AN: Well, welcome back to Chapter 3! I probably will disappoint somebody with how I handle a fight between OOO and Reborn… but I stand by what I think is the most realistic outcome should this scenario ever happen in real life.

Chapter 3: OOO's Return

Reborn quickly threw himself to the right as OOO attempted to gain the upper hand. The infant carefully looked at the Kamen Rider, checking for any weak points that he could potentially expose. Finally figuring out a strategy after a second, Reborn used the green gun that Leon had become to rapidly shoot bullets at OOO. OOO not expecting such a fast response, faltered a bit getting hit with a few of the bullets, but managed to use his grasshopper legs to jump out of the way before the majority could hit him.

Reborn smirked as he had his wayward student right where he wanted him.

Before OOO could properly move out of the way, Reborn suddenly changed the angle of his shots and this time couldn't get out of the way. In less than a second, he felt pain coursing throughout his entire body. "AGH!" OOO cried out in pain, as each bullet met its target.

"TSUNA!" Ankh shouted, "CATCH!" And he grabbed two new medals out from a black box like container with light blue markings. Throwing the medals as hard as he can, they quickly shot past Reborn and landed upon Tsuna's waiting palm.




Although there was no additional tune, the armor swapped to a blue torso with whip like extensions on the arms and yellow spotted legs. The helmet remained the same. Using the new arm extensions, OOO quickly swung over to a tree. However he used the momentum of the swing to fling himself back at Reborn, kicking the small hitman using the Cheetah legs. However, the toddler wouldn't go down so easily. Just as he was about to make contact with the wall of the temple he was about to be thrown into, Reborn used his foot to bounce off of the wall using the force from the bounce to send OOO a roundhouse kick.

This time, OOO was the one who was slammed through the wall and just as he was about to get up, Reborn landed on his chest. "Are you done?" The baby questioned him. Though it sounded more like an order as the gun was aimed right at his head.

"He's not done yet, asshole!"

Before Reborn could turn around, Ankh appeared out of nowhere, his right forearm now a bright crimson bird like arm. The feathers were beautiful, the many colors looked as if they are gleaming in the sunlight. Using his inhuman appendage, Ankh managed to get a hold of Reborn gripping him within his taloned grasp. Ankh smirked. He knew that the "baby" hadn't been expecting this. Kaijin weren't really a common sight to see unless you lived in Japan.

"Had enough?" He taunted, watching Reborn struggle for a bit. Normally he wouldn't act this sadistic, but this time was a special case. Tsuna is the only person that Ankh felt like he could trust. He wasn't using him for his own gain or selfish intentions. All that the small boy wanted was a friend. Ankh refused to let him die. He would protect the younger's innocence even if it killed him a second time.

Tsuna himself didn't know what to do. On one hand the infant that claimed to be his "tutor" had just tried an attempt on his life, but on the other Ankh would surely kill Reborn. Tsuna didn't want Ankh to become a killer. No one should succumb to that bloodlust. Tsuna finally decided that he had to stop this.

"W-wait! Ankh STOP!" He yelled running towards his friend. Clinging onto the same arm that was being used to choke the life out of Reborn. Ankh tensed, not ready to let go, but Tsuna managed to pry the hand open giving Reborn an opportunity to break free. The hitman used the squabble as the perfect distraction he needed. Reborn slammed his foot on Ankh's head knocking him down. As Ankh fell, Reborn quickly shot Tsuna in the chest where OOO' symbol is located. As OOO fell on the ground, the symbol grayed out and the transformation cancelled, reverting OOO back to Tsuna.

"Now then…" Reborn started to say, the gun transforming back into the lizard before crawling back on top of his hat. "I was sent here by the orders of Vongola Nono to train "Dame" Sawada Tsunayoshi into becoming the next boss of the Vongola family."

Tsuna started to sweat as the hitman kept going. "I've been observing you ever since you returned to Naomori. You wouldn't think that I, the greatest hitman in the world wouldn't notice any out of place information?" Ankh huffed as he carefully started standing up, checking to make sure no cell medals were shaken loose out of him. "The documents that were given to me are worthless. There was nothing about a person named "Ankh" neither was it known that Dame Tsuna had run away from home for years. I am especially lacking any information of Sawada Tsunayoshi becoming a "Kamen Rider"..." Reborn sharply turned to face Tsuna, his onyx eyes locking onto Tsuna's chocolate orbs.

"I guess that I'll have to write new records about you during my time as your tutor." Tsuna stammered, still not wanting the baby near him. "Shut up Dame Tsuna, a mafia boss doesn't cry." Reborn said calmly, kicking Tsuna head in the process.

Tsuna cried out, but Ankh quickly caught him before he could completely fall. "What the hell are you doing?!" the Greeed spat, shooting daggers at Reborn.

"Teaching." Was the only response he got.

Both Tsuna and Ankh had a bad feeling as they were forcibly lead back to the Sawada household.

It was a large room with clean floors and white walls. In front of a large glass window was a brown desk the shade of darkest bark. A man could be seen sitting right at the desk's head, his face appearing to gleam with the sheer amount of joy on his face. Just as he was about to speak, the door opened a brunette woman walked in wheeling in… a cake?

"Happy Birthday to you…" The man sung, placing the dessert on the desk. The cake was a simple vanilla cake, but the top was decorated with three familiar red, green, and yellow symbols. The man kept singing the familiar childish tune as he cut the cake, the woman beside him sighing as she watched.

"Happy Birthday to you… OOO!"

AN: Yup! I'm baaaaaaaack! I really did think of whether or not Reborn could beat OOO, but I think that Tsuna isn't experienced enough to beat a professional hitman like Reborn. I did consider the full combos, but do you really think that Tsuna would whip those out right away? Those are his aces in the hole. Besides, the combos are destructive and take a lot out of the user. Maybe Tsuna could potentially beat Reborn in the future, but it's highly unlikely as of right now.