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This is a crossover, alternative universe fanfic, mostly starcraft with a little valkyria chronicles in it, and Halo in the far future.

I've read other starcraft fanfics and really enjoyed them. i have my own Idea's, so here's what i got.

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Chapter 1, Awakening part 1, The prologue

JANUARY /6/2010/ wednesday 8:32am

Cold, darkness, emptiness, no heat, no light, alone, floating in a empty void

"Where am I ?... I ?... My-name... what was IT !?... CAN'T REMEMBER EL...SOMETHING..EL, El, LEN? ...THAT'S RIGHT Ellen i'm a darcsen, my grand-parent's were Patrick & Isala bakker, they immigrated to America from Gallia after W.W.2, Nina, my mother was born in the U.S. and in 1982 she married an army officer, Maxwell Reid may father, I was born in january /1990/ my eyes are green, I have dark blue hair, I stand 5, FEET 5, inches, i'm 20 years old, my name is Ellen Reid.


"The dark blue haired girl open's her dull green eye's, blinking from the sunlight, the young darcsen,s mind still fuzzy, staring up at the ceiling for a few moments collecting her thought's, before slowly sitting up, examining the room, one window to her left with a chair in the corner by it. Two door's one a small bathroom, the other the exit opposite the window, a "beeping heart monitor beside the bed Along with a IV drip on a metal pole, in her right arm.

"I' a hospital...why aah my head." Reaching for her head Ellen recoils in surprise to see that her arm, no her entire body is glowing a light blue, with a mix of surprise and curiosity staring at her hand's and for some moment's, before removing the iv drip and heart-monitor from her right arm and entering the bathroom, The room was small and only had a sink, mirror, and toilet, In the mirror the girl saw herself, standing high't 5' feet 6' inch's caucasian white' skin, green eyes, dark blue hair shoulder length, and now her body and even hair is glowing a soft light blue. looking closer, she sees the blue glowing is like a network running along her nervous system, blood vessels, muscles and probably skeleton, thinking for minutes about how and why ?, then It hits her .

"Valkyria chronicles it's just like the game when, Alicia was shot her valkyrur powers awoke and she began to glow blue. I know the game was based, at least partially on what happened during W.W 2, when gallia was invaded by nazi germany. But seriously,. . . . Am..i a valkyrur." ellen thought before being interrupted.

"Knock knock." " Hello ma'am are you ok ?. " the nurse said her voice muffled through the door.

"Huh, yes i'm fine thank you,... I just need some time alone please... um can you tell me where I am . ?" ellen asked nervously holding the door shut.

... "This is 's hospital, are you sure your fine ma'am,? " the nurse answered her voice muffled through the door.

"Yes I am,...I just need some privacy please" ellen said to the nurse through the door.

"Ok, sorry miss." The nurse said as she turning the heart monitor off, before leaving.

"The hospital,? hmm,... the last thing I remember,..I think, I was just getting off my part-time job, and coming home, when..., when, ugh, why can't i remember, what the heck "sigh."

"Ok, if I am a valkyrur, I need to figure out how my powers work, and how to control them." Ellen thought turning to mirror trying to make the glow reappear, but after trying to focus for a few minutes nothing happens

"Hmm, this is harder then I thought ok how about this then." Ellen closed her eyes, standing straight, hands to her sides, this time trying a mental visualization technique, forming a image of the what she wants to happen in her mind, after a minute, Ellen felt something warm and silky but solid like water flowing around her body but not affected by gravity, Ellen Opened her eyes to see in the mirror a azure blue aure wrathing like fire over her body.

"Ah-Ha So that's the trick!..ok time to experiment." she said elated at her achievement.

As the young darcsen continued to learn how to control her newly awoken powers, a black glassy eye no bigger then small fly observed her from the corner of the bathroom ceiling.

[New York city Jaeger Pharmaceuticals. HQ. 5 MINUTES LATER]

"[Ringing, Ringing] Hello...?." a male voice with a german accent asked.

"Director Richard, It's me, reporting the subject, CV1 is awake." The agent said over the phone .

"Are her powers confirmed ?." Richard schaefer CEO of jaeger pharmaceuticals, said leaning back in his leather office chair.

"Yes, Currently she's in the bathroom, apparently trying to control her power's." the agent said.

"That's convent we don't have to encourage her to train ourselves. Also did you secure her blood samples" Richard said.

"Yes I got them sir, I already sent them to the lab." What should we do now sir?." the agent asked."

"Follow the original plan and continue to observe CV1 for-now, report any changes, we can make contact with her sometime later." Richard said turning his cell phone off then looking out the window at the urban landscape of skyscrapers and other buildings filling the view.

"Now that we finally found a real valkyrur, The project can move to the next stage, I wonder if any of the other Valkyrur we find will behave like CV1." Richard said to himself as he looked out the window.

[About One Hour Later ]

Ellen manipulated her aura changing it into different shapes a triangle then a cube then a sphere, then she changed it into a blade, and shield, then into a pair of large arms extending from her own. Ellen then phased her aura to its incorporeal form and then expanded it outwards the aura field engulfing the entire room in its radius and Ellen noticed she could feel the forms and shapes of everything in the room and even the walls, it was like her aura was an extension of her own body and senses.

Ellen started breathing hard and retracted her aura.

"That was a little exhausting but I can't argue with the result's, heh this is fun." Ellen said breathing a little hard but elated at her new power.


"Umm 'He 'He, that's enough training for know, guess I should find something to eat." Ellen left the bathroom and looked outside her room checking down the hallway luckily two vending machines where just down the hall. Ellen was glad the hospital gown she's wearing seem's to be new design snappers instead of tie's, thicker too and covering the back. Ellen walked down the hall to the vending machines then examining there contents for a few seconds, one having various drink's the other having snack's, Ellen wondered if she could manipulate their mechanism with her aura.

Ellen glanced around for other people before putting her right hand, on the right side of the vending machine with the snack's, extending her aure from her hand in a thin line behind the metal box and then inside its back panel, Ellen felt around the internal mechanisms looking for the part's responsible for dropping the snack's' completely lost in focus.

Meanwhile a nearby the Elevator opened with ding, a man wearing a white doctor's coat dark pant's and scruffy beard stepping out.

"If I remember, She was on the second floor room number #25 down this oh?.. there she is.. I didn't know she was up and walking around?." Dr hector thought to himself as he walked over to Ellen "Miss reid oh miss? miss reid." Dr hector said putting his hand on her left shoulder.




The Hospital Cafeteria had a few people eating in it and one person working the counter as Ellen and the doctor were sitting at a table a cross from one another in the corner of the room.

Dr Matt Hector had introduced himself as he explained what had happened to the Ellen who noticed he's ignored the subject of her body glowing as he talked, Ellen knew he had to have seen her body glowing blue but she didnt want to push the subject .

"And sorry again miss reid, I didn't mean to scare you, I was told you were awake and wanted to check up on you." Dr Hector apologised.

As Ellen continued eating her cheeseburger and apple with orange juice. Ellen was glad he came up on her left side instead of the right so he didn't see her aura Ellen thought to herself.

"So I was shot and my car was stolen and I was unconscious for a full day?."

"Yes miss Reid that's correct" dr Hector replied.

. "I don't remember all that much? But im glad the police got my moms car back at least." ellen said taking another small Bite of her burger chewing then swallowing. "Do my parents know what happened to me?." ellen asked.

"Yes, I contacted them after your surgery and explained your condition to them, They said they couldn't come but we're glad you are ok." dr hector said.

"Well... they are busy with their work." ellen said staring into her drink with a solemn face .

"Do you get along with your parent's." dr hector asked.

"Ok i guess,... they have important job's, Dads a army major and moms an army nurse in a veterans hospital, I know they can't drop everything at a moments notice and come, it doesn't bother me they didn't come." ellen said staring into her drink.

"I see, them not coming here may be for the best, I think you wouldn't want them to notice your unique quality." dr hector said.

Ellen looked at the dr .

"I was wondering when you'd talk about it" Ellen said raising an eyebrow.

"Yes.. um To be honest it made the surgery much easier, it was like your body was closing its self healing at a accelerated rate." dr hector replied.

"So i healed faster than normal." Ellen said a series look on her face, staring at the dr.

"Not just that but your blood pressure and blood loss were much easier to manage as I was removing the bullet's and it seemed like your body was healing right in front of me, there was far less blood compared to other surgerys i've done, and the bullets were easy to remove, as if your body was pushing them out by it self." dr hector explained.

Ellen sighed.

"Umm, do you think i'm weird?" ellen asked .

"No, no i think your amazing, I practically did nothing but take the rounds out, But the insesens I made to remove them, kept closing, that was a little problematic, but all thing considered I wise all surgery's went as easily as yours" dr hector replied.

"Soo" Ellen stared him in the eyes. "could you please not tell anybody about me ok, the last thing i need is to be someone's lab-rat or be in the national news." Ellen said almost pleading to the man.

Dr Hector sighed and looked at Ellen.

"Don't worry my lip's are sealed." he replied making a motion across his lip's.

Ellen let out a sigh of relief.

"Thanks, mister hector by the way when can I go home." Ellen asked.

"Well given how fast you recovered, by tomorrow at the earliest " dr hector answered.

"Huh that soon, well i'll be glad to get back home. " Ellen responded having finessed eating her meal and thanked dr hector, Ellen returned to her room closing the door behind her.

"Ok' back to training 'sigh' not like I have anything better to do." Ellen said excited to get back to training with her new power's.

The view panned out the window pointing up to the sky rising through white clouds, the sky slowly changing from blue to black the stars shining in the darkness of space 200 miles above the hospital.

If someone was aware of it they would only see a blip on the rader and probably think it was just a large satellite or space debris, in truth it was anything but. it's body is covered by an armored like weave of bone and cartilage with six crab like legs on the underbelly with two big claws in front. and two large dome like pods on both sides and six spikes above them, Six eyes on it's head and a pair of large mandibles on the sides of its mouth. Anyone who played starcraft would recognise it as a zerg overlord but it wasn't alone, it was serving as a observer, for a even larger creature floating inside a crater on the dark side of the moon the crater was almost entirely covered in the grayish purple carpet of creep produced by a dozen organic buildings around the crater leaching what few minerals that are of use from the moons sun blasted soil as the massive beast floated just above the surface, it looked like a giant armored space whale a little over 550 meters long with armor plating large and small all over its body with many organic air lock like openings to internal chambers along its sides and a few on its belly all leading to a large internal chamber meant to house and produce many smaller flying creatures, and from the sides of the body's midsection were four large tentacles their tips split into a pair of powerful jaws with multi-rows of very large thick teeth .

Its organs are small for its size but spread throughout it's body as a network of organ clusters inside hollow cavity's along and inside its skeleton to function more efficiently with such a enormous body and to keep them from being crashed by there own weight. Two sets of rib cages make up the main body the inside of the inner ribs are were the primary and largest organs clusters are located which includes the digestive system that runs through the center of the body. The space between the inner and outer rib-cages has many chambers meant for carrying hundreds of smaller creatures .

The other rib-cages have airlock like opening's to space, along the bottom between the overlapping plates to release the creatures that can fly through space or air. The inner chambers were connected by short hallways or the organic equivalent of hallways as the upper and lower levels were connected by ramps as sac's hanging from the ceiling recycled carbon dioxide into oxygen for the other creatures, who were sleeping or were within stasis sacs in a state of biological suspended animation for long voyages it is a zerg

The creature was a zerg Behemoth.

Among the behemoths internal chambers was one special chamber known as the evolution pit, the chamber had a center support column that took up 1/3rd of the space inside the room, with organ like sacs around the center support column connecting the floor and ceiling, with green cocoon like pod's scattered around the room, some big enough to hold a human, others much bigger. Along the wall's were 5 rows of horizontal support's, ringing around the chamber, connected with 24 vertical supports. Inside the evolution pit was a unique creature, different than all the other's inside the zerg behemoth, It's lower body was slug like, the midsection was thick like a tree trunk, covered by grey thick skin. The upper body extended forward a little with green sac's on each side reaching back then down to the mid section. the creature had two pairs of arm's, each had three clawed fingers and a opposable thumb on each hand. Another four arms extended from the back, each had long claw with a hollow syringe like tip and four of the same green sac's along the outer forearm. The head had four glowing light green eyes and was on the front of the upper body between the green sacs that were above the four front arms. The lower jaw is split in two hinged part's, left and right, each able to move independently from each other.

"The psionic signature remains inside the structure, we must retrieve for swarm. " the behemoth said it's psionic voice echoing inside the chamber.

"Possibility of failure minor, "Psionic power of individual weak but growing, "must act now, or will become too powerful, Result failure, Same as Before." the zerg evolution master spoke in a deep monotone voice.

"I will prepare the forces necessary, You ready a chrysalis for the infestation process ."

"Yes behemoth." the zerg geneticist replied beginning it's work.

[St. joseph's hospital/ Ellen's room January 7 2010 Thursday 1:23 am]

The building was quiet but there were still a few staff walking around on their night shift. All the other patients staying at the hospital where sleeping except one. Ellen was too excited about her new powers to go to sleep so she stayed awake training. Ellen formed large arms with her aura then lifted the bed being careful not to brake as she shifted it around with the new aura arms, Ellen then put the bed back down and moved on to another exercise in which the tested the sharpness of her aura blades, Ellen formed a small blade and focused its edge then Ellen swung downward at half force cutting a small gash into the stone window seal then Ellen then kneeled down to examine the smoothness of the cut.

As Ellen looked at the cut in the stone she Started to feel something strange something was off as she began to feel odd. A strange sensation pulling her attention in a certain direction, up. After it began Ellen began to focus more on this strange feeling, it was weak at first, but then it became stronger as if what was causing it was getting closer. That thought made the Ellen uneasy if that was true then something is getting closer to her, or coming for her. Coming to that conclusion she thought to herself about what would happen if combat broke out in the hospital and how she would feel if other people were killed just because she wanted to test her new powers or if she did nothing to avoid other people getting caught up in her fight.

Ellen came to a conclusion.

"I shouldn't involve other's, thinking about dr hector and the other people in the hospital, I don't other people getting involved, but I don't have much time ether, Not long before my guests arrive...time to go."

Ellen opened the window glad this hospital was on the outskirts of the town then looking into the darkness of the night deciding that the forest would be a better place to met the unknown presence approaching her. Ellen expanded her aura field around her body to keep herself warm from the cold air and snow then formed two large arms from her back, extending one out the window down to the ground, the other hand grabbing onto the window ledge. Then slowly moving out the window balancing on both arms Ellen lowered herself down from the second story window, as she left out the window another camera was watching her from the corner of the ceiling.

Landing on the ground looking around Ellen made sure the coast is clear before going in to a full sprint to the tree-line through the dark but careful to avoid stubbing a toe and falling face first into the cold ground .

[At the tree line behind hospital]

Any other human would be cold and blind, after leaving the hospital at the dead of night, but Ellen covered herself in solid aura field in the form of thick clothing around her body insulating her against the cold. And by using the aura field she only developed a few hours ago, could sense her surroundings in a wide area.

"HUH Dame HUH out of shape HUH, I need to exercise more." Ellen said in a tired tone as she sprinted to the tree line.

In just a few minutes Ellen reached the top of a small hill at least half a mile away from the hospital and continued into the forest easily avoiding the trees as she continued at full speed .

" Huh...their close, that feelings gotten a lot stronger I need to keep going."

Ellen continued to run through the forest for another 10 minutes or so, before coming to a large opening in the tree-line and expanding her aura to its maxaim diameter.

"This should be good enough, I can use the trees too I just hope my powers strong enough" sigh "heh, good thing I like military strategy and stuff like that' ok time to prepare." Ellen thought.

A minute later gunshots and screams rang out from the forest catching Ellen's attention,as she stopped her work for moment and listened but no other sounds come from the forest, Ellen then finished her work.

3 minutes later

Despite being a little cold Ellen was in good spirits, her aura keeped her warm for the most-part from the cold air and snow as her heart pounded in anticipation of the coming encounter but then the strange sensation changed and it felt like something was spreading out through the forest as then Ellen heard many small creatures moving around through the forest to her position she then expanded her aura field to its maximum diameter.

"Damn there's a lot more then I thought but their not charging, instead there staying just beyond my aura field, can't be humans, by the sounds... can't be wolfs either...there isn't any in this state... I think, but I am feeling that sensation toward's them but not as strongly as those up there" Ellen thought looking up to the dark sky and what would be the tree top's, seeing nothing but the pitch black of night, but even without using her eyes Ellen can still feel their presence by that strange feeling, pulling her attention up to where these other's are the sensation much stronger toward the four, up in the air. As Ellen looked up, one of the creatures on the ground stepped into her aura field instantly drawing her attention. The form she felt was a quadrupedal insectoid about the size of a dog, with two horn like tusks coming from the sides of the head like oversized mandibles extending about a foot past the head. With two arms extending from the back behind the head each one with a large folding claw. Coming off the lower back was also a pair of tiny vestigial insect wings. The creature also had a tail about as long the body sweeping side to side. It only took a second for Ellen to realize what it was.

"AAAH SHIT, YOU GOTTA BE ****ING KIDDING ME, A DAME ZERGLING!?, OK calm down calm down, it's a zergling, that means the over-mind is real and maybe the protoss too, he he "****ING HELL." was Ellen's internal thoughts as her mind raced at the realization of this information.

"Ok that means those others in the air must be overlords, there the psionic communication, transport and sensor unit of the zerg swarm, and probably filled with more zerg, great!, wait? Is that why that strange filling is stronger towards them," ellen thought trying to figure out her situation.

"Since that feeling is strongest towards the overlords then maybe it has to do with psionic power, or psionics different then mine?, can I, or rather can valkyrur, absorb psionic essence? that makes a little sense."

Before Ellen's thoughts could continue, the zergling leaped at her, but in a fraction of a second her aura changed to a solid barrier instantly trapping the zerg in midair only feet away from her.

"WOAH that was close, ok what to do next I can't stay behind my shield forever that zergs stuck but so am I." Ellen thought as the zergling shreked and struggling against the force holding it in the air like transparent stone.

"Ok I need to counter attack quick or my shield is going fail and I end-up like kerrigan, and I like my free-will thank you very much, but i'm surprised my aura is holding this well considering I only had one day of training" Ellen thought as her shield weakend little by little from the zerglings and now a few hydralisk that started attacking her barrier with their claws and spines weaking her aura shield with every strike.

Ellen thought about what her next move should be, which was firstly to get those zerglings off her ass, Ellen compressed her aura into a small sphere around her selfe, dropping the zergling which then charged at her along with the others and they started clumping together as they continue attacking her aura shield, and then Ellen sent out another aura field over lapping her solid shield with the aura field Ellen detected the enemies surrounding her, their numbers and positions as more zerg approached from all sides .

"20 zerglings, six hydralisk, plus four overlords hovering about 60 feet up in front and behind I hope I can reach that far, At least there aren't more of them, ok first open a hole to escape then fly up to the overlords ha, ha, no problem, I hope?." Ellen thought ti her self going over her plan a little excited and afraid.

The young valkyrur put her plan in motion, rapidly expanding her aura smashing it into the zerglings knocking them all back like a shock wave, Ellen then formed two giant arms and a thin aura layer over the rest of her body, only a few inches thick and crossed her real arms to focus more on controlling her aura arms and defense barrier, with her aura arms she then Grabbed the two 30' foot trees laying beside her, that she cut-down earlier and started swinging them around like giant clubs and extended her aura arms to reach her targets smashing 3, zerglings into the ground as their armor cracked under the impact and then Ellen swung the trees the other way knocking another 2 zerglings dozens of feet away, their bodies landing in the snow at the tree-line broken from the velocity and mass they were hit with. Not wanting to give them time to regroup" Ellen held the trees up like shields in-front of her self then rushed forward, then she in a near instant movement Ellen pulled the trees behind her to the sides then with great force and speed swug them forward hitting everything in nearly a 360 degrees area, in front of her crushing 8' more zerglings between the logs like flies.

"13' down only 7' zerglings left."

Just as Ellen thought that the hydralisk fired at her, dozens of spins bounced off the Ellen's aura barrier surrounding her body, while others missing by inches, Ellen then counter attacked instantly using the tree-clubs as shields again but now holding them horizontally, to block the spines flying from the two groups thee hydralisk flanking to the left and right of her. Ellen then changed her auras form to focus her defense in the two directions of the hydralisk blocking their ranged attacks but leaving the front-back open to the zerglings. Ellen then launched her giant auar arms with the tree-clubs at high speed 72 feet away towards both groups of hydralisk hitting them in their chests knocking them back then bringing the clubs up again the extended aura arms moving like wipes as they moved up dozens of feet and down in just a fraction of a second on the hydralisk smashing all six like bugs as blood and organs were pussed out from their crushed body's. Ellen then quickly pulling the clubs back just in time to stop the remaining zerglings charging the gape in her defense. Ellen Spined her aura arms and the trees around in a rapid 360 degree arch knocking the attacking zerglings in different directions and thin with a flurry of wiping strikes Ellen finished them off, then Ellen dropped the logs and shifting the aura-field back into a sphere around her body, than she focused to change her remaining aura for what she needs. As Ellen did this two overlords behind her landed releasing 40 zerglings 12 hydralisk and a third overlord also landed close to the tree line and also unloaded its own cargo of another 20 zerglings 6 hydralisk, all rushing to Ellen at full-speed.

"Dame, can't let this drag on or the zerg will overwhelm me with wave after wave until thy wear me down and break my defense well its now-or-never." Ellen thought as she prepared her next move, As the zerg rushed at her full-speed front and back, Ellen then quickly changes her aura into what could be easily be recognised as a harpy form with giant wings over her arms, and birds like legs past her own, and a short feathered tail past her lower back .

Ellen bend her legs lifting her wings and with her aura agmenting her strength, giving her a even more powerful pushed with both her legs and wings leaping off the ground, just in time to avoid the zerglings leaping at her and now crashing into each other where the young valkyrur was just a second ago. As Ellen continued to flap her wings sha rotated them like a bird as she flapped allowing her to get as much power from each flap as possible. The aura feathers fluttering in the wind as the zerg hiss and growl from the ground, the hydralisk taking a few pot shots at the now airborne, Ellen as she continues to rise higher while she flys in a in spiral arch but most of the spines miss as Ellen fly's erratically struggling to keep herself in the air as she gains altitude.

"DAME THAT WAS CLOSE, huh, huh, Ok, can't use my sensor field, ability, have to put all my focus into my aura and flying, so i'm blind, but I can use that strange sensation to find them"...Ok there's 2 behind me and 1 in-front of me on the ground, the fourth... is higher up in the air." Ellen thinks as she flap's her wings harder rising in the blackness of the night sky.

"That one must have been the first drop it's load of zerg, then taken a over-watch position" Ellen thought as she changed her flight path to intercept the lone overlord as she sweeps side to side still evading the hydralisk on the ground 1 out of 3 spines still hitting her as she continues to rise higher until she's just above the overlord then Ellen landed on-top of it and grabbing on to one of the spins on it's back .

"Time to test my theory, I hope this work's."

The strange sensation was even stronger now that her and the overlord where in direct-contact, then just following her instincts at this point she expanded her aura field to engulf the floating zerg completely, as soon as she did she felt a new sensation, completely different from before as her psionic aura connected to the Overlords owen psionic energy, Ellen's mind went blank as her eye's and aura both changed color to a crimson red and began pulsating as it began to absorb the overlords psionic energy and essence.

The Overlord roared in pain From what the little one on it's back was doing, feeling like it's life was being drained away, the pain was unbearable and the zerg begin to drop, slowly at first then faster, not only because it was dying but it's psionic power keeping it in the air was being drained by the Ellen who was now in a trance like state almost completely unaware of anything happening around her, completely focused on-what she was doing. The overlord crash-landed smashing through the forest kicking up a giant pile of dirt and gouging a 10 foot deep 60 foot long path the ground. Ellen was held in place by her aura still absorbing the last of the overlords psionic energy. The other zerg were in pain as-well, shrinking and thrashing around from feeling the same pain as the dying overlord through the hive-mind, the Behemoth controlling them was shocked at what was happening and was forced to disconnect the affected overlord from the hive mind, about a moment later, Ellen's eye's and aura shifted back to there normal colors as she staggered around until her aura automatically began forming a cocoon like layer around-her, as the cocoon like shell was complete it rolled off the overlords corpse and onto the ground, moments later the other zerg had recovered from the shock and gathered around the cocoon.

[New York city Jaeger pharmaceutical HQ /about the Same Time]

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN SHE'S GONE."Richard shouted, Furious.

"Sir we have cv1 on video using her powers to leave out through window but after she left the hospital we um..lost her." the agent said nervous over the phone.

"SIGH" "Well do we at-lest know where shes gone." Richard asked still upset.

"Last sighting was of her of her entering the forest behind the hospital . I sent two agents after her but' i've'' lost contact with them." the agent said.

"Well what happend to them" ?. richard asked.

"I..don't know sir, but ill go my self next with the others. But sir maybe she knows shes being watched maybe thats why she left the hospital".? agent said asking his superior .

"I don't think so, but we understand little abou't valkyrur powers,... im not comfortable making assumptions, continue to search for her, but send somone to her house just in case, contact me if you find something"?. richard spoke haging up phone.

"DAMN...Huh...i may need to accelerate the plan for the others." Richerd spoke opening a file on his computer labeled project blue flame, the file had date on gallia legends, and folklore of valkyrur, and a list of thousends of people, all darcsen with details about their bloodlines going back many centuries, 5 girls at the top of the list, ellen among them .

"Now which one of you is also a valkyrur". Richard said looking at the list of people .


Part1 rewrite I hope you-all like my story. For anyone wondering My version of valkyrur don't have telepathy normally like other psionics races, there psionic power is different in nature.