AN: This is it, the story of the 12th annual Kim Possible Fannie Awards! Where all the winners of the Golden Rufus statuettes will be awarded...and where a lot of action and drama will happen more here than in Fannies past! Awards will be given (and sometimes stolen) and even one of the co-hosts will become a damsel in distress!

The story itself is going to be divided into two acts. Act I will be the pre-show and Act II will be the ceremony/main plot itself.

The fanfic is going to be rated T for language, bloodless action violence, some suggestive themes (including a couple of skimpy outfits), crude humor, and brief partial rear male nudity.

Kim Possible, characters and settings, is created by Schooley and McCorkle and (c) by Disney.

All other characters and settings belong to their respective owners.

Chapter 1 - "Finding A New Host"

(Middleton Hotel & Conference Center, Room 9275, March 29, 2017, 7:45pm)

The air was musty in the small confines of the 400 sq. foot room. In it, there were two double beds, a nightstand with a two-bulb Bankers' lamp light fixure in-between the beds and a 40" high-definition television on top of a medium-sized nightstand. To complete the furnishings the room had two chairs and a table, and a small bathroom with a sink and countertop and a toilet and tub in the adjoining room.

Sitting on one of those chairs was Sentinel103. The senior citizen whom is beyound his sixties has been a long-standing member of what was known as the Kimmunity, a small but highly dedicated group of roleplayers, fanartists, fanfic writers, and general fans of a Disney Channel TV show called Kim Possible, a story of how one certain red-haired cheerleader both defied gender stereotypes and kicked serious villain ass with a goofy sidekick, a naked mole rat, and a tech genius.

The other person in the room, CajunBear73, was a few years younger than Sentinel. He too has been a part of the Kimmunity as well as his close friend. He was mostly known for his insightful reviews that he has left on many a KP fanfic, and some beta-reading on the side.

On this night, CajunBear was pacing back and forth across the room, while Sentinel was staring at a blank piece of paper on the table.

"What are we going to do, bud?" the Louisianian questioned his friend. "The Fannies are five months away, and we still do not have a host!"

Sentinel stared at that piece of paper and replied, "It's understandable that Whitem has some family affairs to take care of, but we're left with no backup plan!"

"Do you think this is his revenge for what he did to scare us at last years' Fannies?" CajunBear asked.

Sentinel took a long, hard look at him and said, "Mmm...naahhh, he totally wouldn't do that to us!"

"And must we not forget how much money the city of Middleton had to pay to host these awards?" CajunBear added.

Sentinel muttered, "Including the JARVIS II system for the 9th Fannie Awards..."

"...and Junior's lessons in that school for the musically-challenged..." Cajunbear chimed in.

"...and Whitem's battle suit from the 10th." Sentinel interrupted.

CajunBear plopped a briefcase on the table and opened it, revealing financial papers from the past three Fannie awards

"So how much is the Fannie Committee in debt prior to this year's awards?" Sentinel wondered.

Taking out a pair of glasses and a calculator, CB studied the papers thoroughly.

"Counting all the expenses we had to go through, we are... $300,000 in the hole!"

"Three hundred grand? Are you serious?" Sentinel shouted, his jaw dropping.

"Yes, note serious face here!" CajunBear replied, quoting a famous blonde sidekick/distraction.

"We can't run the Fannies on a deficit like that." Sentinel sighed before standing up from his chair, "I have no choice but to call Kim and Ron, saying that we're not gonna have the ceremony this year!"

CajunBear stood in the way of his friend. "No, Sent! The awards show WILL go on! We WILL find a way to host them this year!"

"How are we going to get the money for them? We can't do know...illegal." Sentinel said. He absolutely did not want an extremely mad 28-year old redhaired woman to unleash all 16 styles of Kung-Fu against him, especially after she's reading one particularly long story where she and Ron are (not literally, of course) dragged through 19 varieties of sharp cactus plants, electrocuted barbed wire, and a football field covered in briar patches. "I also feel uncomfortable hosting an awards show in a dark and dank alleyway where the only audience is a pack of rats!"

"We can try a pledge drive!" CajunBear said, thinking of an idea.

"What?!" Sentinel replied aghast, "Who do you think we are? PBS?"

CB rethought the idea. "Yeah, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting would get mad at us!"

"Following with support from viewers like you and me." Sentinel added. "I don't want them chasing me all around Middleton!"

"You know, there is one woman who can..." Cajunbear replied, daring that he would say those words.

Sentinel glared at him and snarled, "No WAY! We are NOT going to accept anything from that godless woman! She is Leona Helmsley reincarnated in the body of a 28-year old!"

"We'll worry about the funds for the ceremony sometime this week. But the hosting comes first!" CB countered, pulling out a small paper from his list "We have some people that we've known for years! We can call up the likes of Campy, MrDrP, Levi2000a, and CaptainKodak! They'll do the hosting!"

Sentinel agreed, "That's right! MrDrP came back sometime last year and has really worked on his Alma Mater story!"

And so, Cajunbear got on his cell phone and gave them a ring.

(45 minutes later)

"Any response?" the transplanted Missourian asked.

CB sighed, "They all said pretty much the same thing. They're going to attend the awards show and Levi said that he's going to promote the contest, but they all turned down the hosting gig."

"If we have no backup plan..." Sentinel then continued, "...then we'll have to try and improvise!"

"Improvise? You mean...calling other members of the Kimmunity, right?" CajunBear guessed, putting his hands in the pockets of his jeans.

Sentinel replied, nodding his head, "We have to go outside our borders of the world to other KP members...if there are any in this day and age."

Cajunbear's cell phone then began to ring.

The callerID then read the following ROCKWALLER ENTERPRISES INC.

Sentinel dismissed it at first, "It must be some sort of prank call these youngsters are doing."

"And they aren't good at it, it seems these days." Cajunbear agreed, tossing his phone onto the bed.

When the call got to voicemail, his phone then emitted the following message from a familiar voice:

"Hello, CajunBear and Sentinel! I have heard that this year's installment of the Fannies is a do I say this...short on funds! So, I would like to throw my hat in the ring and pay $500,000 out of my own pocket to continue this awards show! All I ask in return is that you declare that my company is to be named the primary sponsor, that my name gets top billing on the playbill, and that the commercials for my products get to air first during breaks. Also, you two have to work at my mansion for two months. So what do you say? It's either hosting at my own auditorium at the Rockwaller Mansion, or in the alleyway of the Cow N' Chow!"

That voice was none other than the rich, eccentric, multi-billion-dollar CEO of her own company: the 28-year old Bonnie Rockwaller.

AN: Some of the concepts of the story were created by Hotrod2001 of both here and on Deviantart (primarily Ken Trepid, his take on Electronique and Slam). All credit should be given to this very talented fan of the show. I wanted to incorporate these characters into the ongoing plot of the story and he was more than happly to oblige for me to use them with his permission.