'Heart And Soul' A Van Helsing Fanfiction

Summary: Twenty three years after the deaths of the Valerious family. Dracula regenerates with the assistance of a daughter of Lilith powers. From the knowledge of the Ravenscraft witches the only way to defeat Dracula now was to give his heart and soul back to his immortal body. That means calling upon the magic of the Ravenscraft wicca who specialize in undead and metaphysical magic and traveling to Hell and confronting the 'Prince Of Lies' himself; Satan.

Bianca Eona was one of the recent 'chosen ones' trained and gifted to fight the darkness. When the witches summon her to request her assistance for the task of helping their coven on their journey to Roma; She ponders... "Am I going to get out of this alive and return home? What are these dreams about? They don't belong to me... They are another woman's..."


[Oh, My lovely readers! This story was inspired by 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer' Tv show and several other vampire crap. But it isn't a crossover. It just takes some ideas and stuff... Heh. I hope it's somewhat interesting cuz I'm horrible at writing complex stories in general.]

Introduction: The Ravenscraft Witches

(In some undisclosed location deep in the of caves of the Carpathian mountains. 1915 A.D)

"It is rather practical, My sisters and brother... We give him back his heart and then Dracula will be vanquishable." Whispered a woman in bleak darkness to her other coven brothers and sisters.

"Rebecca, We will further our vengeance and give him back his soul as well." Confirmed an older witch. "Then Dracula will know our pain, grief, sorrow, and he will fear."

"His soul? Dravina? Is that even possible? Only the original Ravenscraft witches had the ability to make it so." Said the voice of a teenage warlock.

"Do not fear, Dear Micah, If all four of us use our powers together in the incantations. It will be a possible achievement." Said the youngest witch who sat next to the warlock Micah. "The magic of our ancestors is strong in our veins."

"You don't understand, Salina. His soul is in the pits of hell." Micah defended nervously, "What if that blood sucker learns of our plan before it comes to fruition? He will come to slaughter us like what he did to our coven two hundred years ago."

Two hundred years ago. The witches of the Ravenscraft. Developed two rituals that could cripple Valdislaus Dracula physically and mentally. Thanks to a judas; Dracula learnt of the power the witches mustered up and massacred the whole coven with the assistance his brides in one night. With the exception of three wicca who took their book of shadows with them and escaped from the vampire's rampage. Dravina, Rebecca, Salina, and Micah were the descendants of the survivors.

When their grand mothers died they promised they would accomplish what their grandmothers had failed to do. This was afterall vengeance for the deaths of the covenant. The death of innocence. Killing him was a mercy for the king of vampires. Instead the witches wanted him to suffer for eternity.

"He will not know until he wakes up one night and feels the beating of his own heart in his chest. We will have to travel to Roma for the portal into hell and we will need a seasoned slayer to fend off any attackers." Dravina laid out to her companions.

"In that case. I know a holy knight who could assist us. I will send a message to Maria Rosa Del Carte." Says the velvet caped Rebecca ripping a parchment paper from her journal.

Dravina lit a candle and opened the coven's book of shadows. She began to find the incantations for the spells needed for their endeavor.

Salina's eyes gazed upon the sparkling orb in her right hand and grinned, "Don't be such a coward, My love."

Her lover frowned and spoke, "I am not scared... I am frightened by the consequences."

"It was the underground Vatican who asked our ancestors to create such magic. They are also responsible for delivering Dracula upon us." Rebecca recalled.

"So we are going after vengeance against them as well?"

"No, Thanks to their guidance... we acquired such powers against the creatures of darkness."

[A/N: These are supposed to be witches of light?... Well they are still human and have a really good reason for giving Dracula back his soul. Will Satan agree to let that happen? The vendetta of witches runs deep. Also the orb Salina holds is an 'orb of vesla'.]