Jake J's POV

I was sitting with my friends Nathan K, Nathan B, Harry, Aaryan, Jake L, Danny, and Randy when everyone disappeared into a bright light that hit us. I was transported to this dark purple land where I was just walking on a dark cloud of sorts held up by Magic I think, Suddenly I froze and couldn't move from my spot so I looked wildly around to see what was happening to me.

I saw my friends placed evenly in a circle surrounded by white clouds after a bright flash of light, I also saw that they had weird looking symbols above them but they seemed confused and scared like I was. After another flash of light, we looked around to find we were on a floating island with a building of some sort in front of us.

No One's POV

Master Eon was standing at the front of the academy waiting for the new portal masters, he watched the bright light appear and disappear leaving 8 teenagers then 3 of them turned into something else. Jake Long, Randy, and Danny felt a tingle when they appeared in front of Master Eon and turned into their hero forms which surprised their friends as well as themselves.

Jake L's POV

I was shocked that I transformed without thinking and as I looked at Danny and Randy, they had both transformed but why was the question for the three of us to ask. I felt the tingle again and changed back to the normal, the same happened to Danny and Randy, then Master Eon started talking, "Welcome portal masters to Skylands; you have been chosen to protect Skylands from the evil that could destroy both our worlds and you will have help from your Skylanders; Jake J, you are Magic and your Skylanders is Spyro; Jake L, you are fire and your Skylanders is Eruptor; Danny, you are undead and your Skylanders is Krypt King; Randy, you are Air and your Skylanders is Jet Vac; Aaryan, you are Tech and your Skylanders is Boomer; Nathan K, you are water and your Skylanders is Wham Shell; Nathan B, you are Life and your Skylanders is stealth elf; Harry, you are earth and your Skylanders is Terrafin.

"So, where are the Skylanders," I asked and Master Eon replied with, "SKYLANDERS UNITE!" and the Skylanders came rushing in standing in a line. After Master Eon explained what was happening to the Skylanders he sent them to stand next to us so he can explain why we are here, "Now all of you have been called for a reason, Skylands is under attack again but no one from this world, but from your world" he pointed a finger at all of us then continued, "this person has teamed up with chaos and is now trying to create a portal to link both worlds, but what Kaos doesn't know is that his partner is wanting to open the portal to the public and you must stop him and his name is Wade Bullet and he lives in the same suburb as most of you".

Nathan K's POV

The next thing that Master Eon said confused us all, "All of you are going back to Earth to try and stop Mr Bullet with the help of your Skylanders but you can't tell anyone so when you get back you must act like nothing ever happened"."Good luck young portal masters," Shouted Eon as they were engulfed in a bright light for the third time that day, we were back sitting on the rock wall in school stunned a what just happened but it had seemed like there was no time from when we left and came back just a bright light. After we shook ourselves and thinking that it was all a dream the bell rang and we went to class.

Time skip to the end of the day/

Danny's POV

We were at the bike racks talking about what happened at break and Jake J was the first to speak, "Are you guys really a ghost, a ninja, and a dragon", pointing to each one of us, "yes but you can't tell anyone not even our parents for some of us," we stopped again and looked at Jake L, we all sighed and were about to get on our bikes and ride home when we felt something move in our pockets.

Jake J's POV

I go to pull out what ever is in my pocket when a purple streak fell out and landed on my shoulder, it was Spyro and the others pulled out their Skylanders and them on their shoulders. After about two minutes of staring in silence Randy broke the silence, "Dudes this is the cheese", we look at him because of his strange language then turned to our Skylanders and back to each other and said, "we should probably get home now" and we took off riding past Nathan's houses while Harry and Aaryan split to a different direction and me and the trio were neighbours so we said bye when we entered our houses.

When I got to the door I told Spyro to hide in my pocket until we get to my room, I walked inside and said hi to my mum before rushing into my room to ask Spyro some more questions. "So," I asked Spyro,"How did you get here? Do you need food and sleep? And I thought you were bigger when we met", Spyro thought long and hard and then answered my questions, "I came here with you, out of Skylands we only need sleep, and I am smaller than when we met until you need to use my or train", I was confused for a second and then I got the meaning and that's when Spyro decided to have a nap so I put him on my pillow and got on with my homework.