Xanxus Sawada, son of Iemitsu and Nana, at the age fourteen, received a strange visitor.

"Ciaossu," the baby said, and Xanxus stared down at him, before laughing his head off. The idea of a baby tutor was ridiculous, unthinkable; even if this was for real, he didn't need one. After all, he wasn't dame.

"You're joking," he chuckled, his mother laughing behind him. "You're just a baby."

Reborn kicked at him, and Xanxus managed to move in time so he only just barely grazed him. Surprised, the hitman stared.

"You have good reflexes."

"I know." Xanxus then decided to ignore the baby, leaving for school. "See you," he called over his shoulder lazily, brushing back the feathers.

"See you soon, Xan-kun," Nana chirped behind him, waving him off.


Xanxus was late, and he didn't care. He was breaking the school rules, and why the fuck he should care about Hibari's opinion he didn't know. He could crush Hibari any day – although, he added mentally, he had never put that to the test.

"Xanxus-kun," the teacher reprimanded as Xanxus walked into the classroom, "you're late."

Xanxus ignored him, slumping in his chair and looking blankly back at him. The teacher sighed through his nose and continued with the lesson.

During the break, he was approached. "Sawada-san," the classmate said nervously, "Mochida-sempai wants to speak with you."

Xanxus ignored the classmate, hating the way he blathered and glanced at him nervously. Trash.

"Sawada-san," the classmate persisted, and Xanxus looked at him lazily. "What, trash?"


"Fine." Xanuxs shrugged. "When?"

"Uh, after school?"

And Xanxus smiled, baring his teeth. "This'll be fun." He didn't like Mochida. Not one bit.

"Xanxus-kun," that girl – what's her name – said, looking at him worriedly. "You don't have to fight." It dawned on him that maybe this was why Mochida was after his head. He knew this girl was pretty, and the so-called 'idol' of Namimori Middle, and Mochida probably had the hots for her. Xanxus was on a first name basis with her, and Mochida had perceived some non-existent relationship between them, and planned to put him in his place.

Yeah, Xanxus had a place, and that was as banchou of Namimori. Forget Hibari; Xanxus was the one to fear.

He was smirking as he made his way to the school gym. He had heard all about this challenge, and what Mochida had in store.

"What are you going to do about it?" Reborn came out of nowhere, hopping onto Xanxus's shoulder. He fought the urge to shove him off as he said, "I'm going to fight him."

Reborn raised his eyebrows. "Isn't he the captain of the kendo club?"

Xanxus only shrugged. Reborn studied his profile. It hadn't been in the files he had received, that Xanxus was a delinquent and was actually good at school. Iemitsu didn't know his own son, something that bothered Reborn. Xanxus was dangerous.

When Xanxus walked in, slamming the doors open, the room fell silent. They instinctively knew he was deadly, without rally knowing why.

"Dame-Xanxus," Mochida sneered, invoking his nickname from when he was ten. The last person to call him that had been hospitalised.

Xanxus arced an eyebrow. "Hentai Mochida," he replied.

Mochida glared at Xanxus, then said, "I'm going to squash you." He charged with his shinai, ignoring all rules and etiquette. Xanxus, offended by that, dodged, unwilling to raise a hand against such a coward.

"Here!" A shinai was thrown at him, and he caught it deftly, bringing it up to defend himself just in time.

Mochida was still glaring at him, so Xanxus smirked back, enjoying the way his face turned red with fury.

Xanxus swung blindly. He didn't know the rules, but then again, he didn't care. He slammed the shinai onto Mochida's head, dazing him. Xanxus kicked him away.

"You look pathetic, trash," he told his 'sempai' in disgust. "If you want Kyoko so badly, grow a pair and stop being a fucking perve."

He dropped the shinai, hearing it clatter on the floor as he turned away, brushing past his peers.

"So cool," he heard someone say.

"That was extreme."


"Xanxus-kun," Kyoko called out as she ran to catch up. "Um, thank you. For that."

Xanxus looked at her from the corner of his eye. "I didn't do it for you."

Kyoko was taken back, but recovered. "I know, but still. What you did was cool." She smiled, and it would've charmed anyone else. But all Xanxus did was make a noncommittal noise and keep walking.

Kyoko didn't follow, and he heard Hana comment, "He's so rude."

"I'm sure he's just shy," Kyoko said defensively, and Xanxus couldn't help but chuckle at that.


"I'm a tenth generation mafia boss," Xanxus said flatly.


"...Cool." Xanxus leaned back, staring up at the ceiling. "So I take Namimori, then Japan, and the the world. That sounds good."

Reborn blinked at him. "What? Are you kidding?"

Xanxus looked at Reborn almost lazily, eyes cat-like. "I always knew I destined for greater things."


Xanxus refused to take part in any volleyball game, and no one insisted. They liked their arses in one piece and firmly attached, thank you very much.


Tsunayoshi lounged in his chair, rubbing at his scars. "You're so noisy," he complained at Squalo.

Squalo glared at his boss, then looked away.

Sighing, Tsunayoshi stood and stretched languidly, sauntering to the door. "We have a job?" He was tugging on his gloves, smirking at – well, nothing, really.

Squalo nodded. "Voi, it's going to take a lot of time. We can't leave for Japan as early."

Tsunayoshi brushed off his comments, his smirk changing to a grin. "Aw, c'mon, Squ-chan," he cooed, imitating Lussuria uncannily. "Let's just have fun, messing with the minor Families, okay?" He winked at Squalo, who shouted back, "Now's not the time for that bullshit, shitty boss, and this time you have to do the paperwork!"

Tsuna only cackled as he left Varia Headquarters, the rest of the elite in tow. His brown hair was slicked back, his uniform neatly pressed and perfectly tailored. When he smiled, he looked kind; when he took his job seriously, even Squalo got into line. He was the Varia boss, and soon he'll be taking the title of Decimo from some upstart wannabe delinquent brat in the middle of fucking nowhere, Japan.