The Mewni School For Royalty

Avery: Well hello there my pretties. Welcome to the sequel to Our Fairytale. If you have not read Our Fairytale, please do so before reading this. If not you will be very confused. I'm sorry this took two years to write, but sometimes things take time. I mean, how long has it been since the last George R. R. Martin book? There isn't even a predicted release date for the next one! Anyways, for those of you who followed Our Fairytale, thank you, I appreciate your continued support and I hope that you enjoy the first chapter of The Mewni School for Royalty.

Everything hurt. Everything inside of her felt like fire. Raging, raving, a destruction of her entire being. The sensation felt as though something was trying to claw itself out of her from the inside. Something inside of her was clawing, screeching, desperately trying to escape. The feeling of broken glass beneath her lingered as she lay on the broken shards.

You did this. The words echoed in her head, playing back like a broken record. This is the destruction you created.

Another sharp pain stabbed into her stomach, a pain that felt like the twisting of a rusty blade lingered on her skin. There was no blood, only pain. And she was screaming. The shrill cry of the young girl echoed throughout the empty castle. Her eyes were empty, hollow, as she stared up at the tall figure before her.

"I'm sorry," She heard his soft voice cracking as he gently caressed her face. "But this is our only option."

With tears in her eyes, she quickly nodded and braced herself for oblivion.


Selene had made only thirteen wishes in her life. She didn't believe in copper pennies, or twinkling stars shooting across the night sky, and throwing a nickel into a fountain only meant she was five cents poorer. Nothing in life was truly magical or special enough to make a wish. To Selene, one could only make a special wish on a special day, or it wouldn't come true. It absolutely had to be a special day, a truly magical day. A day when she turned a full year older, a day just for her. Today was the day she would make her fourteenth wish.

Selene spent all day considering it. She found that in previous years she had wished for things that weren't really wish-worthy. When she was five she wished for an infinite supply of cookies, when she was ten she wished for an A on her next math test. She felt as though every wish that she had ever made had been wasted on something that wasn't all that life changing. And all Selene wanted on her fourteenth birthday was for something exciting to happen. But so far the day was normal, all she had done was sit down at the kitchen table and pour herself a bowl of cereal.

"Selene! Selene, my queen!" She heard a cheery voice yell, followed by the sound of the front door opening and slamming shut.

The voice belonged to Selene's best friend, Romy. A petite girl with a sweet exterior but a rather eccentric and hot-headed personality. The girl stood in the doorway, she had a sweet smile on her face and she had two ice creams in her hand.

"What are you eating?" Romy gestured to Selene's breakfast accusingly.

Selene raised an eyebrow at her peculiar best friend.

"A balanced and nutritious breakfast?" Selene replied.

Romy shook her head. "Birthdays are not for nutrition, they're for eating ice cream for breakfast."

Romy shoved the ice cream into her best friend's hand.

"What would your moms say about eating ice cream for breakfast?" Selene chuckled, taking a large bite of the cold treat.

Romy shrugged. "Depends on which one you ask."

Selene jokingly shoved her best friend.

"I'm also bringing cupcakes, cookies, and enough cheese puffs to feed the army." Romy continued, listing things off on her fingers.

Selene's grin widened. "Romily Beth Thomas-Ordonia, are you trying to fatten me up?"

"Like that's possible." Romy rolled her eyes and poked the other girl's flat stomach.

The two girls erupted in uncontrollable giggles, only to stop when they heard a third voice.

"I hope that you two aren't eating ice cream for breakfast without me." The voice said.

The voice belonged to a woman with short, blonde, hair and a sweet smile on her face. Selene's mom was a smart and kind woman who seemed to always be smiling. Selene admired the fact that although her mother was a mature adult, she never lost her child-like sense of wonder and imagination. Sometimes her head seemed to be up in outer space, quite fitting for someone with a name like Star.

"Good morning, Star." Romy greeted with a mouth full of ice cream.

"Good morning Romy," Star replied with a smile before wrapping her arms around Selene and kissing her cheek. "Happy birthday, sweetheart." She whispered sweetly before sauntering over to the other side of the kitchen to pour herself a cup of coffee.

Selene had a good relationship with her parents. She felt very fortunate because her parents were good people. They weren't too overbearing or overprotective, they didn't force her to do anything she didn't want to do. They listened to her and respected her, and she respected them in return.

"Thanks, mom," Selene replied. "Is dad joining us for breakfast?"

"He went to the bakery to pick up your cake," Star replied. "He'll be back soon."

Selene nodded and returned to eating her ice cream, unaware of the melancholy smile spread across her mother's face. She remembered her fourteenth birthday, how excited she had been, how she was so certain that her life was going to change. She missed the days when she could be carefree and worry free. But now, although she tried so hard to give her daughter freedom and independence, she constantly worried. If there was one thing that Star feared more than anything, it was becoming the parent that her mom was. All of the pressure that her mother had put on her when she was younger. The complete disregard for her own daughter's livelihood. All the times she had forced Star to do things she never wanted to do.

The sound of the door opening and closing seemed to shake Star out of her thoughts as her husband walked into the kitchen with a large white box.

"Daddy!" Selene cheered, standing from her seat and hugging her father tightly around the waist.

Marco nearly stumbled back, but managed to keep his footing.

"Careful, sweetheart, you don't want your cake to be ruined," Marco warned, gently placing the cake box on the kitchen counter before returning the hug and kissing the top of Selene's head. "Happy birthday."

Star took a deep breath. She may have worried about how her life would turn out, she worried she'd become the kind of parent that her mother was, and she worried that giving up her wand and her kingdom was the wrong choice. But after all that happened, after all the lies and betrayal that she had faced the last time she was on Mewni, she felt that her decision was justified. Besides, if she had stayed to rule Mewni, she would have missed out on having a completely mundane human life on Earth with the man she loved.

"Now unless you want to wear pyjamas to your birthday party I suggest you get changed." Marco advised.

Selene looked down at her attire, an oversized shirt and pants with tiny pictures of yellow rubber ducks on them.

"Marco, don't you know rubber duck pyjamas are the new hip thing?" Romy said jokingly.

"Yeah, dad." Selene agreed.

"I know what the hip thing is." Marco retorted.

"I think you know more about throwing a hip out." Selene chuckled.

"How old do you think I am?" Marco jokingly threw his arms up in the air.

The two girls chuckled and disposed of their empty ice cream cones.

"I'll see you at the party." Romy declared, hugging her best friend before darting out of the house.

Selene ran quickly up the stair to her room, hoping to wash her hair and change before her guests arrived, leaving her parents alone in the kitchen. Star began to clean and put away the dishes, Marco giving her a knowing look from across the kitchen. She locked eyes with him, then looked at the floor.

"You know what I'm going to say." Marco leaned against the kitchen counter, arms folded across his chest.

"I'm not ready." Star spoke softly. "How am I supposed to explain everything to her?"

Marco sighed heavily. The two had agreed that they would eventually tell Selene the truth about where her mother came from, but they never had the courage to do so. But now Selene was fourteen, the age when Butterfly girls would receive their wands and begin their training to rule the kingdom. However, there was no kingdom, not anymore at least. Therefore, Selene knew nothing of magic, or other dimensions, or her royal heritage. And she would never, ever, find out.

Or at least, that's what Star thought.

In the room just above them, Selene was laying out possible outfits for her party. Carefully placing the garments strategically to decide which outfit would look the best. Should she wear the white romper or the crochet top with high waisted shorts? Which would look better with the shoes she had picked out? The fourteen year old narrowed her eyes in concentration. Oh, decisions, decisions.

She was zipping up the white romper when she noticed something bright flashed out of the corner of her eye. Curiosity took over as her eyes grew wide and nearly jumped out of her skin. She gaped in awe at the shower of gold that had appeared above her head. She could hardly move, watching in shock as the golden light rained down around her, like a firework show. And then, just as quickly as it appeared, it vanished, leaving an envelope in its place. The envelope floated gently down from the ceiling and landed daintily on Selene's duvet.

She rubbed her eyes, assuming that she had imagined the spectacular light show and letter appearing seemingly out of thin air. Cautiously, Selene picked up the envelope that had seemed to pop into existence. It looked like a regular envelope, although there was no stamp or return address. How odd. Selene slowly ripped open the envelope and pulled out the small notecard inside.

Upon reading the words, written neatly in swirly gold lettering, Selene let out a loud gasp. She dropped the note card and took a deep breath. A dream. This had to be a dream, or a joke. Or maybe she had just been mistaken. Maybe she misread the letter. Selene picked up the note again, but the words hadn't changed.

Dear Princess Selene,

King Alexander Helios welcomes ye, to the Mewni School for Royalty.

Avery: Well, that was fun. Sorry it took so long, I had it ready in July but then I reread it and realized I didn't portray any of the characters the way I wanted to so I rewrote all of chapter one. And now I'm in the process of rewriting chapter two. Chapter two might come slow, but its coming.

Now before anyone comes to me with pitchforks demanding to know why I made Queen Moon a bad guy, when I wrote Our Fairytale there was only one episode of SVTFOE and therefore there is some unintentional au stuff going on here. I did change Queen Moon's backstory to fit this fic's narrative which will be revealed in a later chapter.

I hope that you enjoyed!