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for those who read the previous iteration of his story aka Ice king of Konoha events have been changed and elements have been added so you will need to actually read it and not just skip to the chunin exams

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The moon shone brightly over the Land Of Fire's village of ninja village of Konohagakure. Within a dark rundown apartment we find the hero of this tale, one Naruto Uzumaki. A small, malnourished, scared, six year old red haired blond boy throwing most of his most important things in a bag. The child wore a pair of green shorts and an orange shirt with blue sleaves both of which were torn and ripped in many places, the young boy had blood oozing out of rapidly closing wounds hissing violently as they sealed shut at an impossible rate. The rate at which his wound sealed was due in part to his own Uzumaki vitality but was heavily augmented by the very reason he had the wounds in the first place. You see Naruto was a Jinchuriki or a container for a Biju, more specifically the Kyubi no Kitsune, and because Fuinjutsu, the art of sealing, was an almost lost art most people assumed that Naruto was the beast itself and would attack him trying to take revenge on the Kyubi for attacking the village.

"I'm sorry Jiji I can't take this anymore," muttered Naruto as he put another shirt in his bag before throwing the bag over his shoulder quickly writing in a scroll the blond tossed the scroll on his bed before walking out of the bedroom into the main room of his apartment.

Striding over to the sink Naruto turned on the tap and cupped his hands under the now flowing water, before quickly splashing his face with the icy cold water and shaking his head. The blond then ran his damp hand over his face trying to get rid of the last of the blood on his face.

Once he was satisfied his face was clean Naruto walked out of the kitchen making sure his bag was securely on his back before walking the door not even looking back as he pulled the door shut before taking to the rooftops at speeds not expected of someone his age.

With Naruto's impressive speed he was at the gates of the village within minutes, thankfully the gate guards were asleep so it was no trouble for the blond child to shoot out the gates at the speed it would take for someone to blink upon landing outside the gate Naruto set off in a dead sprint running as fast as he could.

It took all of maybe five minutes for Naruto to leave the lights of Konoha in his wake jumping from tree to tree away from the village.

"Well, well, well lookie what we have here," called a voice from above Naruto, the boy looked up to see a trio of men with Konoha headbands on smirking evilly as they looked at the small boy. Knowing what those looks meant Naruto rocketed off the tree branch he was on, taking off in the opposite direction of the ninja above him, who all turned and chased the boy.

While Naruto's speeds were above average for his age, they were maybe genin level speeds at best, meaning the three at least chunin behind him had no problems keeping up with him.

After allowing Naruto a few minutes to tire himself out the three ninja pounced on the small boy landing on the branch he was on and pushing him to the ground. Had Naruto have jumped down he would have been able to land on his feet easily but as he had been about to jump the boy fell face first onto the ground.

But before he could get up he was once more pounced upon by one of the three ninja who yanked the boy up by his shirt and threw him against a tree.

"Thought you could just run away after tormenting us for years did you daemon? Well too bad," declared the man kneeing Naruto in the stomach making the blond grunt, and double over in pain.

One of the other ninja grabbed Naruto by the hair yanking his head up the man slammed his fist into the child's nose, a sickening crunch ripping through the area.

The last of the three Shinobi quickly pulled out a pair of kunai holding them between his index and middle fingers. With practiced ease the man threw the weapons at Naruto hitting him in both shoulders making the blond once more grunt, before throwing his head back but not letting the scream that so desperately wanted to escape from his throat out refusing to give the three men the satisfaction.

The beating continued for a while until Naruto had several dozen kunai embedded in his body, a dislocated shoulder, a broken arm, a busted kneecap, one eye stuck shut by blood, and at least a litre of blood covering his body.

"Ha, you look almost pitiful daemon, I guess we should end you now before someone you've got under your control shows up and stops us," declared the apparent leader of the group stepping forward with a kunai in hand.

Naruto could barely move but he did look up to see the glimmering blade of the weapon in the hands of the trained killer before him and in one moment of weak will the blond threw his hands up in defence while closing his eyes accepting his end and just hoping it would be quick.

A gut wrenching squelch and an almost silent clang shot through the area.

Naruto cautiously opened his one good eye to see the haunted faces of the three shinobi before him, the blond watched the light leave the men's eyes before they all simply fell forwards jagged spikes of ice sticking out of their backs.

Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth Naruto pushed himself against the tree and slid to his feet. Wobbling as he moved Naruto took a slow step forwards followed by another with a wince but another step all the same. With nothing but grit and determination Naruto pushed himself forwards and out of the area, he didn't know where he was headed but he couldn't stay where he was.

#Next Morning Konoha#

As the sun rose over the horizon Hiruzen Sarutobi, Sandaime Hokage, the Professor, the God Of Shinobi, and Naruto's surrogate grandfather walked down the road. The man hadn't seen his surrogate grandson in some time so he was planning a surprize visit to the boy, planning to give the blond child the good news that he had been accepted to the ninja academy in person.

Walking up the road that lead to Naruto's home Hiruzen couldn't help but sigh at the destroyed neighbourhood, he had hoped that by giving Naruto an apartment in the area people might start to see the boy as more than what he contained but his plan had backfired as all of the people in the area moved away instead.

The aged Kage sighed once more before stepping up to the door of Naruto's home.

"Naruto-kun," spoke the man knocking on the door, only to receive no response from inside.

Knocking again Hiruzen was once more greeted by no response finding it strange the old man grabbed the doorknob only to find the house unlocked.

The Sandaime was alarmed to find the door unlocked and quickly threw the door open and ran inside.

"Naruto? Naruto are you here?" asked the man into the empty room, finding no signs of the boy he quickly moved into the bedroom where he found a scroll rolled up and placed neatly on the bed in front of the pillow. However what put the old man on edge was the fact that the scroll had on it Hokage-sama, something Naruto had almost never referred to the man as.

Quickly taking the scroll Hiruzen unfurled it to see a note.

"Jiji I'm sorry, I can't take this anymore, I can't take the looks or the beatings, so I'm leaving, I may come back, I may not, I want to thank you for everything you've done for me, and if this is the last we hear of each other than goodbye old man, Naruto" Hiruzen read to himself looking to the scroll. Sighing, the elderly Kage rolled up the scroll sitting on the bed, he wanted to send ANBU after Naruto but he couldn't spare the man power to look for a single child even if he was their Jinchuriki. Hiruzen hung his head in shame, before looking upwards.

"Minato, Kushina I'm sorry, I've failed the two of you this badly, I promise I will try to make it up to you," muttered the man.

#With Naruto#

The blond redhead dragged his feet along the ground, pushing himself onwards he refused to rest until he had some form of shelter. The blond dead on his feet walked tiredly along the road before glancing up.

Only to see a large stone and wood building on a hill just ahead of him, summoning up the last of his energy Naruto pushed himself to move quickly. As the blond drew closer he saw that the building while not looking like a pile of rubble did have vines and moss growing all over it, but that didn't matter to him as he dragged himself up to the large open door.

Stepping inside Naruto found the building was apparently a temple of some sort, with one main room with several rooms off to the sides of them, however what drew the tired blonde's attention were the masks lining the rear wall.

Naruto moved forwards looking at all of the daemonic looking masks as one in particular drew his attention. The blond moved forwards at a slow pace stepping up to the wall and reached out to the mask that held his attention.

"Welcome young one," spoke a voice from behind Naruto causing the blond to jump turning around coming face to face with a man.

"Sorry I didn't mean to intrude I-" began Naruto ready to try and run if the situation called for it.

"It's alright child calm down," declared the man. He had medium length blood red hair tied into a ponytail, violent violet eyes with three scars over his left eye and a calming smile on his middle aged face.

"Who are you, what is this place?" asked Naruto looking up to the man.

"My name is Arashi Uzumaki, and this is the Uzumaki Shinigami mask temple," replied the man with a grin.

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