Mental Note

Now before you ask, I'll be uploading Chapter 13 on the Delta Saga around Sunday or next week. This note explains the reason for how and why Guardian Angels is different than my other two stories (I'm delete Offensive Armor once this is uploaded.) Now before I continue, just a remind that this problem I'm facing isn't that serious, but it still bugs me till this day.

Guardian Angels is a Comedy, Slice of Life, and Comfort genre fan fiction {It might have some action later on.} My OC Character Donovan is base off of me. When I was four my mom dropped me off with my Grandmother which I had no problem with since my Grandmother took great care of me, and I love her. However one thing that been haunting me right now is that she introduced me to Seven Days Adventist.

Now don't get me wrong, being a Christian really helped me to be kind, helpful, to others. I paid attention to the children stories, read the qualities, and like to go to Adventist camp, but the first strike was when my family said that Pokemon was the Devil's tool and forbids it. Which I didn't understand because it was okay for my cousins to watch Family Guy and Robot Chicken with no problem {For those who don't know I hate Family Guy and Robot Chicken due to too much Gore and Blood}

The second strike was being Pathfinders, I wasn't uncomfortable marching in church with people staring at me, and I never liked the commands they do but I did like the field trips. Being there though made me feel like an outcast since I never understood what the teachers were saying.

The final strike was when I end up in the Baptismal class which reveal in my opinion the horror of Adventist. They did explains some things I liked and agree upon but the rest was just frightening. Like that people who don't believe in God are wicked and those who don't believe go up in Heaven which has no more sin, praise songs everywhere, I don't know which is worse.

Now that I'm 19, I'm still scared of the bible being true. Even if I think that God loves me and protects me, I can't get over the things that traumatize me about being an Adventist. Every time my family puts on 3abn I get goosebumps when a Pastor talks about the end time. I want to tell my Grandma how I feel, but one I'm worried that'll hurt my feelings, and two she'll think that my interest are the reason why I choose not to be a Christian so I have no choice, but to tough it out until I can move out.

I always though that I'm the only christian in an Adventist who thinks this way, which is when my story comes into play. My OC Donovan who wants to live life without being traumatize by the Adventist bible gets comfort by his Guardian Angel who you don't expect to be Angels by first glance. This story helps me comfort my anxiety with my Christian life, and hopefully aid others who are also frightened, or depressed by being in a religious family.

Anyway I'm sorry for being so long, but I just want to explain the confusion going around. If you have any comments, please review till then Goodnight!