"I was born with no name. My mother could care less what I was called by. She seemed to be unconcerned with me, at least, and she was only interested in how she could earn money with little work.

It was autumn, I knew that much. My burlap tunic itched incessantly as I sprinted to keep up with my mother, who was almost running to where we were going.

'Mother, I'm… really excited to see the goats we're buying today.'

'Yes, girl.'

The gentle dirt path gave way to sharp gravel that tore at my heels. We approached the barn, but the ground fell into large dark pits. I could see many people toiling in the mud.

"Mom, where are the animals?" She had no response for me.

A tall brooding man approached us, and my mother stood straighter to look him in his dead grey eyes. They made a deal of some sort, and I was taken away from her.

I learned from the girls in the trenches that my mother had sentenced me to a life of hard labor, in return for a meager sum of gold every month. I had no words.

The work was difficult, of course. I began to curse my mother for putting me in this situation, though I began to forgive her in time.

I had tried to escape the trenches multiple times, first with a girl named Amber, after her eyes. She had named me Emerald after my eyes that I had never seen before, as it never mattered to me. She betrayed me with the men we hated so much for forcing us into the trenches. I eventually killed all the overseers. I had grown tired of these people who believed they were better than us.

Living life on the run was difficult. Many of the trenches' agents came after me for my crimes, and I was almost taken back too many times to count. I only knew one time of peace, which was with a girl with fiery hair. Life was homely, and a life I had never known before. However, I contracted a deadly illness, and that pushed her away from me. She tried to sell me back to a life of labor, so I left under the cover of night, and traveled far north to escape her cunning.

The illness wasted away at my body, so I was eventually captured by authorities. I was thrown into a cell with five other girls, who has betrayed the Lord, as they had been his closest advisers. They were all brutally beaten, and died much earlier than me.

I could barely breathe at the end of my life. As I gasped for air, and my vision dimmed, I saw a glowing snakelike creature slither from the shadows. Its warmth filled me with peace at the end of my life.

Then I was a Arderer, a monster with the power of fire. The wyrm had taken advantage of my weakness, and compelled me to destroy humanity. I tried to rip out the monster by its tail, but it lost control. The wyrm would extract a great deal of my power.

Five young girls lay before me when I awakened. Each had a symbol on their foreheads, of some language I could not know at the time.

The sisters only speech was inhuman growls, possibly from the Wyrm. The ground sizzled at their feet.

'You should not be alive,' I said. The girls tensed, willed by the dragon, and as I took a swipe at the yellow one with my dagger, they all fled. Quick girls.

Not only did I have to deal with this dragon infesting my body, but I had to deal now with these parts of me, scattered across the realm. That is why I asked your previous incarnation, Nachiel, to aid me in destroying my sisters."

The shining watcher, Nakiel, covered his mouth with his feathered wings. "Eterna, you had such a difficult life! I really, really can't believe you went through such terrible things!"

"No need to repeat really, Nakiel. But this is all the truth of my life before you. Sandalphon, Alpha's watcher, is too powerful for you now. The wyrm inside of me will consume me. We should try to become stronger as we travel through this land."

"Yeah, Eterna! I'll be the strongest watcher you've ever seen! Just wait!"

"…Hmm. You think so?"

So Zero's, now Eterna's, prologue is just to establish how different Midgard is now. This will be interesting.