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Prologue - Dark Beginings

"Ohhh… What happened?"

I got groggily to my feet, and looked around.

Oh boy… Am I going blind? It'd be nice to know.

I stood there worrying about going blind for only a few seconds. Well, I was only standing for a few seconds anyway. Then I was knocked roughly off my feet.


"Hi, boy."

"Takatomon, I don't like it here. Can we go now?"

"First things first, boy. Where is here? All I know is that we're in a shallow cave."

"I don't know Takato, but you've been asleep for days, I feel funny, I can't see right, and there's lots of water but no fish, a lot of bad digimon running around, and no bread."

Well, that explains why I seem to be colorblind. Dark Ocean, huh. My week just gets better and better.

I walked out of our shallow cave in the cliff side and looked around.

Definitely the Dark Ocean. Peachy.

"Great. Just Great. First my friends hate me. Then my parents die! NOW I'M STUCK IN THE FLIPPING DARK OCEAN BETWEEN WORLDS!!!!!!"

"Oh, poor baby. I've been in here for years not counting a few… brief excursions."

"Go. To. Hell."

"But that's what the Dark Ocean is boy. Digital hell."

"Then bug someone else!"

I still hadn't turned around at this point, but then a very large hand grabbed me. And then I was face to face with Daemon. I smirked.

"I wouldn't if I were you."

"Oh, why?"


The tiny fireball came from below. Daemon looked down and laughed a chilling sound. Then he lifted me further, so that despite our height differences, while standing on his palm I stood eye to eye with him.

"You expect that toy dino to stop me?"

"No, not really. Just distract you long enough for this!"

And with that, I leapt off his palm, plummeting towards the ground. I held out my hand and the familiar sensation of my body bursting into data came over me. I noted with some surprise that the red beam was actually red and was the only speck of color in the place.


BlackGuilmon Biomerge to… ChaosGallantmon!

"Most impressive boy. A dark knight digimon. Oh, no, whatever shall I do?"

"Less talking, more fighting. I've got better things to do than listen to you throw speeches at me all day."

"Like what?"

"Getting out."

"You can't get out. We're stuck here."

"No, you can't get out, but I'm willing to bet I can."

"Really, maybe we can help each other then…"

"Tempting, but no. I'm dark, but evil's not my thing."

I jumped and smashed the Gorgon into his face.


The fight was short and uninteresting. Not being physically the strongest digimon in the world hurt him in that fight. Sure, Daemon's got strong attacks, but they're virtually worthless against another dark virus. He didn't catch on until my lance burst through his back. I didn't bother to load the data. Mostly because I didn't like the thought of Daemon being part of BlackGuilmon, and because I was a little afraid that stupidity was contagious.

The green cards were a bust; the only thing that happened when I scanned them was that I got that stupid ERROR thing to come up. A few days later I was angry and frustrated. BlackGuilmon understood perfectly, even his happy-go-lucky personality was starting to get a little frayed. Especially since there was nothing to eat, not that we had to, but eating makes BlackGuilmon comfortable. Everything is right in his world if he can eat. I wish my problems were so simple to solve.

"Takatomon, I want to get out of here."

"I know boy, but nothing I try seems to work. Besides, we don't really don't have anywhere else to go."

Then, of course I immediately believed I was going crazy. I started seeing colors.

"Uh, BlackGuilmon? Are you seeing colors too?"

"Yep. They're coming from the sky."


I looked up, and sure enough there was color streaking down from the sky. It seemed to radiate from two points that were closing on us. As they got closer I could make out what, or rather who they were.

"No. Way."

I stood there, slack-jawed and stunned for several seconds, and then made a decision.

"BlackGuilmon dedigivolve."

"All right, Takatomon."

There, in the sky of the Dark Ocean was Angemon and Angewoman coming for us, T.K. and Kari directing their search. I clutched my good luck charm through my shirt, feeling its rectangular shape, hoping they were coming for me, and that BlackJyarimon, now in my hood, wouldn't be deleted.

"Hey down there! Azulongmon sent us for you! He wants to see you, so we'd better go before Daemon finds us!"

As we left none of us noticed the viral baby digimon watching us, hate in its tiny eyes.


"…so that's what happened. D-Reaper was destroyed, and I deleted Daemon in the Dark Ocean."

I was now sitting in private audience with Azulongmon, and the Holy Beast digimon was now contemplating what I had told him. Finally the dragon spoke.

"I see. Thank you for your assistance, young Takato. Now it is simply a matter of sending you home…"

"NO! …uh, I mean I don't think I'd like that sir."

Azulongmon gave me a questioning look.

"My home was destroyed, my friends all think I'm dead, and if they didn't they would still hate me, and if I got placed in a home, some government agency would take BlackJyarimon away from me. I don't want that kind of life."

"So what kind of life do you want young one?"

"I'd like to live here, in the Eastern quadrant if I could Azulongmon."

"It would take some doing, but I imagine I could get a Datamon to create you a life in the East quadrant. Yes, I can do that. If you'll do something for me…"

Where have I heard that line before?


"Actually I want two things. The first is never to let your digimon above rookie, excepting life and death situations. Still, try not to go above champion. And try not to use cards. You are to remain as inconspicuous as you can."

"That I can do. How do I explain the C-Ark?"

"You don't. Here."

Azulongmon motioned with his tail, and light appeared in front of me. To my surprise an original digivice appeared in my hand.


"Relax, It's a dummy. It does nothing, but if held in front of your C-Ark, it will focus the beam to make it seem as of the light emits from it."

"Ah. What's the second thing?."

I want you to… help… the Digidestined."

"I get the feeling that you're not talking about ChaosGallantmon deleting everything that gets in their way."

"True. Your digimon is for all intents and purposes now the Catalyst. Should the Digidestined be in more trouble than they can handle, you are to use the power of the Catalyst to trigger their next digivolution."

"Won't they get suspicious if a red beam comes out of the bushes? I thought in this quadrant, miscellaneous lights come out of the sky."

Azulongmon chuckled.

"They do, and so will yours."

"None of BlackGuilmon's forms can fly… well, except BlackWarGrowlmon, but he can't go too far or too fast."

"We'll work on that."

"That's it?"

"That's it."