The shower water is warm on Laurel's back when she turns it on, but she winces when it turns cold for a second before heating up too much and burning her skin. She lifts up her arms, letting the water wash over the sweat of her underarms, and it's then that she hears the soft pad of Nyssa's bare feet on tiles as she enters the bathroom.


"In here," Laurel calls, and she opens the curtain. Nyssa is standing there with a blanket wrapped around her. "Join me?" Laurel asks softly.

Nyssa smiles, lets the blanket fall to the floor, revealing her naked form, and by God is she beautiful. Stunningly so. Her body, obscured only somewhat by steam, is decorated in scars, the remnants of her battles still written on her skin. Laurel had them memorised, the path of each one a faded line on a map, one that she spent the last two hours reacquainting herself with, relearning her every curve and caressing each of her taut muscles.

Nyssa's cheekbones are high, sharp, her lips plump and full, and her eyes sparkling with the lazy kind of pleasure that Laurel's sure mirrors her own. Laurel's hand goes out automatically, wanting to cup the gentle swell of her breast and the curve of her hip. Nyssa steps towards her, letting her do so, letting Laurel kiss her neck and flick her tongue against Nyssa's collarbone. Her hair quickly becomes as wet as Laurel's under the hot spray of the shower, and Laurel reaches up, now, to kiss Nyssa's lips. She parts her mouth, sucking on Nyssa's lower lip, and then Nyssa pulls away, leaning her forehead against Laurel's, but still with her nose bumping against Laurel's.

"Are you all right?" Nyssa asks.

"Honestly," Laurel says, "for the first time since I've been back, I actually feel okay. I - I'm glad we talked."

"I am glad, but I was also happy to stop talking," Nyssa replies, and Laurel laughs. It's the most glorious feeling hearing the sound come out of her mouth, even if it feels unusual. "I have missed the sound of your laugh."

"So have I," Laurel admits. "I - don't say it enough, but, uh, you're beautiful."

"Even with my scars?"

"Especially with your scars. They're a part of you. And I love all of you."

She can feel Nyssa bend her knees slightly as she lets her hand trail down to Laurel's breast, then her abdomen, while she drops a kiss on Laurel's erect nipple and then just as quickly moves down. Kneeling, now, Nyssa presses a kiss on Laurel's hip, then the top of her thigh, and then she parts Laurel's legs a little so she can lightly bite the inside of her thigh. Laurel gasps at that, and arousal shoots through her, rippling down her spine and going straight to her groin,

"God, Nyssa..." she says with a moan. Nyssa does it again, teeth sinking into her flesh, leaving a trail of softly biting kisses in her wake, until she reaches Laurel's centre. Laurel reaches down, now, so she can thread her fingers of one hand through Nyssa's sodden hair and caress her wet jaw with the other. And then Nyssa's tongue is inside her, and Laurel is backed against the cold shower wall, throwing her head back and crying out when Nyssa finds her clit, which she can feel is swollen with arousal. Nyssa sucks down, expertly so, letting her slightly roughened tongue scrape at her walls as they tense around her. And it's strange because Nyssa is on her knees and yet Laurel is the one at Nyssa's mercy.

When Laurel climaxes she hits her head on the shower wall with a thud, because she comes so hard she's sure she sees stars. Dazed, she waits until Nyssa's back on her feet, vaguely registering herself holding her hands out for Nyssa to hold onto. Nyssa's form comes back into focus, and Laurel smiles, kissing her gently. The taste of herself takes a bit of getting used to, but eventually her arms wind around Nyssa's neck and Nyssa pushes her against the wall.

"Your turn," Laurel whispers, her hand going beneath Nyssa's navel. She goes slow, letting her palm get wet by Nyssa's entrance. Arousal pools onto her hand, warm and sticky, and damn if that doesn't totally do it for Laurel, too, knowing she's the one doing this to Nyssa. Laurel brings her hand to her mouth, licking it, and she relishes the taste of her, so sharply sweet on the tongue, and Nyssa moans at that, watching her hungrily.

Spreading her legs, Nyssa shifts a little, and moments later she's got one leg between Laurel's and the other on the other side of her right thigh. Laurel just watches, brow furrowing a little, and then Nyssa squeezes her thighs around Laurel's leg, and Laurel lets out a long ooooh of pleasure. Laurel copies her, closing her legs around Nyssa's thigh and letting her entrance rub against Nyssa as she looks right into her eyes.

Pleasure courses through her, and Nyssa grabs Laurel's face, kissing her roughly, with less finesse than usual, but that only turns Laurel on even more as she lets Nyssa's nails dig into her back and her breasts squash against Nyssa's. Laurel parts her lips, tongue darting out and into Nyssa's mouth, while she feels the crush of Nyssa's thigh against her clit and feels a rush of heady pleasure at that. And she's close now, and so is Nyssa, by the looks of it, when Laurel pulls away and looks her in the eyes.

Nyssa just grinds down even harder on Laurel, tighter, and she's dripping for Laurel, wet and hot and throbbing with desire. Part of Laurel can't believe she's doing this to her, that she of all people could do this to her, could reduce the daughter of Ra's al Ghul to something so bare and vulnerable and wanting, just with her touch.

They come together, Nyssa's nails sinking into Laurel's biceps and leaving indentations - but, truthfully, Laurel wouldn't have it any other way. They float down to earth as one, legs finally slacking around each other and Nyssa releasing Laurel from where she was pinned against the shower wall.

"I love you," Nyssa breathes reverently.

Laurel smiles, and then she raises her eyebrows as Nyssa reaches up, takes the shower head off its holder.

"What are you doing?"

"Ya Laurel," Nyssa says, "samaya… do you trust me?"

"With my life," Laurel replies instantly. She hesitates for a moment, though. "Just… show me first."

Nyssa lifts her arm up to adjust the water pressure, reducing it to a gentle spray. Then she parts her legs and points the shower head upwards, so the spray is going directly against her entrance. Nyssa closes her eyes and lets out a little oh of surprise when presumably she feels it against her clit.

Laurel watches with unexpected hunger, barely realising the moisture leaking onto her thigh until her hand goes down there instinctively and her fingers become wet. She's sensitive this time, her clit still tender from her orgasm, and when Nyssa searches her eyes for permission, Laurel nods, but nothing could prepare her for the blazing heat that ensues in her belly when the spray of water sets her thighs on fire, even though it's not particularly hot.

Scrabbling for Nyssa's free hand, Laurel squeezes, just as Nyssa brings the shower head a little closer to Laurel's entrance. It's a different kind of sensation from the rough flick of Nyssa's tongue or the scrape of her nail against her clit, but it's enjoyable nonetheless - immensely so. Her climax is prolonged, her pleasure coming out in cries that echo in the shower room and surely reverberate around the bunker. It's a tortuous kind of ecstasy that Laurel revels in, that she's missed - and she wonders as she takes the shower head from Nyssa and does the same to her… if maybe she might just be all right.