Go fuck yourself.

It's not meant to be taken so seriously.

Bruce opens his hands for the other man saddling himself on top of him, gripping a little onto the Kevlar-weave thickened fabric, spreading his fingers over bulging, muscular thighs.

"Mister Wayne," comes out gruffly, edging on a dark, irresistible rasp.

The mannerisms and body language are all wrong — Batman is supposed to be stern and composed, moving with tensed, powerful joints. Not fluid and heavy-handed and a touch quivery, as one of the Batman gauntlets fumble with the silvered belt-buckle of a Montblac classic.

He tunes out the humming of machinery and computers surrounding him. Bruce's forefinger smooths over a hidden tab on the utility belt, narrowly avoiding the stun gas compartment.

"Batman," Bruce replies idly, conversationally, keeping on his faint, pseudo-amused expression.

The kiss feels harsh and hurried, sloppy-wet with Bruce's tongue pressing inside another mouth. A twinge of pleasure-pressure, running straight to his cock. Batman's hand grinds softly down on him. He blinks when the cowl's nose-piece roughly collides underneath Bruce's eye.

With a little, careful maneuvering, Bruce tugs off the Batman cowl, rubbing his thumbs over pale, unscarred flesh. Barry Allen's eyes — a dusky, shadowy brown — squint up cautiously.

"… We're really not gonna ruin my second favorite chair, are we?"



DCEU isn't mine. I was gonna put something else up today, but... I decided why not write about a ship for a movie that hasn't even been in theaters yet! (sobbing noises) What am I doing with my life... so, yeah, uh I found "Bruce Wayne/Batman, selfcest" on the dceu_kinkmeme that said we could use someone in the Batman uniform! I could have used anyone but hell... I kinda love Batflash and miss shipping it. SO. ANYONE OUT THERE, I HOPE YOU ENJOYED! Any thoughts/comments appreciated please! I love hearing from you guys!