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Chapter 1: Fiction Meets Reality

It all happened so fast...

...One minute I was angrily leaving the Gala, the next I laid down on the cold pavement with a bullet in my forehead...and no one isn't here to check on me or even ask for my whereabouts...Maybe it was because there were too busy having fun...or that I'm not a true Adventist that I ended up like this. I never even got to finish my stories…

...Am I really going to…?

…I never got a chance...



I found staring at a black sky. I slowly got up, my head pounding a bit. Everything around me was black like an abyss.

"Is this what it's like when the bible said that people who die are asleep?"

I noticed a bible on the ground. Annoyed I picked it up and opened it to the point of Revelation chapter.

'Life or death, heaven or hell, God or Satan...Either we die for our sins or live a perfect and eternal life with God…'

"I'm tired of having to choose one or the other! I'm sick of the bible telling us about spirits of both sides controlling us! I never ask for a perfect life in Christ I just want to enjoy this life! A life where I can laugh, cry, feel pain, work hard, and talk to someone…If I only had the confidence to make frien-'

The book suddenly flashes from the inside, blinding me instantly. I tried to cover my eyes but didn't help.

Donovan POV

I quickly shot up, breathing heavily. Once I controlled my breathing, I realized that I was back in my Grandfather's apartment.

"What?...I'm back in my room?" I asked myself, looking around confused. The rays of light coming from outside made me more confusing than ever. "And it's morning already?"

As I sat up from my bed, I still felt a slight sting on my forehead, however, the minute I tapped it I felt something on top of the area where the bullet was lodged in my head. I turned my head towards the dresser mirror, revealing my forehead being patched up by bandages and duct tape.

"S-Someone already treated the gunshot woun-?"


"What was that?!" Startled by the sudden noise, I peaked my head out of my room and slowly walked towards my Grandfather's room/bathroom.

My Grandfather has two bunk beds just in case that our family members stay in for the night. He has two drawers, one small one near his bed, and another long one with a small T.V, and a mirror. Outside the window, you can see Lincoln Meadow Bus Station."

I turned on the light in the bathroom wondering where that sound was coming from. Before I realized it, I head the shower curtain pole coming part causing it to fall down.

I didn't have enough time to move out of the way as the figure behind the curtain was coming towards me, but I felt something hooking my shirt and pulled me out of the way in time as the pole, curtain and whoever was in it, crash down into the bathroom floor.

As for me, I ran forehead first into the door, which sends a massive signal to where the wound was, causing me to pass out.

Normal POV

"Is he okay…?"

"I hope I didn't kill him,"

"What gave you the right mind to stand on a rolling chair?"

"I was panicking okay! There aren't many hiding places in the bathroom!"

"SHH! I think he's waking up!"

Donovan slowly regains conscious, wincing from the pain on his forehead. Once his eyes finally adjusted he realized that he was in his Grandfather's room. He slowly turned his head to the side only to be met by an unfamiliar pair of eyes staring at him.

"..!" He quickly sat up. A stunned look on his face to not only find one person but fourteen other animated looking figures in his apartment.

After a few minutes of silence, the girl wearing a white dress and dark blue hair came forward. "Are you okay Donovan?"

"Yeah... I'm fine," Donovan answered a bit awkwardly. 'This can't be happening...why are all of them here? And what happened to me?'

A young girl with short silver hair pressed her hands unto Donovan's forehead. She closed her eyes as her hand glowed a bit. "It seems that he's a bit confused by our presents, as well as how he's alive," she declared.

"Wait a second! Let's back up a bit," Donovan said confused. "You guys were the ones who got me home?"

"Yeah, but it wasn't easy getting you here," The raccoon replied. "We almost got you viral around the world. 'This just in, residents downtown spotted an unconscious floating boy down Lansdowne Park.'"

"Well...thank you very much for bringing me home," Donovan said, still a bit puzzled. "But what about my family? Are they…"

"Don't worry," The black spiky hair boy responds. "We were able to knock him out before he got the chance to escape."

"I was this close to crushing that guy's head," The blonde hair woman spat out.

"You know you're a bit calm for someone who noticed fifteen animated characters in your apartment," The mermaid looking girl stated, a bit suspicious of his reaction.

"Well, that's because I know who you guys are," Donovan replied mellowly.

"You know about us?" The small blue rabbit asked surprised.

"Mmhm," Donovan nodded as he began by pointing to the blue rabbit. "You're Yang: A Woofoo Warrior. While your sister uses magic and spells, you're more into hand in hand combat, and reckless destruction."

"Yeah, that's righ-" Yang stopped himself. "Hey wait a minute! I'm not reckless!"

"You were the first one to lunged at the guy screaming 'I love reckless fighting!'" The raccoon stated.

"That's not recklessness, it's stragedy," Yang defended.

" It's strategy," The teenage girl with short blue hair corrected annoyed.

"So you got the rabbit right, how about you get a crack of me," The blonde woman challenged.

"Leone: an assassin from Night Raid," He answered without breaking a sweat. "You are a very upbeat and cheerful person when it comes to your team. To your enemies, however, you are vicious with your belt form Teigu called Lionel. With it, you can boost your speed, strength, reflexes, and regeneration. Also, you look really cool in your beast form."

Leone was surprised for a second, before curling into a smirk. "Wow! I never got many compliments on my beast form. This boy might be the one we've been looking for!"

'You only said that because he said that you were cool,' The young silver hair girl, wearing a blue outfit sweatdropped.

"So he got two for two huh?" The raccoon questioned but had a 'sly' grin. "The kid is good."

"He is good, however, you only got two out of 15 of us!" The multi-colored hair girl stated. "You are long aways to the finish line pal! So you better give it your all if you want our Hope Fragments!"

'Hope Fragments? Does she think that we are in a video game? And why am I being interrogated like I'm a criminal?' Donovan asked himself. 'Whatever...I need to earn their trust...even if I don't know the reason why.'

Donovan took a deep breath and stared at the three magical girls. "The strict, and smart Cure White, the immature yet caring Cure Marine, and the shy and very artistic Cure Peace. You three are the legendary warriors: Pretty Cures from three different groups: Heartcatch, Smile and the Futari Wa Pretty Cure Max Heart."

"Y-You know about us?!" Cure Marine gasped in shock.

"That so cool!" Cure Peace eyes sparkled with amazement. "He has some sort of mind-reading powers!"

"I don't think that's possible," Cure White said.

"The wielder of the Imagine Breaker: Touma Kamijou, the Ultimate Musician: Ibuki Mioda, and the Night Witch from the 501st Joint Fighter Wing: Sanya V Litvyak," Donovan continued.

"...I don't know whether I should be impressed or disturbed that he got that right," Touma remarked.

"A-BLUB-BLUB-BLUB-BLUB!" Ibuki reacted by rolling her eyes in the back of her head and foaming at the mouth. "Y-You even know about my Ultimate Talent!?"

"...So tired…" Sanya said drowsily.

"Sly Cooper: A cunning, devious yet charming thief who only steal from other thieves. Shantae: a half-genie guardian of Scuttle Town. Freddy Fazbear: an animatronic bear mascot from Freddy's pizzeria."

"Cunning, devious and charming...yup that sounds like me," Sly acknowledged

"He even knows that I'm a half-genie," Shantae added.

"Yeah the useless kind," Freddy mumbled.

Shantae overheard him and respond by elbow jabbed the animatronic. "Ow!" Shantae yelped. She realized that she inflicted more pain on herself than to Freddy.

"Charlotte Dunois a French representative for the Infinite Stratos, Setsuna: a speed demon Needless, and Shiho Sannomiya: one of the three Level 7 espers in B.A.B.A.L," Donovan continued.

"..." The three stayed silent, nodding their heads. Donovan can tell by Charlotte's expression that she was speechless, Shiho looked like she knew all along, and Setsuna was glaring at him.

"And finally…" Donovan laid his eyes on the mermaid girl, who looked a bit calm"...


...Who are you?"

"DAH!" The girl face faulted in disbelief, but quickly got back up. "Y-You were able to remember everyone else, but not me?!"

"No, that's not it," Donovan answered as he observed her a bit. "You do look kinda familiar. Like not in a show or a game, but from somewhere else. It's on the tip of my tongue…"

"Well while you're thinking, I want to acknowledge something," Touma announced while glancing at Freddy. "You mentioned last night about stuffing humans in spare animatronic parts. Why the hell would you do something like that?"

"Let's just say that us animatronics have a bit of a grudge on someone," Freddy responded. "Someone who you can describe as black and white and purple all over."

"I don't really get why that's a bad thing," Ibuki said as she scratched her head. "Ibuki always wanted to go inside an animatronic and perform for kids on their birthdays."

"I wouldn't recommend doing that unless you want to slowly bleed to death from being stabbed by multiple spring traps and sharp metal," Shiho warned.

"That last part wasn't necessary," Touma sweatdropped.

"As...graphic as that description was, she right Ibuki," Freddy concurred. "I have a ton of wires and sharp objects in my body, so it's impossible for a human to survive inside an animatronic."

"You right," Ibuki acknowledged, sadly. "Ibuki wouldn't be able to shred on her guitar wildly with Freddy's microphone stuck to his hand."

"You may want to check your priorities," Touma and Freddy said with a sweatdrop.

"I got it!" Donovan shouted, which got everyone's attention. "You're a Vaporeon, a water type Pokemon, in human form. I recognize you from your photo online!"

"A Vaporeon..." The girl repeated to herself. "...Yeah, I remember. I'm part of the Eevee crew. All I need is a water stone and I evolve!"

"Not just any Vaporeon," Donovan continued. "You're Varvula Evolona: The Vaporeon in my playthrough of Pokemon Fire Red game."

"I was?" Varvula asked a bit puzzled. "How do you know that the Vaporeon in your game is me? Because...I don't remember coming out of a game."

"When I first play Fire Red, the Vaporeon I used for my team, had the worst luck out of all of my Pokemon," Donovan explained. "You always got KO'd by a critical hit when you almost beat Giovanni's Rhydon, you always get status condition by moves that causes it, and while fighting Gary, you were the only Pokemon that fainted and you're higher level than the rest."

"W-What?!" Varvula was startled. "D-Did I at least took down one of Gary's Pokemon?"

"I'm really sorry," Donovan apologies. "For some reason, one Sand attack was able to make you miss a lot of times. I didn't have many Hyper Potion left, and Pidgeot finished you off with an Aerial Ace."

"Damn it," Varvula mumbled as she sulked. "If you know I sucked so badly then why did you keep me on your team?"

"Don't beat yourself up," Donovan said sternly. "It's was my fault for my lack of knowledge of Pokemon types. I should've used Ice Beam instead of Surf. Also, it didn't matter if you had terrible luck, I never regret replacing you with another water type."

"Donovan…" Varvula stared at him a bit surprised but felt encouraging by his words.

"Um…does anyone know what they're talking about?" Charlotte questioned, staring at the two.

"He lost me at 'Vaporeon'," Shantae answered blankly.

"This must be how nerds talk in this world," Yang remarked. "I should know, my sister is a mega nerd."

"I don't know much about nerd talking, but I doubt that's the only thing going on in this conversation," Ibuki said with a sly grin on her face. "It seems that Varvula is already putting the moves on Donovan?"

"Really?" Cure Peace said in amazement. "Then it's love at first sight!"

"That brings me back," Freddy sighed. "Chica and I had our first date in the park. We were watching the sunset while eating nuts and bolt pie with an oily smoothie."

"That...actually sounds pretty appetizing in a robot's point of view," Yang assented.

"I'm more concern of how people would be okay with two killer animatronic walking in the park," Touma lamented.

"So you live on your own Donovan?" Cure White curiously asked.

"Yeah," Donovan nervously answered. "I used to live here with my Grandfather, but... he passed away last year."

"Oh," Shantae could tell that he was a bit uncomfortable. "S-sorry! I didn't mean t-."

"No it's okay," Donovan shook his head. "Since my grandfather and the dorm manager were close, he was able to let me stay here, and offered me a job as an assistant."

"That's really generous of him," Cure White said.

"Well it's only for this summer," Donovan replied. "Anyway enough about me, how did you guys end up in the real world anyway?"

"It was kind of odd..." Cure Marine answered first. "The three of us along with the other Pretty Cures were fighting a villain named Trauma: A horse that used a tear of Pretty Cure to transform into his monster form so he can turn this world into Neight! Or something like that."

"What the heck is a Neight?" Leone asked.

"I don't know, he kept saying it in his musical number," Marine answered. "Honestly, who gives villains their own songs?"

"So did you stop him?" Yang asked.

"Well…" Cure White trailed off. "We don't even know."

"So the villains actually successfully won?!" Varvula startled on horror.

"No, we all worked together to weaken him a bit and gathered our powers together to finish him off," Cure Peace explained. "But the minute our attack hit Trauma, my mind went blank."

"Yeah me too," Marine added. "One minute we were kicking that horses ass and the next, we were in the middle of a shelter with stray cats."

"That happened to me too," Shiho seconded that. "I was being abducted by a psycho man who uses his powers to kill criminals for justice. He wanted me to join in, but I refused. He then uses his powers to strangle me to death."

"Was he wearing a mask and sprouting something like "Sparkling Justice?" Ibuki asked.

"No he wasn't wearing a mask, and what kind of person name themselves Sparkling Justice?" Shiho questioned.

"Moving on… I honestly don't remember anything that happened to me," Setsuna said.

"Me neither," Shantae folded her arms trying to think of something.

"I'm kind of lost too," Touma added.

"Same here," Ibuki chimed in.

"The last thing I remembered before waking up in this world was jump-scaring the security guard," Freddy summarized.

"I was battling a skunk and got sucked into his time machine," Sly stated.

"I was in the middle of a fierce battle! One on One! I was the only one capable of saving the world from the Nightma-,"

"Yang was cleaning the bathroom with his sister's toothbrush," Shiho interrupted, placing her palm on Yang's back.

"Would you quit reading my mind!" Yang yelled.

"I was sleeping…" Sanya yawned. "...While I was flying from patrol."

"That's impressive," Donovan stated shocked.

"I was dying peacefully in the ally," Leone announced. She noticed them staring at her oddly. "It's a long story."

"The same thing happened to me when we were about to beat up Ichika on his birthday," Charlotte added without thinking. Now it was her turn to get the odd reaction from the others.

"...Do we even want to know why you were beating up someone on their birthday?" Shantae questioned.

"I, uh...well, you see..." Charlotte realized now that what she and the others did during Ichika's party was wrong.

"I actually don't understand that too," Donovan added. "I mean I know Ichika may be an idiot, bu-."

"H-how do you know about Ichika?" Charlotte blurted out.

"And about all of us?" Cure Marine added.

"In this world, you, and your friends and family...Are all fictional characters," Donovan answered.

Everyone minus Shiho had a confused or shocking reaction. Some were a bit over the top, like Freddy's lower jaw literally falling off his body, and Ibuki's foaming mouth, while the rest had their eyes widen in shock. Before anyone could say anything, Shiho interjects.

"That makes a lot of sense," Shiho agreed.

"How exactly?" Shantae asked.

"If you hadn't noticed by now, then the idiot label is perfect for you guys," Shiho boasted.

"Hey, only my sister and Master Yo can call me an idiot!" Yang snapped.

"...!" Cure White eyes widen in realizing what Shiho means. "Shiho's right...Not the fact that we are all idiots, but we're fictional characters from different shows and games. That would explain how Donovan knows where Varvula came from his Pokemon Fire Red game."

"So you're saying that in this world, Pretty Cures aren't real?" Cure Marine asked in horror.

"And the fact that Academy City is just fiction setting?" Touma added.

"That's right," Donovan answered. "But even if you guys are fictional in this world, you guys have made a huge impact on the viewers."

"What kind of impact?" Charlotte asked.

"Let me show you one," Donovan took out his laptop under the bed and opened it up. Everyone gathered around him to see the screen. "So here's a poll I found on IS fandom about which girl should be paired up with Ichika."

Charlotte blushed wildly. 'T-That many people voted for me as a good pairing for Ichika?"

"Wow, the others aren't even on the double digits," Sly added.

"Although I agree with the polls, everyone's entitled to their opinion," Donovan replied. "Another example is that there a lot of fanart and fanfictions focusing on the series or a character. For example Cure Peace."

"M-Me?" Peace stuttered.

Donovan nodded. "You along with Marine are probably the most famous Pretty Cure despite the fact that your team's story ends."

"Look they even have All-Star movies where we are all in it!" Cure White exclaimed.

"Hey what's that?" Varvula pointed to a certain link.

"Which one?" Donovan asked.

"Let me show you," Varvula took the mouse, and clicked on the link. The link reveals an image that made Cure Peace's body turn white in horror.

"AH! MY EYES IT BURNS!" Yang screamed covering his eyes. Donovan, Touma, Charlotte, Shantae, Marine, and Cure White turned away blushing while Sly, Freddy, Leone, and Ibuki didn't take their eyes off the screen.

"Wow Peace! You look like you're really enjoying people seeing you posing like that, and I'm not gonna lie, it looks sooo cute!" Ibuki winked at the startled Peace.

"What is wrong with your face Peace?" Freddy asked, looking a bit clueless. "And why are you covered i-."

"I'll explain to you later," Sly quickly answered.

"P-Peace," Cure White turned to her with an astounded expression. "I never knew you do things like that."

"I-I don't!" Peace wailed comically.

"Huh," Varvula stared at the photo and then at Peace's chest. "I didn't know you can grow your chest th-."

"Okay! I think we've seen enough!" Donovan declared as he closed the tab that was revealing the photo.

"So...there are those kinds of fans as well in this world right?" Shiho asked.

"If you think it's that bad, wait till you see Touma's fan art," Donovan said.

"...Maybe later," Touma said still recovering from the photo.

"Anyway you get the idea," Donovan said. "Even if you're fictional, you inspire tons of view in good or...not so good way."

"So the fifteen of us transported in this world where we are fictional characters," Varvula summarized. "AH! Now I totally understand what that voice was telling me."

"What voice?" Sly asked.

"I don't remember doing anything before I came to this world, but there was a voice in my head that told me the situation. Varvula explained. "It said to me: Varvula Evol-"

"What with the deep voice change?" Shiho sweet drops oddly.

"Duh, I'm doing an impersonation of what I heard," Varvula answered annoyed. "Now where was I, oh yes: Varvula Evolona you are 1 of the 30 Guardians to enter into this world which is known"

"3-30 of them?!" Donovan stuttered.

"Guardians?" Shantae repeated confused. "What does that even mean?"

"Maybe we are here to stop an evil villain from another world!" Cure Marine suggested.

"That sounds like a cheesy crossover plot from a magical girl show," Shiho said deadpanned.

Varvula: You have entered this world, not only to stand by Donovan's side but to stop the world from ending from a mysterious prophecy.

"What were you saying?" Cure Marine questioned snarkily at Shiho who just rolled her eyes.

Varvula: As Guardians, only family members and people who know Donovan are able to see, hear, and feel your presence. There is no handicap for your powers, which will either help you or cause damages.

I hope you have a nice time learning about this world...

...Sincerely, From above?...

"...From above?" Touma asked confused.

"You don't mean," Cure Peace began. They all stared up at the ceiling.

Each of them silent for a minute until Varvula broke the silence. "You mean your neighbor upstairs is the one that gave us the letter?"

'How dense is she?' Everyone thought in their head.

"Hey Shiho, how does your psychometric thingy work?" Ibuki asked Shiho.

"It's called Psychometry," Shiho corrected. "Whenever I come in contact with someone, not only I can read their minds, but I can know about their backstories."

"How much?" Touma asked.

"Enough to make an autobiography on that person," Shiho declared smugly.

"Why do you sound so smug when saying that?" Touma mumbled with a sweatdropped.

"I wonder," Donovan glanced at Shiho and then at Touma. "Can you read Touma's mind even with his Imagine Breaker?"

"What does Touma's power do anyway?" Leone asked.

"I can cancel out any ability that comes in contact with my right hand," Touma explained raising his right hand.

Shiho turned to Touma with an innocent smile. "Let find out shall we?"

"If you say so," Touma nodded. Boldly, Shiho touched his chest by going under his shirt, causing him to blush a bit. "W-What are you doing!?"

Shiho ignored his question as she closed her eyes and concentrate. Usually, her hand would glow purple, but his right hand caused her powers to not work properly. After a few seconds, she opened her eyes and frowned. "Interesting, even with half of my power, I still can't read his mind."

"Did you have to touch his chest?" Charlotte asked, blushing.

"No, I wanted to see how you guys will react," Shiho answered with a sly smirk.

"Creepy," Freddy commented.

"Still, that so cool!" Peace said amazed. "You have the coolest ability! You're like an invincible superhero!"

"I...wouldn't call it invincible," Touma corrected. "My right hand also cancels out my luck."

"That could explain last night incidents," Setsuna recalled.

"You mean when the pigeons decided to use Touma as their public restroom?" Yang joked.

"Or when Ibuki bumped into him, causing him to fall off the bridge, and almost was lost at sea?" Varvula chuckled.

"And don't forget the car that drove over his leg three times," Leone added.

"I'm glad that my rotten luck and pain is amusing you three," Touma sarcastically muttered as he glared at three.

"How long has Sanya been sleeping?" Marine asked. She began poking Sanya's cheeks as she slept..

"Ever since the sun was up, she went out like a light," Setsuna replied. "It's impressive how she was able to still stay asleep while standing."

"Whoa!" Yang's eyes gleamed amazed as he picked up Sanya's weapon Fledgehammer. "This is so cool!"

Looking alarmed, the others stood back from Yang and Sanya. "Put that thing down before you hurt someone!" Cure White commanded.

"Relax guys I'm capable of handling weapons," As he said that, Yang lost his balance. While trying to regain his balance, Sanya was hit in the back of the head by the Fledgehammer. The fledgehammer then crashed into the wall.

"Sanya!" Peace called out. She and Marine ran toward Sanya who laid sprawled on her stomach with a lump on the back of her head, where she was hit. "Are you okay?!"




"She's still sleeping!?" Everyone exclaimed in disbelief.

"Sanya must be a really heavy sleeper," Freddy commented.

"Hey, can someone help me get this gun out of the wall?" Yang called out as he tried to pull it out. Marine and Peace grabbed the gun and pulled it out easily. However, they didn't realize how easy it was as the fledgehammer flew out of the hole and towards the others.

"DUCK!" Charlotte warned as she and the other, Varvula was a bit late as Fledgehammer slammed into her face. Everyone who ducked stared at Varvula who fell backward, while the fledgehammer bounced off of her face and landed on the bed.

The others looked down to find Varvula sprawled on her back. Her eyes turned to swirls, and a red mark on her face where the gun landed.

"All in favor of not touching Sanya's fledgehammer?" Sly voted. Everyone's hands quickly shot up in the air, minus two people.

"You girls can sleep in my Grandfather's room," Donovan replied as he and the girls walked into his Grandfather's room. " I don't have enough beds for all of you, but I hope the bunk beds and two mattresses are enough."

"Thank you for giving us a place to sleep," Cure Peace bowed. "But why do you have two bunk beds?"

"This room is just in case my family comes down to Ottawa to stay for the weekend," Donovan answered.

"Your Grandfather is really caring," Varvula complemented.

"Yeah," Donovan nodded. "He was really fun and kind and didn't matter what he thinks of me or anyone else... unlike the rest of my family."

Donovan mumbled the last bit so that the girls couldn't hear. However, due to her super hearing, Ibuki was able to hear him, looking confused.

Donovan shook his head and smile. "Anyway, I would recommend closing the bedroom door if you want to use the bathroom. The sliding door is a bit hard to open or close."

"Also lock the door!" Touma shouted from Donovan's room. "That way we won't have to do the peaking gag!"

"If we do accidentally come in while your changing, please don't throw anything," Donovan pleaded. "I don't want my neighbors to get spook by noises."

"Don't worry I will only throw Yang at them," Ibuki announced.

"Why the foo would you throw me!?" Yang yelled out angrily.

"Because you're smaller and easier to throw," She answered.

"Don't worry I'll make sure Ibuki doesn't do anything stupid," Setsuna stated. Donovan smiled and left the girls alone to their room.

"Man~! What a day it has been," Leone yelled stretching her arms above her head while sitting on the bottom bunk.

"Tell me about it," Cure Marine sighed lazily as she flopped face first onto the mattress. "Time for bed~!"

"So who wants the top bunk?" Varvula asked turning to the remainder girls.

"I'll take one of the mattresses," Cure Peace answered. "I'm not really good with heights."

"Good morning," Sanya called out. She rose up from her bed, yawning.

"It's nighttime," Charlotte corrected.

"..." Sanya looked around the room with a tired look. "...This isn't my room."

"You just realized that now?!" Varvula exclaimed.

"I'll take the top bunk," Shiho said already climbing up.

Shantae was also climbing on the other end, but stopped and turned to Ibuki. "Ibuki do you want to take the top bunk?"

"..." Ibuki didn't answer as her eyes were closed.

"...Uh Ibuki?" Shantae asked again.

"...Something's bothering Donovan?" She announced.

"What do you mean?" Cure Peace asked.

"He mumbled something bitter like a lemon," Ibuki described.

"Isn't lemon suppose to be sour?" Charlotte questioned with a sweatdrop.

"What did you hear then?" Varvula asked.

Ibuki scanned the hallway, before turning to the others. "When he was talking about his Grandfather he mumbled '...unlike the rest of my family.'

"Why would he say something like that?" Peace asked confused.

"Hey ladies! You might wanna see this," Sly announced, poking his head in the girl's rooms. The girls looked at each other before following Sly inside Donovan's room. They noticed Freddy with an antenna on his head where his hat was.

"So you called us here to show us a bear has an antenna under his hat?" Leone asked.

"Well yeah and," Yang moved Freddy's arms up, picking up static sounds, like a radio. "He's can pick up a satellite signal."

"You know, I've always wanted to become radioactive," Freddy joked.

Everyone just stared at Freddy with a modern tone, until Leone spoke up. "Okay cool ability, terrible pun."

"Anyway," Touma continued. He began to move Freddy's arms trying to find the right signal."We overheard a conversation between Donovan and the person he talking to on the phone, but Yang had to mess it up with the football game."

"I just wanted to see who was winning the championship," Yang pouted.

"..I think I got the signal," Touma said. After one final movement, they can hear Donovan talking to someone while he's outside on the balcony.

Donovan: Why can't I go to a normal high school?

?: Because I want you to be in a familiar environment where you can learn more about God and his missionary mission, and the SDA Private High School is a perfect place for you to go. No distraction, no student influencing you to do bad things, and no girls.

Donovan: Can't this once I go to a regular high school? For once I want to go to a school that doesn't talk about the bible or verse of it 24/7!

?: I'm sorry, but I don't want those things they teach you in high school to turn you away from God's love, and it for your own good...unless you want to become a wicked person, working for the devil


?: Good, then you better get ready, because tomorrow the headmaster is coming over for an interview and you're going to explain to me why you left early last night,

Donovan: Yes Aunty Welfie

Welfie: Donovan...I'm doing this because I love you, and I don't want you to end like your grandfather.

Donovan: I know...thank you Aunty Welfie…

After the conversation ended, the others couldn't believe what Donovan's Aunt was saying. Speechless, the girls went back to the rooms. All of them silence unsure what they felt about that conversation.

...All but one...

Varvula had a determined face. She didn't understand the situation or much about Donovan and his family, but she can tell from the conversation that he wasn't happy. Varvula got comfortable on the green rock chair since the beds and mattress were taken.

"Donovan.," Varvula mumbled to herself. "We won't let them enroll you to that school."

Varvula: Alright guys! We can't let his Aunt enroll Donovan in that private school!

Ibuki: Time for operations: 'Make sure Donovan doesn't go to a Religious Private high school!'

Shantae: That name is way too long!

Yang: This operation requires serious firepower, and what better firepower than Sanya's Fledge Hammer!

Sly:...You're joking, right?

Yang: Dude, I don't joke when it comes to weapons.

Cure White: We're trying to make sure Donovan doesn't get enrolled, not kill everyone inside the building!

Yang: Hey this isn't for killing! It's for destroying the gate!

Peace: Next time on Guardian Angels: Haunting Angels

Yang: When can I get the chance to use my Fledgehammer?

Touma: It's not even yours!

Yang: Well Sanya is sleeping. That means I have full ownership of it.

Cure Marine: That's not how ownership works, idiot!

Leone: She right, you have to kill her for ownership!

Touma: Don't give the readers the wrong message!