Chapter 5 "Plan of Attack"

Kim went downstairs from the master bedroom back to the dining room. There, she saw that Ron had calmed down Alexa from crying.

"Alexa's diaper was getting quite smelly, so I had to change it." he said.

"You're getting better at this!" Kim grinned.

"So, who was that on the phone?" Ron asked.

"It's Cajunbear on the phone. He's the guy that usually reviews some of the stories about us!" Kim explained, playing with her hair "I'll tell you more about it after dinner!"

(1 hour later)

In the den, Kim sat down with Ron on the sofa to discuss what to do about tomorrow.

"So that's pretty much the sitch. Miss Rockwaller's going to hold the 12th Fannies at her mansion and she'll give us the deets about it tomorrow." Kim explained everything.

"Trying to remember...when was the last time we saw Bon-Bon?" Ron asked, thinking.

"Advertisements about that vile woman are everywhere in fashion, Ron. All you have to do is turn on the TV or read the tabloids!" Kim said with disgust.

"No, I meant in person, KP." Ron clarified.

Kim folded her arms and said, "Maybe two years ago?"

"She could've changed since then!" Ron said, hinting a possibility.

"Yeah, that would be the day when pigs fly, Ron!" Kim sighed, rolling her eyes, "During a recent interview two weeks ago, she called me 'that pig-faced good-for-nothing loser'!"

She continued on, "But as CB told me, we still have to do this. As Senior himself once said..."

Ron tried his best Ricardo Montalban imitation "It is tradition!"

"Very funny, Mr. Man of a Thousand Voices!" Kim chuckled a little.

"I am what I is!" Ron proclaimed, regardless of poor grammar.

"The meeting is going to be tomorrow, so I'm going to get Dr. Director and the rest of the Global Justice team to meet here at the house." Kim said.

"What about the kids?" Ron asked.

"We'll drop them off at Monique's! She'll watch those two for a few hours." Kim said before giving a kiss to her husband on the cheek, "I think we'll turn in for the night...barring anything eventful going on at GJ."

"Yeah, me too!" Ron agreed.

"Rest up..." Kim suggested, "We've got a big day tomorrow!"

(The Next Day, 8am)

Kim and Ron waved good-bye to Justin, Monique, and Alexa, who was in the fashionista's arms. The husband and wife team were in the Sloth with Rufus on his shoulder. They were also in their Global Justice uniforms.

"Bye, Justin and Alexa! Be good for Monique, okay!" Kim said to the kids, waving a temporary goodbye.

"Okay, Mommy!" Justin agreed, holding his favorite Teddy bear.

"A trip to the mall with the gang should be worth it!" Monique said, "Considerin' what you're goin' through with Miss Vile Money!"

"We should be back by this evening!" Ron added in. "Bonnie's mansion is, what, only a two-hour drive from Middleton!"

"The sooner we can get in and out of that place, the sooner we can return home!" Kim muttered, dreading about seeing an overload of Bonnie's ego.

Ron turned on the engine to the Sloth and drove off with Kim, waiting to rendezvous with the other members of Global Justice.

(at GJ Headquarters, 9am)

The other members of Kim's team were waiting for their fellow comrades on the main steps of the main headquarters.

"How long does it take again for them to get here?" Ken Trepid asked his fellow battle mates, Slam and Electronique.

"According to your Earth time, roughly around 30 minutes..." the nine-foot tall Lowardian replied in a booming voice, " long as the Sloth doesn't suffer any problems."

"If they have a battery problem, I'm on top of it!" Electronique added while producing a small charge between her right fingers.

But Ken was impatient, "Forget about car troubles! We need them right here and right now! The Fannies call to my attention!"

Electronique snickered, "Planning to get a Golden Rufus for the team?"

"Don't get all your Klepicles in a knot, Agent Trepid" Slam replied, using a creature analogy from his home world. "Dr. Director has everything planned out for security detail."

(25 minutes later)

Kim, Rufus, and Ron arrived at GJ Headquarters. The Sloth earlier suffered a flat tire on the front driver seat, so they had to put in a spare.

"Finally, Agent K Stoppable, you two made it!" Ken huffed.

"Ah, so glad you two Earthlings arrived!" Slam agreed, "But what is that on your ground vehicle?"

"Nice to bring you two in!" Electronique grinned.

"Spare tire. Someone ran over a board with a nail in it!" Ron explained, pointing to the spare tire.

"Did that 'someone' also try to pass Mr. Barkin's driving course in high school?" Kim questioned, smirking.

"Hey..." Ron countered, "It took me 79 tries to get my driver's license!"

"And you hated that K-turn!" Kim snickered.

"Can we stop reminiscing about our drivers' tests!" Ken interrupted.

Rufus put a paw to his head, indicating his frustration.

"Amp down on the negative 'tude, Agent Trepid!" Kim sneered. "I hate going to see Miss Rockwaller as much as you do!

"You need to stop and smell the roses!" Ron chimed in, while activating the Sloth's security system from his keys.

"Heh, very funny, Agent R Stoppable." Ken huffed, folding his arms.

"Which car are we going in?" Electronique chimed in.

"We obviously can't go in my car because Slam's too big." Kim said, looking at the Sloth and then at Slam's 9-ft frame and that they just had to change a tire.

"So what Earth vehicle can carry all of us?" Slam asked before he heard the sound of a truck horn, followed with police sirens.

All of the Global Justice agents turned around and saw Dr. Betty Director driving a customized 18-wheeler for GJ. Dr. Director was wearing a plaid shirt over her normal GJ Uniform and a trucker's hat.

"Agents of Global Justice Team Alpha reporting for duty, ma'am!" Kim shouted, standing at attention and saluting her superior, a common requirement in the organization, similar to what the military had. The other members of the team did likewise to their superiors.

"At ease, Agent Stoppable." Dr. Director said, while saluting back.

"Permission to ask!" Kim replied.

"Permission granted!" Dr. Director replied back.

"Why the trucker's hat and plaid shirt?" Kim asked, looking at the garb Dr. Director had.

"Oh that, Agent? It's for the trucker theme. I even have a CB radio that allows me to talk with our police escort and the rest of the agents."

"Ohhhh!" Kim understood.

"The man who is in charge of the escort is Colonel Johnny Law. He is the top marksman in his division on the Highway Patrol pistol team."

Col. Law removed his hat and shook Kim's hand, saying in a thick Southern accent, "Pleased to meet you, Mrs. Stoppable, ma'am. Dr. Director here told me so much about you and your mighty fine husband!"

"Considering that we save the world a lot, Colonel Law, I wouldn't be surprised!" Kim smiled as Rufus climbed up her shoulder.

"We're gonna escort y'all to Miss Rockwaller's mansion. Y'all would probably recognize who she is, right?" Col. Law said.

"Yep..." Kim sneered, "I know who she is...sniveling little gold-digger that she is."

Col. Law added, "I've got the directions to the place. We're also going to pick up Sentinel and CajunBear from their hotel to join in the escort."

Dr. Director looked towards her, concerned. She knew that this sensitive topic would rear its ugly head.

"Agent K Stoppable, round up the troops and gather them in the intel trailer. I will brief you along the way there."

"Yes, ma'am!" Kim saluted as the others headed into the intel trailer.