"I can't believe it I'M NOT A BLOODY HUFFLEPUFF" yelled Draco Malfoy as there was yelling throughout the headmaster's office.

"SHUT UP MALFOY I'm freakin slimy Slytherin aka, the one should be in Slytherin is my brother HE'S EVIL THIS IS HIS FAULT" Remus rolled his eyes.

"Hogwarts has reason, whatever it chooses you have to deal with it trust me you don't want to fight it" he turned around before leaving. Sirius and James tried to stop him, but Remus didn't care. Honestly, he had a headache and really wanted chocolate.

"Remus is right" Lily said quietly as her son tried to say something she hushed him.

"Maybe just get through this year will be a good thing but this is not your brothers fault " she said in motherly tone. She gave her son the look which made him look down.

"I can't believe I'm saying this, but Mrs. Potter does have point. Draco, you will be in Hufflepuff...and no your father won't hear about this. Maybe this will be a lesson to you..." With that Narcissa Black left the room leaving Draco running after her.

James sighed as soon as everyone but him and Dumbledore left.

"Don't worry James... what's the worse that can happen' He gave a grandfather pat on back before they left the room. In the room of course, Hogwarts has heard, and the sorting hat was smiling. Oh, they didn't know the half of it.

'But Mum" Ron whined as he was at hospital wing. He fainted of course. He was in Slytherin the first Weasley in Slytherin. His brothers were amused of course. Ginny was not... she wasn't in the same house as boy she likes. But the way he was acting. She stayed quite as Ron whined again.

"I said no Ronald, you will be in Slytherin... we can't get you out... and we already had talk with headmaster who is working on something" she said obviously annoyed with her youngest son attitude.

'Just get some rest okay Ronny" her mother said before turning around. Her kids followed leaving a hungry but angry looking Ron behind.

Hermione on the other hand was listening. She didn't know why she did that. Maybe to hear the truth from others. Hufflepuff was different. I mean she followed the so called chosen one for years. but recently something was off.

Of course, there was the Black sheep of the Potter family aka Harry Potter who seemed very happy to be with his friend Luna Lovegood.

She didn't know what to think of the them. One was known to be a death eater. At least that's what his brother said. The Girl was crazy and talked about creatures that can't be real. No, she was being silly of course. But it was best idea to stay quiet and listen. Maybe being a Hufflepuff would have its advantages.

"I don't get it... why haven't I been expelled' Harry asked as he sat in the room of requirement. He didn't know why he was doing this alone. He was talking to Hogwarts. A building that spoke back. He wondered if it was maybe the founders really, but he didn't ask. He was afraid to now and if you asked him what he thought he would shrug.

"Because they think that it will last a week of course" said Hogwarts in matter fact tone.

"But" he sighed but didn't say anything more. He decided to head back to Ravenclaw dorm but asked a spell to blend in so people won't see him.

He was afraid what his twin would do. He was sneaky but not that smart. Usually Hermione Granger held them together, but she let that side of her go. She was just part of fan club that his brother had.

"Don't worry Harry... it will be okay" Was the last thing Hogwarts said to him before he went to sleep. For first time at Hogwarts...he felt safe.