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Chapter 15, Not so friendly encounter's.

April 26, Friday/ 12:01 Just After Midnight / 2010

[Primary hive cluster, Empress's personal chambers]

Ellen sat in front of the lair naked as she did most every time she commands her swarm from that place, she then shifted around, getting a little uncomfortably since she's been sitting there in the same spot since sending the mutalisk and scourges off on their continent wide assault on the humans military's base's, and after possessing the queen that the american special forces team on that carrier had captured and having a look at them through the queens eye's, the Swarm Empress would deal with that situation some time later, but right now the blue haired girl is tired after spending most of the day commanding and coordinating all those mutalisk and scourges.

"Za,vara, Na,kool," Ellen called out getting the hive queen's attention. "Yes, our Empress." they both replied.

"I want both of you to begin expanding your swarm forces out again, Za,vara send your hive forces directly west, i believe their is a air field and other small techno human settlements in that region." And Na,kool send your forces north westward of the region your in, and both of you keep your swarm forces under control, i don't want them harming any of the primal humans understood ." Ellen psi spoke in a commanding tone.

"Understood our Empress it will be done." both hive queens replied and begun their new task's.

"YAWN" im wiped, guess it's time for bed." Ellen spoke worn out from the day she stood up walking back to her chambers laying on her creep bed to rest, but after a hour of restless tossing and turning, she can't seem to get to sleep.

"Huh? whats wrong i could always get to sleep by now so what's wrong." Ellen thought laying in bed as an image flashed in her mind, of the pile of dead people on the drones back their eyes looking back at her, Ellen sat up startled, now thinking about all the people she's killed, all the lives she's ruined, all the families she's destroyed, the regret Ellen has kept in the deepest part of her heart, she then thought of how her own parents would react if they knew what their daughter has done, Ellen then felt a pressure in her chest both physical and emotional, she then thought of her self contradiction of wanting to help humanity and the planet, but at the same time hurting them. Ellen held her arms to her chest and her eyes started to tear up as she breathed more heavily. "I need to take a walk to clear my head."

She spoke then getting out of bed walking through the lair's chamber passing through many of the other underground chambers and passing thousands of her zerg who can through the hive mind feel their Empress's disturbed heart and mind, all of them moved aside letting their Empress pass, a short time later she reached the surface, in the deepest part of the hive near the Empress's chambers twelve of the new type of zerg a elite warrior strain felt their Empress leave the hive cluster she commanded them to always be at her side or close to her when she's outside the Primary hive cluster, the six of them stood up on their four legs and took off after their master as it was their purpose to keep her safe. Meanwhile Ellen started to ran to clear her mind, she ran past all the drone's still working on dismantling the city and it's ruin's running past dozens of three hundred feet high ninety feet wide creep towers, arch's at the top and middle connecting them together in rings around and on top of the armored creep domes with many mutalisk and scourges were perched on. Ellen kept running and she then used [Null g] to leaped hundreds of feet into the air, then dropping back down landing on a building rooftop and then taking more great leaps jumping from rooftop to rooftop until she reached the forest edge, she ran another three mile's until she finally calmed down a little stopping in a small clearing only a dozen feet wide but big enough for a small gap in the forest canopy as she breathed heavily, Ellen then looked up at the star'y sky what little could be seen through the forest canopy crossing her arms over her chest covering her breast finally taking notice of the cold night air blowing against her exposed body, she looked up for what felt like a few minute's. "I get control of the zerg, go on a continent wide killing spree, and now i get choked up after sending Zavara and Nakool to a few areas with even less people the other places i've had completely wiped clean of human life, 'SIGH' is the path i've' chosen really going to lead to the future i imagine ?." The blue haired darcsen spoke in deep thought of her own actions.

"Perhaps not if you are the master of those beast's" A female voice with a psionic echo to it spoke out, catching Ellen's attention knowing it's not a human voice as she looked to her front seeing a figure coming out from behind a tree, it was a three meter high grey skin female warrior wearing golden armor with blue jem's in certain parts, and a purple undercloth that ended just above the knees as a loin cloth in the front and back covered by the gold armor on the body. Ellen heard a stick snape and looked to her left and right seeing two more of them but males who's armor was a full body suit without the cloth showing.

"Protoss" Ellen spoke thinking dejavu of her first encounter with the zerg and wondering why she didn't have that same strange pulling sensation as with the zerg overlords but then Ellen closed her eye's focusing, readying herself for battle and a moment later that strange feeling came back pulling her attention to the protoss like with the overlords the first time.

*[Flash back]* Rolana decided to first scout the strong psi signal coming from the southern hemisphere, the shuttle fell through the atmosphere as a fire ball for a few minutes and then and leveled out still at a high altitude far above the giant green forest that covered most of the northern part of the continent.

" I'm picking up over a million life sign's matching those of the xenoform across the continent." Kia,nix reported looking at his holoscreen.

"It would seem we choose correctly then, but now i sense the presences of many more weaker psi signal's " Zan,zek spoke.

"Yes i sense them as well, they must have been obscured by the stronger psionic presence, that's the one we'll search for" Rolana replied telling the shuttle AI to move towards the strongest psi signature, the shuttle turned left and accelerated just a few minutes later they were in range for the shuttles sensor's to detect the hundreds of flying xenoforms above a cluster of five dozen giant domes that the sensor's read as made from hardened biomatter built over the ruins of a city that by it's size must have once housed a few million of the native people of this planet.

"They have multiplied" Kia,nix spoke his voice full of malice and eagerness to battle.

"We'll land somewhere out of their sensor range and" Rolana spoke but was cut off by Zan,zek.

"Wait i sense the strong psi signature is moving" Zan,zek spoke getting Rolana, and Kia,nix, attention.

"Where is it going" Rolana asked. to which Zan,zek replied "North, and it's moving fast"

"We'll follow it" Rolana spoke taking direct control of the shuttle and flying around the detection range of the flying xenoforms, a few minutes later the shuttle landed and the three protoss walked out the back ramp.

"It is this way " Zan,zek spoke pointing in the direction, as Kianix and Rolana started to walk that way but Rolana noticed that Zan,zek was not moving, "Is there something wrong Zan,zek" Rolana asked as she stopped to which Zan,zek replied. "Hmm, yes i sense that this mind is some what distressed, feeling self doubt, and much regret."

"Well then it will be all the more easy to kill it if it is the leader of those beast's ." Kianix spoke with a murders glee.

The trio ran through the forest at top speed until they came close the psionic power just a hundred meters away the three moved quietly through the underbrush surprising given their size as they reached the target, Rolana stood behind a large tree then looking around it was surprised at the what she saw, the pale exposed form of a young female with blue hair standing in the middle of a small clearing, her arms crossed over her chest gazing up at the sky, Rolana was more then a little surprised that the powerful psionic is this young girl and was wondering why and how she came from the hostile xenoforms nest unharmed, then Rolana heard her speak. "I get control of the zerg, go on a continent wide killing spree, and now i get choked up after sending those two to clear a few areas with less people in them, then the others?, 'SIGH' is the path i've' chosen really going to lead to the future i imagine ?."

After hearing those words it clicked This young female is somehow the new leader of the hostile xenofroms that attacked the protoss colony, Rolana realised and then stepped out from behind the tree. *[Flash back End]*

Ellen stood there eyeing the female protoss in front of her and keeping the other two in the sides of her vision and noticing that all three reacted to her knowing that their protoss.

"Is this really the source of the psionic power, this unclothed weakling" Kia,nix spoke in scornful tone, a second later he was knocked ten feet back by a large blue fist extending from the outstretched left arm of the young girl, greatly surprising Rolana and Zanzek,

"Yeah well, if i knew you three were going to show up, i would have put some cloth's on" {Ellen yelled out with a red face feeling embarrassed that they saw her naked and then quickly reforming the giant blue fist into [aura armor] covering her body but only up to her neckline leaving her head exposed so she can better see around and then she jumps a few feet back so she can keep all three protoss in sight and getting another shocked look from them} "Now then i'm sure by the looks on your face's? well eyes' that you protoss have never seen psionic powers like this before." Ellen spoke in a questioning tone to the female protoss as Kianix stood backup weakly holding his chin feeling pain over his entire body from the strike, he then sparked his psi blades and took a step forward.

"Kianix stop, i want to talk first," {Rolana ordered in a commanding tone getting Kianix to stop and angrily sighing as he deactivated his psi-blades} " No, we have never seen psionic abilities like yours before, Are you truly the new master of the beasts you call zerg?"

"Yes i am, my name is Ellen " Ellen replied in truth, staring back at the female protoss who's two feet taller then she is, mentally preparing for a battle and thinking that the protoss female must be the leader since she giving the one giving orders.

"My name is Rolana, if i may ask three question's, first, how is it that you know we are protoss, and how did you gain control of the creatures, and why send them to attack your own kind?" Rolana asked her three questions closely watching Ellen.

"Well at first i was attacked by them, they were trying to capture me so they could infest me and make me into their new leader after they were separated from their old master, but i bet them to it, 'sigh' thinking back i was just as surprised as they were when it happened." Ellen partly explaining still keeping all the protoss in her sight.

"That's not a complete answer." Rolana spoke a little irritation and in her tone narrowing her eyes.

"Huh as if i would tell you about my special ability" {Ellen spoke getting Rolana to worry about some unknown power}," but short story, i gained a telepathic connection to the zerg hivemind and after that they followed me without question,"SIGH" {closing and opening eyes} "And as for why i'm using them to attack my own species it's because most humans on this planet are stupid, selfish, self-absorbed, ignorant, fools who are destroying their own planets beauty, and ability to sustain life, all because they value their own creations like money, technology, and city's, more then the other living organism's that live on the planet and even leaving their follow humans to starve and suffer just because they don't have the money or social status, I on other hand value the other lifeforms of this world and care for the soul and future of my species, which is why i plan on destroying much of humanity's civilization on the Earth, and the rest that i leave will have to change their way's if they want to continue existing as a civilization, i'm going to change the course of human, no of terran history for better or worse, you protoss have probably kept your selves isolated on the red planet mars, all this time so you know nothing of what go's on on this world, so you have no right to judge me or my actions," {Ellen spoke with a strong conviction in her heart and taking a few breaths} "But if you protoss want a fight right now i won't hold back." Ellen spoke in threatening tone with eyes that looked ready to take the lives of others staring at Rolana who like Zan,zek was impressed at the words of the young one before them, but another was not so impressed.

"Baa You spout many words little one but you are a fool thinking you can fight us the protoss, first born of the Xel'naga." Kia,nix spoke in a arrogant tone activating his psi-blades again getting Ellen to turn her eyes to him.

"Kia,nix stop" Rolana ordered.

"No, you may be my commander Rolana, but by blood calls for vengeance at the death of my people and since the master of the beast's is before us wreaking havoc upon her own world no less commanding the vary creatures that took the lives of thousands of our people and the arm of your own brother, I WILL HAVE MY REVENGE" shouted Kia,nix as he stepped leaped forward swinging his right blade down toward Ellen's head who then crouched lowering her center of gravity, extended two one foot long triangular blades from the [aura armor] on her for arms mimicking the protoss blades, and swung up with her left blade catching Kianix's blade thanks to the enhanced strength the [aura armor] gives her when it covers her body but the force of the strike still pushed her back a few inches do to the protoss,s higher body mass, Kia,nix eyes opened in shock that his full force strike was stopped, then in a flash Ellen spin sidestepped around to Kia,nix right side, slashing with her right blade as they passed each other cutting through his golden armor leaving a gash on Kia,nix's right side as he stumbled forward, much to the surprise of all three protoss, and even Ellen surprised at her reaction speed, and she then jumped ten feet back .

"Aaah, you'll pay for that" Kia,nix threatened as he turned around to face Ellen holding his right side blood dripping from between his fingers and feeling great shame that he was struck by what he saw as a lesser lifeform.

"That's enough Kia,nix" Rolana yelled in a commanding tone as Zan,zek grabbed him from behind, and just then the twelve elite strain zerg arrived leaping out from cover six of them moving around their Empress and the other six were surrounding the three protoss who ignited their psi-blade's at the new threat now surrounding them, the new zerg strain had a upper and lower body colored bright crimson red, the upper head, chest and arm's were like a hydralisk but with thick overlapping triangular armor plate's, and the larger lower body has four legs and a spiked tail with two folding blades extending out from the sides of the tip, the four legs are similar in shape to a zergling but the front pair were thicker and more muscular like the back legs, with four claws on each of the large feet, the outer part of the legs were also armored like the upper body.

"I wondered when the hunter killers would get here." {Ellen thought looking at the new elite guard strain and as much as Ellen would like to see how they do against protoss she dosen't want more enemies} "Hold don't attack" {Ellen spoke and the hunter killers obeyed lowering their bladed arms and closing their spine launchers as the six Hunter killers surrounding the three protoss backed off giving them space} "listen Rolana, i don't want or need the protoss as enemies, i have enough to focus on already, so why don't you/Ellen was cut off as phase disruptor blasts landed in the forest around them, Ellen and the hunter killers then looked to the sky to see a protoss shuttle hovering above the forest canopy it's guns aiming for Ellen and the group of hunter killers. Taking the opportunity Rolana, Kia,nix, Zan,zek ran back to their shuttle, Ellen and the hunter killers noticed them leave but did nothing as they were focused on the craft aiming at them, Ellen thought about using her other new technique on the protoss shuttles but decided not to after a few minutes the protoss shuttle left.

"Track and follow them" Ellen ordered a small group of overseers and mutalisk over the primary hive cluster as she hopped on the back of a hunter killer and rode it back to the primary hive, this was a good opportunity to test to detection abilities and range of the overseers and the mutalisk space flight abilities. Just a minute later the two protoss shuttles had left the atmosphere with a dozen mutalisk and two overseers following close behind, cashing them into orbit and even out as far as the halfway point between the earth and moon, by then Ellen and the twelve hunter killers had returned to the primary hive clusters, lair chamber, Ellen had kept watch of the protoss shuttles through the eyes of the overseers. "That's enough return" Ellen ordered as the mutalisk and overseers chasing the protoss stopped and returned to the primary hive.

[Protoss shuttles/ darkside of moon]

"Rolana are you and the others unharmed" Roken spoke in a concerned tone over the holo screen.

"Yes brother i'm fine, but Kia,nix is wounded," {Rolana said looking back to the rear hold seeing Zan,zek apply a medical field patch onto Kia,nix's side to stop the bleeding then turning back to Roken on the holo screen} "Why did you follow me brother, or did Kaldalis send you?" Rolana asked. to which Roken replied. "No, i came of my own choice after i learned you and two of your zealots had left the settlement, i had Lasarra modify another shuttle with a stealth system, phase disrupters and a gravitic drive which is how i was able to reach this world in just a day's time." Roken explained.

"Sigh," {Rolana cross's her arms} "don't you think i can take care of myself brother, i don't need you to save me every time i get into trouble like when we were younglings," Rolana spoke glaring at the image of her twin brother on the holoscreen.

"Yes well why shouldn't a older brother worry about his younger sister." Roken reasoned back.

"Two minutes, your only older by two minutes Roken and i." the twin siblings continued to argue over the holoscreen as Zan,zek and Kia,nix watched from the rear hold.

"Aaa siblings, glad i never had any." Kia,nix said getting a angry look from Zan,zek who then stepped in to the control room of the shuttle.

"Commander rolana, should we not be heading back to the settlement to give our report" Zan,zek spoke getting the two siblings to stop arguing.

"Sigh, your right Zan,zek, we should return to the settlement for now" Rolana said agreeing with Zan,zeks words.

"Yes, but what of the second unknown psionic signature, should we not investigate it as well before returning" Roken asked getting his sister to think about it and also making Rolana remember that the young human female Ellen never did answer how she knew they were protoss, and if she, the new leader of the xenoforms she called zerg was one psionic signature on this world then who was the second, Rolana thought.

"Your right brother, there are still questions that need answered," {Rolana said looking back over her shoulder to Zan,zek then turning back to the image of her brother on the holoscreen} " Brother we'll investigate the second unknown psi signature before we return"

[Old primary hive Aba,steins evolution chamber]

After Ellen's first encounter with the protoss, she returned to the old primary hive cluster where Aba,stein does all of his research and experiments, during the slimy trip through the nydus network Ellen was wondering how she understood the protoss language and how they understood her, the only thing the Swarm Empress could think of was it had something to do with psionics, maybe both her's and the protoss, minutes later Ellen walked into the evo chamber seeing the zerg geneticist was working like always, Aba,stein then stopped his work and turned to face his Empress who was wearing her aura cloak.

"Aba,stein what's taking so long isn't the roach ready yet" Ellen asked wanting to know why it's taking so long and since it's taken a long time Ellen had already come up with a name for the new strain.

"New strain meant to take damage, needs superior armor and regeneration, took essence from many different lifeforms, wove essence together, took time to perfect" the geneticist explained.

"Took time to perfect, i hope that mean's it's ready" the swarm Empress said crossing her arm's staring at Aba,stein who just replied. "Yes my Empress"

"Good, now show me" she asked. "Follow" Aba,stein said and moved towards a ramp leading down to a new lower level of the evolution chamber, the ramp spiraled down hundreds of feet as Ellen and Aba,stein reached the bottom it opened up to a massive chamber almost as big as the zerg spire's chambers in the primary hive cluster, but what caught Ellen,s attention was the rows of raised dark alcove,s on the floor, split between the left and right sides of the chamber with many having green semi-transparent chrysalis fitted in them, in small groups of different sizes, the ones at the left side of the room holding zerg strains, as Ellen looked at them she could see two small ones held a locust and a larva, and nearby other chrysalis held a normal zergling, the amphibious Piranha strain of zergling, and in the same row a little farther away was another chrysalis holding a baneling, Ellen looked at more groups of chrysalis in rows farther back seeing they held a hydralisk, impaler, hunter killer, another a queen and another group of giant chrysalis near the back of the chamber held a overlord, overseer, mutalisk, scourge, and all the way in back another massive chrysalis held a broodlord, and on the chambers right side were all large chrysalis holding the swarms buildings a hatchery, lair, queen's nest, spawning pool, hydralisk den, impaler den, spire, extracter, digester, nydus hub, all the current strains and buildings of the swarm were in here.

"I take it this is the system you came up with to hold all the possible variation's of zerg essence." Ellen asked with a impressed look on her face.

"Essence chamber, hold,s all swarm strains and buildings, still incomplete" Aba,stein explained.

"Incomplete, you mean until i morph a lair into a hive and spawn the rest of the zerg strains? " the Empress asked looking over to Aba,stein who also turned to look at his Empress.

"Yes, collection of swarm essence incomplete, also essence chamber only at stage one, stage two compression of essence storage form using special larva" Aba,stein explained in his normal deep monotone then he slithering off again towards a side chamber, Ellen followed and as she entered she saw the first roach, it had a large shell body like a turtle but armored with a few spikes sticking out her and there, it also has six thick muscled and armored insect legs for moving it's heavy body, and the head or rather the false head has a armor plate extending over it from the back, and folding armored mandibles on the sides of the lower jaws, and two large and long folded scythe shaped blade arms on the front sides of the shell just behind the head like a zergling but bigger.

"Well, it looks like it can take a lot of damage with that armored body, but i'll reserve judgment until i see what it can do in a battle and i already have a target in mind, is it ready to be mass produced from larva " Ellen spoke looking at the car sized roach.

"Mass spawning of Roach ready, after this one installed in essence chamber" Aba,stein answered as he and the roach left the small side chamber into the main chamber with Ellen close behind Aba,stein lead the roach to a spot nearby the hydralisk chrysalis and the roach sat down on the creep covered ground then Aba,stein using his arms started to weave a chrysalis around the roach, Ellen watched until it was done.

"Now that your done with that Aba,stein i have a special project i want you to start on" Ellen spoke as Aba,stein became curious at what the new project could be.

[In Earth orbit/ protoss shuttles same time]

Having decided on their next course of action the four protoss traveled in orbit over to the location of the second strong psionic presence on the planet which lead them to the continent of Europe the light of the city,s under the darkness of night visible from space, in the south-eastern part of Baltic sea on the northern border of poland, south of finland and right along russia's western border lay the country of Gallia a country who's history is unique, and despite being a small nation, still hold's over half of the world's Ragnite supply, and having a semi religious faith in the beings known as Valkyrur who throughout Gallia's over 3000 year long history have always defended the small nation from invasion but only if the people of Gallia first fight in their own defense, but even then the Valkyrur only interfere when absolutely necessary, otherwise leaving the nation's defense in the people's hands who are lead by the royle family, who most believe are descended from the valkyrur and were even the first Darcsen,s that are different from most other humans on the earth because of their hair color which ranges from raven black, to dark blue and sky blue, to the rare silver which always comes with red eyes, only 1% of the darcsen population have such hair and eye color, most scientist agree that the unique hair color is the result of living in a land who,s vary soil is saturated by ragnite ore which is useful not only in the military as explosives that are more then four times more powerful the even C4 and if properly refined and even diluted in water can be used in fuel for vehicle's, ships, and airplanes, and can get on average double the range with a fraction of the amount that oil and gasoline can give, but also seems to have healing properties that are used in medical operations, scientist around the world also agree that there are many other unknown uses for ragnite which have not been discovered yet, all of which makes the heavily regulated export of Ragnite ore gallia's main source of income as a nation and as a result has devoted a lot of it into the having a military that is seventh on the world ranking of military powers and is only that low because of the small size of the Gallian military compared to other larger nations like the USA, russia, and china.

"This can not be right," {Rolana spoke surprised as she look's at the sensor readings} "The sensor's indicate high amounts of Khaydarin crystal,s in the ground, in the same region as the second psionic signature ." Rolana spoke getting everyone's attention.

"I've never seen such dense concentrations of Khaydarin crystal before, not even on Aiur" Roken spoke almost in shock over the holo comm.

"Yes, but the concentrations of Khaydarin crystals is only in that small region" Zan,zek added looking from his holoscreen in the set next to Rolana.

"This world must have been touched by the Xel'naga, how else can Khaydarin crystals be on this world." Kia,nix spoke walking to the shuttles control room getting the other three to think about the implications of this, as they fly closer to the source of the psionic signature minute's later the two protoss shuttles screamed through the atmosphere leaving a fiery trail behind them, eventually reaching a large forested area in the western part of the country the Barious forest and flying to a isolated area in the deepest part of the forest where few humans live except a small community .

"It is close, only a few mile's away now but i can sense a second psionic presence nearby" Roken said over the comm with a tone of anticipation in his voice. "Yes i feel it too, we will investigate the stronger one first" Rolana replied over the holo comm.

as the two protoss shuttle's skimmed over the forest, just a few minutes later the shuttles sensor's picked up a large structure under the dense forest canopy, it is shaped like a spiral sea shell made out of Khaydarin crystals. impressing the protoss even more. The protoss then found and landed in large gaps between the trees braking a few branches off in the process as the shuttles touched down, moments later the four protoss walked out and to the front of the structure which had a spiral door that opened by it,s self upon their approach reacting to the psionic power. Rolana was the first to step foot inside the Xel'naga temple having a feeling of deja vu as the building's the interior was almost identical to control room of the Xel'naga supergate that brought the protoss and zerg to this solar system, the chamber was about a hundred feet wide so not a large building if it wasn't for the thick walls the interior of which was a featureless surface the four protoss saw as they entered and spread throughout the chamber.

"I can feel the psionic presence is close by but where is it" Rolana said as she lifted her hand to feel the smooth walls as her brother looked at the only thing of interest in the room, a large twenty foot wide spiral relief in the center of the room that look's identical to the spiral door.

" Perhaps this," Roken started but as he took a step to close the spiral relief opened up revealing a spiral staircase leading down catching all four protoss,s who then gathered around the new opening.

"So? who go's first" Zanzek asked.

"I'll go, " Ro,ken spoke. "I'll come with you brother" Ro,lana replied. as Ro,ken turned to face his sister both looking at each other for a moment. " Fine," Ro,ken spoke as he started to walk down the staircase. "Kia,nix, Zan,zek, stay here until we return." Rolana ordered as she followed her brother down. "Ahh, Why can't we go too, i wise to see the grandeur of what the Xel'naga have built here." Kia,nix spoke in frustration with a tone of Fanatical devotion in his voice, Which made Zan,zek worry a little bit. Meanwhile Roken and Rolana walked deeper and deeper at least three hundred feet down until reaching a short tunnel leading out into a large dome chamber also lite by the wall's made from a form Khaydarin crystal, Rolana and Roken saw that the wall's have alcoves all around as they walked further into the chamber near it's center, at vary that moment they both felt an almost overwhelming psionic force just as the spiral door on the other side of the chamber opened, both of them looked in awe, and fear upon the figure standing before them. Meanwhile on the surface both Kia,nix, and Zan,zek were standing around the opening in the floor as they felt the tremendous psionic force, and sensing their fellow templar are in danger they moved towards the spiral staircase but the door suddenly closed shut before them.

"The door closed what do we do" Kia,nix asked in a worried tone as he stared at the closed door. "We cut it open" Zan,zek spoke as he ignited his both his psi-blades getting Kia,nix to look at him with shock. "You can't defile a sacred Xel'naga temple" Kia,nix spoke in outrage as he grabbed, Zanzek's arm. "We must, it is the only way" Zan,zek spoke as he pulled out of Kia,nix's grip and raised his psi-blade. "NO" Kia,nix shouted as he grabbed Zan,zek, throwing him backwards on the floor. "Aaa, what is wrong with you Kia,nix," {Zan,zek spoke in a irritated tone} "Cutting through the door is the only way to reach our commander and her brother" Zan,zek spoke as he stood up facing Kia,nix.

"THEN IT IS THE WILL OF THE XEL'NAGA THAT THEY STAY DOWN THERE." Kia,nix shouted. "Aaa, i know you were a devoted believer of the Zel'naga, but your endangering commander Rolana and Roken,s lives, if i have no choice then i will FORCIBLY REMOVE YOU KIA,NIX." Zan,zek shouted as both knew the time for words has passed, both took combat stance's and circled around each other for a few moments until Zan,zek made the first move thrusting with his left psi-blade which Kai,nix parried and then counter attacked with a flurry of slashes and short thrust's, forcing Zanzek back a little until he dodged a thrust and manged to catch Kai,nix's wrist and twisted it upwards while lifting his leg kicking Kia,nix backwards on the ground but then Zan,zek leaped towards Kia,nix psi-blade aiming to impale Kia,nix who then rolled out of the way as Zan,zek landed, both stood back up and continued fighting, each trying to get a advantage over the other a few minutes of fighting later Kia,nix over reached with a thrust and Zan,zek sidestepped and slashed Kia,nix's left arm off just below the elbow "AAAAA," Kia,nix cried out in pain as his left arm fell to the floor his psi-blade's fading. "Huh, huh, are you done Kia,nix." Zan,zek spoke as he looked at Kia,nix who glared back in anger holding the bleeding stump of his left arm then he had a thought he then picked up his severed arm and ran towards Zan,zek who then held his arms out and the instant when Kia,nix stepped close enough thrust both his psi-blades forward this time aiming for vital organs, but in that instant Kia,nix turned his body so his right side would face Zan,zek and sending a psionic charge through the severed arm sparking the psi-blade and thrust it forward piercing Zan,zek in the lower chest but just missing vital organs as his two psi-blades missed Kia,nix who stood just out of their reach and then pulled the psi-blade on his severed arm out of Zan,zek who then collapsed on his knees holding his hands over the hole in his body feeling the pain of his wound.

"Aa,ah, i see, you used your own severed arm to increase your range" Zan,zek spoke in a painful tone realizing how Kia,nix bet him who then walked behind Zan,zek, "Yes i did brother, sorry but i value my unwavering loyalty and respect of the Xel'naga more then the templar" Kia,nix spoke in a cold tone as he dropped his severed arm and reignited his right arms psi-blade and then slashed down across Zan,zeks back severing his nerve cords, Zan,zek fell to the floor bleeding badly from both wounds. "If only you had more faith brother." Kia,nix spoke as he picked his left arm up and left the chamber walking back to the shuttle's, never noticing the small silver haired red eyed girl hiding in the night,s darkness behind a tree, A minute later he reached the two shuttles, Kia,nix then entered the shuttle that he, Rolana, Zan,zek arrived on earth with, he then put his severed arm onto the seat's along the rear hold and opened a compartment attached to the ceiling reached in pulling out a large golden box with Khalani writing that translate's to auto surgery kit, he then activated it which then the box opened and it started to examine his injury's as he reached over to pick up his left arm then two thin robotic arms deployed one grabbing onto and holding his severed left arm, and the other robotic arm started to spray a nanofoam on the stump of Kia,nix left arm, he felt no pain because of the anesthesia in the nanofoam, then the robotic arm sprayed it on the stump of the severed arm and then both robotic arms put both arm halves in proper alignment, then a third robotic arm started to move around the seam of the two halfs spraying more nanofoam, Kia,nix was held in place for a few minute as the nanomachines stitched his arm back together on the cellular level, he took the time to think about what he should do next when he remembered that he was able to read some memories from the one who first injured, and humiliated him. "Ellen" Kia,nix spoke with malice and a bit if growing insanity as he started to plane his revenge.

After his arm was reattached the now some what unhinged Kia,nix left the stealth shuttle he and Rolana and Zan,zek had used and instead took the faster and armed stealth shuttle that Roken used and lifted off hovering above the treetops, he then activated the shuttle's twin Phase disruptor guns that were on the shuttle's front side's and aimed them at the other shuttle and fired, the other shuttle exploded in a shower of fire and shrapnel catching a few nearby trees on fire after that he left Gallia flying back into space keeping the stealth system online as he flew in orbited over the earth until he came over the continent that from the brief contact he had with Ellens mind he knew it's name was north America the western half of which was in daylight that was slowly approaching the dark east coast which is where Kia,nix aimed the shuttle as he reentered the atmosphere. Knowing he can't get to Ellen when she's guarded by the swarm Kia,nix thought of a cunning strategy to persuade her to come alone to a place of his choosing.

The protoss shuttle settled as it finished entering the atmosphere over the U.S. east coast guided by Ellen's, own memories to the large military base called fort bragg where her parent's live, Kia,nix stopped the shuttle four miles up directly over fort bragg. "Aaa where is it, the memory i have are incomplete" Kia,nix spoke out frustrated that he did not get all memory necessary to pinpoint the house of his enemy,s family, Kia,nix then had the shuttle AI monitor any and all of the primitive radio-frequency's in the surrounding area and where they went hoping to get lucky which he did only after five minutes of scanning the AI discovered a anomaly in the date streams of the radio frequency's in the area, one date stream was different then the rest it was between a house and another building far away, not having anything else to do Kia,nix directed the shuttle to first fly to the house, just a minute later Kia,nix's shuttle silently hovered over the ground just behind the house the only noise was the barking of one or two dogs in the area,as Kia,nix dropped to the ground he noticed that sunrise is only a few hours away so he had to move fast, the eight foot tall Kia,nix then silently walked up to the back door igniting his psi-blade for a moment to cut the door lock before then ducking to avoid the for him low door way staying in a slit crouch to not hit his head against the ceiling then walking through the house up the stairs and slowly opening the bedroom door a crack to see the two still sleeping humans one male and the other female, Kia,nix slowly opened the door more and silently walked in the room up to the bed looking at the two humans before him, He then used his psionic abilities to read the minds of the humans as they sleep and discovered they were indeed the parents of Ellen, Kia,nix then thought with delight on how much pain it would cause Ellen to see her parents dead at his hands and wondering what her face would look like, If Kia,nix had a mouth he would have had a sadistic smile, but then Kia,nix left the room and house as silently as he had come he returned to the shuttle and sat down in the right control chair, contented for the moment that he found his targets and knowing where they live but still wondering what the date stream was for since the parents of Ellen did not know about it, Kia,nix set the shuttle AI to fly towards the other building that was receiving the date.

Coming to a u shaped building, inside the u shape was a open lot with a dozen primitive human vehicles, a scan of the building showed around a two dozen sleeping rooms a dozen of them were occupied by humans most sleeping except for one which was the room the date stream was going to, Kia,nix landed the shuttle in the open lot crashing some of the cars, Kia,nix then quickly moved over to the room the date stream was going to, and ignited a psi-blade and cut open the door lock and ducked as he stepped in the room, inside was a single bed and a table with a primitive small folding computer and other equipment that seemed to be receiving the date stream and a human male in a white shirt and short under garments that stopped above the knees, as the man looked at Kia,nix he was beyond terrified and just stood there like a deer in headlights holding a small comm device.

*[Flash back]* It was a normal boring day monitoring the family house of CV1, the agent was getting quit bored just sitting around all day watching the parents go about their daily routine for the past few months after CV1 left which effected them emotionally but the letter CV1 left behind seemed to calm the mother down somewhat, and it was his job to watch them and report if CV1 returned, plus he couldn't complain about the money. The agent was just sitting in the chair watching the house from the hidden camera's with a bored look on his face when he looked up at the clock on the wall showing that it was 5:48 pm, "Almost dinner time" the agent spoke to himself knowing the reid family's routine, then he got up walked over to and opened the mini refrigerator by his bed and got out a half eaten sandwich walked back to the chair and started eating as he watched the reid family sit down to their dinner on the screen. A few hours later the agent like the reid family went to bed for the night, but at around 6:00 am in the morning the computer alarm went off waking the agent up. "Aa, what the hell." the agent said as he got out of bed in his boxers sitting back at the computer labtop and flipping through the different camera views until seeing the back door was broken into, the first thing he thought was it was just a robber trying to steal stuff but then he changed the view to the bedroom camera and his eyes and mouth opened as wide in shock as he saw from the hidden camera a very tall grey skinned alien wearing golden armor standing over the bed, the agent just sat there looking at the screen in disbelief at what he's seeing until the alien left the bedroom and left the house. The agent couldn't see where the alien went to from the limited camera angle, but as soon as the agent lost sight of it he immediately called his boss Richard schaefer.

As he was sleeping in bed with his wife, Richard heard the annoying ringing of a phone, he sat up on the edge of the bed thinking it was the normal phone but then realized it was the cell phone that he uses to keep in contact with the agent watching the reid house, Richard then quickly opened the table drawer next to his bed and grabbed the ringing cell phone. [Click] " Is CV1 back?" Richard asked in a urgent but quit tone trying not to wake up his wife. "No, mister Richard but something did happen!" the agent replied . "What happened then?" Richard asked again. " Um, sir this is going to sound crazy but... a seven foot grey alien in gold armor broke into the reid,s home" the agent answered, as Richard was in shock at the information mostly because after he heard that the aliens that CV1 is somehow controlling look like zerg from a game called Starcraft he did a little online search and discovered that the aliens do indeed look like the zerg, but Richard also learned about the protoss and the description the agent gave is exactly like what he seen protoss looks like. "What's it doing?" Richard asked.

"Well sir, the alien actually left the house, i don't know where it is now " the agent replied as he turned his head to the door hearing crunching noise's along with a low rumbling like some kind of engine outside the agent then saw a blue blade of some kind cut through the door lock then the door slammed open and the same alien the agent saw on the computer screen stepped in. *[Flash back end]*

"Oh fuck" Was the words Kia,nix heard the human think as he read his mind, from what Kia,nix could tell the human was keeping watch on the parents of a person called CV1 who must be Ellen. Kia,nix then discovered the man was communicating with his master with the device he was holding called a cell phone, Kia,nix was then somewhat interested in this Richard human and stepped forward grabbing the hand the human had the cell phone in, as the human cried in pain from the strong grip. "Human known as Richard, i am Kia,nix, i believe we may have a similar interest in the one you call CV1, i wise to talk with you" Kia,nix's spoke his psionic power vibrating the air molecule's sending his message through the phone to Richard who was shocked and frozen for a moment before he replied. "Where do you want meet so we can talk about mister Kia,nix."

It was now saturday morning two hours after sunrise as Richard pulled his car up next to a large shuttle like craft in the middle of a field many miles outside new york city the location he was to meet with this Kia,nix, who was standing about ten feet away in front of his shuttle. Richard turned his car off and stepped out closed the car door then walked over to the protoss, Richard was wearing a grey black suit and felt a great deal of apprehension at meeting with a real alien but at lest this one he could talk to unlike the zerg. "You must be Kia,nix" Richard said as he stopped in front of the seven foot high protoss. " "And you are Richard," Kia,nix replied already reading the humans mind discovering the man is apart of a organization that is trying to re-establish a empire that was destroyed 65 human years ago, Kia,nix also learned about the Valkyrur who this man and those in his organization believe are super humans who gained great power by somehow absorbing a mineral they call ragnite into their body's which Kia,nix knew must be khaydarin crystal, this got Kia,nix to believe that these valkyrur are nothing more then a random mutation that developed on this world because of the sacred khaydarin crystals the Xel'naga left on this world. "I wish to make a alliance Richard, i am in need of... assistance for the purpose of killing the one you know as CV1, i'm sure it would be in your planets best interest if the little abomination died." Kia,nix spoke in a vengeful menacing tone partly testing the man to see if he can be of use and to see what his reaction would be. Richard on the other hand know's from reading about the protoss from the starcraft wiki that they can read minds so a attempt at deception was a bad idea, Richard also knew that it was in his best interest if CV1 Ellen did die it would be impossible to re-establish the german empire if the world was already destroyed by the zerg.

"Very well in that case i believe we can make a deal." Richard replied.

[Flash back Gallia 10:00 pm last night, a small homestead, a few miles away from the ruins]

Kurt had light brown eyes, short black hair and was a normal citizen of Gallia who at the age of 17 joined the military and stayed in the service until he was forty then he retired to live a peaceful retirement at his grandparents old home stead but that changed when he got a phone call about his sister, she and here family had been accident, since then he had to take care of his orphaned 13 year old niece Aliasse after her mother, father and many other people died in a airplane crash, with Aliasse miraculously some how being the only survivor, it took rescue crews two day's to arrive at the crash site because of the high mountain range the plane crashed in having strong winds, and after the rescue crews arrived they found Aliasse wandering around in shock, she never spoke another word after that, Kurt adopted and brought her back to the his homestead in the Barious forest that had some ancient ruins a few miles away that his grand dad always said were were built by the valkyrur thousands of years ago, and when he brought Aliasse there she for some reason loved playing around them, and mysteriously the door on the ruins would open for her but not him, Kurt didn't try to think on why, he was never the type to put much thought into something unless it was important or something he was interested in and archaeology was not one of those things.

As he was dreaming about his life up til now Kurt was woken up in the early night by a loud explosion, just a hour after going to bed, getting up he put his clothes on and walked down the stairs from the second floor of the cabin stepping outside onto the porch, he looked around but he didn't see anything until looking in the direction of the valkyrur ruin's that's when saw a light flickering in the darkness far away, he thought must be a forest fire but it was still small so he then went back upstairs to his niece's bed room to check on her but the door to her room was open, looking inside Kurt saw that she was gone, Kurt started to panic and shouted for her around the house,"ALIASSE" and when she didn't come he wondered and feared that she had for some reason runoff in the direction of the fire, Kurt then went back to his room got a flashlight and his gallian-1r rifle that was black on it's handle and stock with a red and white stripe above the trigger and blue past that, half the barrels length the last half was black, Kurt loaded a twenty round 7.62 magazine and went out to the horse stable next to the barn and got his horse ready to ride, Kurt then rode in the direction of the fire, and after about two minutes of running through the dark forest he heard the snapping of tree limbs which startled the horse a little, as he looked to his right, and in the distance for a few moments he swore her saw a 15 foot tall blue giant running through the forest with its arms up to it's chest holding something, it was so fast crashing through the forest, it was out of sight in just 5 seconds, leaving Kurt to shake his head in disbelief, thinking it must have just been his imagination playing trick's on him, he then continued on to where he thought the fire was and came upon the burned out and smoking remains of what he thought had to be some kind of aircraft considering there were no roads anywhere near the area, he then hopped down off the horse tied it to a nearby tree and then walked around and staring at the burning hulk of metal that reminded him of the event that happened many months back, were what had to be a large Gallian military force including aircraft was fighting against some other unknown military force, the battle was so fierce Kurt and Aliasse heard it even though it was about 40 of miles away from his property.

As Kurt walked around the area he was surprised that there was no crash line in the ground where the aircraft would have hit the ground and skidded to a stop, but he didn't find anything like that, which considering the position of the smoking craft it couldn't have crashed straight down into the ground and the craft didn't have any wing's jet engines or propellers. Kurt was left scratching his head trying to figure out what the heck happened here, he then called out for his niece. "ALIASSE, ALIASSE are you here? " After getting no reply he then turned the flashlight up to the trees around the destroyed craft and saw that a lot of the trees and limbs were scorched, burnt and broken, but looked like the fire was put out somehow?.

Kurt then hopped back on his horse and road back to the homestead seeing as there was now no danger of a forest fire and Aliasse was nowhere to be found, upon returning to the homestead he saw that the barn's large double doors were opened a little, knowing that was strange since the barn door was closed when he left, Kurt thought Aliasse must be in there, he hopped off his horse and reached out to fully open the large door when suddenly the door slammed shut. "Aliasse are you in there" Kurt asked then hearing two knocks, since his niece can't talk from the mental trauma of the accident one of the ways they communicate is by knocks, two for yes , one for no. "Well come in the house it's cold outside" Kurt asked but he got one knock in reply. "Come on Aliasse it the middle of the night, and the barn is no place to be sleeping." Kurt asked again but got another no knock. "Sigh, what am i going to do with you" Kurt thought knowing it was pointless to push further knowing his niece can be stubborn and head strong sometimes. Kurt then brought the horse back to the stables next to the barn and heard Aliasse shut the other two barn doors sealing the barn shut. "What is with her" he thought as he closed the stable gate, walking back to the barn door. "Are you sure you don't want to come back into the warm house" he asked trying to coax her out but only getting yet another no knock. "SIGH well ok, if your sure, i'm going back to my comfortable bed." Kurt asked trying one last time but just getting another no knock. "Fine, goodnight then." Kurt said with finality as he went back in the house and returned to his bed room looking one last time out at the barn before going back to bed. "Good night Aliasse" he said as he layed back down going to sleep.

[In the barn] Aliasse wearing pants and a coat tended to the grey aliens severe wounds, with the bandages and ragnaid she got from the house, she held the bright blue glowing ragnaid canister over the aliens wounds, wondering if it would even work on a alien, from what she remembers from school the special energy ragnaid release's causes a cellular reaction stimulating and fueling the cells ability to heal and close wounds, but as she watched the slash across the aliens back started to slowly close, a small smile appeared across her face and a few minutes later she extended her aura into a giant arm and rolled the alien onto his back and used the other canister of ragnaid closing the wound in the lower chest. With the wounds closed Aliasse used her aura to lift the alien and wrapped the bandage rolls over the wounds to keep out infection the ragnaid couldn't do everything and it was a little hard with the armor still on, she then layed the still unconscious alien down. Aliasse wondered who he was where he come from and why that other alien leaving the ruins attacked him, all she knew is that she didn't want to see another person die even if they were a alien which is why she brought him back home and tended to his wounds as best she could, and now that, that's done all she could do is wait until he wakes up, Aliasse sat down leaning against the wall then expanding her aura around the room to keep the cold night air out. Hours later at sun rise Aliasse woke up, she had fallen asleep during the night she was still just a young teenager after all. As Aliasse rubbed her tired eyes she looked over at the alien who was still a sleep laying on the hay, she then looked up out the barn window seeing that it was day break, she then felt a little hungry as her stomach grumbled.

"Sigh" Aliasse sighed mentally as she stood up wanting to get some breakfast, she then left the barn making sure to close the barn's front door as she walked back to the house wondering if her uncle Kurt would be mad at her. Aliasse opened the front door and walked in and over to the kitchen where her uncle was sitting already eating his breakfast . "I hope you enjoyed sleeping out in the barn little lady because you going to haft to fix your own breakfast if you want to eat" Kurt spoke as he ate a piece of toast. Aliasse just sighed as she got started on making her own meal, "After breakfast were cleaning up the house and then going in town to pick up grocery's, so change you clothes" Kurt told his niece as she cracked some eggs over a hot skillet. After finishing up her meal Aliasse put the dishes in the sink and got to doing her morning chores first she first started up the vacuum cleaner and cleaned the first floor while her uncle cleaned the dishes in the sink. After a hour of both of them cleaning Aliasse went back to her room and changed her clothes, Kurt took this opportunity to see what his niece was up to in the barn and quietly opened the front door and walked over to the barn and opened the large front double doors stepping inside looking to his right were hay bales plied high up to the second floor that was also full of them, and to the left was a bunch of farm tools along the wall, Kurt then walked further in looking to his left saw the barns side door that went to the horse stable, walking further in he saw nothing out of place until reaching the last stall in the back of the barn, he walked closer until looking inside.

Aliasse had just finished putting her clothes on when she looked out the window seeing that the barn door was open her eyes widened in fear as she ran out her room down the stairs, out the front door and to the barn inside she saw her uncle in the back looking in the stall she had put the alien in her heart started to race not knowing what her uncle will do, as she looked her uncle was just staring in the stall, Aliasse then walked in and over to her uncle who as she got closer was looking up slightly at something, Aliasse thought that was strange since the alien was laying down as Aliasse stepped be side her uncle Kurt she saw that he had a look of shock on his face, Aliasse then looked into the stall and say that the alien was standing up looking at them it had to be eight feet tall with green glowing eyes. "Your awake" Aliasse thought happily as the alien look at her. "My name is Zan,zek, i thank you for healing me and i'm . . sure you have many questions, but. . i must leave there are things i must do " Kurt was dumbstruck he never saw this coming sure his niece sometime's brought a injured animal like a bird home and nurse it back to health but a alien was a whole new ball game and Kurt was more then happy to let it leave but then he heard words he never thought he would hear. "You can't leave your wounds are still healing you would have died if i hadn't used the ragnaid to speed up your healing and close your wounds but if you strain yourself more your just going to reopen your wounds and bleed out and after the trouble i weant through to keep you alive i'm not going to let that happen so sit down and rest or i'll make you!." Aliasse said almost shouting in a nonstop sentence, as if to make up for the time she has kept quiet and making other two look at her, Kurt because this is the first time hearing his niece's voice, and Zan,zek because he could sense this young female is a powerful psionic like Ellen who leads the zerg swarm, but still not the source of the overwhelming psionic power that he felt in the Xel'naga temple, this made Zan,zek think back to when he and the others were in orbit over the continent Ellen's swarm are on, He and Rolana couldn't sense the many other weaker psionic signature's until they were much closer, as if the stronger psionic presence masked and hide the smaller ones from detection.

"I am sorry, but i must leave little one, i have two comrades i must help, even if it kill's me" Zan,zek spoke with resolve staring at the much smaller Aliasse who was staring back with just as much resolve. "Only if you can get passed me" Aliasse replied in a somewhat playful but serious tone as her uncle Kurt looked back and forth at both of them. "Aliasse i don't think we should be making him mad" Kurt said in a low voice. "It's ok uncle just trust me" she replied "Hmm, very well young one" {Zan,zek took a small step forwards} "If that's the only way then i will have to " {Zan,zek said as he took another step now outside the stall and making Kurt also take a step back, as Zan,zek now stood in front Aliasse} "Move you aside" as Zan,zek spoke those words Aliasse,s body became enwreathed in blue psionic flames which changed into a solid form and changed again into a giant blue featureless version of Aliasse kneeling in front of the 8 foot tall Zan,zek who was now the one having to look up with widened eyes, to the giant's face, who then picked him up with ease making Zan,zek wince in pain at his still healing wounds as he was placed back into the stall and the giant slide the door closed that had a solid lower wood part and upper part being steel bars, with Zan,zek looked back through the bars, then the giant faded revealing Aliasse who then dropped to the ground from what was the giant's torso. "Well do you want try again or are you going to stay put until your wounds heal" Aliasse said crossing her arms looking back at Zan,zek who had his right hand over the mostly healed but still sore wound on his chest and starting think this little one might be right, even if he reached the Xel'naga temple and made it to where Rolana and Roken are, he wouldn't be in the any shape to help them if he had to fight, and as he thought that a question entered his mind, what if Kia,nix was right and it was the will of the Xel'naga that Rolana and Roken be sealed in there, and another even bigger question entered Zan,zek,s mind what if the overwhelming psionic power he felt was truly a Xel'naga, as he these thoughts filled his mind Zan,zek sat down crossing his legs. "Very well little one i'll stay put, but only until my wounds heal" Zan,zek spoke with finality as he closed his eyes and started meditating, as a smile appeared on Aliasse's face.

[The U.S. Pentagon, Washington D.C.]

Inside a meeting room ten of the highest ranked generals in the US military gathered to discuss the most recent events in south america, all of the general's were in their late forty,s or older wearing their military uniforms sitting at a long table.

"Well this is not looking good, we may have to resort to dropping nukes if we don't get better results" a air force general remarked. "It's a little too soon for a drastic move like that, besides we now know that our bunker buster bombs are effective against those armored domes and also delta team was successful in their mission to capture one of the Umm. . zerg queens which should be one of their leaders, and at the very least we can now have a look at their biology." a army general spoke . "It's kind of ironic that when we finally meet a hostile alien species that there the ones using guerrilla warfare tactics, since most of the scenario's we've planned out say that's what we should doing that, sigh i guess we never thought they would be space monsters instead of a interstellar civilization." a navy general remarked getting some of the more quiet generals to nod their heads in agreement. "Still we must act, although i do think the use of nuclear weapons is unneeded at this point, i also know we have to be more realistic, therefore i call for the swift and immediate formation of section 9." marine corpsgeneral Matthew lions a man with grey and dark colored hair and burn scar on his lower left face spoke out getting the other nine to think about it. "It would mean sharing our military technology with any other country that joins section 9," the air force general who remarked. "Yes i know but i don't think we have any other way of effectively countering the zerg forces, the report on the air battle's stated the allied air force lost almost half of their forces and on the ground the infantry and armored vehicles didn't far any better, especially since they were outnumbered and then there's the heavy losses the allied naval forces sustained from the zerg naval armada that appeared out of no wear and from what i now about the zerg they can multiply vary fast so the sooner we act the better." The navy general stated his opinion of the situation. "I wonder how and why these aliens look like the zerg from that pc game but i'm not going to waste time on useless thinking, we all need to decide whether or not we're going to form section 9 or not, the president made that decision ours to make and the reason we are all here." general lions spoke again getting the others to take a long hard look at the situation and make a vote.

[Chapter End]

Another long chapter and were finally getting into the characters from Gallia, their the last oc plot line, and there,s still a few more of people left to go from the royle family and military of Gallia, i hope i'm getting the different character OC's and plot line story,s down ok and nothing's too confusing, IF SO PLEASE SAY SO IN THE COMMENTS. also Swarm Empress Ellen is still the main character and to anyone who missed it overseers mainly see with light waves not radar waves that's why they can see the protoss shuttles, and also about Kia,nix think tal'darim he's a vary diehard fanatic worshiping the Xel'naga like many other protoss, my version of the Tal'darim has a different origin then in the games lore. and about that mysterious person in the ruins who trapped Rolana and Roken, mmmm well i,m not going to give away spoilers so until i reveal who or what it is, just try to guess.