Chapter 6

"See? You still have that fire in you!" Seraxon laughed wiping blood from his mouth where he smacked the ground.

"No, that fire is fighting evil now. I'll never go back to who I was. Never. Even if you take Buffy from me, I won't go back."

"You don't have a choice." Seraxon smiled.

"What do you mean?" Spike demanded.

"I'm going to remove your soul, Spike."

"Go on then, do it! I was loyal to her without it before!" Spike dared him.

"Yes but you see, that came over time.

You've been repressing your evil side for so long it's screaming to escape and all I have to do is loosen the shackles and it will burst forth. Once it does, you will kill the object of its imprisonment, the Slayer." Seraxon explained advancing towards Spike.

"Oh please, he couldn't kill me without his soul before." Buffy announced wielding her scythe, flanked by the Scoobies.

"Oh look. Goldilocks is here to save you. Now that's just embarrassing William." Seraxon laughed pityingly.

"Excuse me? Embarrassing? So not only are you trying to kill my boyfriend but you're sexist pig too! Well this is gonna be a fun kill."

"Give me your best shot Blondie!"

"HUH!" Buffy roundhouse kicked Seraxon pushing him to the floor.

He leapt up almost instantly and punched her repeatedly in the face. His hand clasped around her throat as he held her high in the air. Willow and Dawn were frantically attempting to free Spike while Xander snuck up behind Seraxon.

THUMP! Seraxon released Buffy, as a crow bar came in contact with the back of his head. He landed a punch square onto Xander's eye patch who squealed in pain. Buffy grabbed the demon in a headlock and forced him to his knees.

"Any last words?" She taunted.

"I'll be back, Slayer!" He yelled.

Her dainty hands clasped his head and throat and twisted. His body went limp and he fell to the ground- his neck snapped.

"Such a cliché." Buffy complained, rising to her feet and dusting off her coral skirt.

"You okay?" Dawn asked Spike.

"Never been better." He replied smiling at Buffy.