Potential spoilers for future episode 6x03, inspired by Melissa's Instagram stories.

"Jake Peralta! Is that you?"

Jake and Amy barely have the time to enter the Detective's ex-high school gymnasium that someone is already coming towards them, taking the man in question in a tight hug, apparently happy to see him.

She watches them from the side, a small amused smile curling up the corners of her mouth. She's heard a lot of stories about her husband and Gina's time in high school, and this even before she started dating him, the two friends often reminiscing about their younger years together in front of the squad. She's seen pictures, too – still has the one she took the first time she visited Jake's childhood house saved on her phone, laptop, and even the cloud.

This is, however, a whole new step she's taking into Jake's past, getting to actually meet with his old classmates. And it's pretty exciting, she has to admit, finding herself in the middle of an already very packed room filled with people who used to know her husband when his path hadn't crossed hers yet – when he was a teenager.

She remembers how, in a very original way, he told her about this 20-year high school reunion he'd been invited to and asked her to come with – how, through some elaborate plan, he made her meet him at the top of 'their' roof at 397 Barton Street, where she found herself face-to-face with a rather confusing sign and grinning husband.

Amy Santiago, will you go to prom with me?

But then he handed her the invite, and she laughed and shook her head when she finally understood what was happening, before she took a step closer and sweetly kissed him, his face framed between her hands gently stroking his cheeks. After all this time, he still managed to surprise her in the best of ways.

"Jake Peralta, I'd love to go to prom with you," she whispered as she drew away, making his smile only grow wider.

"Actually," Jake's voice suddenly takes her out of her reverie when the two old friends eventually part from their embrace. "It's Jake Peralta-Santiago now." He proudly corrects him, shooting a quick, knowing glance at Amy and curling her waist with his arm, inviting her to come closer to his side. "This is my wife, Amy."

They've been married for months now, but still – hearing Jake introduce her as such to someone always never fails to create goosebumps in her stomach, the realization that she's the luckiest person in the whole world for being this amazing man's wife hitting her hard every time. It still feels like a dream, sometimes, and she's not so sure she'll ever get over the beauty of this fact, no matter the years passing by.

After the introductions and this new encounter letting her know that he's a former classmate of Jake's from senior year, the three of them head towards the bar, where the old friends update each other about their lives in front of a beer, having not seen each other for quite a long time. Quickly, more people come and join in the conversation, and small chatting groups start forming inside the gymnasium. Amy recognizes some of them, from pictures her husband showed her or stories he shared, or even having bumped into one or two at the mall.

Despite not being part of the school's ex-students, she easily mingles, learning embarrassing recalls of Jake and Gina's past, or asking questions about them, thoroughly taking notes to share everything with the rest of their squad later. It doesn't seem to amuse her partner as much, though, that his old friends would dare to tell her all of these shameful stories (some he didn't even remember) – but then he simply has to take a look at the woman's glowing face every time she discovers something she didn't know about him and the little loving glances she shoots at him to warm his heart and make him smile too.

He knows it's only gentle mockery, after all, and he doesn't mind being a complete open book to his wife – she already knows his deepest secrets anyway.

Still, he can't retain his sigh of relief when, once she's downed her third drink of the night, she decides she gathered enough information and joins Gina on the dancefloor, bringing other new acquaintances with her to move to the rhythm of some of the most famous hits of their teenage days. Jake is quick to tag along when he's finished his own beer, though regrets it the minute the song changes to another – I Want it That Way, from the Backstreet Boys.

He recognizes the melody right away, even before the first lyrics start playing, and he can tell Amy does too from the grin that suddenly lights up her features and the glance she gives him before putting her attention back on the rest of the group they're forming with some of his former classmates. He tries to shush her before she can say anything, but she's unstoppable.

This time, it's her turn to share embarrassing stories about him.

"Jake sang along to this song with a bunch of criminals at work one day," she explains, still dancing, even as she speaks. Her amused beam grows wider, remembering this scene he told her all about when it happened. "It was to identify a perp's voice, but he got so caught up in the whole thing, he forgot about it."

In that instant, Jake regrets sharing it with her, especially when she adds the part about how the brother's victim had to remind him why he started this little singing group in the first place, and everyone around lets out gasped 'oh's and laughs at him. He wants to defend himself, scratching the back of his neck in nervousness, feeling his cheeks burn, but his wife cuts him before he even has the chance to open his mouth and say something.

"I'm teasing him, but he's an amazing Detective," she's surprisingly quick to add, watching him with a now very soft, though quite serious, smile. "Broke a lot of police records." He can hear the pride in her voice, see the love in her eyes, and it instantly warms up his heart, forgetting the people around them for a second when he brings her close and meets her lips in a peck.

He has to admit, his life has turned out pretty great since he graduated from high school – and not only with his job. He's got the most perfect woman by his side.

His dream girl.

"I'm not as amazing as she is."

They go on dancing and having fun with the others for a while, until Amy gets thirsty and they head to the bar to get new drinks, enjoying some alone moment. They barely have the time to finish their glasses that a quiet melody fills the room, encouraging couples to pair up and gather under the fading lights of the gymnasium in a romantic slow dance.

One glance is all it takes for Jake and Amy to understand each other and make their way through the crowd and find a place among the others. "You can't be my prom date and not have at least one slow dance with me," Jake teases as he wraps his arms around his wife's waist and she does the same with hers around his neck.

They first move around in complete silence, matching their pace to the music and the other's, Amy's head resting on her man's chest, both lost in their thoughts and warm embrace. That is at least until the Sergeant seems to get an idea, suddenly drawing a little away from her husband to watch him, a new mischievous glow shining in her dark eyes and a smirk curling up the corners of her mouth.

"What's going on?" Jake chuckles at the sight of her, knowing her perfectly and thus knowing she has something on her mind.

"You know what we could do? Quietly sneak out of here and go make out like horny teenagers do."

She suggestively wriggles her eyebrows, and it makes the Detective only laugh louder, taken aback by such a request – especially coming from her.

"You, Amy Santiago, would willingly break a school's rule?!" He mocks her, but she remains serious, simply humming and nodding in return. He doesn't need more convincing then, discreetly taking her out of the gymnasium and towards a dark, empty corridor away from the party. "This is where I used to take all of my girlfriends back in the day. A lot of nasty things happened here."

He proudly grins, but Amy doesn't seem to buy it, staring at him, waiting. She can tell when he's lying.

"Okay, one girlfriend," he admits, seeing the look she's giving him. "But we made out like crazy."

His wife frowns, sure he's still exaggerating. Which is soon confirmed indeed, when Jake lets out a defeated sigh, sharing the whole true story.

"Okay, her hair got stuck in my ring nose, and we got caught up by one of our teachers. She dumped me the next day. Happy?"

Amy tries not to laugh at that, biting the inside of her mouth, a very funny image of a younger version of her husband forming inside her head. To put her attention on something else, and remembering why they've come here in the first place, she pins Jake against the nearest wall, pressing her body against him, her face only a few inches away from his, eyes locked together, the effects of 4-drink Amy coursing wild in her veins.

"Such a sad story," she whispers in a seductive voice, tracing patterns on his chest with her finger, never leaving his sight. "I know how we can make up for it."

Then, without a warning, she brushes her lips against his, gently at first, before she starts kissing him more fiercely, Jake's arms hooking around her back to keep her close as he answers to her assault. If someone would have told his past-self that he somehow would end up, 20 years later, making out with the love of his life in his old high-school, he would have never believed them.

And yet here he is.


When they finally part and Amy opens her eyes again, she's met with her husband's gaze lovingly watching her, a dreamful beam lighting up his face. It makes her smile softly, too.

"Nothing. I'm just thinking about how it would have been like, if we'd met in high school."

"We would have competed all year long to know which one of us was the best student and you would have taken me to prom on the 'worst date ever' only to end up falling deeply in love with me forever," Amy jokes, playing along, stroking her husband's hair with her hand while always watching him as she speaks.

He laughs in return. "That sounds about right. I always knew I was smarter than you, so of course I'd have won such a bet too."

"Only because I'd have been the best teacher during our previous years and helped you with your classes," the woman retorts, and Jake sees no argument to make to that, so he chooses to simply kiss her again for only answer.

(In the end, just like horny teenagers in hiding, they do get caught up by one of the man's former teachers, shamefully forced back to the gymnasium and unable to stop laughing at the silliness of what happened – at least though, this time their little sneaking out didn't end up with killing anyone.)