I like to write, and so on a challenge from a friend, this is my first PPG fic. Hope You Like!


Title: Green-Eyed Monster

Chapter: Weird Coincidence

As Buttercup sat at the table nearest to the school doors, she wondered why she felt so weird. She felt like something was going to happen today. Something big.

What's the big deal? It's Monday. So what? She thought.

She watched as Mitch played basketball, and wondered.

Meanwhile, Mojo tried, successfully I might add, to recreate the Rowdy Ruff Boys. Though he tried to get them on his side, they decided to want nothing to do with him.

"Yo, let's beat the monkey up and trash this joint." said Brick.

"You got it!" came the loud war-cry of his brothers, Boomer and Butch.

As the young men, now 14 the same age as their counter-parts, began to violently smash the apartment, Butch thought to himself of the last time he saw Mojo. They were so sure they were going to beat the snot out of those girls (What were their names? Powder-Fluff?)and they ended up getting destroyed. Destroyed? By such a sissy girl? He blushed at the thought of the girl that kissed him. That hair, it was like tiny black strands of silk, and those eyes... he blushed even hotter, and threw a large laser cannon out the window.

"Dude, Whach'a do that for? Are you hot or somethin', you look all red?" Asked Boomer.

"Nothin'. Hey, do you remember that time Mojo first created us?" Butch tried to sound nonchalant.

"Oh, yeah! It ruled! Scarin' the sh** out of all those people! Gettin' whatever we wanted!" Brick said.

"Beatin' the sh** out of people just for fun!" Boomer said.

"Only downside was we kept gettin' messed up!" Brick said.

"And by stupid girls!" Boomer said.

"Yeah, and they destroyed us, too, F***in' girls!" both boys went silent when they remembered just how they were destroyed.

"Yup, that's what I say..."Butch trailed off at the end of that sentence. He couldn't lie, his brothers would know. He always averts his attention after he lies, to a new subject of conversation.

"So, what are we gonna do?" Boomer asked.

"Why don't we check out the town. See where the action is." said Brick, more like an order than a question.

"Cool. Let's jet." Butch said.

They crashed through the window, and into the unsuspecting city of Townsville.

Buttercup was still staring at Mitch, as if she was watching a three ring circus. She'd had a crush on him for a year now, and was trying to figure out how she was ever going to get him to go out with her. She liked him because he didn't take c*** and treated her like a person. Most of the time, boys treated her like she was either not worth their time, or worth about two cents.

"Um... Buttercup, sorry to break you out of Mitch-Mode, but recess just ended." Bubbles said, taking her sketch-book and pencils inside. Bubbles knew about her crush on Mitch, but they couldn't tell Blossom. She'd spread it all over school.

"I know, I know." she grumbled. She hated the term "Mitch-Mode".

"GIRLS! The Gang Greene Gang is stealing the mayor's money!!!" Their teacher screamed.

"We're on it!" All three of them shouted.

The new uniforms they had were much different than the dresses. Buttercup had her hair cut just like Chloe from Smallville, and wore baggy black pants with a light green midriff top. Bubbles put blue streaks through her pigtails and wore shorty-shorts and a sky blue midriff top, with sparkles sown in. Blossom put her hair in a pony-tail and wore red jeans and a red halter. Very much more mature.

As the girls were on their way to the mayor's office, the boys were going in the same direction. They had decided to check out the mayor's office because there might be something valuable to destroy. On their way, they saw three different streaks of light pass over head.

"Must be, uh, new sky-writers?" said Boomer, unconvinced by his own words.

"Nah, too small. Maybe missiles?" said Brick.

"Nah, too fast. Let's just forget it." said Butch.

They all nodded, and moved on. When they got to the mayor's office, they were surprised to find the mayor in a great deal of struggle with the Gang Greene Gang. They decided to hide and watch. All of a sudden, the windows smashed open, and three girls were standing in the middle of the room.

"Drop 'em, Ace." said Buttercup. She pointed to the bags of money in the leader's hand, which then instantly fell to the floor.

"Why, Buttercup! I am surprised you would accuse us of stealing. We were merely-"

"Save it. Now, put the bags down, and go home like the scared puppies you are."

"Puppies? Buttercup, I wouldn't think giving our relationship," Ace knew he was bringing up the sore topic of when Buttercup had a crush on him, "you would call me a PUPPY."

Relationship? Who is that girl anyway? She looks real familiar. And why would she have any "RELATIONSHIP" with that creep? Butch thought as he watched the scene before him.

Buttercup grimaced from the memory, but then came up with a sly come back: "Well, wasn't your momma a b****?"

HAHAHAHAHA! Oh my god, her a** is TOAST! Butch thought. He barely withheld a giggle.

"Oh that's it!" Ace lunged towards Buttercup and she started to kick his butt. She rocked! Butch couldn't believe his eyes! She was fighting just like him! Maybe even better!

At the end, all of the GGG was suffering from Buttercup's beatings.

"Should have known better than to mess with the Powerpuff Girls!" She said triumphantly.

Whoa! That's how I know her! She was the one- Butch broke off that thought in a second when he realized the other girls were gone. She was obviously looking for something. He didn't know what.


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