the sixteen columns of chaos. A character I had made as an avatar was staring me in the face.

"I didn't expect you of all people to greet me, so are you my GM?" I asked nonchalantly, must be gamer's mind keeping me from freaking out.

"Yes, the big man himself assigned me to you, that doesn't mean I can't have my own type of fun. Why don't you open your skill menu? I'm sure you know how." Ragnorak said with mischief leaking from his tone. I raised my eyebrows at my alter ego but sub vocalized 'skills' and thus a crimson skill menu appeared. My eyebrows continued their journey north at the discovery of my few skills.

"What in the?" I mumbled in shock at my skills.

Gamer's mind: Like most gamer's you have immunity to mental attacks of any kind, but unlike the copy pasted predecessors: this one will not force you into a state of calm at all times. Be wary for emotions may lead to your downfall

Gamer's body: Like the others variants you live as a RPG character, exp, loot, the whole shebang. But this version is modified so beings of different realms may inhabit your body without being expelled violently, unfortunately that also means that cancers will not be immediately flushed out of your body. So don't get any more, this body can't handle another one.

Reaper training(Passive) level MAX: Due to diligent training as the next leader of the grim reapers your mind is sharper than most, and your body is sturdier as a result. +5 to all mental stats and a 10% decrease in damage from all sources.

Assimilation gear(Active) Level 1(0%): The fabled power of the Shinigami, created by one of the first Grim reapers with the blessing of the Christian god, it is said to be the only sacred gear to be used by non humans: one must only think its name and it shall appear to the current Grim reaper. If you have the honor of seeing this ancient device in action then you are already dead to this world. It is whispered that the soul powering it is the infamous Bahamut, the dragon known for death and terror.

Mp cost: 50. Effect: Assimilates all non physical attacks to the gamer's arsenal permanently. Able to send back a portion, if not all, power gained at twice its original strength.

Cancer survivor(Passive) Level MAX: You have made it through what few others have done. But the damage is done and your vitality is severely diminished as a after effect. -8 points in vitality, +5 in luck.

My jaw would not shut on it's own after seeing these skills, though I seriously feel cheated with that last skill, but at least it improves my luck by a fair bit. "Since I have a sacred gear I'm guessing DxD is the world I'm heading too," I said more than asked.

Ragnorak's smile widened immensely and started to weird me out. "Soon but first, a test if you will. Need to make sure you survive past the first day." The moment he finished a quest alert pinged and appeared in front of me.

Quest: Welcome! Try to survive!

Requirements: Survive against the Wraith!

Rewards: Customizable armor, two skill books, Exp, 50000 yen and a new life.

Failure: Painful agonizing death! Fun right!


There wasn't even an option to refuse this suicidal quest! I better have a weapon in my inventory. I quickly checked and saw a black scythe. I couldn't analyze it further before he simply dropped me into an arena. The arena was a grand coliseum that made the one in rome look like a toy in comparison. My opponent was nothing less than a stage two, it's curved hands acted like blades for the lithe assassin. It's beady eyes stared into mine and I felt both terror and excitement!

I was going up against my favorite monster in Evolve and by god I will win! I tried to create a skill that every gamer worth their salt had. A small ding notified me I was successful and I Observed the wraith.

Wraith, stage two.

Level: 10

Chaotic neutral

Armor: 100


That gave me very little information but it would have to work for now. I entered a stance that looked like I knew what I was doing.

(Bgm: Monster imagine dragons)

The beast charged at me, ready to dig into my flesh. I jumped out of the way and swung my scythe in clumsy fashion towards its flank. The scythe barely scratched the Wraith's hide, but I must've learned the scythe mastery skill which fixed my clumsiness, so yay! The Wraith turned around and swung its claws upwards in an attempt to send me flying. Using my new skill at a scythe I was able to block but I still took fifteen points of damage. That's a chunk of my hp right there! I needed to dodge the attacks, not tank them.

I used it's recovery time to get under it and slash at it's exposed underbelly. My attack dealt 25 damage with that one slash. I tried for another but the Wraith flashed around to my blind side and raked it's claws across my spine.

Critical health warning!

Taking inspiration from every good anime, I grit my teeth and swung my weapon at it's head. My blade sunk into it's skull but the Wraith managed to rip the scythe out and fled towards a corner of the arena. I took this chance to check it's HP.


Level: 10

Chaotic neutral

Armor: 0/100

Hp:300-5 per minute/500(Debuff: Bleed, five damage per minute, is stackable.)

'Thank god for natural criticals.' I huffed mentally. I cringed at how low my health was


HP 5/50

I was seriously prasing my luck stat right now. But I turned right around as I heard the light buzzing come from the Wraith. I gulped when it's body looked like it was being atomized.

"Supernova." I murmured. I had to restrain it or else I'm screwed, I backed up as far as I could, trying to think of a restraint strong enough to hold it down. That was when a insidious thought emerged and I smiled sadistically as a result, but I need some time.

I focused on my moderate mana pool and forced it to the shape I wanted, but the Wraith wouldn't simply wait. It charged and swung its blade like forearms faster than my eyes could track, I ran faster than I knew was possible that day, my mind split between my immediate survival and my solution.

Rubble was thrown about as it violently thrashed about trying to chop me up. As I continued my run, that would make olympic medalists envious, I heard the tell tale ding of success. My smile grew wider if possible and I turned on my heels to face the monster. I uttered three words that guaranteed my victory. "Thorn bind hostage!" Eight purple thorn like vines wrapped themselves around the creature's body, momentarily restraining it and causing it to trip and fall at my feet. My scythe chopped off all the thorns restraints in a single move, the Wraith was befuddled with my decision to chop it's restraints but it writhed in pain as a burst of purple light exploded outward from the cut vines. Dealing 10 points of magic damage per vine equals a monstrous 80 points of pure pain.

"220 Hp left, with a base damage of 10 per vine cut and since I cut all eight it equals eighty. I'll need to do it about 2 more times. Give or take a few points here or there." I evaluated, and since it has no cooldowns I could do it straight away. I checked my mp and it looked like the spell took about a hundred or so mp to cast, but thanks to my high mp pool two or three more times won't kill me. The wraith shook off the collected soot and charged to its imminent demise. I rinsed and repeated the spell twice more and the Wraith only had 75 Hp left. I used the spell one last time to restrain the mighty beast but instead of chopping off the last vines I put my scythe under it's head and pulled, ending the mighty beast's life.

(Bgm end)

And, oh boy that's a lot of screens.

Quest complete!

You have leveled up 10 times, Armor has been added to the inventory, skill books Deadzone and Lich form have been added to the inventory, 50000 yen added to inventory. Sacred gear unlocked. Due to strenuous exercise +5 points to dex and +2 to vit. You have learned Thorn bind hostage.

Thorn bind hostage level 1(60%) (Active): A restraining magic utilized by the archmage Shiro. If one of the thorns is cut it deals piercing magic damage. Mp cost:100, magic damage per vine: 10.

I whistled as the new found sense of power warmed me. My Hp was refilled and was now at 100. I looked down at the spot where the Wraith was seen and saw my loot. There were three items and each was unique. One looked like a pair of gauntlets that mimicked the Wraith's main weapons, another was a pile of its scales, the last one, and most interesting by far, was a skill book illustrating the Wraith. I observed all three and enjoyed what I saw.

Claws of the wraith(Armor/Weapon): After the hunters have claimed their trophies some of them tried to turn the monster's own weapons against them. +50 physical defense, +60 attack(doubled when sneaking), owner will learn Supernova while item is equipped

Scales of the Wraith(Craftable/ Misc): Skinned from the corpses of Wraiths these scales, although useless on their own, may be able to become something more.

Guide to monsters, Wraith edition(Skill book), requirements: 40 Int. After the evacuation human scientists pooled their remaining research to find a way to tame the creatures of the rabid planet. Summons Stage 1 wraith, will evolve over time given enough food. Mp cost: 300 a minute.

I immediately absorbed the skill book and shoved the rest of my loot into my inventory. Though I pulled my new armor out after I shoved my loot back. It must be my birthday because I just pulled the ringwraith armor(Nazgul) from Lord of the rings. Best of all was it is one connected set! The steel plates hidden by a marvelous black robe and hood. The black metal gauntlets were my favorite if I was honest, though the ceramic mask was a close second.

Ringwraith armor set: Every lord of the rings fan dreams of putting on this armor at least once in their lifetime, become one with the shadows and don this armor of fallen kings. +120 defense to all sources of damage. +25% success in intimidation attempts. Black rider effect locked, requisite level thirty. Call to arms effect locked, requisite level fifty.

"Welp I found my go to armor for the rest of my life." I said quickly and equipped the awesome armor. With my armor equipped I took a look at my status screen but noticed something strange, there was a small tab that said skill trees off in the corner.

Curious I opened it and was met with three skill trees, if I had to describe them I'd say they were similar to the borderlands 2 version. Each tree was a different color, the left was a dark purple, the middle was a blue of some sort and the right one was bloody red. Above all three was a gray scaled version of me picking up what I think are souls from corpses, and either slicing them in half or turning them into weapons. "I see you found your first passive skill that's from this page. Every level after five you gain a skill point and then you pick which skill you want from the available skills. The more skill points you put into a tree the more skills are available, simple really." Ragnorak told me from behind.

I used one of my five skill points on the big gray one, it glowed a vibrant green before the color returned to the picture. The souls that were being sliced were a glowing red and the souls that will be turned into weapons were a light blue.

New skill unlocked! Judgement(Passive/Active): As the next grim reaper it is your duty to judge the souls of both the damned and the sanctified. Their fates rest with you and you alone, to those you deem unworthy of life anew their essence will increase your powers, to those you deem worthy of another life the souls will feel gratitude for your mercy and relinquish a mighty tool for you to use. Passive effect: the ability to see souls and their misdeeds. Active effect: Either reap or save their souls for several benefits. Mp cost:0 to reap, Mp cost:1000 to save. (Only works for boss type enemies.)

Now this is a skill! Now time for my other four points. 'Let's see, the red one is called damnation, the blue one is sanctification and the green is known as 'the arts'. Now which one? ….I'll just go with the red and green trees for now. Worked in borderlands 2.'

So I used my four points to get the first two skills of the damnation and 'the arts' trees.

Reaper art #1: Death's stance(passive) Level: MAX: A rite of passage for new Grim reapers, this stance helps keep your balance in battle and makes you more familiar with your weapons. Effect: increase dex by 4 and increased mastery with weapons by 15%.

Reaper art #2: Death's glare(Active) Level: MAX: A often underused reaper art since rarely do any Grim reapers leave their realm. But nevertheless this art makes any who oppose you or disagree become 'persuaded' into agreeing with you. Mp cost: 5 per second, activates automatically during 'conversation.' 50% increase in intimidate being successful with any being within thirty levels.

Roar of entropy(Active), level: MAX: Make those beneath you fear your might and power with only your voice alone. Mp cost:100 Gives fear debuff to anyone within ten levels and a radius of 5^2 meters.

Souls of the damned(Active), level: MAX: Souls are a reaper's greatest asset and those that are unredeemable are used to restrain an enemy. They are only known as the little ones for they exist only to serve the Grim reaper. Mp cost: 60 per soul dreg. Lasts for fifteen seconds against creatures stronger than the user, lasts indefinitely for anything weaker.

"Do you wish to check your stats before you leave, I recommend you do." The chaos god chimed again, I turned around to see the god standing by a simple wooden door. I listened to my Gm and saw my stats.

Name:Spencer A Hott

Alias: Mores M Operandi

Alignment :Chaotic good

Title: The gamer

Level: 11

HP: 100. Regen: 1.0 Hp per minute

MP: 1125. Regen: 450 Mp per minute.

Vit:12 (-8)


Dex:55 (+4)

Int:40 (+5)

Wis:40 (+5)

Luc:25 (+5)

Stat points: 50

Money: 500000 yen

Skill points: 0

As tempting as it is to simply pool these points into my vit, I knew I could grind them up later. Best to focus on my five highest ones, which is dex, int, wis, luc and str. Ten points each and now my dex was 60, my int and wis 55(my Mp is 1375,and the regen rate is now 550 per minute.) luc at 40 and strength at 35. I took out my scythe and observed it.

Grand scythe of the Grim reaper(Mastery) level: 3/100. The legendary scythe of death itself, the weapon that haunts the darkest nightmares of both supernatural and normal worlds. This weapon was made by the first Grim reaper and has been passed down generation to generation, it is now the gamer's and in time will become a strong weapon. Effect locked, requisite: mastery level 50, effect locked mastery level 100, dex 200.

'Well this will take a while to max out, but once it's maxed out, dear lord i'm salivating at the possibilities.' I thought with some saliva leaving my mouth, a quick wipe of my mouth and I threw open the door and ran through. "Let the games begin." I said with a smirk as I planned out how I'll dominate a world where every myth is reality.