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Approximately thirty years later…

Hermione and Aro entered the throne room, not knowing who the visitors were when they stepped in. They were both slightly shocked to see that it was the Cullens, Edward included. They all went to their knees before her.

Smiling, she said, "Rise."

They all did so in unison. It was Carlisle who went over to Hermione, taking her hand and air kissing it. Jasper was next and did the same as his adoptive father. Emmett was next. And soon Edward was standing in front of her, unable to look into her eyes.

Sighing quietly, she lifted his head to make him look her in the eyes. "What has been going on with you, Edward? What have you learned these last thirty odd years?"

Swallowing thickly, he breathed, "Love isn't about possession."

"And?" she pressed.

"Courtship takes time."

"And?" she continued.

He gave her a teasing grin, as he finished with, "I think I've passed the test into young adulthood."

Laughing she leaned in and gave him a hug. Stepping back, she said, "Very good." She looked over to Emmett. "I trust that you shared the last box of blood pops I sent to you?"

"Some of them," he said with a broad grin.

Rolling her eyes, Hermione looked over towards Rosalie. "I don't know how you put up with your mate."

Rosalie gave Emmett a playful shove. "He has his moments."

Hermione looked over to Alice, who smiled broadly and rushed over to hug her. "It's good to see you."

"You as well," Hermione said, pulling back and looking them all over. "What brings you here? I always enjoy your visits, but usually you come when something is the matter when you do so without notice."

They all looked to each other and back over to her.

"We're here to bring news," came from Carlisle. "News of Bella Swan."

Hermione arched her brow, as she slipped into her throne next to Aro. "Is she creating more problems?"

Alice let out a little sob as she turned her face into Jasper's chest. Rosalie crossed her arms, muttering how even now the bitch was causing pain.

Esme took a deep shuddering breath, as she slipped her hand into Carlisle's.

It was Edward who answered her with, "She returned to Forks to be at her father's funeral. The tribe at Le Push gave her two months to leave the area or all bets were off." His head dropped slightly. "They gave her more than enough time to work out her father's final dealings. But when she didn't leave once she was done with it…" He looked up into her eyes. "We found out from Jacob who saw what happened. He informed us that Quil ripped her to shreds. She never tried to protect herself. He thinks that it was suicide, as nothing else makes sense."

Sorrow had Hermione reaching over to her mate's hand. "I'm sorry to hear as much. I had so hoped that she would mature and become the woman I thought she could be. Pity it would seem she never was given that chance."

"You're not blaming me?" Edward asked.

"Freewill, even in the young, belongs to the individual," Hermione said. "More is the pity, as their inability to choose wisely is so very well known." She released her mate's hand, going over to Edward, slipping her arm around his. "Come along, Edward, and I will tell you tales from my own misspent youth. I'm sure that you will find quite a bit of hilarity from it, but it should assure you that none of us escape the trappings of growing up!"

Edward smiled warmly. "I look forward to hearing it."

The end!

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