Author's bit: So... this story is anchored around some real WWE events but of course, there's a lot of creative liberty. It's a little bit 'insidery' but I try to explain WWE's inner workings as we go along. I hope you enjoy my first chapter of my first fanfic.

Monday 30th May - After WWE Raw

"Ugh! I don't know whether to scream, cry, or march in there and slap his bloody stupid hat off!" Becky angrily paced up and down her the women's locker room. "I thought this rubbish was gonna stop!"

Backstage after a huge episode of Monday Night Raw, rumours were flying about sudden changes to the show. One of them was that John Cena, returning to TV after five months rehabbing a serious shoulder injury, requested more time for his return promo. As a result, a scheduled tag team match involving Becky and Nattie had been reduced to a singles match, and the time reduced in half, leaving them four minutes to perform on a three hour TV show.

"Becky, honey, you're going to dig a trench in the ground," Nattie said, trying to bring calm. "Settle your tea kettle. You don't know if it was John's idea to cut our segment down."

"Of course it's Johnny Boy's fault!" Becky said, turning to Nattie. "Think about it. Since Sasha, Charlotte and I came from NXT, slowly the divas have gained more respect. We have more time on the TV shows. Hell, we're not even called Divas anymore." Becky turns away from Nattie. "And suddenly John Cena returns and it's 'sorry ladies, Cena needs a little more time tonight.' It's him, using his rep to reduce our match times again!"

"I know you're upset. But I should be just as upset." Nattie sat back on the locker bench. "If you think John is the anti-Christ, why don't you calmly speak to him before we have this happen again?"

Becky smirked. "I'm not speaking to him." She had dropped the tone of her voice. "He won't understand me. He's a big shot Hollywood wannabe who doesn't love wrestling quite like we do, Nattie."

"You sound like a snob Becky," said Nattie defensively. "I've been on Total Divas with John for a while. Off camera he's not that bad..."

"Not that bad?" Becky exclaimed. "He is going out with Nikki! That says we need to know about John's tastes. He does not understand how we clawed our way to this company. But I didn't come this far to have to wrestle four minute matches because Johnny Boy needs twenty minutes to talk instead of fifteen." Becky then turned to the door and a beeline.

"Becky, just calm down please!" Nattie protested, trying to grab Becky's arms as she marched toward the door. "Where are you going?"

"I'm going to kick Johnny's private door off and kick him in his bollocks! Maybe he'll understand then..."

"I heard some commotion?" The door swung open as Becky was stepping through. It was Stephanie McMahon. "I thought I'd stop by because I heard angry voices."

"Oh, Mrs. McMahon, sorry." Becky stepped back flustered. "That was me. I was just really upset about not getting to wrestle tonight and the match time being reduced. I was going to speak to John Cena about it."

"More like kill John Cena about it," Nattie mumbled. Becky gestured at her to shut up.

"Becky," Stephanie took Becky's hand, "I knew you'd be upset about tonight and I know you know the rumours. And yes, John Cena did request specifically for your match to be cut."

Becky recoiled, "You see, Nattie? I was right! Totally right!" Nattie rolled her eyes.

"But I what I need from you is to just sit tight. I will speak to John and make sure this doesn't happen again to my women's division."

"Alright, alright," Becky sighed and resigned to the locker room bench. Nattie put her hand on Becky's knee comfortingly.

"You just know your place. I'll navigate the politics and make sure Vince gives you what you deserve," Stephanie said, with a grin. "It's getting late girls. We have Smackdown tomorrow. I've got a feeling you'll have it made up to you on tomorrow's show." She winked.

"Thanks Mrs. McMahon," said Becky, the calmest she had been all evening. Stephanie left the women's room.

"That was close," Nattie warned Becky. "You almost made a total fool out of yourself." Nattie got up and picked up her duffel bag. "We've got to hit the road, hun. Are you going to leave dressed like that?" She pointed to Becky's barefeet.

"I'll be fine you cow," said Becky jokingly. "I'll throw my sneakers on and we'll roll. Meet you outside." Nattie winked, turned and left the ladies' locker room.

Taking a defeated sigh, Becky leaned forward off her seat. Alone with her thoughts, she slipped into her socks and her Nikes.

I'm going to be a part of the best women's division in WWE history. The likes of John Cena are not going to ruin it for us.

Becky threw her bag strap over her shoulder and left the women's locker room. She made a hasty walk around the arena for the car park elevator.

The elevator doors slid open as Becky stood waiting. The doors revealed John Cena.

He stepped out slowly, with a grin. "Hey Becky. Forgot my charger so I'm just running back." Becky was stunned into silence. Her eyes locked into Cena's momentarily. After an awkward silence, she then walked past him into the elevator, no words delivered, no smile returned.

Turns out I can't see you, John. And I don't have to, to be successful.

Tuesday 2nd June - Home

"Oh no, I've found it," Becky said triumphantly, looking over her email inbox. "Thank God the office books our travel. I was never good at flight booking; but I only have my shelf to blame."

"Ugh, your jokes are bad and you should feel bad, Becky," Nattie said over the phone. She could feel Becky's pun-tastic grin searing through the voice call.

Each week WWE hosts wrestling shows in five different cities every week, which all the wrestlers work at. They send an email mid-week with the wrestler's flight details, arena locations, and match details so everyone can prepare for the Friday to Wednesday grind.

"As I was saying, Sasha's definitely out for the week. They're reviewing her concussion," sitting back on her couch, Nattie stroked one of her cats. "Stephanie actually messaged me about it too."

"You really should call her Mrs. McMahon," Becky said, multitasking. She was reading her email schedule like a hawk. "She is the face of our women's div--" Becky paused over her email.

What the hell is this?

"And you need to stop walking on egg shells around Stephanie," Nattie retorted. "Honey, not everything is as political as you think."

"Oh my God," Becky said, shocked.

"Oh my God what? What's the matter?" Nattie inquired.

"This must be a joke! A si-sick joke!" Becky stood up and away from her computer.

"Becky, what's the problem?" Nattie raised her voice. "Tell me!"

"My-my matches on Friday, Saturday, and Su-Sunday," Becky stuttered. She couldn't believe her eyes. "I think I've replaced Sasha's matches."

"Well, yeah," Nattie said matter-of-factly. "Someone has to cover for Sasha."

"But Nattie," Becky groaned, "I'm teaming with John Cena!"