Chapter 1: Unfriendly Yet War Welcome

Shay, Jenna, Leonardo, Yuya, Gong, Sylvio and Sherry Leblanc were in the Xyz Dimension.

"Our friends of the Resistance must be in the base." Jenna said.

"In that case, Leonardo take Sherry with you to search east side of the city." Shay ordered.

"Right." Leonardo answered as he ran off with Sherry running behind him.

"Jenna, you and I will search on the west side." Shay said as his Transformer warrior nodded her head.

"Yuya, Gong, and Sylvio scout ahead around there." He added pointing foward.

A half hour later.

Leonardo and Sherry were on the west side of the city.

"This your hometown." Sherry said gazing around the destructive of the buildings.

"Yeah, our home was a great place until Duel Academy turned into a battlefield." Leonardo said clenching his hand. "Most of our friends and family were wiped out."

Then from afar a building's wall a tall figure was looking from behind.


Yuya was walking through a open area trying to call Zuzu but to no avail.

"Can't get a hold of Zuzu?" Gong asked.

"No." Yuya said shaking his head.

"Shay nor the others haven't returned searching for their other comrades either." Gong added.

Sylvio sighed as he started to imagine there was a pond ahead. "WATER!" He exclaimed as he jumped but despite that he fell on hard he began to swim.

Gong grabbed the LID blonde by his shirt. "GET IT TOGETHER SYLVIO!"

Sylvio came to his senses but then something caught his eye. "THERE IS WATER!"

"Knock it off." Gong said annoyed.

"I'm serious!" Sylvio pointed out.

Up ahead was a woman using a water container to get water from the water fountain.

"HEY!" Yuya called getting the woman's attention.

She noticed a Duel Disk on Yuya's wrist which caused her to panic and run away. "Wait!" Yuya called yet he was confused.

He looked down to see a few can food that the woman dropped including the water tank.

Gong carried the water tank while Sylvio carried the can food in a basket.

"I think we can take one of these can food." Sylvio said looking into the basket.

"Gong thought it was rare for you to help out carrying things." Gong remarked.

"We can't do that, it wouldn't be right." Yuya added. "we have to take these back."

Sylvio was silent until he heard his stomach growl.

"HELP ME!" A voice cried.

They looked ahead to see a man running but he fell on the ground. "Someone save me!"

Then a purple light shined on the man and he was carded.

Then from the direction the man was running from a man in a yellow suit and two in red suit appeared.

The yellow suit man picked up the card which now had the man inside.

"Its duel Academy students." Yuya said with a glare.

A short time later they looked around some more.

"Its horrible." Sylvio muttered.

"I don't wannabe to a card!" A voice cried.

They looked to the direction where the crying was coming from.

"Shh, quiet!" A voice said.

Yuya pushed aside the broken door and saw in the corner the same woman from the water fountain expect with her were two kids.

"I'm begging you, spare my children!" She begged.

"You got it wrong, we not here to harm you all." Yuya said calmly.

"We brought your food and water back." Gong said showing the water tank.

Yuya took the basket of can food and put it on the ground.

"Please, I'm begging spare my children!" The woman begged continuingly.

They threw their Duel Disks on the ground.

"We're not here to harm you guys." Gong said bending down on his left knee so did the others.

"Its all yours." Sylvio added calmly. "Here." Yuya said moving the basket of can food.

The small boy quickly noticed basket. "Food!"

"STOP!" The woman screamed.

Yuya took the food and opened the can.

The kids along with their mother and the three Lancers were sitting at the table eating.

Sylvio gazed in disappointment.

"Wipe off that look on your face!" Gong declared annoyed.

"If you're not with Duel Academy then why are you all here?" the woman asked.

"We came here to search for a friend, her name is Zuzu Boyle." Yuya answered as he lift his right arm up. "She wears a bracelet around her wrist, have you seen her?"

"No, everyone else that was here, well most of them were carded." The woman said as looking down in despair.

"What, is there more members of the Resistance fighting against Duel Academy?" Yuya asked.

"They are all..." The woman began to say.

Meanwhile Leonardo and Sherry then came to a building that was a park.

"This is where my friends and I dueled whenever we had free time from school." Leonardo said. "I remember that I dueled against a lot of duelists."

A flashback scene 1st.

Leonardo recalls his duel against Yuto.

He had his Beast Guardian Lio King of the Forest while Yuto had his Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon.

"I activate the Spell Shrink, which lowers your Lio's attack points by half." Yuto explained.

Beast Guardian Lio King of the Forest Attack 2500-1250

"Now Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon attack with Mauling Manible Charge!" Yuto commanded as his dragon charged and stabbed the Lion beast with its tusks.

Leonardo fell on his left knee.

Leonardo: 0

"You won, it was a great duel." Leonardo praised as he shook Yuto's hand. "It was, let's duel again someday." Yuto replied with a grin.

Flashback scene ends.

"Also I had a few classmates, we were taught about Guardian monsters." Leonardo added. "Guardian Monsters were more then just monsters, they helped us whenever we were in a jam, we also used them to have fun and put on a great show."

"You mean in a duel?" Sherry asked.

"Yeah, I had few rivals." Leonardo said as he lowered his head. "It also bring back memories, I encountered an Fusion Warriors."

Flashback scene 2.

Ra Yellow Student: 0

The Ra Yellow who was a male with blue bangs that went down to his forehead and was sitting on his bottom. "Ugh, I lost to a Xyz Summoner."

Leonardo approached the Duel Academy Ra student and stared down at him with a glare. "Its time for you to go."

The blue haired man put his hand out straight showing fear in his eyes. "Wait, spare my life please..."

Leonardo just scoffed and the his Duel Disk let out a bright light that shined at the Ra Yellow student then he sealed in a card which blew away into the air. "Tsk, see ya Fusion Freak."

End of flashback.

"I found this Ra yellow picking on some kids here that were separated from their parents however I managed to save them." Leonardo said as he clenched his hand. "Though somehow now I realized that I sealed countless Duel Academy freaks, I wonder if that'll happen again I think the only reason I did that cause I was blinded by rage, just like how Sora Perse was hurting Yuto including when he injured Shay in the Standard Dimension."

Sherry put her hand on his shoulder with a faint smile. "Listen, trying protect your friends and any other non-duelists is all the matters now, also if there's chance of bringing those that were sealed of coming back then I can have hope for my family too."

The blue haired man glanced at the long haired blonde with a nod. "Yeah anyway, I was strong with other classmates back in Duel School, having rivals was fun."

"And one of those rivals was me!" A voice rang out.

Leonardo quickly turned around to see a white spiked haired man, standing beside him was a two ruby pony tailed girl, he looked in surprise that there were still duelists left.

Sherry, seeing this realized that the two were classmates of his.

Meanwhile in another part of Heartland City.

Shay and Jenna walking up a stairway as they did they looked up.

Flashback scene 3.

He was holding onto a Slifer red student's wrists while Yuto questioned him.

"What do you mean, unite dimensions?" The Xyz counterpart asked.

"The Dimensions that were divided were based on the summoning methods, Fusion, Xyz, Synchro, and Standard." The male Slifer student answered. "Unifying them is our noble goal!"

Shay threw the Slifer student on the ground. "Not on our watch!"

Raptor appeared while in his Xyz Jurrasic Velicoraptor Monster. "Rrrrr." He snarled.

"Get rid of him!" Shay commanded.

"Raptor, hold your ground!" Yuto ordered.

"Why are you stopping him?" Shay asked glancing at his friend.

"Doing that won't solve anything, we aren't savages nor we should act like Duel Academy, trust me there will be another way to bring peace back to our world." Yuto replied.

Raptor snarled as he de-merged from his Jurassic Velociraptor. "Ugh, total bum." He huffed.

Flashback ends.

Shay and Jenna walked inside as they did Shay noticed a several Xyz Duel Disk that were broken and scattered on the floor.

"Does this mean that..." Jenna began to ask.

"They've been wiped out." Shay finished who just picked one of duel disks.

Back at the old building where the woman and her two kids were hiding in.

"The Resistance has been gone for some time, there is very few that are still around." The woman explained. "Just like my husband, my boys father, right in front of my own eyes."

Yuya noticed the woman beganning to tremble then she gazed three duel disks. "All because of Dueling!"

"STOP IT!" Gong shouted as he put his hand on Sylvio's shoulder. "I can't take it anymore, I want some food!" He cried.

"Control yourself!" Gong demanded.

"Just one bite, no even juices from the can!" Sylvio begged.

"Come on, Gong isn't hungry yet." Gong said as he felt his stomach growl.

"Do you want some food too?" The browned haired boy asked as he got up from his seat.

"Gong can go many days without..." Gong began to say as he felt stomach growl again.

The two kids began to laugh and soon everyone was laughing.

"Eat with us." The other boy said handing Sylvio the can food.

Suddenly the door was kicked open and the same Duel Academy students came inside.

"Hold it!" Yuya declared as he and his two Standard friends activated their duel disks.

"Oh, you three are duelists." The Ra Yellow student said.

"Dueling is not for war!" Yuya declared.

They all went outside.

The field spell: Crossover was activated and floating platforms appeared above.

"I'll go first!" Yuya declared.

"Those duel disks aren't Xyz Duel disks." The Ra Yellow said. "They musn't be from the Resistance." The first slifer Red said.

"We're the Lancers!" Yuya answered.

"What are Lancers?" The other Slifer Red asked confused.

Yuya remembered Declan's words.

"Lancers are soliders known to ride a horse and wield spears to pierce through the enemies, together we'll crush Duel Academy, save our world!" Declan announced.

"We Lancers have come here to stop Duel Academy's plot, including this Dimensional war!" Yuya explained.

"What are you talking about?" The closed eyes Slifer Red asked.

"You all invaded this Xyz Dimension and caused suffering!" Gong spatted.

"We were only following the orders of the Professor." The back spiked haired Slifer Red answered.

"The ARC Area Project to restore the world!" The Ra Yellow student added. "In order to creat one supreme world!"

"What is this ARC Area Project?" Yuya asked. "Gong doesn't even know what that is either." Gong answered confused.

"What is the purpose of turning people into cards and destroying this city?" Sylvio asked.

"Using Dueling for destruction and conflict is wrong, even sadden the people here!" Yuya protested. "Dueling is suppose to make people happy!"

Flashback scene 4.

"Even in the Synchro Dimension's City..."

He remembered what Crow told him when he and others arrived.

"Here, there are two different of people, one is called Top Siders who live a life of luxery, as for us Commons we leave in a place of misery. on top of that if you try to fight this system, you were will get captured by Security and brought to the facility." Crow explained. "Security were completely biased in their treatment of Top Siders, the leader of Security was Director Roget, during the Friendship Cup, eeveryone was in the city was watching."

He remembered the duels in the Friendship Cup.

"He had a Sergey a Dueling Destroyer, in to takeover this city he had to demostrate the power of the city, In Synchro there was duels called Turbo Duels while Riding on Duel Runners, During the duels, Roget used all kinds of plants to attack us, I had to win my way to the top, and tell everyone how wonderful a dueling can truly be, I wanted to stop the fight between Top Siders and Commons!"

He remembered how Shinj wanted to payback the Top Siders

"For the sake of Crow, Shinji, and everyone I had met fighting my way there..."

"The city has its own rules, Zuzu was just a pawn, since she lost they couldn't care about her, that's why I'm fighting to change this society." Shinji said determined.

"If Top Siders and Commons remained against each other, it would play right into Roget's hands, they wouldn't live together peacefull then it got worse..." Yuya began to say.

"He remembered the riot that Shinji and his Common allies caused.

"The Friendship Cup was about to end until the Commons started a riot."

"UNITE AND FIGHT, UNITE AND FIGHT, UNITE AND FIGHT!" the Commons changed angrily.

Crow and Katt found a Top Sider child crying.

"Argh, if this keeps up then things will only get worse!" Crow screamed.

"Attention everyone, I Roget Director of Security has announcement to make, the High Council has failed to keep the city safe, this is the example of them failing you all, so I have a marital law to announce..." Roget announced.

"At the moment, Zuzu who was captured..." Yuya began to say.

Zuzu pushed Roget aside. "He's using the chaos to fool you all, Top Siders and Commons are alike, if you can work together you can make this city a great place where everyone can be happy, if you all of you don't come as one then your done, Yuya if you can hear me, you're only one that can stop everyone from fighting, Dueltain your way into their hearts!"

He remembered when Sam came to him.

"A message from Jack came to me." Yuya said. "To come and duel him again in the final match of the Friendship Cup!"

"If you want to entertain the crowd then get back on the track, after all its never too late to get back on the track." Jack said.

Flashback ends

"I took part in the finals to prove that, Dueling isn't to made to fight, its to make people happy and to smile!" Yuya added.

Meanwhile Jenna and Shay were leaving the destroyed building.

Shay and Jenna remembered the day they cornered two Slifer Red students.

Flashback scene 5.

Shay cornered a Slifer Red one of them who was leaning against wall while Jenna trapped another that was standing next to another side.

"We told you all we know." The first Slifer Red said frighteningly.

"Declan Akaba is Leo's son." Jenna said.

"Right, Leo's son is Declan in Standard." Shay added. "Then its time we pay him a visit."

Jenna then gave the other Slifer Red a cold stare as she turned her Duel Disk into gun like device and unleashed a purple bright light sealing the 2nd Slifer in a card.

Shay activated the function on his Duel Disk and turned the last remaining Slifer Red into a card.

Shay also remembered the day he and Katt dueled against three top LID students then met Declan Akaba.

"We know Lulu is captured, held prisoner by your father." Katt said.

"So we need just you and turn you in to your father." Shay added.

"So you want to use me as some barnaging chip to get back Lulu." Declan said realizing the Xyz Warriors motives.

"That's right, the reason that I kept attacking LID students..." Shay began to say.

"Was to draw me out." Declan finished as he looked at the cat girl.

"I was ordered to work undercover to gather info on you." Katt explained knowing what Leo president was going to say. "I even helped Shay on tracking down Professor Marco."

"I'm afraid you two understimated my father." Declan said.

"What do you mean?" Shay asked.

"I mean that I doubt that he'll show any interest in me, but I have no objections of you Shay wanting to duel me as for you Katt, feel free to continue as a LID student." Declan said fixing his glasses.

Flashback ends.

"I thought trusting him would be a shortcut to rescue Lulu." Shay said as he felt Jenna wrap her arm around his left arm. "Don't worry, we'll get Lulu back." She said as she snuggled against her friend.

Back at the destroyed Heartland City Park.

"Jason, Cerea!" Leonardo exclaimed.

"Not just them." Jason said.

Maria appeared besides the two. "Its been awhile hasn't Leonardo, didn't know you guys would show up."

"It seems he's not alone either." Cerea added noticing the long blonde haired woman.

"My name is Sherry Leblanc, I'm a duelist from the Synchro Dimension." Sherry answered.

"A Synchro Summoner, you mean like the one that Yuto encountered?" Jason asked.

"Relax, she's not our enemy." Leonardo said calmly. "She's also a victim of Duel Academy."

"Never mind that, where are the others that went with you, including Shay and Yuto?" Jason asked.

"Jenna and Shay are here." Leonardo answered.

"Hold on, are you saying that Katt, Raptor and Sibella aren't with you?" A voice asked.

Out from behind a tree was William.

"William!" Leonardo exclaimed.

"My name is Wolf now, its no longer William." Wolf said with a glare.

"Wait, are you four suppose to be with the Resistance, where are the rest of your comrades?" Sherry asked.

"We're no longer a part of them." Jason answered. "We left on our own free will." Cerea added as she glared angrily.

"Only a few are left with the Resistance and some including us left them." Wolf explained. "Finally, Jason, Cerea, and I started our own group known as Terror Pack!"

Leonardo's eyes wide with shock.

Meanwhile the duel between the three Standard lancers and three Duel Academy students continued.

"At first making people happy was tough even with the stakes were high, but my once enemies from Xyz became my friends." Yuya declared. "Not just them!"

Flashback scene 6.

"The professor is not but a destructive manic with mad plan, I won't be a part of it!" Celina spatted with a serious tone.

"I will help Zuzu, she's my first friend, I will do anything protect her so would she." Sora added determinedly.

Flashback ends.

"We managed to communicate through the hearts of two Duel Academy students using dueling." Yuya stated.

He remembered the final move he made against Jack.

"If we combined our powers with everyone, we all can bring peace to all worlds, I was taught that when I dueled against Jack!"

He remembered Jack's laugh and how impressed he was.

"You really have it in you, you're being yourself!" Jack stated happily while laughing.

"Woo-whee, everyone in New Domino City is here to watch the duel of their lives!" Melissa announced amazed.

"Swing far Pendulum!" Gong chanted. "Crave the Arc of Victory!" Sylvio added.

"Our Monsters are ready to swing into action!" Yuya, Gong and Sylvio proclaimed together.

Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon, Super Star Actor Abyss, Superheavy Samurai Warlord Susanowo attacked the three Duel Academy students and defeated them creating sparkle glitter lights.

"Wow." One of the boys said astonished.

"Such amazing dueling." The second boy added.

"Dueling maybe ain't so after all." The woman said sharing the same feeling.

Flashback scene 7.

"My duel with Jack made everyone in the City smile, but..."

He remembered how Roget tried to suck them all in wormhole. "I hope you don't scare easily cause I don't know what dimension you'll be send to, however these dimension might be horrified.

The Dimensional Transporter machine was activated creating wind and electrictly surges which blew Riley away but was caught by Declan.

The green light from the Dimensional Transportal machine let out green light that came directly from the Security Headquarters building.

"YOU LOSE, ALL OF YOU LOSE, HA, HA, HA!" Roget proclaimed laughing.

Roget then fell off a walkway and into the wormhole.

Yuya embraced Zuzu. "You're safe now."

Just then machine stopped but then started up again.

"Its rebooting!" Yuya exclaimed.

Zuzu was then sucked into the wormhole.

Then Yuya, Gong, Shay, Sylvio, Sherry, and Jenna were sucked in as well.

Flashback ends.

"All right, you punks I'll give you the taste of your own medicine!" Sylvio shouted as he tried to activate the function on one of the Duel Academy's students duel disks.

"Stop it!" Yuya called.

Sylvio tried to find the function but to no avail then he felt Yuya's hand which made the blonde look at him. "We can't let them go, they'll call reinforcements!"

"I know, but we can't act like them, and you know that too!" Yuya pointed out.

Then the three Duel Academy got up and ran away in retreat.

"They're getting away!" Sylvio exclaimed.

The three Duel Academy ran to a corner of a building and big explosion was seen where the three Duel Academy students went behind.

"What was that?" Yuya asked shocked.

The three Duel Academy students were turned into cards as Yuya and his Standard Comrades went to where the blast came from.

"There are more Duel Academy warriors here." A voice said as the three Standard duelists gazed up on a large building part.

There stood a boy with a dragon behind him. "Looks like its my lucky day, my prey has come to me."

End of chapter with cliffhanger.