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Chapter 15, Not so friendly encounters.

April 26, Friday 2010

12:01 Just After Midnight

Primary hive cluster, Empress's personal chambers

Ellen stretched out her body a little stiff from sitting in one place for too long. She's been sitting in the same spot since sending out the mutalisk and scourges on their continent wide assault on military bases. Ellen had been spending the time making plans for the invasion of India and China which are her next conquests. Ellen had also thought about the american special forces team and the zerg queen that they had captured. Ellen decided to train that queen to be the next hive queen, that is if she can survive from all the experiments the humans will subject her to, but being zerg she'll either become stronger or die and is that not the way of the swarm.

"Zavara, Na'kool," Ellen called out getting the hive queens attention.

"Yes, our Empress," they both replied.

"I want both of you to begin expanding your forces again. Zavara send your hive forces directly west. I believe there is a airfield and other small human settlements in that region. And Na'kool send your forces north westward of the region your in and both of you keep your swarm forces under control. I don't want them harming any of the primal humans understood," Ellen projected in a commanding tone. The swarm had so far done a good job of avoiding the humans that still call the forest home, and Ellen wanted it to stay that way.

"Understood our Empress it will be done," both hive queens replied and begun their new task's.

"YAWN' i'm wiped... guess it's time for bed," Ellen spoke to her self worn out from the past few days. Ellen returned to her chambers and layed down on her creep bed to rest but after a hour of restless tossing and turning, she can't seem to get to sleep.

"Huh? whats wrong... I could always get to sleep by now so what's wrong," Ellen thought as a image flashed in her mind. The pile of dead people the drones were hauling to the... her hatchery's, their eyes looking back at her.

Ellen sat up startled as she started thinking about all the people she's killed, all the lives she's ruined, all the family's she's destroyed for a plan that may not even work. The regret, fear and doubt Ellen's kept in the deepest part of her heart started coming to the surface and she thought of how her own parent's would react if they knew what their daughter had done.

Ellen felt a pressure in her chest, and she thought of her self contradiction of wanting to help humanity, but at the same time hurting them. Ellen placed her arms over her chest and her eyes started to tear up as she breathed more heavily.

"I... need... to take a walk and clear my head."

Ellen left her bed chamber and walked through the lair's chamber and through many of the other chambers of the hive cluster passing by thousands of her zerg who through the hive mind felt their Empress's disturbed heart and mind, all of them moved aside letting their Empress pass, a short time later she reached the surface.

In the deepest part of the hive cluster near the Empress's chambers twelve of the new hunter killers felt their Empress leave the hive cluster she commanded them to always be at her side or close to her when she's outside the Primary hive cluster. The twelve of them stood up on their four strong legs and took off after their master as it was their purpose to keep her safe.

Meanwhile Ellen started to run to clear her mind, she ran past all the drone's still working on dismantling the city and it's ruin's. As Ellen ran between the armored domes of the primary hive cluster hundreds of mutalisk and scourges watched her from above. Resting on their perches of creep towers recently built on the armored domes. The towers were connected by two levels of arch's at their top and middle.

As Ellen kept running she used Null g to leap hundreds of feet into the air, and then she dropped back down landing on a rooftop. Ellen then jumped again and again, from rooftop to rooftop until she reached the forest edge.

She ran for another three mile's into the forest until she finally felt like she could calmed down a little. Stopping in a small clearing, big enough for her to see the stars through the forest canopy. Ellen sat down and looked up at the starry sky what little could be seen through the trees. Ellen crossed her arms over her chest covering her breast, finally taking notice of the cold night air blowing against her exposed body. Ellen looked up for what felt like a few minute's just watching the stars shine in the black sky.

"I get control of the Zerg, go on a continent wide killing spree, and now I get choked up after sending those two to a few areas with only a few people in them. 'sigh' is... the path i've chosen really going to lead to the future i've imagined?" The blue haired darcsen spoke in deep thought of her own actions.

"Perhaps not if you are the master of those beast's" A female voice with a psionic aspect to it, spoke out catching Ellen's full attention.

Ellen knew it's wasn't a human voice as she looked into the tree line seeing a figure come out from behind a tree, it was a three meter high grey skinned female warrior wearing golden armor with blue jem's in certain parts, and a purple under cloth beneath the body armor.

Ellen heard a leaf crunch and looked to her left and right seeing two more of them but males who's armor was a full body suit without the cloth showing.

"Protoss" Ellen spoke standing up and thinking deja vu of her first encounter with the zerg and wondered why she didn't have that same strange pulling sensation as she did with the zerg overlords. Ellen then realised that her disturbed heart is probably interefearing. Ellen closed her eye's and breathed calmly, focusing and readying herself for battle and a moment later that strange feeling came back, pulling her attention to the three protoss, like with the zerg and overlords the first time.


Rolana decided to scout the strong psi signal coming from the southern hemisphere first. The shuttle plunged through the atmosphere like a fireball for a few moments and then and leveled out still at a high altitude far above the great green forest that covered most of the continent.

"I'm picking up over a million life sign's matching those of the xenoform across the continent," Kainok reported looking at his holoscreen.

"It would seem we choose correctly then. I also sense the presences of many more weaker psi signal's " Zerion added.

"Yes I sense them as well," Rolana said then focused and sensing the very strong psionic presence." I sense a presence that is far stronger than the others, we'll search for that one," Rolana said telling the shuttle AI to move towards the strongest psi signature, the shuttle turned left and accelerated.

Minutes later they were in range for the shuttles sensor's to detect the hundreds of flying xenoforms above a cluster of dozens of giant domes that the sensor's read as made from hardened biomatter built over the ruins of a human city that by its size must have once housed a few million of the humans.

"I would not think those beasts would have the capacity to build something like this" Kainok spoke noting the armored domes his voice laced with malice and eagerness to spill blood.

"We'll land somewhere out of their sensor range and" Rolana spoke but was cut off by Zerion.

"Wait I sense the strong psi signature is moving" Zerion spoke getting Rolana, and Kainok's attention.

"Where is it going" Rolana asked.

"North, and it's moving fast," Zerion replied.

Rolana thought for a moment.

"We'll follow it" Rolana spoke taking direct control of the shuttle and flying around the detection range of the flying xenoforms, a few minutes later the shuttle landed and the three protoss walked out the back ramp.

"It is this way " Zerion said pointing in the direction.

Kai'nok and Rolana started walking but Rolana noticed that Zerion was not moving.

"Is there something wrong Zerion" Rolana asked turning to face him.

"Hmm... yes I sense that their mind is somewhat... distressed, feeling self doubt... and much regret."

"Well then it will be all the more easy to kill it if it is the leader of those beastly xenoforms," spoke Kainok with a murders glee.

The trio ran through the forest at top speed until they came close the psionic presence just a hundred meters away. The three moved quietly through the underbrush suprisingly quietly given their size as they reached their target.

Rolana quietly moved behind a large tree and then looked around it surprised at the what she saw. The pale exposed form of a young female standing in the middle of a small clearing, her arms crossed over her chest gazing up at the sky.

Rolana was more than a little surprised that the powerful psionic is from this young girl and was wondering why and how she came from the hostile xenoforms nest and without a scratch, then Rolana heard her speak.

"I get control of the zerg, go on a continent wide killing spree, and now I get choked up after sending those two to clear a few areas with less people in them, then the others, 'SIGH' is the path i've' chosen really going to lead to the future I imagine?"

After hearing those words it clicked. This young female is somehow the new leader of the hostile xenofroms that attacked Arul. Rolana then stepped out from behind the tree.

*[Flash back End]*

Ellen stood there eyeing the female protoss in front of her while keeping the other two in the edges of her vision and noticed that all three reacted to her knowing that their protoss.

"Is this really the source of the psionic power, this unclothed weakling" Kainok spoke in a disbelieving and disdainful tone.

A instant later he was knocked ten feet back by a large blue fist extending from the outstretched left arm of the young girl, which greatly surprised Rolana and Zerion, and especially Kainok who was hit by it.

"YEAH WELL, if I knew you three were going to show up, I would have put some cloths on," Ellen yelled out with a red face feeling embarrassed that they saw her naked and then Ellen quickly reformed the giant blue fist into aura armor covering her body but only up to her neckline leaving her head exposed so as to give her a better sight line as Ellen knew the protoss were fast and nimble.

"Interesting... she can physically manifest her psionic power!" Zerion thought quit surprised at this ability.

Ellen then jumped a few feet back so she could keep all three protoss in her sight.

"Now then i'm sure by the looks on your face's that you protoss have never seen psionic powers like my before." Ellen said in a questioning tone to the female protoss as Kainok felt pain over his entire body as he stood up weakly holding his chin and then sparked his psi blades in anger and took a step forward as Ellen focused her eyes on him.

"Kainok stop. I want to talk first," Rolana ordered in a commanding tone, Kainok growled angrily as he deactivated his psiblade's. "No, we have never encountered psionic abilities like yours before... Are you truly the new master of the xenoforms you called zerg?"

"Yes I am. My name is Ellen," Ellen replied in truth, staring back at the female protoss who's easily two feet taller then she is.

Ellen mentally preparing for a battle and thought that the protoss female must be the leader since she giving the orders.

"My name is Rolana, if I may ask three questions. First, how is it that you know we are protoss, and how did you gain control of the zerg as you call them. And why send them to attack your own kind?" Rolana asked her three questions closely watching Ellen.

Ellen stared back at Rolana eyes and cracked a smile as she sensed her royal guard were on their way and decided to by a little time.

"Well at first I was attacked by the zerg, they were trying to capture me so they could infest me and make me into their new leader. Since they were separated from their old master, but I bet them to it, 'sigh'... thinking back I was just as surprised as they were when it happened," Ellen said partly explaining still keeping all the protoss in her sight.

"That's not a complete answer," Rolana said a little irritated at the incomplete explanation.

"Huh as if I would tell you about my special ability," Ellen spoke getting Rolana to worry about some unknown power. "But to cut a story short story, I gained a telepathic connection to the zerg hive mind and after that they followed me without question," 'SIGH" Ellen closed and opened her eyes. "And as for why i'm using them to attack my own species... it's because most humans on this planet are stupid... selfish... self-absorbed... ignorant... fools who are destroying their own planets beauty, and ability to sustain life. All because they value their own creations like money and technology, more than the other lifeforms that live on this planet. Even leaving their follow humans to starve and suffer just because they don't have the money or social status. I on other hand value all the other lifeforms of this world and care for the soul and future of humanity... Which is why I plan on destroying much of humanity's civilization on the Earth. And the rest that I leave will have to change their way's if they want to continue existing as a civilization. I'm going to change the course of human... no of terran history... for better or worse. You protoss have probably kept yourselves isolated on Mars, all this time so you know nothing of what go's on on this world. So you have no right to judge me or my actions," Ellen spoke with a strong conviction in her heart and took a few breaths. "I don't really care about you protoss neither do want to attack or fight you. But if 'you' want a fight right now. I won't hold back." said Ellen with eyes that looked resolved to fight and ready to kill.

Rolana and Zerion were a little impressed and intrigued at Ellens words, but another was not so moved.

"'Baa' You spout many words little one but you are a fool thinking you can fight us.. the protoss, first born of the Xel'naga, now that you lead those creatures you call zerg you are just as foul as they are and deserving of death" Kainok spoke in a arrogant and hostile tone as he activated his psiblades and again getting Ellen attention.

"Kainok STOP," Rolana ordered.

"No Rolana... you may be my commander now, but only because my true leader Va'khan was ambushed and slane by these treacherous... 'zerg' before he could call for the rest of his forces. My blood calls for vengeance at the death of my commander and my people... I would think even you would want vengeance for the deaths of our people and your brothers lost arm. The master of the... 'zerg' stands before us. wreaking havoc. Upon her own world no less and leading the same foul creatures that took the lives of thousands of our people and you... would do nothing... but TALK." Kainok shouted in a accusing tone as Rolana replied.

"Emm that's... different Kainok, I am not as eager as you are for a battle, besides she is not the one who lead these... zerg to attack us before on Arul and-"

"Baaa enough of your meaningless words. I WILL HAVE MY REVENGE" shouted Kainok as he turned to Ellen and leaped swinging his right psi-blade down upon Ellen's head.

In an instant Ellen reacted. Crouching, lowering her center of gravity and simultaneously extending the aura at her for arms into two one foot long triangular blades mimcing the protoss arm blades. Ellen swug up with her left blade catching Kainok's blade in its downward swing thanks to the enhanced strength the aura armor gives her when it covers her body.

The force of the strike still pushed her back a few inches, do to the protosses higher body mass, Kainok's eyes opened wide in shock that his full force strike was stopped, then in a flash Ellen parried Kainok's blade and sidestepped him slashing with her right blade as they passed each other. Cutting through his golden armor leaving and a small gash on Kainok's right side as he stumbled forward from his own momentum. Much to the surprise of all three protoss, and even Ellen was surprised at her reaction speed.

Ellen jumped ten feet back putting more space between herself and Kainok .

"Aaah, you'll pay for that" Kainok threatened as he turned around to face Ellen holding his right side as blood dripped from between his fingers and he felt ashamed to be struck by what he saw as a lesser lifeform.

"That's enough Kainok" Rolana yelled in a commanding tone as Zerion grabbed him from behind.

Just then the twelve Hunter killers arrived leaping out from the trees. Six of them moved around their Empress to guard her and the other six surrounded the three protoss who ignited their psi-blade's at the appearance of the new threat surrounding them. The hunter killers had a upper body like a hydralisk and lower body like a zergling with a tail. The front legs were thicker and more muscular with armor plating and four clawed feet. Covering the hunter killers body were rows of overlapping armor plating colored blood red.

"I wondered when the hunter killers would get here." Ellen said wondering about how they would do against protoss but Ellen doesn't want more enemies. "Hold don't attack," Ellen spoke aloud so the protoss could hear, The hunter killers obayed and lowered their bladed arms and closing their spine launcher flaps.

The six Hunter killers surrounding the three protoss backed off giving them space. The three protoss then turned to Ellen.

"listen Rolana, human civilization is stagnating right now so I need to... motivate them to advance to a brighter future, which means hurting... and killing them after all the best kind of motivation is a threat to one's life. I only plan on killing half the current human population and when i'm satisfied that humanity has started moving on to a new future i'll take my zerg and leave this solar system. So when you report everything back to your leader just tell them to-"

Ellen was cut off as a barrage of phase disruptor blasts landed in the forest around her and her hunter killers. Ellen and the hunter killers looked to the sky to see a protoss shuttle silently hovering above the forest canopy it's guns aiming for them. Taking the opportunity Rolana, Kainok and Zerion ran back to their shuttle.

Ellen and the hunter killers noticed them leave but did nothing as they were focused on the craft aiming at them. Ellen thought about using her other new technique on the protoss shuttle but decided not to and after a few minutes the protoss shuttle left and joined the other as both started to fly up and out of the Earth's atmosphere.

Ellen watched as the Protoss shuttles flew away. The reason the overseers didn't detect the protoss shuttles before is because the overseers were focused on detecting human craft and both the protoss shuttles had stealth systems that blocked most of the light waves and forms of energy the overseers use to detect things with. It was only the psionic presence of the protoss and the refined Khaydarin crystals powering the shuttle's that the overseers could detect but having never encountered them before the overseers simply observed their movement not recognizing them as a possible threat until the second shuttle fired at their empress which elicited a heavy and violent response by all the mutalisk and scourges guarding the primary hive cluster.

The swarm of flying zerg quickly approached the two fleeing shuttles as they flew higher up. Ellen sensed this and commanded all the mutalisk and scourges to brake off from their attack and return to the primary hive cluster.

"Mmm... well that could have gone worse" Ellen said to herself as she petted a hunter killer and then hopped on its back and returning to the Primary hive cluster.

Darkside of moon

~Rolana are you and the others unharmed?~ Roken spoke over the holo screen.

"Yes brother i'm fine, but Kainok was wounded," Rolana answered looking over her shoulder to the rear hold seeing Zerion apply a medical field patch on to Kainok's side to stop the bleeding then she turned back to Roken on the holo screen. "Why did you follow me here brother. Or did Kaldalis send you to give me back up?" Rolana asked in a partly glad and partly irritated tone. As Rolana's brother Roken always had a bad habit of butting in on his sisters business.

~No... I came of my own choice after I learned you and two of your zealots had left the settlement. I had Lasarra modify another shuttle with a stealth system, phase disrupters and a gravitic drive which... is how I was able to reach this world in just a days time,~ Roken explained.

Rolana Sighed crossing her arms.

"Don't you think I can take care of myself brother, I don't need you to save me every time I get into trouble like when we were younglings," Rolana said glaring at the image of her twin brother on the holoscreen.

~Yes... well... why shouldn't a older brother worry about his younger sister,~ Roken argued back.

"Two minutes, your only older by two minutes Roken and I-."

The twin siblings continued to argue over the holoscreen as Zerion and Kainok listened from the rear hold.

"Aaa siblings, glad I never had any," Kainok said as Zerion shot him a glare and having patched his wound stepped into the control room of the shuttle.

"Commander Rolana, should we not to give our report to Kaldalis," Zerion spoke getting the two siblings to stop arguing.

"Sigh, your right Zerion," Rolana said agreeing with her second in command.

Rolan activated the shuttles comms and connected to the protoss settlement on Mars and reported on everything they had discovered.

~I see this is a peculiar situation,~ said Kaldalis on the holoscreen having herd Rolanas report about Ellen and the zerg.

~What should be our next move,~ Roken asked from another holoscreen.

~There is still the matter of the second psionic signature. I want you to find out if it or they are another person with psionic abilities like this... Ellen. And if they are we may let these humans decide on their own what future they want for themselves. Since it seems one has decided that they clam to know what is best for their species's future.~ Kaldalis said over the holoscreen.

Rolana gave a sigh and replied.

"But Kaldalis what of the Dae'Uhl [great stewardship] and not interfering with the lives of other races."

~Given the situation Rolana, I think we can be a little... flexible, but we will not interced unless Ellen gos back on her word.~

"Very well commander. We'll investigate the second psionic presence and if it's another human with the same psionic powers as Ellen we'll make contact and inform them of Ellen and her plans.

Old primary hive cluster

Aba'steins evolution chamber

After Ellen's first encounter with the protoss, she returned to the old primary hive cluster where Aba'stein does all of his research and experiments. During the slimy trip through the nydus network Ellen was wondering how she understood the protoss language and how they understood her. The only thing she could think of was it had something to do with psionics.

Minutes later Ellen walked into the evo chamber and saw the zerg geneticist working like always. Aba'stein stopped his work and turned to face his Empress who was wearing her aura cloak.

"Aba'stein whats taking so long isn't the roach ready yet" Ellen asked wanting to know what's taking so long.

"New strain. Meant to withstand great damage. Requires superior regeneration. Took essence from many different lifeforms. Mixed essence. Took time to perfect," explained Aba'stein.

"I hope that means it's ready" the swarm Empress said crossing her arms staring at Aba'stein who just replied.


"Good, now show me"asked Ellen.

"Follow" Aba'astein replied as he moved towards a ramp leading down to a new chamber beneath the evolution chamber.

The ramp spiraled down hundreds of feet. As Ellen and Aba'stein reached the bottom it opened up to a massive chamber almost as big as the spire chambers in the primary hive cluster. But what caught Ellen's attention was the rows of raised dark alcoves on the floor that were split between the left and right sides of the chamber.

With many having green semi-transparent chrysalis fitted in them, in small groups of different sizes, the ones on the left side of the chamber held zerg strains.

As Ellen looked at them she saw two small chrysalis. One held a locust. the other a larva. And nearby other chrysalis held a normal zergling and a Piranhaling. And in the same row a little farther away was another chrysalis holding a baneling.

Ellen looked around at more groups of chrysalis in rows farther back seeing they held a hydralisk, impaler, hunter killer, a queen and another group of giant chrysalis near the back of the chamber held a overlord, overseer, mutalisk, scourge, and all the way in back another massive chrysalis held a broodlord, and on the chambers right side were all giant chrysalis holding a hatchery, lair, queens nest, spawning pool, hydralisk den, impaler den, spire, extractor, digester, nydus hub. All the current strains and buildings of the swarm were in here.

"I take it this is the system you came up with to hold all the possible variations of zerg essence," Ellen said with a impressed look on her face.

"Essence chamber. Holds all swarm strains and buildings. Still incomplete " Aba,stein explained.

"Incomplete, you mean until I morph the lair into a hive and spawn all the remaining zerg strains right" the Empress asked looking over to Aba,stein who also turned to look at his Empress.

"No. Essence chamber only stage one. Stage two compression of essence storage form. Using special larva. Yet to be completed" Aba'stein explained.

He then started slithering off towards a side chamber. Ellen followed and as she entered and saw the first roach. It's armored shell of a body somewhat looking like a zergfied turtle was 10 feet long and 7 feet wide with a few spikes sticking out of its back. It also has six thickly muscled and armored insect legs and the head or rather the false head like a hydralisk had thick armor plates on its top and sides. The Roach also had two large and long folded scythe shaped blade arms on the front sides of the shelled body just behind the head.

"Well, it certainly looks like it can take a lot of damage with that armored body. But i'll reserve judgment until I see what it can do in real combat. And I already have a target in mind. Is it ready to be mass produced from larva," Ellen asked without turning her head.

"Mass spawning of Roach will be ready. After this one installed in essence chamber" Aba'stein answered as he and the roach left the small side chamber into the main chamber with Ellen close behind.

Aba'stein lead the roach to a spot close to the hydralisk and the roach sat down on the creep covered ground then Aba'stein started to weave a chrysalis around the roach, Ellen watched until it was done.

"Now that your done with that Aba'stein. I have another project I want you to start on" Ellen spoke as Aba'stein became curious at the new project could be.

Protoss shuttles

High Earth orbit over eastern Europe

Having decided on their next course of action the four protoss traveled in orbit to the location of the second strong psionic presence on Earth which lead them to the continent of Europe; the light from the city's under the darkness of night were visible from space.

In the south-eastern part of Baltic sea on the northern border of Poland, south of Finland and right along russia's western border lay the country of Gallia a country who's history is unique, and despite being a small land. It holds most of the worlds Ragnite supply. And having a simi religious faith in the beings known as Valkyrur who through out Gallia's over 3000 year long history have always defended the small nation from invasion but only if the people of Gallia first fought in their own defense. But even then the Valkyrur only interfered when absolutely necessary, otherwise leaving the nations defense in the people's hands and lead by the royle family who by Gallias own history was established by the valkyrur themselves and who most believe are descended from the valkrur.

Darcsens were easily differentiated from other humans by their unique hair color which ranges from raven black, to dark blue and sky blue, to a rare silver which is always accompanied by red eyes. Only 1% of the darcsen population have this rare and even more unique characteristic.

Most scientist agree that the unique hair color of Darcsens is the result of living in a land whos vary soil is saturated by high amounts of ragnite ore which is useful not only in the military as explosives that are more then four times more powerful the even C4 and if properly refined and processed, even diluted in water it can be used as fuel for vehicles, ships, and airplanes and can get on average double the range at a fraction of the amount of oil and gasoline can.

Ragnit also seems to have strange healing properties that are used in medical operations in Gallia. Scientist around the world also agree that there are many other uses for ragnite which have not been found yet. All of which makes the heavily regulated mining of Ragnite ore gallia's main national treasure and a source of income from export and as a result Gallia has devoted a lot of time and scientific resource's into discovering the secrets of Ragnite. And because its so coveted many like Nazi germany have sot to gain it for themselves forcing Gallia in the past and present to develop a strong military. One that's currently ranked seventh on the world ranking of military powers and is only that low because of the small size of the Gallian military compared to other larger nations like the USA, russia, and china.

"This can not be right!," Rolana spoke surprised as she looked at the sensor readings "The sensor's indicate high amounts of raw Khaydarin crystals in the ground, in the same region as the second psionic signature."

The protoss were dumbfounded as to the origin of so much raw Khaydarin crystal's all concentrated in one place. Even on the protoss homeworld of Aiur the Khaydarin crystal's are not this concentrated in one place but are disseminated throughout the tectonic crust of Aiur which is the base's of the great psionic matrix that links together all protoss buildings scattered across the Koprulu sector, mainly protoss Nexus which is the core of any and all protoss settlements.

~I've never seen such dense gathering of raw unrefined Khaydarin crystal before. Not even on Aiur~ Roken said almost in shock over the holo comm.

"Yes, but the concentrations of Khaydarin crystals drops off greatly across the rest of the planet's soil. Although it is still present across the planet's crust in micro amounts" Zerion added looking from his holoscreen in the set next to Rolana.

~Still this is most interesting. This world... Earth must have been touched by the Xel'naga in the distant past. How else can such amounts of Khaydarin crystal be on this world?~ said Roken.

Kainok entered the shuttles control room and stared in wonderment at the massive concentrations of Khaydarin crystals indicated on the holo-screens.

The four protoss thought about the implications of this, as they flew closer to the source of the psionic signature. Minute's later the two protoss shuttles screamed through the atmosphere leaving fiery trail's behind them and eventually reaching a large forested area in the western part of the Gallia. The Barious forest and flew to a isolated area in the deepest part of the forest were only a small community of about two hundred people lived in the middle of the dense coniferous forest.

~It is close, only a few miles away now~ said Roken over the comm with a tone of anticipation in his voice.

The two protoss shuttle's slowed down as they flew over the forest, and after a few minutes the sensor's picked up a large structure hidden under the dense forest canopy. It was shaped like a saucer with a spiral pattern on its back. From the scan it was made out of a nano fabricated hybrid between stone and metal with micro amounts of Khaydarin crystals embedded in its inner shell just like the control room of the Xel'naga warpgate that brought the protoss to this star system.

The protoss then found and landed in large gap between the trees, braking a few branches off the tall trees in the process as the shuttles landed.

As the engines winned down Rolana Zerion and Kainok exited their shuttle. As Roken exited his shuttle; Rolana turned to Kainok and decided he needed to be punished after his insubordination from before.

"Kainok, you stay here and guard the shuttles" Rolana ordered.

Quickly Kainok turned to face her surprised and angered.

"But WHY, I wise to see these wond-?"

"YOU KNOW WHY... I will not tolerate my templar being disobedient. Consider this punishment for your insubordination earlier. And you should be grateful that i'm so lenient. now stay HERE and watch the shuttles, in case any of the humans come looking around here. AND... if they do take off with the shuttles and contact us Understood," Rolana ordered with finality.

"Yes... sir," Kai'nok grumbled disappointed that he wouldn't be able to see the Xel'naga ruines.

After getting a look from her brother Rolana and Zerion proceeded to join him near the entrench of the structure. As they approached not surprisingly the spiral door opened for them.

As he watched the others enter the Xel'naga temple Kainok grumbled in frustration and walked back onto the shuttle.

Rolana was the first to step foot in the Xel'naga building the interior of which was lite up by the light emitted by the trace amounts of khaydarin crystals in walls themselves, just like the control room for the Xel'naga super gate that brought the protoss and zerg to this solar system. The chamber was about a hundred feet wide so not a large building if it wasn't for the thick walls The interior of the building was mostly featureless except for the spiral pattern in the center of the room which looked just like the front door.

"I can feel the psionic presence is close by but where is it" Rolana wondered as she placed her hand on the smooth walls as her brother looked at the only thing of interest in the room. The large 12 foot wide spiral relief in the center of the rooms floor.

"Perhaps this," Roken said as he took a step to close and the spiral relief opened up like the front door reveling a spiral staircase leading down catching all three protoss attention as they approached the new opening.

"So? who go's first" Roken asked.

"I'll go," Rolana said as she walked down the spiral stairs Roken and Zerion following behind her.

As they proceeded down into the structure the shuttles were approached by another protoss. But this new protoss was hidden under a cloaking field that not only made him invisible but also blocked his psionic presence from being detected by others with psionic power.

The stranger wore armor somewhat similar to a protoss but black and with sharper edges and red khaydarin crystals instead of blue. The helmet had three segmented plates on its top and sides each with a red crystal. The helmet also covered the lower half of the face but showing the red glowing eyes.

Azrumath the ancient and very old Tal'darim could not wait to 'meet his fellow protoss' whom he called to this world by activating the Xel'naga warp gate on Mars. Azrumath had been isolated on this planet for tens of millennium after the great war between the Xel'naga and the true gods from the 'warp' a higher layer of reality of pure thought and will separate from this material plan of existence. The Xel'naga barely won the war by secretly forging an array of structures that when activated wiped out all life across the galaxy. Then when the gods of the warp were weakened by the rapid loss of power from losing so many servants at once the secondary ability of the fortress ring worlds activated generating a dimensional stabilising field that barred the entrance of the warp and keeped the two realms separate from each other.

But in all his great wisdom the lord of all the warp gods sent the Tal'darim out of the galaxy far out of the affected galaxy. All thought it took time the Tal'darim returned to the galaxy but the army of Xel'naga machines which reseeded the galaxy with life were not going to let the corrupted protoss release their gods. And so a new war erupted one which the Tal'darim lost. With most of their military power gone the Tal'darim retreated back into the fringes of the galaxy to rebuild and wait for the time to strike again. Meanwhile the Xel'naga sentinels continued their work of reseeding life across the galaxy and continuing their masters finally order and will to prepare one of the other younger surviving races to take their place and take up their mantle of responsibility.

During the short war between the Tal'darim and the Sentinels; Azrumaths ship was shot down and crashed into Earths pacific ocean and now rested in the deepest part Challenger Deep in the Mariana Trench. And for tens of thousands of years Azrumath lay and his surviving crew lay in stasis chambers. That is until his ships sensors detected a powerful psionic presence.

When Azrumath awakened he used a small shuttle to leave the depths of the pacific ocean and searched out this psionic presence which turned out to be a human female granted great psionic power by the Xel'naga or rather their machines. Azrumath had little concern for the humans but maybe sometime in the future this human female could be of use to him.

For decades after that Azrumath searched for parts to repair his ship with. Even manipulating certain groups of humans to help him; one such group are the remanites of nazi germany who are obsessed with restoring their peaty little empire. Even the primitive technology of the humans is somewhat sufficenet in repairing his damaged ship but what was really useful are the raw khaydarin crystals of Gallia.

A few months back Azrumath detected another psionic presence very similar to the first psionic human. But it disappeared before he could identify who it was, which was very suspicious. Azrumath surmised that the second psionic human, somehow must have left the planet as to how he did not know.

And then a third psionic human awoken to her powers a month before now. However this one was far younger then the others and had lost her parents in a plane crash and was now living with her uncle in this vary forest but this is not why Azrumath is here.

Azrumath is here in Gallia for the other protoss who have finally arrived, although they seem to be different than the Tal'darim. Softer, weaker and easier to influence and manipulate Particularly this one sitting alone in the shuttle.

As he approached the shuttle the Tal'darim Executor decloked.

Instantly Kainok sensed the psionic presence suddenly appear outside. He stood up and sparked his psi-blade and walked outside; where he came face to face with another protoss but wareing black armor. Kainok had never seen such armor before but knew that it was still of protoss make.

"Who are you?" Kainok asked to which the strange protoss chuckled darkly.

"My name is Azrumath; I am 'your' ancient brother, my fellow protoss, and I serve the true gods who are beyond the cowardly Xel'naga who win their wars with trickery.

At those words Kainok seared with anger for someone to belittle and insult the Xel'naga. Kainok the knew that this protoss is not a friend but kainok hesitated; he did not want to attack since it is for forbidden for a protoss to harm another ever since the end of the aeon of strife. But Azrumath did not have such a restriction and lunged at the hesitant Kainok and with a lightning quick jab to the chest knocked Kainok to the ground.

"How pathetic... your... weak little templar. But don't worry i'll make you 'stronger'..." Azrumath said pulling out a vile of sundrop a drug that alters the brain chemistry of protoss who use it. One of its effects is to break the Khala, rendering the protoss distressed, angry, fearful and to a Tal'darim as powerful as Azrumath far easier to manipulate and brainwash. "That is if you renounce your devotion to the false gods the Xel'naga," Azrumath declared.


Roken, Rolana and Zerion walked deeper and deeper at least two hundred feet down until reaching a short tunnel which lead out into a large domed chamber also lite by the wall's illumination.

As they reached the chambers center, the three of them felt like another darker psionic presence appeared out of nowhere. Just then the powerful psionic presence they've been looking for got closer and the spiral door on the other side of the chamber opened.

The figure standing before them was a human female dressed in a bodysuit with a white and black jacket that went down to her knees, and she was holding a spiral lance and shield.

"Huh? protoss,.. so their finally here?" said the silver haired women as her red eyes looked upon the three protoss.

The three protoss were shocked to find that yet another human knows of them even though they only recently arrived on this planet. They were also worried about the new dark psionic presence that had appeared, but Rolana decided to focus on one thing at a time instead of splitting up.

"Who are you and how do you know that we are protoss?" Rolana asked.

"Oh... sorry my name is Alicia and as for how I know about you... well just follow me I'll show you " Alicia replied.

The three templar glanced at one another and decided to follow this Alicia. They walked out the same way Alicia entered, moving through a long tunnel that was bigger than the first. Thay exited into another winding stair case that descended further down a hundred meters and passed through a dozen rooms as the walls started to be covered in iconography the deeper they went which Rolana recognised as Xel'naga writing, but she unfortunately could not decipher them.

"If only Lassara was here, maybe she could understand these writings." Rolana said.

Hearing that Alicia spoke up.

"I'm not completely sure but... I think this writing on the walls is just some form of decoration. But I really wouldn't know, whatever the ancient Valkyrur meant by them they still add to the beauty of this place " Alicia said also enjoying the writing along the walls.

"Valkyrur?... we believed this place to be the work of the Xel'naga" spoke Roken.

"Brother I believe the name Valkyrur is the humans name for the Xel'naga" Rolana said.


As they continued to walk Rolana relized something about Alicias words.

"Answer me this Alicia, you said ancient Valkyrur correct, then do you mean there are living Valkyrur or rather Xel'naga?"

"Well i'm actually a Valkyrur myself" Alicia admitted as the three templer stared at her in shock. "Well i'm... not the same as the ancient Valkyrur, I think the real Valkyrur or the Xel'naga as you protoss call them. Gave a few humans... like me... great powers..." explained Alicia in a somewhat saddened tone.

"If that is indeed the case then you humans were given a great gift. But... why would the Xel'naga only give psionic powers to a few humans?" Zerion asked as they turned a right corner.

"Unfortunately... we may never know, for the Xel'naga hid their secrets well" Rolana replied.

They continued until reaching a grand vaulted chamber with two rows of black stone hexagon pylons with green glowing lines along their corners running from the entrance to the wall in the back of the chamber.

The four of them continued through the room until reaching the other end of the chamber where the three protoss looked in awe at a massive stone relief; depicting on its lower left side, seven rings but one is being shattered into fragments.

And on the lower right side there is a giant metallic white and golden humanoid figure kneeling with androgynous facial features, azure eyes, purple robes, and four pairs of golden angel-wings with a ornate crown-like adornment hovering between his horns wilding a double sided scythe in the right hand and in the left hand is a small representation of the galaxy.

And in the upper middle part of the stone picture is a scene depicting a battle between a purple winged figure in a black suit with blue energy lines tracing across the suit with a ring of glowing swords behind the figure who was fighting against the golden winged figure from the lower right part of the same stone picture.

As Roken, Rolana and Zerion looked at the stone carving they wondered what it all ment then Alicia turned to them and spoke.

"From what I can tell, and... this is just a theory. But I think the rings must be some kind of seal that's keeping the big golden guy here sealed away somewhere, but when he is released he will try to take over the universe. But then... this other person who ever it is will resist and fight him. Although who this person is and how the battle go's I don't know" Alicia explained her interpretation of it.

"This is... most unsettling, if this is indeed a prophecy from the Xel'naga... then there will be a great war across the entire galaxy," Roken said in a grave tone.

Rolana turned to her brother .

"Yes... but considering the timeline of events it seems that it all begins with the destruction of this great ring structure. If... we can stop that then we can stop the release of this... being depicted here," Rolana explained her thoughts as Zerion simple agreed with a nod.

"If you think it's real... then I also believe it is real," Alicia said. "We should take precautions to stop the destruction of this great ring, but from what the other stone carvings depicts the ring world is far away from Earth, meaning we'll need a ship to reach it."

That got the protoss attention and worry considering they did not have something like that and even if the protoss were to build a ship it would take years for it to be completed given the protoss refugees current situation.

"Other stone carvings?" Roken asked as Alicia turned and pointed along the wall which had smaller stone carvings along it.

The four of them started walking along the wall looking at the other carvings. Some depicting events none of them recognised.

But the three protoss did recognise a few of the carvings which depicted the protoss Aeon of strife in which the once united protoss civilization became fractured and self destructive when the communal empatic psionic bond shared by the protoss of the time became weak somehow and this led to the a war that spread across Aiur and even to many of the protoss colonies on other worlds.

Another stone carving depicted Khas uniting the protoss in the Khala ending the Aeon of strife.

"It would seem many things of the past and maybe the future are depicted here. Now I understand how you knew of us protoss even without ever meeting us before" Rolana said as she continued to marvel at the prophetic carvings another of which showed the hunting of the dark templar and their exile from Aiur which Zerion stared at as somewhere deep inside him he felt it had significance to himself for some reason.

"We need to tell Kaldalis about this as soon as possible" Roken said.

"Agreed" Rolana replied.

The four of them then walked back the way they came. As they walked Rolana talked to Alicia about Ellen and the zerg.

I see these... zerg must bee the creatures that attacked me months ago. I can understand why Ellen would do something like that... considering the way the world is. I... I guess i'll have to do something about her... seeing as she's both a human and a Valkyrur like me. It's my responsibility to deal with her," Alicia replied again in a sadend tone as the three protoss felt that she was feeling depressed after hearing what Ellen is doing.

As the four of them returned to the first domed chamber of the facility they were greeted by a surprising sight. Both Azrumath and Kainok stood in the center of the Chamber.

Kainok looked as if he was injured and very distressed and agitated after being given sundrop which severed his link to the Khala. And having his mind and subconscious tortured by Azrumath.

"Who are you" Rolana said as Azrumath sparked his bright red baneblades.

"I am Azrumath. Executor of the black fang armada and loyal servant of the gods of the warp. Now I would have you to surrender, I would hate to... kill any of you as I have planes for your psionic might," Azrumath bellowed in a threatening and intimidating tone.

Rolana, Roken and Zerion all readied themselves for a fight.

"Azrumath. We will not bow to you or whatever planes you have. And what have you done to my templar Kainok," Rolana said defiant.

Azrumath laughed mockingly. The Tal'dairm was outnumbered four to one but he only saw mear younglings standing before him. Who could know not of the great war he had fought in. And battles that stretched across the galaxy and burned entier worlds to ashes.

"Very well then. Kainok stay here I'll show you what true power is." Azrumath said nonchalantly as he walked towards Rolana and her group.

Roken activated his robotic right arm and the hand folded down as the plates on the sides expanded out and slid forward then he aimed it at Azrumath and fired a smaller version of a dragoons Phase disruptor. The shining ball of death shot forth at Azrumath who's right hand glowed with a psionic barrier and to everyone's shock he simply caught the phase disruptor blast and then squashed it. There was a bright flash as the ball of energy disappeared. And everyone just stood there surprised at the display of power.

"Really?... 'THAT'S' the best you got?," Azrumath said disappointed by the feeble attack.

"Fine than we'll do this up close" Roken said very disappointed at his arm cannon which at a thought folded back into a arm and then a psi-blade sparked out from its side just like his left arms psi-blade.

"I'll fight with you brother" Rolana said as she charged with her brother sparking her own psi-blades.

The two on one battle began as Azrumath charged with great speed taking both the younger templar off guard with a series of powerful strikes. The one red baneblade clashing against the four blue psi-blades in a flurry of lightning quick slashes and thrusts. Rolan and Roken knew instantly that they were fighting against an opponent with far more experience and superior skill then both of them combined. The tal'darim and two templar danced back and forth slashing at each other. both Rolana and Roken struggled to get a single hit in as Azrumaths defense was perfect despite fighting one handed he skillfully dashed dozen's of feet back and forth keeping himself from being caught between both his opponents. Always positioning himself so he's facing both of them.

Even a novice could see that the fight was one-sided as every strike by Rolana and her brother was either dodged, blocked or parried. There was no wasted energy in any of Azrumaths movements every move had purpose behind it as he thought and moved ten steps ahead of his two less experienced opponents.

Then Rolana jumped a dozen feet in the air as Azrumath kicked her brother her towards her but her psi-blade was blocked by the fierce red baneblade and Azrumath met her eyes with his.

"Hmm... precognition... interesting. You'll be a fine servant of the gods. I'll be sure to brake that spirit of your's though."

As Azrumath was talking Roken got up and dashed forward as Rolana grabbed Azrumaths arm as her brother dashed past finally getting behind their opponent. Roken attacked but then Azrumath sparked his other baneblade blocking Roken's attack.

"Well... i'll congratulate the two of you for forcing me to use both of by baneblades, however...," Azrumath gathered his psionic power into his arms and then with a quick twist of his body and arms he created two shockwaves that sent Roken and Rolana flying in both directions. "Both of you still have a lot to learn and your psionic power is still weak. Maybe if you train for a few hundred or more years you'll give me a challenge at least."

Roken and Rolana both landed on opposite sides of the room both with severe injuries wenching in pain from their wounds.

Alicia could not just stand by and do nothing even though she only just meet them she decided it was her time to fight and with a pulse of psionic power activated her lance and shield both expanded becoming wider and longer.

Azrumath flexed his hands in anticipation.

"Well, well it's about time... come human let me see the power the oh great Xel'naga gave you." said Azrumath in a mocking tone.

In a blurr Alicia dashed across the room the tip of her lance slammed into a psionic barrier protecting Azrumath body. The force of the impact knocked him back a dozen meters and he laughed darkly as he picked himself up.

"THAT'S... more like it," said Azrumath as his eyes glowed more brightly.

Alicia then aimed her lance at Azrumath and fired a rapid stream of beams at him. Azrumath nimbly dodged side to side and quickly closed the distance. Then he fired his own attack as red lightning shot out of his hands and struck Alicia's shield which easily took the damage.

Then Azrumath switched to another of his abilities and fired a glowing red orb that floated across the floor. Alicia dodged to the side as the orb shot out red lightning at her and hit her in the leg.


Alicia's skin was scorched and she knew she had underestimated her opponent which she decided not to do any more as she fully used her power and azure blue flames erupted over her body forming a extra layer of defense and boosting her speed and strength.

"Ohh that's impressive. But try some of this."

Azrumath gathered his power and fired a red psi storm. It covered a large area with Alicia in the center as she struggled from the psionic presser hitting her along with more red lightning that strike the whole area.

The force of the psi storm cracked the ground around Alicia and this went on for a few moments until the Alicia jumped into the air and out of the psi-storm. She landed right behind her opponent and spun around as her psionically charged lance and Azrumath's red baneblades clashed. The force knocked both of them backwards. Then both of them began moving much faster as they blocked parried and dodged each others attacks.

Azrumath and Alicia continued their battle shaking the chamber from the force of their blows as Rolana and Roken crawled out of the way of the intense battle and tried to recover from their wounds.

As he watched Kainok directed his malice to the only other person in the room who hasn't fought yet. His mind was left twisted and with a directionless aggression from the separation form the Khala and the mental torture from Azrumath who implanted a subconscious command to obey Azrumath. Kainok could not hold hims self back anymore and charged across the curved edge of the chamber and approached Zerion.

"What is your intention Kainok," Zerion said not sure of his intentions.

"I Just want to see how skilled Rolana's favorite pet is that all," said Kainok showing his malice as he sparked his psiblades.

"Very well then," Zerion said as he sparked his own psi blades.

Both templar took combat stance's and circled around each other for a few moments until Zerion made the first move thrusting with his left psi-blade which Kainok parried and then counter attacked with a flurry of slashes and short thrust's. Forcing Zerion back a little until he dodged a thrust and manged to catch Kainok's wrist and smack him in the face with a elbow knocking him back a little. But Kainok just shook his head and glared at Zerion. Who then started his own offensive attack slash's and thrust's mixed with knee and elbow strikes. The two continued fighting for a few minutes until Kainok over reached a thrust and Zerion side stepped and slashed Kainok's left arm off just below the elbow.

"AAAAH," cried Kainok in pain as his left for arm fell to the floor his psi-blade's faded.

"Are you done Kainok." Zerion asked as he looked over at the other battle and then back to Kainok who glared back in anger holding the bleeding stump of his left arm.

Then Kainok had a thought he then picked up his severed arm and charged towards Zerion who held his arms out at the ready and the instant Kainok stepped close enough Zerion thrust both his psi-blades forward this time aiming for Kainok's shoulders aiming to further disarm him literally.

But in that instant Kainok twisted his body so his right side would face Zerion while sending a psionic charge through the severed arm sparking the psi-blade thrusting it forward into Zerion's chest barely missing his vital organs as Zerion's two psi-blades missed Kainok by scant inches on both sides. Kainok then pulled his psi-blade out of Zerion's chest who then collapsed on his knees holding his hands over the hole as he felt great pain from the nearly fatal wound.

"Aaah... I see, you used your own severed arm to... increase your range" Zerion said in a pained tone realizing how Kainok beat him.

Kainok walked behind Zerion and replied.

"Sorry... but I've found... stronger 'gods' to serve" Kainok said in a cold tone his eyes starting to turn red as he dropped his severed arm and reignited his right arms psi-blade then Kainok slashed across Zerion's upper back cutting a large gash across his back and severing his nerve cords.

Zerion fell to the floor bleeding badly from both wounds. As Azrumath hit Alicia with another psi-storm and then just as she got out of it he dashed forward and released a powerful blast of psionic energy point blank that sent Alicia flying across the room slamming her into a wall at high enough velocity to fracture the stone wall and knock her out.

Kainok picked up his left arm up joined his new master. They then moved their three new prisoners to the more advanced shuttle that Roken used. Except for the mortally wounded Zerion who they left for dead on the chambers cold floor.

Azrumath put psionic restraints on his new prisoners and locked them in the rear hold while his new apprentice tossed his severed arm onto one of the front seats and opened a side compartment attached to the ceiling and pulled out a large golden box with Khalani writing that translates to auto surgery kit.

Kainok activated the box opened and it's AI started to examine his injury's as he reached over to pick up his left arm. Then two robotic arms deployed, one grabbed onto his severed left arm and the other robotic arm sprayed a nanofome onto his severed stump. Kainok felt no pain because of the anesthesia in the nano-fome. And then the robotic arm sprayed it onto the stump of his severed arms stump and then both robotic arms grabbed both stumps and held them steady as they put them together. Then a third robotic arm started to move around the seam of the two halves of the arm spraying more nano-fome over the seem. Kainok held still for a few minute as the nanomachines stitched his arm back together on the cellular level. He took the time to think about what he should do next when his master stepped in.

"I see your healing" Azrumath said as he sat in the control chair.

Kainok scoffed at the words.

"So...master... what do we do now?"

"Firstly... I'd like to congratulate you for being so... proactive is dealing with our enemy's... BUT," Azrumath pointed his finger at Kainok and shot a bolt of his red lightning at his back. Kainok cried out in pain as his muscles and his body convulsed and armor was scorched "You killed one of my... tools and that I will not permit... well... not without my permission anyway. I went through a lot of trouble to... 'arrange' you protoss to come here, and I need them to fulfill my mission." Azrmath said as Kaionk realed from the psi-lightning.

"Ha...ah... ah, wha... what is your... our mission master?"Kainok asked glade the lightning didn't affect the nanomachines stitching his arm together.

"I will tell you... when you impress me... little templar. Now... I have a mission for you, if you complete it. I may consider you compatint."

Kainok growned as the nanomachines completed their work and Kainok flexed his left hands fingers and stood up.

"Mmm... what would my... master have me do."

Azrumath gave Kainok his orders and called his tal'darim shuttle leaving with his three prisoners while Kainok took the other shuttles and left Gallia following the orders he was given to make contact with a human that also serves his new master.

In the dead of night a young girl named Aliasse sleeped in her room on the second floor of her uncles family homestead.

Aliasse opened her red eyes sensing a strange and powerful psionic presence at her friend and teachers home at the Valkyrur ruins.

Aliasse had gained her Valkyrur powers after surviving a plane crash which killed her parents and many other people, and shortly after Aliasse was adopted by her retired uncle Kurt Irving who was a officer in the Gallian military. After she moved in with her uncle Kurt, Alicia found her sensing that Aliasse was a awoken Valkyrur.

Aliasse was at first surprised to meet another person that had these powers but soon after they became fast friends and Alicia trained the young Valkyrur how to control her powers.

Aliasse quickly got up and tied her long silver hair, tip toeing outside so she didn't wake her uncle. As soon as she was at the tree line Aliasse used her psi-aura to form a giant 15 foot tall body around herself and she ran through the forest, her heavy footfalls and large body crashed through the forest scaring a few deer. As she ran Aliasse recognised six different people with psionic powers like her. One was her teacher and friend Alicia but the others she didn't recognise but one felt malevolent and evil while another felt confused and angry. But as time went on Alicia's and three other psionic presence's got weaker until Aliasse stopped sensing them and she started worrying.

As Aliasse approached the Valkyrur ruins she sensed that two of the psi-presences were flying into the sky. She had missed them, but Aliasse then sensed another presence in the ruins, it was very weak but it was there.

Although she used her psionic aura powers Aliasse remained hidden by a device her friend and teacher Alicia had given her to protect her from monsters that would come for her. Alicia had said she was attacked by these monsters and this bracelet would keep her invisible to them so long as she wore it.

It looked like a gold bracelet with a few jem's set into it. Alicia had found it in the valkyrur ruins and it was not just a piece of jewelry but it functioned as a psionic stealth cloak, much like the armored suit Azrumath wore, only the bracelet didn't make her invisible and so long as Aliasse doesn't project her aura out as a attack the psi-stealth field keeps her invisible to others with psionic sensory abilities both zerg and protoss, while not blocking her own.

Aliasse feared the worst, she wanted to help her friend Alicia but she couldn't stop shaking fear of what she would find inside. Aliasse gathered her courage and walked to the ruins.

As she entered the chamber she saw it was empty except for the opening in the center. Aliasse walked down the spiraling stairs and entered the large dome chamber that the other weaker presence is coming from. She walked across the room and saw a alien laying on the ground.

Aliasse was scared but tried to be as brave as she could knowing her teacher Alicia would want her to be brave. Aliasse looked at the alien and saw that he was wounded. She stood their thinking for a few moments on what she should do, as she did she sensed that the presence of the alien was getting weaker. Aliasse decided to help the alien. She gathered her aura into a giant humanoid-form again and gently Aliasse picked up the wounded alien and ran back through the forest to her uncle Kurt's homestead.

After reaching space Kainok and his master split up and Kainok started on his mission to make contact with a group of humans that Azrumath has manipulated into serving him and had them search for Valkyrur. For what purpose Kainok knew not as his new master is powerful but not very trusting.

Both the protoss shuttles settled as they finished entering the atmosphere over the U.S. east coast guided by the date Azrumath provided. Kainok flew at high altitude to the human city called new york the other shuttle following his. He then had the shuttle AI send a transmission with the contact info to the human his master said was in charge of the organization he was using.

Kainok then landed at the location of the meeting spot. A field miles outside the human city and waited for a few hours until the human arrived.

Richard pulled his car up next to the two large alien shuttles hovering a few feet off the ground in the middle of a field, he turned his car off and got out. Seeing that The protoss waiting for him was not Azrumath but another protoss.

Richard then walked over to the protoss. Nomaly a human would feel a great deal of apprehension at meeting with a real alien for the first time but this was not the first time for Richard as one of his duty's as leader of the neo reich is to maintain contact with their 'benefactor' Azrumath who was the one who found and protected certain members of the falling german empire and made it possible for members of the nazi 'SS' to escape the allied hunts that wiped out all but a few lucky people who remained loyal to the true Nazi germany and to the ideals of hitler.

"Your not Azrumath."

Richard said as he stood in front of the seven foot high protoss.

"And you are Richard... 'master' Azrumath told me about you. He said to help you out and to give you one these shuttles.," Kainok replied indifferent to the human. " "My... our master Azrumath also said that I am to give you assistance in capturing the one you know as CV1."

Richard raised an eyebrow as Kainok spoke interested finally getting his hands on advanced protoss tech and gaining help in capturing CV1 and stopping her rampage. Richard knew that it would be impossible to re-establish the german empire if the world was already destroyed by the zerg.

"Very well in that case I do have a few things I need your help with." Richard replied.


Kurt Irving's family homestead

Aliasse brought the alien to a back room in the barn and tended to the aliens severe wounds. With the bandages and ragnaid she had gotten from the house. Aliasse held the bright blue glowing ragnaid canister over the aliens wounds, wondering if it would even work on a alien.

From what she remembers from school the special energy ragnaid releases cause's a cellular reaction stimulating and fueling the cells ability to heal and close wounds. But as she watched the slash across the aliens back started to slowly close as a small smile appeared across Aliasse's face and a few minutes later she extended her aura into a giant arm and rolled the alien onto his back and used the other canister of ragnaid to close the wound on the chest.

With the wounds closed Aliasse lifted the alien up with her aura arms and wrapped bandage's roll's around the wounds to keepout infection the ragnaid couldn't do everything and it was a little hard with the armor still on. Aliasse then layed the still unconscious alien down. She did everything she could and now the only thing left to was do is wait until he wakes up.

As she sat there watching the alien, the silver haired girl wondered who he was, where he come from and why those other aliens attacked him and most of all why they took Alicia away.

All Aliasse knew was that the alien she rescued was the only way for her to get answers to what happened and she didn't want to see another person, human or alien die. Aliasse grabbed some hay from the side of the room and placed a layer over the aliens body to keep him as warm as she could while keeping his head exposed.

Hours later Aliasse felt the bright sunlight on her face and woke up to the sound of chickens clucking and the neighing of 'Jem' Kurts horse.

Aliasse rubbed her eyes and looked over at the alien who was still asleep under the hay. She then looked up out the barn window seeing that it was day break, and felt her stomach growl. Aliasse blushed as she felt a little hungry.

Sametime in the house

The morning sunlight beamed into the bedroom window as Kurt groaned and stretching his arms and legs as he got out of bed and rubbed his faintly gray chestnut brown hair.

Kurt was a normal citizen of Gallia who at the age of 17 joined the military and stayed in the service until he was forty then he retired to live a peaceful retirement at his grandparents old homestead. But that changed when his sister and her husband died in a plan crash a few months back. Ever since then he had to take care of his orphaned 13 year old niece Aliasse who was miraculously the only survivor.

It took rescue crews two days to arrive at the crash site because of the strong winds and high mountain range the plane had crashed in. After rescue teams arrived they found Aliasse wandering around the crash site with torn clothes in complete shock from the incident.

Kurt adopted and brought her back to the his family's homestead in the Barious forest which also had some ancient ruins near it a few miles away. When he was a kid Kurts grand dad always said they were were built by the valkyrur thousands of years ago.

And for some reason Aliasse loved playing around them and mysteriously the door on the ruins would open for her but not him; Kurt didn't try to think too much on why as he was never the type to put much thought into something unless it was important or something he was interested in and archaeology was not one of those things. Much like the rumors going around town that someone had been living in those old ruins for a few months now but Kurt thought of it as people just gossiping.

Kurt got out of bed, put his clothes on and walked down to the kitchen to fix up some breakfast. Kurt started by putting some slices of bread in the toaster and grabbed some eggs, bacon and ham from the refrigerator and fried them up. As he cooked his breakfest up he looked out the window and saw Aliasse coming out from the barn as the kitchen faced that way. He waited a bit and heard the front door open as she came in just as he flipped the eggs and turned to face her as she entered the kitchen.

"What are you doing up so early, you don't normally get up till 8:30," Kurt said, a little suspicious.

"Umm I was... just getting some... morning air," Aliasse replied in an not to convincing lie.

Kurt just stared at his niece a moment as the toast popped up out of the toaster which he quickly grabbed and buttered and then placed his food on a plate and grabbed a fork from the drawer.

"Hmm... really... we'll little lady because you were late your going to have to fix up your own breakfast if you want to eat" said Kurt as he took a bite of his toast.

Aliasse sighed as she got started on making her own food.

"After breakfast were cleaning up and then going in town to pick up some groceries. Change you clothes before we leave," Kurt told his niece as she cracked a egg onto the skillet.

After finishing up her meal Aliasse put the dishes in the sink and got to doing her morning chores. She first started up the vacuum cleaner and cleaned the first floor while her uncle cleaned the dishes in the sink.

After a hour of both of them cleaning Aliasse went back to her room and changed her clothes.

Kurt went out to the barn to feed the chickens and 'jem'. He opened the door and grabbed some hay from off the stack along the wall and then lugged it over to the small fenced in area beside the barn and placed into a feeding troth. While Jem trotted over to him and started to eat the hay.

"Morning ol' girl" Kurt said as Jem munched on the hay.

Kurt then went back into the barn and grabbed a bit scoop and filled it up with feed for the chickens and went out to their pen. Kurt filled the feeders and checked the nests for eggs. Grabbing five farm fresh eggs and placing them into the scoop. He then started back to the house and cleaned the eggs up before in the kitchen sink before putting them in the refrigerator. He then returned the scoop to the barn and was about to close the barn door when he heard a moaning coming from the back.

Kurt stood still for a moment listening for the sound he knew was not normal for the barn.

Aliasse had just finished putting her clothes on when she looked out the window and saw her uncle entering the barn Aliasse remembered the alien and panicked.

"O shit"Aliasse exclaimed her eyes widened in fear and she ran out her room down the stairs and to the barn.

"Aaa aaah."

Zerion groaned as he opened his eyes and felt a void in his soul where the connection to the Khala should have been and it frightened him to his core but in its place there was a other feeling, it was something that he could not describe and was not something he could easily grasp but it had its own power like the Khala but vary different.

As he reorganized his thoughts Zerion recognised the primitive wood structure around him and felt the warm layer dry plants that covered him. Many things went through his mind the first of which was why Kainok would betray his own people. It had always been taboo for a protoss to harm another ever since the aeon of strife but Kainok did so without hesitation. Anger welled up into Zerion's heart for the first time in a long time. Not for Kainok but for the one who must have manipulated him.


The name escaped Zerions...? 'head' as he heard the squeaking noise of the rusty hinges of the door open and he thought it must be the one who brought him here and tended to his wounds. Zerion remembered that he was not to initiate contact with the humans unless it was the Psionic humans like Ellen and now Alicia.

Focusing Zerion weakly sensed another psi presence close by but it was far weaker then Alicia and Ellen and it felt as though it was being hidden by something. Zerion decided to reveal himself; slowly sitting up.

Aliasse reached the barn and heard a yell inside and upon entering saw her uncle fall back on his butt as he looked inside the room Aliasse had put the alien in.

Aliasse quickly ran to her Uncle's side and saw the look of shock on his face, Aliasse then looked into the room and saw that the alien sitting up, looking at them with his... its... deep green eyes.

"Your awake" Aliasse said with a grin on her face as Kurt looked at her with a face that needed answers.

A few minutes later, after Kurt calmed down. Aliasse explained about everything including Alicia who told her to tell Kurt everything, 'one day.

The alien introduced himself.

"My name is Zerion... and I thank you for saving my life... I am in your debt. And... I'm sure you have many questions."

Kurt was dumb struck he never saw this coming, sure his niece sometime's brought a injured animal like a bird home and nursed it back to health but... an alien or protoss as he called himself, was a whole new ball game.

"Your welcome Ze... Zerion. It was close but I was able to heal your wounds with some ragnaide. You would have died if I hadn't gotten to you in time, but please don't move around so much. If you strain yourself your just going to reopen you wounds and bleed out" Aliasse warned.

Zerion was moved at Aliasse,s kindness, normally first contact between protoss and other races doesn't go this smoothly.

"Dont, worry I... won't move around to much. But I can not stay for long... I have two... no three comrades I must help... even if it kills me" Zerion spoke with resolute tone.

"I know... I... sensed them take your friends... and Alicia away," said Aliasse as she put two and two together and thought that the evil presence she sensed before must have taken them.

As Aliasse said those words she dropped her head down in regret for being too slow to get to the ruins in time help. Which Zerion felt in her psionic presence. And Kurt turned to Aliasse wondering who this Alicia is besides his nieces friend and teacher. Not needing to sense his niece's emotions to tell that she was feeling depressed.

"Aliasse who is this Alicia" Kurt asked as Zerion looked to the young girl also interested in how Alicia is connected to her.

"Well... um... after the... crash... I gained some... powers and Alicia found me and showed me how to control it," Aliasse said as she manifested her aura as a large blue hand over her own.

Kurt's eyes widened in partly shock and curiosity at the simple display of supernatural power as Zerion sensed Aliasse power spike but still felt as though something was hiding it.

"That's the same power Alicia displayed. Although your powers are weaker than hers. You show great potential Aliasse hah, ah," said Zerion as he felt his wounds flare up and layed back down. "Sorry I.. must rest."

Kurt took this opportunity to leave letting Zerion rest up and he took Aliasse by the hand and left the barn for a little talk.

"Ok... Aliasse I know, I didn't expect you to bring somethi... someone like that home" Kurt sighed still a little distressed at his first encounter with a alien/protoss. "Just... just promise me you'll won't tell anyone about this... ok."

''Ok I promise."

After their little talk Aliasse and Kurt drove into town with a awkward silence between them.

The U.S. Pentagon, Washington D.C.

Inside a meeting room ten of the highest ranked generals and admirals in the US military gathered to discuss the most recent events in south america. All of the men were in their late forty's or older wearing military uniforms denoting which part of the armed forces their from, Army, Marines, Airforce, Navy.

"Well... this is not looking good. We may have to resort to dropping nukes if we don't push these zerg back to where ever they come from," a air force general remarked.

"It's a little to soon for a drastic move like that, besides we now know that our bunker buster bombs are effective against those armored domes and also that delta team was successful in their mission to capture one of that zerg queen. And at the very least we can now have a look at their biology," a army general said as others nodded in agreement.

"It's kind of ironic that when we finally meet a hostile alien species... and their the ones using guerrilla warfare tactics. Since most of the scenario's the pentagon think tanks planned out say that's what we should be doing. Heh I guess we never thought they would be space monsters instead of a technological civilization like ours," a navy general remarked getting some of the more quiet generals to nod their heads in aggerment.

"Yes maybe... but still we must act, although... I do think the use of nuclear weapons is unneeded at this point. I also know we have to be more realistic. Therefore I call for the swift and immediate activation of the section 9 plan," general lions a man with grey and dark colored hair and burn scar on his lower left face spoke out.

The the other nine generals and admiral's in the room to think .

"It would mean sharing our military technology with any other country that joins section 9," the air force general remarked.

"Yes. I know but I don't think we have any other way of effectively countering the zerg forces, as the report on the air battle's stated the allied air forces lost over 50% of their forces and on the ground the infantry and armored vehicles of the marines didn't far much better. Especially since they were outnumbered and from what I've... researched about the zerg they can multiply very fast. So the sooner we act the better," The navy general stated

"That's another thing. I wonder why these aliens resemble the zerg from that pc game. But I'm not going to waste time on useless thinking. We all need to decide weather or not we're going to form section 9 or not, the president made that decision ours to make and that's one of the reasons we are all here now isn't it," general lions said.

All the generals and admirals in the room took a long look at the situation and made a vote.

Chapter End

Another long chapter and were finally getting into the characters from Gallia and the big bad Xioth, he's Taldarim from before the galaxy was wiped out and reset by the Xel'naga/ Forunners. Their the last oc's plot line, and theres still a few more of them left to go from the royle family and military of Gallia. I hope im getting the different character OC's and plot line storys down ok and nothing's too confusing, IF SO PLEASE SAY SO.