Spoilers: none. Author's notes: this is so short I don't know what to say about it : )

* * *

Catherine held the postcard in her anxious hands. Warrick and Nick huddled around Catherine, eager to discover what it said. After restlessly trying to find a good spot to see the postcard Greg's full-fledged curiousness got the best of him. He scrambled on the break room's table, crawled towards Catherine and stared down at the card over her head.

"'Dear team'," Catherine read.

The first two words caused a wave of excitement and happy laughter. Catherine shushed them nosily.

It was Grissom's handwriting. When the boys made silence she went on, grinning all the time.

"'The surprise destination was a good idea after all.

We haven't seen much of Mawii yet. The hotel suite you picked is [changes to Sara's handwriting] PERFECT. [Back to Grissom's handwriting] So great in fact that we're having a hard time leaving it. True to our promise we haven't discussed any work related matters. Although Sara has tried. [scribbled in Sara's handwriting] He's lying. Anyway, we have a lot of nothing to do.

The Grissoms.

PS: We'll get you all presents as soon as we leave the room.'"
The End.