Chapter 50 - …And Another Begins

And time passed.

Things were quiet for a time after we came back, at least on the digital threat-to-all-existence level.

Tensions, though, have been building the last few months, and it's likely to come to a head soon.

Tai is especially down on me, and I can tell he's restraining himself because he knows it's not my fault I can't say anything. He seems to be doing well otherwise though, considering everything. And we made it back by Christmas, much to everyone's relief.

Even Sora's a little worried over the fact that I can't say anything, and I really can't say I blame her for it. She's been giving me funny looks lately, which isn't often considering I've taken to avoiding her and most of the others.

Izzy and Mimi are still okay, all things considered. They had to be dropped off near the resort they were captured in, so that they could make their way back without too many questions. Things were still a little rough. Izzy was determined to make another go of the honeymoon, trying to get it right, but Mimi talked him out of it.

Matt and Jun are doing well, but I think the fact that Jun has a digimon now is still giving him some shivers. I know I don't like thinking about it. Matt seems to be in the same boat as Tai in regards to what happened, but Jun doesn't see the big deal, which is good I suppose.

Joe. Joe's back now, and he seems happier, but we're also seeing a lot more of him than even before he dropped off the face of the earth. He's back in school now, but he seems a lot more relaxed than he previously did, and tends to spend a lot of spare time down in the area with us.

Carmela seems to be adapting well to the idea that digimon are our friends, so that's a plus. I don't know that I've seen her outside Joe's company since he's come back, but she seems to be getting along okay. She seems… brighter. Her attitude is more cheerful and much more upbeat from what I'd seen, but I can't tell if it's from the crest of light, or the fact that Joe's back. I try to keep an eye on her when she's in the area, and she looks okay. She's not the one I'm supposed to look out for in any case.

Kari. I haven't seen anything all that unusual, but then I'm really trying to respect her privacy, not to mention keep TK from being jealous. From what I understand about the other crests, they're brought out when the bearer experiences great amounts of the trait the crest represents. Seriously upsetting Kari at this point is therefore on my list of no-no's.

TK, on the other hand, seems worried about her. He's seen more of her, so I try to be supportive and lend a listening ear. I feel a little guilty about all this, but I keep telling myself it's for the best. Obliteration of the digital world is bad after all. And telling anyone… well, it could get back to Kari, or just make her feel alienated, which goes back to that list of no-no's. So I just try to be as discrete as possible. Other than a few worries about Kari though, TK is doing well.

Ken seems to be taking the fact that I still can't say much of anything in stride. But then, he and I have other things to worry about. Namely the fact that his parents were really freaked out about his disappearance, and the fact that I tried to cover it up at first. Still, they were more worried than angry, so that's a plus.

Cody, ironically, has actually dropped a lot of his suspicious attitude towards me. I think the fact that I really wanted to talk about it actually got through to him. Although, looking back, I'm not sure how anyone would take the fact that they're just a cartoon in someone else's world. Still, he's a little more casual now, even if he's still several shades more serious than Joe.

Yolie… hasn't changed surprisingly. She's apparently put the incident out of her mind, and doesn't seem to acknowledge that anything's changed. Well, in regards to me, in any case. With Ken, you can almost hear the little 'pop' noise that comes whenever she lets go of him, which isn't often. I've seen her refuse to let go of his arm when she yells at him. Davis referred to her as a barnacle once. She actually detached from Ken and dragged him off. We're not sure what she did to him, but we do know the screams were painful.

Davis is actually the one I'm the most shocked by. He, I think, really wanted to hear all about what happened to me, the whole story. But instead of being upset with me, like Matt and Tai, he seems to be more set against Gennai and Azulongmon. Seems he doesn't like their forcing me to censor myself. Who knew? If I'd had to guess previously, I would have switched Davis and Yolie's reactions. Shows what I know.

I, on the other hand, in between dodging the older destined and Ken's parents, have been wondering about the Southern Quadrant. Gennai hasn't contacted me with anything, and no news is good news, I guess, but I still worry. She'd pound me for it, but I worry most about Rika. Just because I guess.

And time passed, and I closed on the end of high school, a month left in the eastern quadrant.

I had run out of school the moment Azulongmon's cry for help reached my head. I arrived at the scene to find a very sore looking Azulongmon being whooped… by an Infermon?

How is a Digital Sovereign having so much trou…

Then I saw her. Short black hair, pale face, green eyes… I would have found her pretty if there hadn't been that evil sneer on her face and a D-Ark in her hand?

What the hell? Isn't she the one the digidestined said…


Unknown tamer: DIGI-MODIFY! Taomon's Talisman Spell Activate!

Great. She actually knows what she's doing. Just great.


This actually knocked Azulongmon out.

She's a flipping Pro!

BlackGuilmon, Get ready!

Right behind you Takato!


BlackGuilmon Flash Digivolve to… BlackWarGrowlmon!

Takato: DIGI-MODIFY! Power Activate!


BlackWarGrowlmon's attack blew through the Infermon's Talisman Spell and hit it in the side, slamming it into the side of the canyon. The girl turned.


I decided that I didn't like her attitude.

"No one you need to worry about. BlackWarGrowlmon…"


"The Sovereign's data is mine!"

That one floored me. She wanted to take Azulongmon's data.

"Over my dead body."

"I can live with that."

BlackWarGrowlmon and Infermon faced off, us in front of and shielding Azulongmon. I gripped my good luck charm through my shirt again for reassurance, then ran a card.

Takato: DIGIMODIFY! Hyper-Speed Activate!

Unknown Tamer: DIGIMODIFY! Hyper-Speed Activate!

Infermon was able to dodge BlackWarGrowlmon's charge just in time, but I wasn't done yet. As BlackWarGrowlmon spun around…

Takato: DIGIMODIFY! Viral Boost Chip Activate!

"Now BlackWarGrowlmon! Finish him off! ATOMIC…"


Infermon was somehow able to dodge again, going back toward his tamer. I jumped out of the way too. Azulongmon was still unconscious. The sovereign burst into data. I made a hasty decision.

"BlackWarGrowlmon! Load Azulongmon's data. Hurry!"


BlackWarGrowlmon rushed over to do as I asked. I looked over to the girl, only to find a black portal swiftly closing. Seconds later BlackWarGrowlmon was just finishing his data absorption when, from behind me…


I spun to find the complete set of Japanese Digidestined. Apparently Gennai had been busy.


"Yeah, right, you bastard!"

"But I didn…"

Mimi, the speaker from earlier, didn't let me finish.



Palmon Warp Digivolve to… Rosemon!

This was like a trigger. In moments BlackWarGrowlmon and I were standing in front of Imperialdramon: Paladin Mode, Vikemon, Valkyrimon, HerculesKabuterimon, Preciomon, and Phoenixmon.

What's with them? Oh…

"Now BlackWarGrowlmon! Finish him off!"

"BlackWarGrowlmon! Load Azulongmon's data. Hurry!"

So, with the canyon walls restricting sight, only letting them hear us…

Oh, crap.

BlackWarGrowlmon, I don't want to fight them, but we're going to have to defend ourselves…

I understand Takato. Let's show them what Tamers can do!

Thanks boy

Before they could get an attack off, I spun and activated the C-Ark, enabling our mega form.


BlackWarGrowlmon Biomerge to… ChaosGallantmon!

I didn't wait for the smoke from the digivolution to clear. They weren't going to listen to me. No one ever does. I struck before they got the chance.



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