Hello, Saga here. Been a while since I've uploaded something new to this story, huh? Well, good reason for it. First of all, for the people who have followed or liked this story, thank you for giving this fic a shot, or just liking it. It means more to me than most realize. This was the first thing I've ever written, and it shows. Looking back, I made a lot of errors that make me cringe, and stuff that I just don't like; this plays into the second part of this update.

I would say I have grown as a writer, and as a person, I think. When I first wrote Kazuki, not much thought went into it, but now, looking back, I think there are things I know I can touch upon, or re-write, how characters act, and how the story progresses, or even what it's about.

So now, I'm here to say that I've not only been touching upon, but have been re-writing and adding new stuff, to make it feel… Well, better.

I never thought of Kazuki as an extension of myself, or the perfect person, but now I look at it and think to myself, "it's not bad, but it ain't the best it can be". So honestly, that's what I'm gonna do, I'm gonna re-write stuff, try to make it better, and hopefully, it will be. Of course, it won't be gigantic changes like how the plot progresses, but interactions, dialogue, and some of the fight scenes.

Also, I'm going to shorten the lengths of the chapters as well by giving them their own chapters, that way, it won't be like 5,000 to 7,000 words (I seriously have no idea why I thought that was okay). So if you see the fic update, it's because I upload a new chapter that's just to cut long ass chapters into half.

So overall, yeah, this is the end of this announcement. Hopefully, these re-writes don't take me 50 years to complete, and when I do get done, I'll make another announcement post like this, so look out for that. Until that fateful day; see ya.