Chapter 2

The next day:

Danny's POV

I woke up with Jazz knocking on my door, "Danny get up or you'll be late for school" yelled Jazz through my door, as I got out of bed I saw some black set of armour that was quite small and looked like part of an action figure. Memories came flooding back from yesterday and about the Skylanders, I quickly got dressed and put the krypt king in my pocket still asleep, I went down; got some breakfast; got ready for school; and left riding to school.

I saw Jake that morning riding with his music again, "I wondered if he still remembered yesterday and where was his Skylanders?" Danny thought Jake shot off like he was scared or angry and Danny had to use some of his ghost speed and stamina to catch up to him. Once I caught up to him he just seemed to be in a trance with his music focusing on where goes and when he brakes.

Jake J's POV

I was riding with Spyro in my pocket thinking about what happened last night while also enjoying the music I had playing, last night I was outside in my car talking to Spyro when suddenly my hands started to glow and that's when things got weird; I started hearing the voices of my friends and then suddenly they formed out of nowhere; we seemed to form a circle; we were all chanting something I can't remember.

I was shaken from my thoughts when I felt the front tire of my bike freeze; I tried to make it move but it seemed stuck; I saw Danny behind me with a cloud forming away from his hand; I felt Spyro move in my pocket like he had been shaken from his thoughts like mine, once I had stopped Danny came up to me and gently asked, "Are you ok and what the hell was happening to you?", I sat on my bike looking at him like he was insane.

Jake L's POV

I was flying to school when I saw Aaryan riding in the same direction but what got my attention was that his hands were glowing and he looked like he was in a trans of some sort, I picked him up off the ground so he could not hurt himself or anyone else which made him snap out of his trans.

Aaryan's POV

I was thinking about what happened last night when suddenly I was lifted off the ground, I look up to see Jake L in his dragon form carrying me to a nearby alley to probably talk about what just happened, when we landed I was about to make a funny joke when my head felt like it was on fire.

Randy's POV

I was riding with both Nathan's, doing tricks and talking, when suddenly they froze but didn't stop riding; they were in a trans of some sort with their hands glowing; their Skylanders in their pocket had done the same thing except their whole body's were glowing; I almost crashed trying to shake them out of it. Once they were out of it, they had no idea what just happened except the second after they said that they fell to the ground holding their heads.

No One's POV

Harry was following Aaryan when he was picked up by Jake L, He was about to walk up to him in the alley when his headache started, all eight boys were on the ground holding their heads for five-seconds, then stood up straight with their eye's and hands glowing with a strange power. Meanwhile, in their heads, the headaches stop and all saw each other in a circle like when they first met Master Eon but this was different because 5 of the eight boys looked sick and were on the verge of being shown their temporary 2nd form.

Jake L, Danny, and Randy turned into their hero forms while the other five glowed brightly; the first thing that happened was that the Skylanders came out of our pockets and grew to their normal size and stood next to their partners; Jake J was the first to transform out of the five, he changed into a dragon but looked more like Spyro than Jake L; Nathan B was next and he transformed into a Wolf with blue fur and red paws, then Nathan K who was a turtle with a white bandana and looked like a turtle from TMNT, then Harry who was a shark and looked like Terrafin, and finally was Aaryan who turned into a dog with yellow fur and a green cloud symbol on his left side.

The next thing that happened was all of them flickered out of the trans and rushed to the school to talk to the others about what had just happened. Unknown to them that the scientist was watching them using a space camera and was curious about the eight boy's wondering if they were the ones to stop him or they just know that Skylanders are real.

He wondered the lab in confusion and frustration, his friends thought he was crazy when he said Skylanders were real, that was after he got the message from Kaos and asked them to help. All he got was money to either build it or an insanity Institute, of course, he was going to build the portal but he had to do it in secret, so he excluded himself cutting off all connection to the outside world except for his house.

Harry's POV

Once we got to school we met in the quad and went to find a secluded spot to talk, once we got to a spot that no-one could hear us we stood looking at each other in confusion before Danny finally breaks the silence, "So what was that this morning?" we all stared at each other and yelled, " IT HAPPENED TO YOU TOO?".

I was taking short and quick breaths like I was having a panic attack, Jake J didn't seem surprised and more of worry and disappointment. While Randy; Danny: and Jake L were pacing thinking about what happened and how to prove it happened. The rest of us felt like we were either having a panic attack or felt like fainting.

What stopped us from doing what we were doing was Jake J transforming into a dragon and Spyro growing into his full size. I looked around with everyone else to make sure no one saw him, when we looked back to him he was his normal self except he was shaking and stunned by what had happened.