Chapter 2: "Audience with the Queen"

Sentinel and CajunBear could not believe their ears from what came forth from the voicemail.

The very voice of Kim's bitter arch-rival from high school, who, to this day still gets on the redhead's nerves, was indeed the heiress of the super-powerful mega corporation that bears her namesake.

"That...that ain't a prank some whipper-snappers played on us, Sent!" Cajunbear stammered, trembling in his snakeskin boots.

"It was her..." Sentinel said, trying to figure out why the richest woman in the world would call up two common fan-fiction writers.

"But why would she do this? We never centered her in one of our stories!"

"There's your story, the Hunter!" Cajunbear remarked, "It's at least 110 chapters long and she's had some role in it."

"You have to know Miss Rockwaller at this point..." Sentinel began.

But Cajunbear cut him off, "Wait...Miss Rockwaller? I thought she was married to Nicky Nick!"

"Nah, she dumped him after two months after blowing $6 million on her wedding!" Sentinel replied, "Couldn't stand him being the attention hog in to the tabloids."

"Figures that she's been married twice already and still likes being a gold digger!" Cajunbear scoffed.

"It's here that I make my stand, we're not going to that despicable lady for any help!" Sentinel flatly said, protesting.

"Then I suppose you wouldn't mind the stench of foul processed meat behind the Cow n' Chow giving out the Rufuses to a bunch of mice that are going to somehow get mixed into the hamburger meat!" Cajunbear countered back.

Sentinel calmed his stomach for a moment, thinking about a burger that he ate earlier with Cajunbear, that, thankfully, wasn't from the Cow n' Chow.

Cajunbear continued with his speech, "For 12 years now, no matter what had happened, the Fannies still went on. When it was Argus or Neb or Phoenix who passed from this world, when it was Z being MIA for a long time, and when it was the JAKT team hanging up their pen, we made sure that everyone had a good time! Kim and Ron especially liked the fact that even though we grow older, we'll make sure to keep her and her adventures alive in the little TV inside our hearts!"

Sentinel began to sniffle at all the good memories, and bad, that they had from past Fannies. Cajunbear also began to tear up as well.

From this speech, Sentinel finally relented, tossing CB his phone, "Okay, bud, you win! Call her up and see if we can arrange an appointment. Getting an audience with the so-called former Queen is going to be quite a challege! Security is tight!"

"Why not have Wade hack through it?" Cajunbear asked.

"No can do." Sentinel replied, "We'll have to do this the legit way."

Cajunbear dialed his phone for Bonnie's number.

(The Rockwaller Mansion, 7:45pm)

"Tightlips! Get me my cell phone! NOW!"

Bonnie Rockwaller, the beautiful 28-year old brunette woman, overlooked the view of the the ocean from her house in the Hamptons.

Formerly the Queen B of Middleton High, she had previously been with Senor Senior Junior. Junior, not the brightest bulb in the room, decided to invest a quarter of his father's money in a Ponzi scheme.

With all her wealth dried up, she and her mom, Veronica, ended up living in a single-wide trailer with her mom while their house was being repaired from the alien invasion. To put the cherry on the top of a manure sundae, she had to be the breadwinner of the Rockwaller household, and the only jobs that were available during the downturn was the job she dreaded the most...flipping burgers at the local Cow N' Chow, one of the few businesses that survived the attack. She also had to pull double duty of cleaning the toilets...a chore she equally despised.

The lowest point of the brunette's life came when she was demoted to being the Chowing Cow's nemesis, the Brussel Sprout Queen. Whenever she appeared in that dreaded Sprout Queen costume, children would repeatedly throw vanilla milkshakes at her and be allowed to punch the costume repeatedly for being an 'enemy to all-American Cow N' Chow burgers.

It occurred on a daily basis. The taunts from the young children, the yelling of the manager docking her pay, the mess that was made from all those vanilla milkshakes that were thrown at her whenever she came out in costume to entertain those demon-spawns.

Eight months into the job, she couldn't take it anymore. After getting her daily pelting of custard-filled, whipped cream torture, something broke inside of the former Queen.

Bonnie finally broke free of the minimum waged prison by throwing off the top head of the costume to the floor, breaking it. She threw a milkshake on the managers face and stormed out the door, vowing never to return to that hell-hole ever again.

The brunette cried out her tears on her bed that night...wishing things could be better for her and her mom. She didn't take into account her two ugly sisters who were one of the central reasons why both her and Veronica ended up like this. She wanted nothing to do with them.

One afternoon, in the fall of 2009, as she was just merely looking at reruns of Adrenna Lynn's cancelled show on TV Trash, a knock came on the door that changed her life forever.

Bonnie sighed "What is it?"

The person on the door replied, "Package for Rockwaller!"

"Huh? Package?" Bonnie asked, a bit confused as she opened the door, "I didn't order a package!"

"Well..." the delivery man said, " has your name on it!"

"Whatever." Bonnie scoffed before grabbing the package and slamming the door.

"Hmmm...let's see what in this stupid thing..."

The former cheerleader began to open up the package, sighing.

"I bet it's going be my last paycheck from the stupid burger place..."

Then, her eye caught something at the bottom of the box. Something that shone against the living room light of the single-wide motor home.

"What the...? Is that something glam?"

Bonnie removed the packaging peanuts to reveal the origin of the shine. It was a 24-karat gold chain necklace with a broken-heart charm, queen bee charm, and a fleur-de-leis. Along with the necklace was $200,000 in cold-hard cash.

The final thing that was enclosed with the package was a note from one of her uncles on her dad's side.

To Miss Rockwaller,

I regret to inform you that one of your uncles has passed on due to a very lengthy illness. However, he has left you a $17 billion inheritance all to yourself, plus, he also has left you one of our main mansions right near Go City, an entire 300,000-acre estate left to you and also 1,500 servants, 50 butlers, and 200 maids at your beck and call. Welcome to the family business, Miss Rockwaller, and we'll be seeing you soon!

Bonnie didn't even care that one of her uncles passed away. She was, in an instant, a multi-billionaire. She bit her lip and barely could contain her excitement.

At once, she threw open the screen door of the mobile home and shouted out a loud announcement to the world.