Naru grabs the cold towel and places it on his forehead.

"Oh poor Keitaro, he passed out! Kitsune, don't you think that was too much of a shock for him?"

"He'll be alright. I've got an idea."

A few minutes later, after Keitaro revives, Kitsune explains the rules to him.

"Rule number one: We'll blindfold you so you won't have to see us watching. Would that be alright?"

"I, I guess so, if Narusegawa . . . . ."

"Don't worry Keitaro. I p-promise that I won't hurt you. Think of this as a way for me, uh, all of us to apologize."

Kitsune claps her hands.

"Okay! Rule number two: You will be the one to spin the bottle, so make some room there."

"Rule number three: No one is to speak to him after each spin. Let's see if he can guess who kissed him. One of us will ring this bell when we are ready for him to answer."

"Uh, Kitsune, when does the game end?"

"We'll let you know!"

They make him sit comfortably and place a blindfold over his eyes. The bell is set on the floor near the girls.

"Motoko, let's use the bottle next to you, bring it here."

Motoko grabs the bottle and trips twice while bringing it to Keitaro. Kaolla laughs.

"I've never seen Motoko look that clumsy; do you think that she still hasn't ever kissed a guy?"

Motoko falls again, but finally places the bottle in his hands. Kitsune gives a final instruction.

"Okay everyone; move around so that he can't tell where we are sitting. Are we all ready? Alright Keitaro-san, you may start spinning!"

Shinobu grabs her knees and whimpers.

"I'm gonna pee!"

Keitaro places the bottle on the floor. After hesitating for a few seconds, he gives it a spin.

Keitaro hears a few of the girls gasp. A few seconds later, he senses someone leaning close to him. He feels exquisite sensations as a pair of lips touches his. Their lips part and Keitaro can feel the girl's quick breath as she pulls away.

He hears the bell ring.


"Uh, uh, uh, ah . . . . . Motoko-chan?

"Urashima! H-h-how could you tell that it was I that k-k-kissed . . . . ."

"Well, uh. I could tell that you had to lean down a little. You are taller than I am. I could also smell the incense that you use in your room. It was lightly mixed with the smell of your washed hair."

Motoko blushes.

"Okay Keitaro-san, spin it again!"

He spins the sake bottle.

It stops.

Lips gently touch his for a second then pull away.

He can hear something fall to the floor. The girls shout.

"Shinobu, are you alright!"

"I, I, I . . . . . pee'd . . . . ."

Naru helps her sit up.

"Do you want to go to your room and lay down?

"I'll b-be okay. But I need to, uh . . . . ."

"Okay, hee hee, go ahead, we'll wait for you."

A few minutes later, Shinobu returns. Keitaro's eyes are still covered. Shinobu sits down and Kitsune looks at her.

"Did you put your strawberry or striped panties on?"

"My pink . . . . . Kitsune-san! How can you ask me that? Aaauuuuu!"

Blood starts to trickle out of one of Keitaro's nostrils. Kitsune giggles.

"Oooh sexy!"


Motoko looks at Su.

"Be careful that Kitsune-san does not try to trick you like that."

"Why's that? I'm just wearing white panties, like you and Naru."

Blood gushes out of Keitaro's nose. Naru and Motoko both blush and put their hands between their knees.

"Su, you s-s-should not have said that!"

"(Oh god, Urashima knows what color my underpants are! I may pee also!)"

Naru looks at Kitsune.

"Look at what you've done! Now he knows what all of us are wearing!"

Kitsune giggles.

"Not what I'm wearing!"

"That's because you aren't wearing any panties!"

Kitsune blushes. Keitaro passes out again.

"W-w-what? H-h-how d-d-did you know?"

"Simple, you don't have any panty-lines on your slacks. So there! Oh no, he's fainted again. Shinobu, get the towel!"

As they tend Keitaro, he keeps mumbling a phrase.

"Pink and white, pink and white."

Soon, they are ready to continue. Keitaro spins again.

The bottle stops. Naru complains.

"Motoko already got to kiss! What about . . ."

Kitsune interrupts.

"C'mom Naru, where's your sportsmanship?"

"Okay, I'm sorry. Go ahead and spin again."

"But Naru-sempai, it is my turn . . . . ."

"I'm sorry Motoko, but he knows that it's you now."

Kitsune makes a ruling.

"Since it did point to her, AND Keitaro-san has not guessed yet, she still gets her turn! Go for it Motoko!"

Motoko moves in front of him and as she leans down, she whispers.

"Urashima, . . . Keitaro . . . . ."

". . . . ."

As their lips meet, Motoko's body quivers slightly. She unconsciously reaches up and rests her hand on his chest. She finishes and leans back.

Kitsune is looking at her watch.

"One minute and twenty-five seconds! Wow Motoko, I didn't know you had it in you!"

"I, we, I, uh, it c-c-could not have been that long!"

"Oh yes it was! Wasn't it Naru?"

Naru is just sitting there with a vein bulging on her temple.

"N-naru-sempai, I, I . . . . . "

Naru sighs and laughs.

"It's okay, but he had better hurry up and start spinning again."

He twists the bottle. He waits.

Two arms wrap themselves around his neck. Lips are pressed against his.


"That was Su. Her kiss tastes like curry!"

Su pats him on the head.

"Bingo! Wanna try for two out of three? Or will you spin again?"

He spins.

He feels someone's breath on his cheek. A tongue licks the tip of his nose. A body presses against him as their lips meet. As she pulls back, she lightly licks his lips.


"That was Kitsune, without a doubt!"

"How could you tell, Keitaro-san?"

"Uh . . . . ."


"Your, your b-breasts!"

"Darn! I was framed by Mother Nature! Maybe I should get credit for two month's rent for that. Okay, let the spinning resume!"

Another spin, another kiss.


"That was Shinobu-chan again. I could hear her whispering the word 'pee'."

"Aaauuuuu! Sempai!"

As he spins the bottle again, Kitsune laughs.

"He's really starting to get into this!"

The bottle stops. Soft, full lips press gently against his. He pulls back in shock.

"M-m-mutsumi-san! When d-d-did you g-g-get here?"

"Oh my! Am I interrupting? This looked like so much fun that I couldn't help myself."

Motoko looks around.

"How in the world did he realize it was Otohime-san so quickly?"

Kitsune puts a hand to her chin.

"They say that you never forget your first kiss."

Naru sits there fuming.

"(She just walks in and sits down while the bottle was still spinning and it stops on her. This isn't fair!)"

She looks at Mutsumi.

"What are you doing here anyway?"

"Oh my! I was looking for my car and found myself here."

"But, you don't have a car!"

"Oh, that's right, I forgot. Oh my! Why did you invite me here, then?"

Naru buries her face in her hands.

"(You idiot, you'll never change!)"

"You're welcome here anytime, you know that."

"Oh my. Thank you very much, Narusegawa-san!"

Mutsumi playfully spins the bottle with her foot. It stops on Naru. Mutsumi leans over and kisses her cheek.

Naru blushes.


Mutsumi hands the bottle back to Keitaro. He spins it again.

The room is quiet. He feels a panting breath come close and closer. A pair of lips is pressed firmly against his. His breathing quickens. For one brief moment, he feels a tongue softly probing his lips. The girl leans back.


"If that wasn't Narusegawa, then I was just kissed by an angel."

The lips return to his once again. He gently reaches up and touches her hair. He feels two fingers glide along his cheek. After slowly pulling away, she speaks.

"Nope, it's your dear Granny Hina!"

Screaming in abject horror, Keitaro tears off his blindfold. He sees Naru sitting in front of him smiling.

"That was a pretty good imitation of her voice, wasn't it Keitaro?"

Still panting, he stares at her.

"My god, I thought that I was going to die! I, ouch!"

He puts a hand to his chest. Naru grabs his other hand.

"KEITARO! Oh my dear, sweet, lovable, sweet, darling, adorable Keitaro!"

He looks up and smiles at her.

"We're even now."

"Oh no we're not! Motoko and Shinobu are still one up on me!"

She ties his blindfold back on and shoves the bottle into his hands.

"Spin it darling, and make it good!"

The game continues for about an hour. By this time the scores are:

Kitsune - 4 kisses

Motoko - 7 kisses

Shinobu - 4 kisses (she pee'd again after number three and fainted after number four, so they gave her a pillow and blanket)

Su - 3 kisses

Mutsumi - 2 kisses

Liddo-kun - 1 kiss (it was an accident; Naru got up to get some tea and left it in her spot)

Naru - 7 kisses

During a break for drinks, Kitsune (on her fourth bottle of sake) shakily stands up.

"I haff an annoonc, and annawnshmen, ah, I want to shay shomething to Keitaro-shan!"

He looks up at her. She giggles.

"Happy Halloweeny, or Chrishmas, or Valentino's Day, or whatever it ish!"

Staggering a step to the right, she pulls off her shirt and grabs her bare breasts, pointing them at Keitaro.

"Well, it's Happy SOMEBODY SOME WHERE'S Birthday today anyhow!"

Keitaro's glasses fog over and then cracks appear. A smile freezes on his face and he slowly falls to his side.


Naru watches Kitsune as she staggers and kneels next to Keitaro.

"Aw, he ish broken again!"

"Kitsune! You almost gave me a heart attack! And you probably did give one to Keitaro!"

Kitsune lifts his head and presses his face between her breasts.

"Wake up, wake up! Momma gotsh a preshent for you!"

Su looks back and forth between Naru and Kitsune.

"Why did he faint again?"

Motoko has crawled backwards up to the wall. Her face is beet red and her shirt falls off one shoulder.

"Huh, huh, huh, huh . . . . ."

Mutsumi claps her hands.

"Oh my! That is very cute. It's just like a mother holding a baby!"

Kitsune lowers Keitaro's head and then snuggles down next to him. In a few seconds, she starts to snore.

Naru smiles at the scene.

"Su, Mutsumi-san, help me get Kitsune to her room. I think she's had enough partying for tonight."

They take her to her room, help her change, and leave a pitcher of water and some aspirin on her night table. Su yawns and goes to her own room. Mutsumi calls it a night but Naru tells her to go up to her room to sleep. Naru goes back to Keitaro's room to clean up and make sure he's alright.

She walks in and sees Motoko curled up and resting her head on Keitaro's arm. She has a smile on her face and is fast asleep.

"(That would make such a pretty picture!)"

Naru makes sure that Shinobu is comfortable. Then she pulls a cover over Keitaro. She giggles.

"(I'd better stay here to make sure he doesn't get himself into trouble.)"

She turns down the lights and lays down next to him, resting her head on his other arm.

"(Motoko has something there, this is kind of nice!)"

In a few minutes, she is fast asleep, with a smile on her face.