Chapter 3

(The Rockwaller Mansion, 7:45pm)

"Tightlips! Get me my cellphone NOW!"

The voice of the supremely beautiful 28-year old Bonnie echoed through the hallways of her 220-bedroom, 450-bathroom mansion. Her main estate was scattered across 100,000 acres and 14 much smaller mansions scattered across the entire world, but this is where she calls home nowadays.

It has every conceivable luxury that most homeowners could only dream of: five master bedrooms, including one that's two stories tall for the Queen herself, seven swimming pools, 10 whirlpools, 5 saunas, a spa, a solarium, a tanning area, three basketball courts, 20 tennis courts, a dodgeball court, a banquet room that seats 1,000 people, an ice skating rink, a 36-hole golf course, a 100-recliner movie theater complete with a concession stand, plus statues of herself scattered throughout the estate. Much smaller separate houses on her property, and her Southern Plantation mansion on-site, normally served as guesthouses for anyone who comes on over. Plus, she has a 100-foot statue of herself made entirely in 24-karat gold that rotates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The part of her mansion that she has the most intense pride and joy was the opera house and auditorium that bore her name. It seated around 1,200 people and has 400 standing-room only seat capacity and was crafted with only the finest building materials. Some even says it looks like the Vienna Opera house, complete with rare artworks and fine chandeliers and, of course, statues and artworks of herself by the finest painters.

"I am coming, Goddess!" Tightlips boomed through the cavernous halls, holding a silver platter.

The heiress to the entire Rockwaller fortune was in one of her sitting rooms. She was in a very fine black sleeveless and strapless romper and high heels, both from Country Club Banana, and was reclining on a couch . As was always a signature, she wore a lot of gold jewelry on her wrists and wore expensive diamond earrings. The Queen had a bored look on her face.

One of her servants, Number 191, as he was known, was feeding her grapes while two others, Numbers 104 and 77 were fanning her with palm branches.

Tightlips entered the room, "Your cellphone, Your Majesty!"

"Tightlips! About time you entered, you gigantic doofus!", the Queen sneered as Number 191 stopped feeding her grapes, "Do you have my main cellphone? I'm trying to get in touch with CajunBear here for the Fannies!"

"But, Your Majesty, why do you want to host the Fannies? Aren't those supposed to be for commoners?" Tightlips asked.

"It's a prestigious honorable awards show for the fanfic writers of K's show!" Bonnie explained while eating a grape. "They've hosted it before with Zaratan, Neb, Argus. But tastes have changed. Every time I attend one of these the last couple of years, it's always the same. People win awards, some weird stuff happens, and the loser couple always announces the Best Writer award."

"Isn't that the whole point of these awards shows?" Tightlips replied in a slight huff.

"Yeaaaaaaah," the Queen understood, drawing out the word. "It should also be more fun and dramatic at the same time! Didn't you hear every word those two said in the hotel room?"

"I can see, Your Majesty..." Tightlips replied as he lowered the silver platter for her cellphone.

The Queen took it and clapped her hands.

"Servants, you may leave me now!"

Tightlips bellowed to the other servants present in the room! "Give the Queen her privacy, or you will be spending the rest of the year cleaning her windows!"

The servants obliged and left the room with Tightlips.


Now alone, the Queen began her call with CajunBear.

B: Hello? Oh yes, the Cajun Guy! So, you finally decided to call moi up!

C: Yes, Miss Rockwaller! Can you please help us?

B: You finally got my message! As I mentioned in it, I will be glad to foot the bill for everything!

C: Everything?

B: From the invites to the food, music rights, media credentials, the Golden Rufus statuettes, and, most importantly, the rental prices for my guesthouses, my banquet hall and opera house. I'll pay for it all. All I ask in return is that I get top billing and a whole lot of product placement and that you and Sentinel volunteer to work at my mansion 3 hours a day for the next couple of months.

C: *sighs* You win, Miss Rockwaller. We'll gladly hold the 12th Fannies at your mansion!

B: Oh goody, yes! Bring Sentinel to my mansion at 11am tomorrow. I will be ironing out the details...including a host since your previous ones have other things to tend to. Tightlips will give you clearance at the main gate! Oh and bring the loser couple as well!"

C: Okay, we'll see you then.

She hung up and ended the call.

"So what did she say?" Sentinel wondered about the details.

"Tomorrow, 11am, her place!" CajunBear replied.

"Her place?" Sentinel gasped, "That place is about the size of Rhode Island!"

"Come on!" Cajunbear laughed, "She would most likely be either a) tanning, b) lounging around the pool in a bikini or c) at her personal spa." He brought up his cellphone again and said, "I'm going to call Kim and Ron about this news!"

Sentinel sighed, "Here we go again!"