(Okay I'm dumb… I accidently deleted the whole chapter and I lost it, so I must rewrite. I also rewrote all the chapters again and replaced them, so they make sense.

1.Just because Griffin is Slytherin doesn't mean his evil. He just wants power. And he thinks just like Wormtail that Voldemort is powerful.

2.Harry is still a kid, so he can't just have super powers and save the world. He's not an avenger sadly.

3.Lily and James will realize what they did…. but Harry will not let them into his life right away. It takes time to heal after things.)

"There's a storm blowin' in, Harry. And we best be ready when she does." -Rubeus Hagrid to Harry Potter in the Prisoner of Azkaban.

Harry was sore, but he was okay. He asked Poppy if he can go and finally he was free. He decided to go meet up with his friends. However, he heard the Potters, Remus, and Sirius following the Headmaster to his office.

He felt a smirk appear on his face as he went to go meet with his best friends.

Sal handed Godric the pop crown and sat back in his chair as Ro and Helga ate there's. Man did Dumbledore deserve this and it wasn't the last thing he was going to get.

"HOW DARE YOU" Lily voice echoed through out the headmasters room. The pictures winced as Ro waved her hand to have ear mittens go over their ears.

"Lily" Dumbledore started but he was cut off.

"HOW FREAKIN DARE YOU DO THIS TO US TO HARRY… TO EVEN GRIFFIN" She had tears in her eyes. She didn't know if it was being in rage or crying.

James took a little step back because he knew he wasn't going to be able to calm her. His attention how ever turned to Albus.

"You made us believe he was the chosen one and you made us promise if Griffin was to take care of him and not to worry about Harry" James voice was deadly and to be fair Sirius and Remus never saw him like this.

'He's my godson MY GOD SON AND YOU SAID THAT GRIFFIN NEEDED ME AND I BELIEVED YOU. We been so dumb… you weren't there… you made Harry lose his family "his voice broke and it was Sirius term.

"I don't know what you did to us. maybe you had spell or whatever you did but you are no longer allowed at Blacks Home" Sirius voice was full of anger and Albus eyes went wide.

"Sirius" He started to say but James spoke up also.

"You are no longer welcome at the Potters or even near our children if you sit foot next to our son you will pay" He snarled at once.

Lily had her hand on her wand. Oh, did she want to hex the man and he could, but something stopped her as the founders appeared.

"We can take it from here" Godric said happily.

The group nodded and went to find Harry.

Godric turned his attention to Albus who was well scared to say the least.

"Godric I'm sorry I" he pleaded. He got down on his knees trying to make them see that he made mistake he didn't mean it. Okay he did but he wasn't going to tell them that.

"Albus Too Many Names Dumbledore" He said with voice as loud as lions. Right now, throughout Hogwarts everyone could hear the founders and Albus.

Ro waved her hand to contract in hand. Helga mumbled a spell under breath that surrounded Dumbledore.

"Please" he started to say.

But Sal sent a silent charm at him, so he would not speak at least for the rest of the day.

"You are no longer welcome at Hogwarts…or to watch over the children"

With a flick of magic his stuff was now packed into chest before him.

"You are no longer headmaster and you will never get that privilege back…. oh, and Fawkes. you used him… he was never yours. he belongs to someone who deserve his. And treat him with respect" Helga said in deadly voice.

Fawkes bowed slightly at the founders before disappearing landing right next to a boy with mousy brown hair.

"You will never set foot on the grounds again or your magic will be stripped" Ro said forcefully, and the Elders wand was now in the air.

"You don't deserve this wand…." She said and took it from him leaving him wandless and in shock.

"Hogwarts banishes you for life" they all said with loud voice he was gone…thrown out of Hogwarts and the area around it.

"Well.. now it's time for some Firewhiskey…" Godric said with grin as others rolled their eyes. He waved his hand to Minerva McGonagall to be Headmistress and Fudge wouldn't be able to say anything about it.